iSummer, chapter 1

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iSummer, chapter 1iCarly – iSummer, chapter 1[Sequel to iStartLife]Carly, Sam, and Freddie arrive back in Seattle. It was May 20th and it was raining.”Oh Seattle weather, how I have missed you.” Carly said with a sarcastic smirk.Sam and Freddie snickered.”You don’t like the rain?” Freddie asked.”No. I like the sunshine. Why? Does that make me high maintenance?” Carly said. “I don’t think so.”They all three were in the back of the cab they took from the airport. Sam was stuck in the middle.”Dude this sucks.” She said.”What?” Both Freddie and Carly asked at the same time.”Being stuck between a prissy-priss and a nubby nub.” Sam said with a wry smile.”Sam!” Both Freddie and Carly said.Sam kept smiling. Her phone beeped with a text message. She reached into her pocket, elbowing Freddie in the process. “Sorry honey nub.” She pulled her phone and looked at the text.”Well, Melanie is already at Bushwell, waiting on us in the lobby.” Sam said, now no longer smiling.Melanie had contacted Sam a couple of weeks ago and let her know that she was coming into Seattle to visit her and their mom for the summer.”Did you finally tell her that we were dating?” Freddie asked.Sam was quiet.”Sam. You told her kayseri rus escort right?” He asked again.Sam kept looking down at her phone.”You haven’t told her yet have you?””Yeah. Just did.” Sam said as her phone beeped letting her know that her text was sent successfully.Carly laughed as she grabbed Sam’s phone and read the text that she just sent Melanie.”The Nub and I are dating, stay away from him.” Carly read out loud. She didn’t have the heart to tell them she had already spilled the beans to Mel and asked her to pretend not to know when they eventually told her.”Sam. You didn’t have to be so rude. I’m sure she doesn’t like me anymore now.” Freddie said.Sam’s phone beeped again.”WHAT? You and Freddie are together! That’s great. Anyway no prob. Trust me, I have something important to tell you n e way”Sam didn’t reply back to the text, they were almost at Bushwell Plaza.When the taxi pulled up the building. Carly paid the driver and opened the door, and opened her umbrella. She and Sam got under it and ran into the lobby of the building carrying their bags in their free hands. Freddie followed with his laptop bag over his head keeping him dry.Melanie kayseri rus escort bayan gave Sam and Carly a hug when she saw them come into the lobby. She still hadn’t changed. Still looked very much like Sam. Carly thought. Well of course, they were twins.”So what is this important thing that you have to tell me?” Sam asked.Melanie smiled. “Not now, later.” She said. “Hi Freddie.” She added as Freddie came in.”Hi Mel. How have you been?” He asked.”Fine.” She smiled. “So I hear that my s*ster and Freddie are dating.” She added, turning to Carly.”It’s true.” Carly told her. “I know, nobody has believed it but nobody has been overly surprised. It’s all very weird.””Well I was surprised that they actually got together but not all that surprise that they are. I remember this one time Sam and I were talking before you guys graduated and she said that Freddie…””WHOA! That’s enough out of you Mel.” Sam interrupted. “We should get upstairs.”Melanie laughed.Just as they started out of the lobby, Lewbert came out of his office.”Hey, no pow wows in my LOBBY!””I missed you Lewbert.” Carly said as they passed by him on their way to the elevators.After rus kayseri escort the four of them were gone. Lewbert sat down at his desk. “It hasn’t been the same around here without you.” He said to nobody in almost normal sounding voice.”It feels weird having to knock on my own door.” Carly said as she did just that.”Welcome home k*ddie o’s” Spencer said as the door opened.Carly hugged her big br*ther for the first time since she left 8 months ago. Then she noticed that the apartment was decorated for a party.”Welcome to your welcome home party also.” He added as Mrs. Benson, Gibby, and Tasha came out of the kitchen.”Did you know about this?” Sam turned to Melanie and asked.Melanie nodded. “Yeah. Surprise.”Mrs. Benson nearly knocked Sam over as she ran toward Freddie.”Mom, mom, you saw me a couple of months ago.” He grunted as she hugged him tight.”I know. It’s just that I missed you.””Okay.” Freddie said. “Let go, I can’t breathe.”Mrs. Benson finally broke the hug, composed herself and looked toward Sam.”Oh no. Don’t even think about it.” Sam warned.”I know Sam. But I got you something I know you’ll like.” She said as she went into the kitchen.Sam looked at Freddie with a confused look. “I don’t have any idea.” He told her.Mrs. Benson came back out of the kitchen with a fairly large ham.Sam could almost feel herself drool.”Here Sam. This is for you.” She said passing the ham onto Sam.”I knew I always loved you, mom.” Sam said before sitting down and tearing into the ham.Gibby looked over to Freddie. “Mom?”

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