Island Secrets Ch. 01-03

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This is my first attempt at erotic writing. It is the first 3 chapters of a trilogy of books following Jane around the world. I hope you enjoy and I welcome any feedback.



Jane is a 49 year old advertising executive and is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is the Asian Managing Director for a multinational agency, having got there by experience and bloody hard work.

Jane is 5’5, has sparkling green eyes, blond hair (chemically enhanced!) and is a curvaceous 36DD. She looked after her skin and felt she looked younger than her years, as she ought to with the investment she had made in numerous lotions and potions! In recent years her trips to the gym were rare, with her busy life, but she still looked great. Her well-manicured right hand probably got the most exercise, quaffing champagne and wine and the occasional slim cigarette.

Originally from England, her life has taken her around the world and she somehow missed the usual attachments of a husband and children. Not that this bothered her too much as she had many good friends and her current long term partner William.

She is a bubbly, full of life person and her time is filled with social and work parties, although she sometimes feels that she would like more surprising adventures. She still feels like a teenager at times and her actions after a few drinks seem to prove this. A dance floor is never to be avoided and her curves always draw attention. She is quietly pleased at being referred to as a MILF, although no one would tell her directly.

Jane recently bought a beautiful, luxury villa, on the island of Penang, with a couple of her friends. The villa has a large infinity pool, with great views out to sea and is situated in a secluded spot. It provides a great escape from the pollution of Kuala Lumpur and the everyday stress of normal life and work.

This is Jane’s story of a recent trip to her villa in Penang, with William and some of their friends. Although it has to be said, not everyone going was really her “cup of tea”…

Chapter 1

The sun shone from a clear blue sky and cooling breeze wafted by, as Jane stared out across the swimming pool to the sea, the water rippling gently.

She looked up from her sunbed, admiring the brightly coloured orchids scattered in the trees around the pool, which was at the centre of the private villa. She was so pleased the others had gone out for the day, leaving her at peace to lay back, sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful, secluded surroundings. She took a sip of her ice cold champagne and then loosened the straps on her bikini to set her magnificent breasts free. She closed her eyes and smiled, as she enjoyed the freedom of lying there half naked, the sun beating down on her oiled body.

She was startled as she felt her hands being grasped behind her head and a blindfold slipped over her eyes. Panic swept through her and then a familiar voice whispered in her ear. Before she could react, she felt her wrists being tied to the sun lounger. She wanted to shout out but felt strangely powerless as she felt more ties going around her ankles. Her heart was pounding, her emotions in turmoil. She lay there tied and spread out on the lounger, the sun beating down and only the sound of the water lapping gently against the edge of the pool.

Her whole body was tense and her nerve endings on full alert, as she felt a finger trace a line across her mouth, caressing her face. A tongue darted in to her ear and her earlobe was being gently nibbled as she began to relax. She felt the warm liquid cascade over her nipples, as the suntan oil dribbled down her front, followed by a hand gently massaging her firm round breasts. She felt relaxed and tense at the same time as she became aroused. A bolt of electricity shot through her as a tongue flicked across her left nipple and then the right one and again and again – her nipples becoming ever harder.

More oil splashed across her stomach, as she waited expectantly. A slippery tongue then ran over her big toe and moved slowly across her foot before her toe was engulfed in his mouth as he sucked hungrily. She could feel a moistness start to grow between her legs and her clitoris strained to be free of her constricting bikini. The tongue worked its way up her inner thigh as her breathing deepened and increased. She could feel the strings of her bikini being undone and then she was free and totally naked.

She was now completely consumed by the longing deep casino şirketleri inside her and didn’t know how much more she could take. Then there was silence again, just the wind gently rustling through the bamboo. A hard tongue flicked across her clitoris and then his mouth engulfed her clitoris sucking it deep inside, sucking harder and harder until her legs started to shake. She felt almost faint as the tides of emotion and energy rolled over her and then stillness again. She could feel the wetness leaking from her pussy, down her inner thigh and she was desperate to be penetrated by a thick, hard, cock.

A cold glass touched her lips and the icy bubbles of champagne slipped down her throat and dribbled down her chin.

The tongue started again, running up and down her pussy lips, drinking in her scent filled wetness. Sliding from her clitoris, to the base of her anus. She was now completely consumed by an animal desire “Fuck me now! Fuck me hard!” she screamed, surprising herself with the unknown deep and rasping voice she did not recognise. The tongue continued to circle and then she felt fingers open her pussy lips. The long hard tongue started to dart in and out of her swollen wet pussy, fucking her harder and harder. His whole mouth then engulfed her and began to suck her pussy and then her clitoris harder and harder. She could feel her heart quickening again and was desperate for more.

It all stopped and she could have screamed again, as she couldn’t take any more, when his warm salty cock brushed her mouth. She quickly opened her mouth and began to suck his swollen member eagerly, feeling it harden as he slipped it in and out.

Suddenly, the ties came off her ankles and her legs were thrust in the air. She felt his large cock part her moist pussy lips and dive deep inside. Slowly he moved his hard cock in and out. As he started to thrust harder and deeper she could feel herself ready to explode, she couldn’t take any more and let out a load moan as she was engulfed in a leg quivering orgasm. Still he went on faster and faster until with a final thrust he filled her with his hot semen.

As they lay there, their panting sweaty bodies entwined, he whispered to her “be careful where you get those breasts out, you never know what trouble you may cause”. He got up and walked away, leaving her heaving naked body tied to the lounger, the sun reflecting off her well lubricated body…

Chapter 2

…as she lay there an element of uncertainty started to surface. It was getting hotter and she was tied up and totally naked, what if the others came back? What if the maid or gardener turned up? The doubt and fear started to overtake her earlier feelings of exhilaration.

She felt the warm liquid cascade over her legs and down the inside of her thighs. A sweet smell filled her nostrils, the smell of aromatic, oriental massage oil. A soft hand ran up and down her legs and then started to massage her feet, working each toe with care.

The hands moved to her inner thighs. The fingers pushed gently as they travelled down and then the fingernails scratching lightly as they neared the top. Her mind and heart raced as the stroking neared her groin, causing her pussy to throb once again. The silky fingers slid up to her navel, lazily following a course to her heaving breasts. She flinched, as her nipples were pinched hard and then the soothing fingers slid gently over her breasts.

The fingers moved across her stomach and started to massage around her clitoris. They moved slowly, in ever decreasing circles and then pulled the skin above her clitoris back, exposing it fully. She could feel her clit straining and then it was consumed between strangely soft lips, a slow combination of sucking, nibbling and a hard tongue flicking. As the tongue began flicking more vigorously her legs and hips began moving in rhythm, as the waves built up inside her, she pushed her hips ever harder upwards and then everything stopped as suddenly as it had started.

She could feel herself moving. The sun lounger had been picked up at one end and was being wheeled away. Through her blindfold she could see the bright light of the sun fade; it was getting bumpy, as she was being pushed across the grass to the shade of the magnolia trees.

She could smell the sweetness of the flowers and she could hear the rushing water from the nearby waterfall. Her senses were on edge and her engorged clitoris was still pounding. What was happening now?

Her legs casino firmaları were pushed up as a bamboo cane was placed on the underside of her knees. Her ankles were once again tied, with her heels almost touching her bottom. Why hadn’t she struggled more? Why did she feel so slow to react? She wriggled but couldn’t close her legs, the cane forcing her to be spread wide. Her bottom was lifted up and a cushion placed under her back. She was lying down with her ever moistening pussy completely exposed and facing the sky.

Her lips opened easily, as a finger slid along their edge gathering her creamy, sweet juices. The finger then forced its way in to her mouth, making her taste her own juices. She felt somehow comforted with the familiar smell and taste of herself. Another finger entered her mouth with a different but strangely similar taste. She had another moment of doubt about the identity of the fingers.

Her doubts were quickly realised as she felt a smooth vagina rubbing against her mouth. She had never been with another woman and certainly had not tasted another woman. She felt a mixture of fear and shock. Who was this? Who had her tied up like this in such a compromising position? Her emotions were in turmoil as the heady scent of this woman’s smoothly shaved pussy filled her nostrils as it was rubbed slowly across her face. Almost without thinking, she slid her tongue out and tasted the sweet female juice.

As she licked more she could hear the soft groans of the unknown person. The woman pushed her clitoris hard against her mouth and she lost herself in a frenzy of sucking and licking, the woman pushing ever harder until she let out a gentle sigh and released the pressure.

She lay there with the sweet, musky, scent filling her nostrils and warm juices covering her face. Before she could begin to think about what she had just done, she felt a finger run across her clitoris and caress her inflamed pussy lips. It continued down, now all sticky and wet, and began to circle her anus. She could feel herself tense up as the finger continued to circle. The finger then moved and penetrated her vagina, searching for her special spot, wriggling around exploring deep inside. A second and third finger followed and started to fuck her slowly at first before increasing the pace. Another hand started to rub across her clitoris, moving in time as the fingers fucked her harder. She desperately wanted to move her hips and couldn’t. Her mind became a blur as the fingers came out of her and began to rub up and down her prone pussy and anus mercilessly while her clitoris was rubbed harder and faster. Her orgasm ripped through her as her legs strained against the ties and then the hands started to slowly and gently massage her as her breathing began to come under control. Her ankles were untied and the cane removed as her legs flopped down in relief. She then heard the soft patter of feet walking away…

Chapter 3

… As she lay there, she felt hot, sweaty and very sticky. As the effects of all the surprise attention began to wear off, she could feel her muscles complaining and she was still tied up and blindfolded!

She heard footsteps approach. Her hands were being untied from the lounger and started to tingle after being held in the same place for such a long time. She felt an element of relief at being unbound, although her emotions were all over the place after the events of the day. She sat up and, before she could react her hands were tied behind her back.

She was made to stand up and was guided across the prickly grass in her bare feet. She wondered what she must look like, walking across the grounds completely naked, with her long blond hair no doubt a complete mess by now and her hands tied behind her.

She stepped from the grass on to the rough sandstone tiles by the pool. She was stopped and her hands were tied above her head to something. She soon realised she was in the outside shower area by the pool, as a spray of cold water shot down on her from the overhead rain shower, causing her to shiver and goose bumps to multiply over her body. The overhead shower stopped suddenly and a spray of water hit her breasts from the handheld shower, cold jets of water running across her.

The spray continued to massage her breasts and then moved slowly down the front of her body, hitting every part of her. It then started up the back of her legs, tingling as it went, stopping briefly as it fired its ice cold jets on her bottom, water striking güvenilir casino the back of her pussy lips and cascading down her legs. Then up again, massaging her tired arm and shoulder muscles before stopping.

She then felt a creamy liquid being squirted all over her before hands started to massage it in to her skin. The unmistakeable smell of Jo Malone filled her head. The hands glided over her breasts as the gel was worked in, gently caressing her nipples. The hands began to run over her pubic mound and between her pussy lips, then gently squeezing her buttock cheeks, as she was covered in soapy bubbles. She felt relaxed and invigorated as the hands continued to run all over body, cleaning and exploring every part and every orifice.

The hands stopped and then a torrent of ice cold water cascaded down on to her head, washing away all the bubbles, making her feel like she was standing naked in a tropical rain storm. Oh my God she suddenly thought – my hair! It will be ruined.

She stood there dripping from head to toe and, despite the sun still shining brightly, started to shiver. A towel then began to rub her shoulders, the soft fibres soaking up the water as she was slowly dried. Her hair was caressed and gently rubbed as beads of water dropped from her fringe and landed on her breasts, sparkling in the sunlight.

The silky soft towel ran over nipples, bringing them to attention and began to rub her stomach gently as it followed down between her legs and on to her calves. Soon she was dried, refreshed and relaxed as she felt the warm breeze flutter over her naked body. Her blindfold was now wet but still didn’t allow her to see anything.

Her hands were removed from the shower head and she was led away from the shower enclosure, back along the stone walkway. She stopped against a solid obstacle that was just below her waist and was pushed forward, her tied hands landing on the surface. Her hands were then tied to the front of her and she realised she was bent over the outside dining table.

She heard a splitting sound like a branch or palm being broken off a tree and her mind, still enclosed in the dark and blindfolded world, began to race along with her heart.

“You may be clean now but you are still a naughty girl” he whispered in her ear “nice girls don’t lick other girls!”

She felt the wind move as it struck across her naked bottom, it felt like a large leaf! He continued to smack her with the long palm frond without much force, which she felt was more tingly than painful. Occasionally, one of the leaves would brush against her pussy and send a jolt through her.

He stopped and she heard the leaves being broken off. He then began to smack her with the palm stem and she could certainly feel it now. As he continued hitting her naked buttocks she could feel them beginning to sting and her earlier feeling of relaxation quickly disappeared.

“Please stop now” she moaned but this only seemed to make him quicken the strokes. Just as she felt she couldn’t take any more, he stopped.

She could feel herself panting as relief spread over her. A cold ice cube was then rubbed over her naked red bottom and as the ice melted, the cold water dribbled down over her anus and on to her pussy lips. She began to feel annoyed at what had happened but somehow quite horny at the same time, as she thought of herself bent over the table with her bare buttocks pointing upwards.

As her hands were untied from the table and she was led off down the path, it seemed as if the sun was less bright now. Maybe her eyes were playing tricks on her after being blindfolded for so long.

She heard a door slide open and her foot was lifted up to the step. She was led across the wooden boards and assumed she was in her bedroom. She was made to kneel down and as her head went forward she could feel the softness of her fine cotton duvet embrace her.

One of the ties from her wrists was removed and replaced with what felt like a soft furry wristband. Her arm was then pulled forward and secured. The same then happened to her other wrist and a similar soft band was placed round each of her legs above her knees. Her legs were then pulled apart and the ties secured.

Jane lay on the bed, her face nuzzled in the duvet and breasts squeezing out each side of her chest. Her bottom was fully exposed and her parted legs exposed her pussy.

She wiggled, as she felt a warm sticky liquid being drizzled over her bum and running down in to her anus and over her pussy lips.

She then heard the bedroom door slide shut and footsteps fade in to the distance. Her mind starting working overtime as she knelt tied by the bed, her own pussy juices mingling with the warm liquid, her legs splayed …

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