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Subject: Island of Misfit Boys Part 3 If you enjoy yourself while reading this story, drop me a line ail and tell me how much you enjoy it, and what you’d like to see in future stories! This work is copyrighted 2021, Dark Fantasy, all rights reserved and cannot be used or reproduced without permission. Please remember to help support Nifty with your donations so they can continue to provide these wonderful stories. fty This story is totally a work of fiction. It is a fantasy written for entertainment purposes and nothing more. It is not real life in any way and does not advocate or condone such behavior in real life. I DO NOT condone any unlawful behavior nor any sexual contact with minor children. Please respect everyone. Want to talk about it? Write me ail Gay adult/youth =================================== Island of Misfit Boys, Part 3 Walking along the sandy trail to the beach with Matt, the thirteen year old boy who had won the epic battle of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” fought among my six young fellow residents of Deserted Paradise Island, I glanced at his faded reddish hair, now more reddish-blond under the tropical sun of our South Pacific prison. His young legs, shorter than mine with his 4’6″ frame, nonetheless kept up with my longer 45 year old legs through dint of just plain walking faster. The energy of boyish youth, I suppose. He, as I, was completely naked, the fashion trend that the six boys had adopted long before I arrived with my broken down sailboat, and not wanting to be out of place in their society, I had agreed to bare all too. Of course as it turned out, when you have six young boys, and an admittedly horny adult, curiosity and sexual interest both would tend to dominate daily activities. I had been on the island about 24 hours and already I had participated in a ménage a trois with two adorable teen boys celebrating their honeymoon, and a straightforward mutual masturbation, cocksucking and ass fucking with a really precocious nine year old cutie. I had no conscious intentions of fucking my way through this gaggle of pretty, young boys but neither did I have any reason to avoid sex if it wandered into the scene. If a boy wanted sex, well, I was open to fulfilling their desires. After all, these six brave young lads had suffered through a horrendous and deadly plane crash a year before, and had survived on a deserted island by themselves over that time. Who was I to impose any social mores on them? “Max,” what does your boat look like?” Matt asked, his eyes shining with happiness at being chosen to accompany me to my boat for supplies. “Is it all wood, or really big, or super sleek like fiberglass? Does it have tv, and a cd player and telephone and a kitchen and-” “Whoah, young fellow,” I laughed. “Yes, it pretty much has all those things but they weren’t actually working too well, that’s one of the reasons I ended up here.” “I’m glad you did,” he replied, then looked up at me, alarmed. “Was that mean of me, to be glad that you’re wrecked here too?” “Oh, don’t worry about it, Matt” I laughed. “My boat was going to be not working whether you all were here or not, I’m just happy that I found you and the island. Maybe if we can put all our resources together we can actually get ourselves rescued.” He smiled, relieved that I hadn’t taken offense. “Um, do you love Spence?” he asked, out of the blue. “Um, what?” I responded, stunned. “Well, I didn’t know if you were in love with Spence, because you two had sex and all…” “Oh” I said, and thought about it for a few minutes as we walked. “Look, you boys, all six of you, are probably the most admirable people I’ve met in a long time, because of all the horrible things you went through, yet you emerged with a functioning society where you help each other and try to make each other’s lives more comfortable, and just better. There was a book written a long time ago about a similar situation, a bunch of boys wrecked on an island without anyone, adult or otherwise, to guide them, to show them how people can be decent and build a society, it’s called “Lord of the Flies.” “That’s a funny name,” Matt said. “Yeah, well, it shows how terribly wrong things can go. You boys giresun escort just, well, did it right. And I admire and respect you all for that. I want to do my part to make you happy. Spence wanted to do those things that he and I did, and I won’t apologize, they were a lot of fun and I’d do them again, if it made him or anyone else here happy.” We walked in silence for a few minutes more. “So…you’d do those things with me, too?” Matt looked up at me innocently. I laughed. “You know, I’m learning that you boys are a lot more sophisticated than I thought you were when I first met you.” Matt grinned. “Well, we have had the last year to think about things, and talk about them, and sex was really interesting to all of us…” “Indeed,” I laughed. “As it is to everyone else on Earth!” He nodded his head, and laughed too. We soon arrived at the beach where I’d left the inflatable zodiac. “Wow, cool boat,” he said. “I thought it’d be like a rowboat or something. We used to have a rowboat on a lake at my parents’ cabin…” he began, and then stopped. I could see the tears in his eyes. I put an arm around him and hugged him. “You’re going to get to go back to that cabin some day,” I said. He smiled at me, and then wiped his cheek with the back of his hand. I only hoped that I was right. We rode the zodiac out to the boat anchored in the lagoon, both of us getting splashed a bit by the spray as the little inflatable made pretty good time. “I wish we could all just get on this boat and go home,” Matt said, wistfully. “Having enough fuel might be a problem, I think. As best I can figure, we’re a thousand miles away from anyone else. Plus, being on the open sea in a tiny boat like this would not be fun.” We pulled up to the boat, and I threw a line across one of the deck cleats alongside where the ladder hung. “Okay, climb up the ladder and secure the line,” I said. “Okay,” he replied. “But what does that mean?” “Not a sailor, huh?” I laughed. “It just means wrap the rope around that two pointed thing as many times as you can. I’ll tie it off when I get on board.” He scrambled up the ladder, and I’ll admit that I watched his bare bottom the whole time, my cock getting quite stiff at the pretty sight. I followed him up, then tied off the line and said, “We can go below, there’s a hold where I keep most of the supplies. There’s quite a bit of food and it should be in good shape, it’s packaged for long shelf life. Also medical supplies like antibiotics, I’m amazed that you boys haven’t had any problems.” “Oh, we have some too, from the plane,” Matt said. “Mike was a boy scout and said we should salvage that, he’s been kind of our doctor.” That was good to know, Mike might make a very good leader in the group with his age and whatever training he’d had before. Plus he seemed to have a good head on his shoulders. Both Matt and I went below, with me leading. We had to walk through the below deck bedroom to access the hold. “Oh my god, what a nice bed,” he said, looking at my queen sized bed. “I guess after sleeping in the rough for a year that bed looks pretty attractive, huh? Go ahead, lie down on it,” I said. He jumped on it, as kids typically do. “It doesn’t bounce as much as my bed back home did,” he said, as he rolled from side to side and waggled his arms like he was making snow angels. “But it feels so gooood!” He drew out the last word so comically that I sat on the edge of the bed, laughing. “Yes, I guess it does,” I said. I looked at his penis, five inches long, thick and cut. It was as stiff as a board. “I can see that you’re enjoying it,” I said. He followed my eyes and giggled. “I bet lots of things feel good in this bed,” he said. “Like?” I feigned ignorance of what he was getting at. “Um, like holding somebody and…kissing them,” he whispered the last phrase. “I don’t know, I never had anyone else here…let’s see if it does.” I eased myself onto the bed and he slid over to make room, lying on his back, completely naked, cock fully erect and looking so beautiful, a young boy displaying his erotic hunger for me. I bent down to kiss him, our lips making contact, then our chests, then our full bodies, warm gölbaşı escort and welcoming to each other. I felt his arms go around my back, pulling me closer to him, our cocks rubbing together. We hugged, pressing warm flesh to warm flesh, savoring the feel of another male body against our own, the delicious sensation of an erection slipping between our legs, seeking its own source of warmth. The feel of warm, wet lips eagerly seeking another’s mouth, and delighting in finding hot breath and a questing tongue, the haven of a wet mouth to frolic in. The exciting sounds of another man’s need as he moans and grunts his desire, then soft words exclaiming the fondness of one boy and man together. “You feel so good…touch me there, so nice, stroke me…your fingers are so strong on me there…I want to be inside you, there…” My hands gripped him as need to have him overtook me, his hips so slim, leading around to his plump, bare buttocks. My fingers on a quest to touch his hole, to tell him with my touch that I wanted to own his body for just a moment. His soft yielding to let me do that, his leg lifting, the path clear, the rising moisture on his skin as I travel from plump roundness to dark furrow to tight hole, wet and opening under my touch. My finger, without any other lubricant but his, slipping inside him, his back arching as pleasure shoots through his body. I rub him inside, his cock quivers with ecstasy, fluid leaking out of his piss slit onto my stomach. “Fuck me there, with your finger,” he pleads, begging for his own violation. I kiss him again, ferociously, his manner and sexiness unlike anyone I had ever met before coming to this island. We squirm together as his questing hand finds my cock, gripping it tightly at first, then loosening his hold on me, sliding it up and down the shaft, setting off stars in my eyes every time he brushes the underside of my cock head. “God, like that,” I moan, fucking his hand reflexively, my hips jerking, my tongue swabbing the inside of his mouth. His free hand caresses the back of my neck, tickling me there. The sensation burns inside me and races to my dick. We mutually decide to suck cock, he flips over on me, his dick in my face, my cock already in his mouth, as we lick and suck the sources of our pleasure. His tongue laves my long shaft, cock quivering under his oral assault, as I lick his lightly hairy ball sack, taking each ball in my mouth and lightly sucking it, tasting his sweat and his male pheromones, hot scent making me hotter for him. I lick his perineum, teasingly close to his anus. I can smell the shit smell. Instead of being turned off I find my excitement growing, and my dick leaking even more precum, so anxious to deposit a thick load of love on and in him. Throwing caution to the winds, I bring my nose closer to the smell, the rich earthy shit smell of a boy’s sweaty, unwashed ass hole. My tongue tentatively ventures out to taste, to sample, to experience Matt’s lovely ass and find my quest rewarded by a greasy slick film of mouth watering boy waste, and eagerly slurp it up. I find myself on a whole new level of heat and with a growl raise up to my knees and pick the boy up and put him down on his knees, ass to me, his hole inches away from my cock head, dripping with cum. “I’m taking you, fucking you now,” I grunt. He acquiesces, it’s what he wants too, and he brings his face to the mattress, his ass raised high, pink hole gaping open and glistening wet from my tongue seconds before. My cock slips into his hole and, impatient for release, I thrust deep inside him as he moans and rapidly strokes his own cock. Mindless of what he wants, needing only my own release I thrust and withdraw roughly, again and again, until I feel the explosion inside of me beginning, then I thrust deep a last time, my hot seed jetting into Matt’s rectum, coating his insides with my sperm and semen, and hold it there for what seems like long minutes, his heat grasping me, my sword impaling him, both of us now one organism of pleasure and delight. He turns his head to me, I lean down and we kiss sweetly, our tongues gently caressing. Then Matt whispers to me. göztepe escort “I want to do you, and cum in your butt.” Now, sometimes in stories like this the protagonist, as he travels on his journey from straight to gay, just leaps into a new sensation higgledy piggledy, without a care in the world. Well, god bless those men, I say. But as for me, I didn’t mind at all having my dick up somebody else’s rear end, but had some trepidations about a random cock up in my sphincter. Call it selfish, call it homophobic, but while I figured everyone else’s asshole was infinitely expandable, I knew mine only had so much give to it. So, while the spirit was willing, the flesh was weak. “Okay, but be gentle, okay? I’ve never been fucked in the ass before.” “Really?” Giggle. “Yeah, I’ll go easy on you.” More giggles. Great. I got on my hands and knees, as Matt directed me. I felt his fingers between my ass cheeks. “You’re so hairy,” he said, giggling. Then I felt him lean down and the next thing I felt was a warm, wet wriggling near my hole, then in my hole. The dear boy was licking my ass, and honestly it really felt good, if a little weird at first. And then his finger. “Relax your pooper,” he said, “that’s all you have to do and you’ll enjoy it too.” I knew that, I’m no stranger to erotic stories. But knowing it and doing it are two different things your first time. I consciously relaxed my sphincter…and promptly farted. “Mm, smells good,” he said, laughing. Before I could make some smart retort, I felt his cock insistently pushing into my hole. I knew I had to get serious about relaxing and did, and his cock quickly popped inside of me. Then, with a little stretching and more relaxing of that muscle, I began to feel an exciting thrill as his dick head touched and scraped against my prostate. “Oh, that feels nice,” I thought, and my cock agreed, stiffening from the pleasure of having Matt’s dick in my asshole. The boy had some practice at fucking, his stroke was fine and had my prostate humming. He quickened his pace, being a teen he was working on the philosophy of fucking and cumming 20 times a day for 3 minutes at a time, rather than 1 time a day for an hour. “Unng, unnh, yeah fuck me Matt, your cock feels so good inside me,” I moaned. He thrust harder at hearing my begging for his dick, and when he pressed his crotch into my ass and grunted, I knew he was on the verge of cumming. Then I felt his molten cum fill my ass and I felt a real closeness to the boy, more than just the physical sensations. We collapsed into a sweaty heap, and I took him in my arms, our wet bodies sliding together. I kissed him, deeply and so hungrily. He kissed me back and our moans of happiness filled the small cabin. I nestled my whisker bristled cheek against his downy haired chin, content. We both napped for a little while, our hands finding each other’s cock and familiarly and intimately caressed each other, perhaps hoping for another round of pleasure. But we realized that we’d have to get back soon, as traveling in the jungle in the dark would be at best awkward, and if we ran across a full sized wild pig, dangerous. We loaded the stuff onto the zodiac and I preceded Matt off the ship. I held the ladder as Matt slowly descended, and on a whim, a very horny whim, I kissed his cute bare ass as he lowered himself. He stopped and giggled. “Oh, I LIKE that,” he moaned. Encouraged, I brought my face to his hot crevice, and began licking him there again. He had the most delicious ass, and now it was coated with my creamy jizz from our playtime in the cabin. I licked down his inner thigh, then back again to his tight pink hole, thrusting my tongue into his boy pussy, ramming as deep inside him as I could with my face. “Fuck,” he muttered, “put it inside me again.” So I fucked him, my cock thrusting into his warmth as he hung onto the ladder, the rocking of the waves doing much of the work to drive me in and out of his tight, moist heat. I shot another load inside him, and held him, then without a word, we continued our exit from the sailboat and into the zodiac. We held each other close as we motored back to shore, the salt spray feeling cooler this time, as the sun would be setting soon. Before we knew it we were back in the close warmth of the group. =============================== If you enjoy yourself while reading this story, drop me a line ail and tell me how much you enjoy it, and what you’d like to see in future stories!

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