Inviting a friend to join us.

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Ball Licking

Inviting a friend to join us.GF and I talked about wild sex and positions and she told me of her early years. How she and two friends enjoyed sucking pussy. One of her friends married and still stopped by to lick and be licked. Pretty interesting and exciting. I ask if I could watch and possibly join in. Her married friend worried I would get her pregnant as her husband would not allow BC. Other friend was upset she told of the action at all. Her sister in law needed to travel for treatment and we were her drivers. She was older woman and wild in her day. While we drove we talked about her early years and what was hot. She told of spending many Friday night in the back seat of a car with boys pumping her white hairs pussy. She had white and not blond, but pure white hair. Head and pussy. Was a very soft and thick, but white. I got a look when we talked about pussy hair and her desire for a trim. asking my GF to help her out. We traveled in a nice conversion van with comfortable bed in the back. One trip back (3 hr ride) I suggested we pick up some clippers and she and my GF could trim each other up. Riding did not work, road bumps and shaking made trimming pubic hairs pretty hard. Made my cock hard looking at that white mature pussy with her legs spread. So we found a back woods road and parked. GF told how well I trimmed her up so her sister in law ask me to do her. Finished the GF first and she ask, YOU do what you usually ataşehir escort do after. So I sucked her clit and ran my tongue deep inside her. She had a major orgasm. Knowing her SIL was watching made it more exciting for her. She was an exhibitionist. The SIL laid back and spread with her shirt on but pulled up some. Told she wanted ot see the work done. I could see her pink nipples from her up pulled bra and the soft pale skin of her body. Trimmed and cleaned up I ran a baby wipe over and got every stray hair off. She ask, do I get the same treatment as her? I was frozen and worried my answer could be hell or pure joy. I looked at the GF and ask, well does she? I got pushed to the side and she gave her a good tongue lashing. She went to great depths to make her cum hard and not once but twice. while she worked on her pussy, I slid my cock in her doggy style. The van seat and padded flood made for a perfect fuck area. GF had orgasm and rolled over. SIL ask, can I get some of that as well? Again, well does she? Sure let her have it. So I pushed into a pure white pussy. was wet and had been fucked many times by many other guys. Her husband had not serviced her for almost a year. So I did my best. Her legs up I pounded her deep hitting her cervix and she still pulled my close. She came 3 times hard and just stopped breathing. I pulled out and GHf sucked my cock. she purposely ümraniye escort aimed me toward her SIl and blew a load all over her body. Let me clean you up she said. She cleaned her up and then out, SIL’s pussy was sore and she was exhausted. we got dressed and continued home. We talked, I have not had a stiff cock in me for years. Your brother has problems getting hard and when he does it last a minute or two. That was great. We arrived home late and her husband was on the road for three more days. Would you two spend the night and we can have breakfast tomorrow before you leave. So we accepted and had a few drinks. Talk went where it had never before. The SIL told how she always wanted to get my Gf in bed. I always thought I could suck your pussy and enjoy those huge tits of yours. Always wanted to mix grind clits and suck tits. So the two entered the bedroom. On a kind size bed I watched the two go at it, from pussy to tits tongues were going and sixty nine was the final position. Could stand this no longer I waked up and laid head of my cock on the pussy of the SIl in hope of getting some tongue action. I did and I entered her white sweet box again. While I did this GF sat up and kissed me and SIL eat her pussy. So a three way most would kill for I enjoyed. We moved positions from each riding me while the other sucked my nuts or sat on my face. kadıköy escort We had a good time and all slept In the bed together. I woke and went to the bathroom about 430 and woke up SIL. we talked softly while my GF slept. You sure fucked me hard last night. Will remember this one that’s for sure. I wish I had ask you to slow stoke me, I will do it now if you like? will you? sure she will not wake up she sleeps hard. So her legs pulled up and knees in her chest I entered her and slowly fucked her. the head in and right out into the soft lips. she moaned softly and I covered her mouth. while she came, I stroked her slowly for almost an hour. Making her hold her breath she had orgasm she had never experienced in her life time. She wrapped her legs nad arms around me, I think I love you, that’s your body taking not your mind. No its my mind. I could take you both in my home and we live here. Her brother ask for a divorce and plans to live on the road. No, I have a life planned and its not with two women. If you want this treatment just ask and I ma sure she will not mind. We can visit and enjoy each other any time you like. She cried as I finished and slowly pumped her very tight white pussy full of juice. She held me there crying and holding. I rolled off and enjoyed her cleaning me with her tongue. She got up and showered. I fell back to sleep and when I woke the two were bring me breakfast in bed. When ask if we would have more? No I am sore and purely satisfied. we returned several time for a few years and I returned alone many times. Always had the offer of her and her home, but declined. She finally married another man and moved on. Not a fantasy and not made up, I actually enjoyed this my self. The GF in the story is my wife of over 20 years.

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