It All Started at the Wedding Ch. 03

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Everything was ready when Jack arrived at Ann’s, she looked good. Jack had brought an overnight bag. Ann asked the girls to show Jack where he was sleeping. Ann had put some thought into this. The girls were happy but looked a bit tired. Jack wondered how they would react to the divorce. May had told him that Bob had never spent any time with the girls. It had been Ann who did everything for them. Ann opened a bottle of champagne; they were having a meal in the dining room. The table was beautiful; it was candlelight, the girls usually ate in the kitchen. This was special.

The meal was excellent; Ann was a good cook. The girls had ice cream; then they had a bath and Ann put them to bed. Jack stacked the dishwasher; he was sitting in the lounge with a glass of champagne, his phone beeped twice he had a message from May and mum. May’s read, “Jack, what a great idea, Ann has done the right thing, I was a little worried that Bob could get high on drugs and do something stupid. I’m happy that you are there. Maybe I should stay there too; we could be a nice happy group. I have just had a light supper; my pussy and ass are tingling and throbbing. I loved what we did today. I want to see you tomorrow, but I’m working all day. Maybe you could be with Ann during the day and look after me in the evening. Let me know a time for tomorrow. Love May xx.”

Jack knew that he was fucking Ann, May wanted to be part of it hence the reference to the group. Jack wondered if a threesome was possible. He thought it could be. He read mum’s message next, it read, “Dear Jack, it was great seeing you today. I have attached a couple of pictures I took on my marvellous new camera. I love it. It has so many smart features. I felt that I was teasing you a little with my hard nipple in the bikini top. I’ve gone topless for you in the pictures that I have now attached. You can see the top inch and a half of my vulva. You don’t see my face. I didn’t want to send them by the WiFi way in case they got lost. I don’t want to tease with these as well. I have pictures of my full vulva. Let me know if you want to see them, and I send them the same way to you. In some, I have my legs open enough for you to see everything. I think that you will like those. What time will you visit tomorrow?

I’m looking forward to seeing you. Love mum xx.”

Jack looked at the pictures; they were in HD; they were stunning. Her vulva was smooth and swollen; it looked incredible. Jack replied, Mum, they are gorgeous. I would love to see all of your pictures; please send them to me. Once I see how my day is going, I will let you know when I’ll be there. Is it possible that I can take you out for a coffee or meal? I would love to do that with you. Love Jack xx.”

Two minutes later mum replied, it read, “I hope that you enjoy the pictures. I adore this camera. It autofocus feature is impressive. casino şirketleri I have been able to walk on my own two feet for two weeks now. I can get out for lunch. We could go to the Hotel. I have had no alcohol for six weeks. I will have a couple of glasses of wine tomorrow if you can make it. Let me know what you think of the pictures. Love mum xx. ”

The pictures were incredible; mum had a very long sex slit; it was perfect. Her pussy lips were thick and perfectly formed. In one image, her legs are open, using her thumb and index finger she had spread her lips open, you could see her sizeable hooded clit. It looked so tempting; you could also see that it was moist; there were drops of her cunt juice on her pussy lips. Jack replied, “I’ll pick you up at one. Wear something nice. I know that you always do. I love your pictures; I would love to tease your clitoris with my fingers. I won’t drink at lunchtime; it ruins my day if I do. Please have your wine, but I’ll make sure that I don’t take you back drunk. See you at one. Love Jack xx. ”

Jack studied mum’s pictures; she was a very sexy woman. So are May and Ann, Jack couldn’t believe what was happening, he knew that May and Ann adored his cock, would mum love it too. He then regretted mentioning her clit in the last message to her. He would let mum make the moves over lunch tomorrow. Ann came into the lounge; she said, “I had to tell them a bedtime story; they are both fast asleep now. I’ll get a fresh bottle of champagne, Jack, can I change into something a bit more relaxed?”

“Of course you can.”

“I’ll get the champagne first then I’ll change.”

Ann came back with the champagne, topped up both their glasses, then said, “I’d love it if you lost some of your clothes by the time I get back.”

She tongue kissed Jack before she left. Jack wondered what she would be wearing when she came back. Jack stripped naked, his cock was stiff, with a mouth around it then it would get stiffer. He checked his trouser pocket, May’s lube was still there. He wanted to use it on Ann; he knew that it would give her multiple orgasms if he ass fucked her. Ann came back; she was wearing a satin dressing gown, she was also carrying a bath towel which she laid on the carpet, she took off the dressing gown then said, “Let’s lie on the carpet, I want to 69.”

They lay on top of the towel, kissing and touching at first. Jack’s hand found Ann’s smooth, it felt so different from last night’s mass of hair, Jack said, “Ann, you’ve done the right thing, it feels so much fresher now.”

“Jack, let’s 69, I’ve been thinking about sucking your cock since you told me that you were coming for dinner.”

Jack then positioned Ann, so he had unrestricted access to her pussy and ass; he was also close enough to his trouser pocket. Ann’s was bobbing up and down on Jack’s cock; she casino firmaları was taking his full length quickly. Jack then went down on Ann’s big clit, he teased it with his tongue first then took it his mouth and started sucking it as he finger fucked her with two fingers. Ann was purring with pleasure. He kept sucking for the best part of ten minutes; then, he felt the warmth of her cunt juice as she flooded his mouth with her cum. Jack swallowed a little but kept the majority in his mouth. When Ann was settled, Jack cum kissed her, Ann’s tongue was transferring her cum from Jack’s mouth into her mouth. Then Ann said, “No man has ever done that to me before, I enjoyed it. It’s also the first time that I’ve tasted my cum; it tastes so sweet.”

Jack went back down on Ann’s clit, but this time he was using her cum as lube to see what reaction he would get when he fingered her ass. It was better than he expected, Ann said, “That feels so good, I hated it when Bob did this to me, but it feels great when you do it. Jack, will you ass fuck me, I’ve had it before, but I never enjoyed it.”

Jack took the lube out of his pocket and started lubing Ann’s ass. Soon she was taking three fingers. She was moving with pleasure. Ann said, “When Bob was ass fucking me he would say, that it’s tighter up the bum. I could hardly feel his micro penis when he did it. Your fingers feel good.”

Jack had lubed Ann’s ass; she was ready for him. He got her on all fours on the towel; he lubed his cock then centred the head on her ass hole with a gentle push Ann took half of his cock, Ann said, “Jack, that feels so good, give me some more.”

Jack slowly started to ride her ass, going very gently at first he soon had her taking his full length then Ann said, “Jack, It is amazing, the head of your cock is stimulating my G-spot, it’s wonderful, keep going that will make me cum.”

Ten minutes later, Ann had her third vaginal orgasm; her cunt juice was dripping out of her pussy onto the towel. Jack had been stroking her clit; he had felt every one of her orgasms. He had loved seeing her big tits sway as he rode her. He then pulled out of her ass and slid his cock into her pussy doggy style. Jack quickly had a powerful rhythm going; he was still fingering her clit, which she loved. Her tits were now bouncing as he upped the tempo, he was going deeper and faster then the climaxed within seconds of each other.

Jack pulled out and turned Ann around; they kissed lovingly and tenderly then Ann said, “Jack, I loved that, I’ve never had lovemaking like this in my life before, I am so happy we got together yesterday. I am happy the locks have been changed. I don’t care if you are fucking mum, I want you too.”

Jack replied, “I told May that I was staying with you at nights as you were worried about you and the girl’s safety. May is happy that I’m güvenilir casino doing this. She said Bob could get high on drugs and anything could happen. May also wants to come and stay too. Maybe that’s a good idea, the two of you share this bedroom, and I come and join you. If that happened, then we would need a bed the size May’s got in her bedroom. You should think about that Ann; it would solve a lot of problems.”

Ann thought for a minute then said, “I could invite her for dinner and to stay over. If we are open with our kissing and touching and she goes with the flow then it could happen, what do you think?”

“I think that your mum adores my cock, whenever she is near it she wants to play with it and fuck. I’m sure that she’ll do it willingly. It would also be better for the girls if May were around them more. How will the girls react when they hear about the divorce?”

Ann replied, “He spent no time with he doesn’t know them, he is not interested in them, and they know that. He is never there on their birthdays. They never speak of him, yesterday they were flower girls at the wedding. That was a big thing for them. He never came near them to tell them that they had done a wonderful job. He is a joke. We all are better off without him.”

Ann then stroked Jack’s cock and said, “Let’s go to bed. I’m going to make him so stiff again. Bring that lube with you as I want that in the morning again.”

Jack’s phone rang at seven-thirty the next morning, it was the Reception of the Hotel. A Mr Lawford had phoned, he had a breakfast meeting with Jack at eight-thirty, he would not be at the Hotel until nine. Jack had forgotten about the meeting. He told the receptionist to phone Mr Lawlford back and say to him that nine would be ok. Jack then had a quick shower and left. He had left before Ann had woken the girls. Ann had asked what Jack had wanted for dinner, he kissed her and told her he would eat whatever she put in front of him.

Jack arrived at the Hotel just after eight. The next two hours flew in. His meeting went well; a new heat-exchanger unit is installed in the Spa. Jack was sitting on the terrace outside of the Spa; it was a beautiful morning. He was drinking a Cappuccino; his phone beeped, he had a message from May, it read, “The papers have been served, there has been no response, Peter says that by Wednesday, Bob will start to panic. I phoned Ann; she’s thrilled being without him. She suggested that I stay with her during this difficult time. I want you tonight, Jack but I also want to support Ann and the girls. I feel relieved that you are staying there. What can we do? My pussy and ass are hungry for your cock. Love May xx.”

Jack thought for a minute, then replied, “One solution would be is that you stay there. Wear something sexy for dinner. I will ask Ann to do the same. After dinner, when the girls are asleep. We all relax in the lounge. I will bring a towel that you and Ann can share. I am taking mum out for lunch; she hasn’t been out of that place for six weeks. Message me if you want more information about tonight or surprise me and be there. Love Jack.”

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