Invasion of Privacy

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Invasion of Privacy“Hey you two, don’t stay up too late”“We wont mom,” my sister Zoe called back from upstairs. “What time will you home?”“Its none of your business, but I expect to be late, see you both in the morning”I had just settled into an other episode of some Netflix series, when Zoe walked in, at sixteen she is a year younger than I was. “What you doin’ Jay”“Watching TV”“Mom must have another date, ever since daddy left she has been out thousands of times” she announced.“Don’t exaggerate, she’s single now so why cant she date”“But she must have gone out with every single guy in the city at this stage”“I’m not sure if they are all guys”“Jay, ugggh. That’s…”“There’s nothing wrong with it”“You mean you think she goes out with women too”“Well last Sunday I woke up early, needing to pee, and on my way to the bathroom I heard mom downstairs saying goodnight to someone, I ran back into my room and saw a woman getting in to ta car, then she blew a kiss back towards the house”“Don’t” she said, then the cushion she was holding flew across the room and hit me directly in the face. We both laughed.“I wonder what she got delivered today” Zoe muttered.“What?”“Well I was in the kitchen when she had a parcel delivered, she came back in and put it on the table while she finished her coffee, then she opened the box took a peak at the contents, but slammed it shut, I tried to look inside but she had it closed before I could see what it was”“Well don’t be nosey, its obviously something private, I’m sure if she meant you to see it, she would have shown you”Zoe got off the chair and disappeared through the door. About five minutes later, I heard her calling. “Jay come here”When I walked into the hallway, she was standing at the top of the stairs, wearing her pyjamas, her long blonde hair tied back, a huge grin on her face. In one hand she held a box, it must have been the box she was talking about, in the other hand she held what looked like a pair of pantyhose. “Put that back Zoe, she’ll go crazy if she finds out”“She wont know, I’ll put them back in a few minutes. Do you know what she bought?”“Looks like em, pantyhose” I didn’t want to seem too knowledgeable.“No Jay, they’re stockings, and I guess they didn’t come from Wallmart”“Well then put them away, quickly, she’ll know you took them out”“I want to try them on. They feel so soft” she ran the stockings against her cheek.“No, Zoe, don’t we’ll get in trouble”She sat down on the top stair, “Just for a minute, just to see what they feel like on”. She was already wriggling out of her pyjama bottoms, before I could respond. From my position at the bottom, I could see her white panties peeking from underneath her pyjama top. I had never had a sister fetish, or a mother fetish, but at 17 any naked or semi-naked female flesh had a major effect on me.Slowly she slipped her foot into the stocking, and pulled it half way up her leg, then the second one was sliding on to her other leg. “Wow they feel so soft, so silky, I wish I could wear these”“When you win the lottery, she would never buy you anything like that”She was standing up again, pulling the stockings up her thighs. “They are a bit loose, I thought they would have elastic”The stocking were barely staying up on her legs, “Maybe its because you are a good bit smaller than mom” I said“No, its not that” she began rooting in the box, “Just as I thought, they are the real expensive ones, look, a suspender belt to hold them up!” she pulled the black lace suspender belt from the box, and held it against her middle.“Put it away, come on you know she will find out”“look there’s more”, she pulled more black clothes from the box, she dropped the box. “Stay there, I’ll be back in a second. She ran to her room, the door slamming behind her.I stood waiting for her return, knowing this would probably get us in trouble, but on the other hand, dying to see what she had found.A few minutes later she reappeared, her pyjama top and panties gone, she was wearing a black lace bra, a few sizes too big for her small frame, but her nipples just visible through the fine lace. Every joint of material on the black lace bra was covered by a small gold heart, the one below her cleavage bigger than the rest.She was strutting around at the top of the stairs like a model on a runway, the stockings now properly fitted to her thighs, the fine black nylon, the lace tops, held in place by the suspender belt, a small gold heart covering each clasp, another gold jewel just inches below her belly button, at the summit of a lace triangle.The gap between the suspender belt and the top of her panties, the creamy colour of her skin, seemed to highlight the bahis şirketleri black lingerie. The panties were just a tiny triangle of the same fine lace, disappearing between her legs, gold hearts at each corner where the lace met the thin string waist band. As she turned around, posing, a thin black lace appeared from the crevice of her peach shaped creamy butt cheeks, joining the waistband, with a final shiny gold heart.The first time I remember being turned on was when I was about ten, sitting in the kitchen, mom’s catalogue resting on the table, as I ate milk and cookies, I flicked through the pages, towards the end of the lingerie section, the more expensive pieces, I stopped, the pictures of the models, the way they were dressed, the poses they were pictured in. I felt myself getting hard, my first erection. Since then, women in lingerie have always turned me on, very easily, and here I was only a few stairs from a woman, even if she is my sister, in some of the sexiest lingerie I could imagine. I was staring, she was still prancing about, enjoying showing off.“Wow Jay, this is so sexy, I feel so hot dressed like this”I knew this was all wrong, including the erection in my pants. “Stop Zoe, she could be home any minute”“She wont be home till late, maybe tomorrow”“Come on, put it all back”“look what else is in the box Jay” she bent over reaching in to the box just a few feet from her. I gasped as she pulled out a shocking pink vibrator, “Obviously mom hasn’t given up on her sex life”“Zoe, no”I heard the vibrator turn on, a gentle buzz, Zoe lowered it between her legs, I grin from cheek to cheek, but a look of naughtiness in her eye. She held the vibrator between her legs for barely a second when she let out a loud gasp, grabbing the wall beside her with her free hand, to balance herself, “Oh wow, oh god, oh fuck, that’s amazing”I started climbing the stairs, speeding up with each step I got closer to her, not sure what I was going to do when I reached her, the excitement I had been feeling, the horniness was battling with the fear of the punishment if mom caught us messing with her stuff. I was nearly at the top when Zoe spotted me, she turned, grabbed the box from the floor, and darted straight down the corridor, I chased after her, watching her near bare ass, the tiny string of her panties, like an arrow pointing between her butt cheeks, bouncing along the hallway in front of me.She ran straight through the door at the end, mom’s room, I had nearly caught her, when she threw herself on to the large double bed, she was laughing as if this was the funniest thing ever.I was only a second behind her, but sk**ded to a halt at the foot of the bed, she flopped back, laying flat out in mom’s new lingerie. “There’s one more thing in the box Jay”“What”She reached in, pulling out a pair of Velcro handcuffs. “I guess mom has a kinky side she never told us about”“That’s enough Zoe, put it all back” I was trying to be mature, but the bulge in my pyjamas might have told another story.“I will, in a few minutes, but, Jay, will you” she paused, biting her top lip. Then she turned, wrapping one of the Velcro cuffs around her wrist, the other end around the bar on the headboard. “Will you tie me up?”“No Zoe, for fuck sake”“Please just for a minute, I want to see what its like”. She had the second cuff in her hand and a silly pout on her face, trying to look as if she was begging.“Ok then, one minute, and then everything goes back in the box”“Ok one minute”I took the cuff, connected it to the headboard and then around her wrist. “Wow Jay, that feels god, I feel so vulnerable, so helpless, but so” she paused, “Jay, where’s the vibrator?”I looked around the bed, but there was no sign, “Shit where have you put it?”She lifted her hip, it was under her ass. I picked the toy up form under her. “Turn it on”“No”“Please Jay, I feel so horny please make me cum”All those years of fantasising, jerking off to photos, videos of girls in lingerie. All the times I hoped to find some of mom’s or Zoe’s panties to jerk off into but chicken out at the last minute. My girlfriend is sort of bland, refuses to dress up for me, we do screw as often as we can, but cotton bras and panties are as sexy as she gets. And here I am, sitting on a bed, beside a girl, wearing the sexiest lingerie I could imagine, arms spread and tied to the bed, and asking, if not begging me to make her cum.I flicked the switch and the vibrator hummed in to action, placing a hand on the silky smooth stocking closest to me I pulled her legs apart. I placed the toy against her pussy, the fine lace barely concealing what was underneath.Suddenly she jerked, locking bahis firmaları her legs together, “Kriste Jay, turn it down, too powerful”The switch beside the on off button dialled up and down the power, and it was set to full, so I adjusted it and placed it back between her legs, immediately she began to moan.“Oh yeah, a little higher, on my clit” I moved the toy as she directed and her moans got louder. I could see her stomach vibrate as I pressed it against her pubic mound then back down to her clit. “Oh fuck Jay I’m cumming, just there I’m cumming” I turned the power up slightly and she let out a yelp. Her eyes rolled in to the back of her head, her toes curled up, and her chest heaved as she panted for breath. I pulled the toy away, and watched as her orgasm continued for another few minutes, watching her dressed the way she was nearly had me cumming with out the aid of a toy.“What the fuck” the voice came from behind me. “What the fuck are you two doing, Jeezus Kriste”. Mom was standing in the doorway, the sexual air in the room vanished in a second, my erection deflating as quickly. “In my fucking room, wearing my…” I had never seen her look so angry and with Zoe cuffed to the bed there was definitely no escape.“Do you two not know tampering with someone’s mail is a federal offence, never mind the laws about siblings, but what’s more sickening is the invasion of privacy.“But mom, I’m…”Zoe didn’t let me finish, “It was me mom, I was just playing and well, I made Jay do it”“Made him did you” mom responded. “Jay stand up” I did as she said. “take her panties off, and give them to me”“But, but she’s my sis”“Your sister” mom laughed,”you weren’t thinking about that five minutes ago, now take them off her”I pulled the panties down, she lifted her hips to help, both of realising we could do nothing but accept our punishment. With no panties on I saw her pussy for the first time, shaven, her lips were puffy, probably from her recent orgasm, her juices glistened on her thighs.“Now give them to me” I handed the panties to mom, she looked closely at them feeling them, then she put them to her nose and inhaled. “Take your pyjamas off” she ordered, I was about to complain, “Quiet” she said, “I’ll teach you what an invasion of privacy feels like”. I took my top off, “And the bottoms” she pointed, I pulled them off stepping out of them. “Now, jerk your cock”“What”“Are you deaf, jerk your cock, you must do it nearly every day, if your usage of Kleenex is anything to go by, so jerk it, see what its like when I watch your private activities”I put my hand around my soft cock and slowly started wanking, I have never been so embarrassed in my life, mom just stood there watching every movement of my hand, I tried to concentrate on Zoe’s bare pussy, but it still took several minutes to get hard. Finally my hormones took over and I blanked out my audience, and began getting close to cumming.“Ok stop, now fuck your sister”“What” we both said in unison.“I said fuck her, she told you what to do earlier, now I’m telling you, climb on the bed and fuck her”“I looked at Zoe for a reaction, but she like me, knew our punishment was going to be severe, and it was something we would have to suffer. I climbed on to the bed, pointing my cock at her vagina, mouthing the words “I’m sorry” as I aimed the tip into her pussy. She smiled and nodded. My cock entered her, her pussy still felt wet, and as I pushed in, she groaned. Slowly my full shaft entered her and that glazed look came across her eyes again. I began to thrust my cock in and out of her pussy, she urging me on. I was only fucking her for a couple of minutes when I felt a spasm begin deep in my groin. “Cumming” I said, trying to pull out“Don’t, inside” Zoe wasn’t making much senseI felt the throb as my cock began to ejaculate inside her.“Oh god Jay, yes, I can feel your cum”My orgasm was immense, as strong and as long as any I could remember, much stronger than any with my girlfriend. I could feel my cock soften as my climax came to an end, and pulled out of Zoe.“Now stand over there” I did as mom instructed. She stepped over to the bed, pulling Zoe’s legs apart, then she placed her hand on Zoe’s pussy, rubbing up and down a couple of times, then mom inserted two fingers in to Zoe’s pussy. Her finger slipped in to the sound of a slosh from inside Zoe’s pussy, then mom pulled her fingers out, along with a creamy dollop of my cum from inside my sister. She put her fingers in her mouth and sucked the cum off them. “Hmm, warm, creamy and fresh” she muttered. “I don’t think your brother did enough” mom announced. She reached behind her back, unzipped her dress and took kaçak bahis siteleri it off, she handed it to me saying, “hang that up” as I was putting it in the press, she took her bra off then her panties. Next she opened her bottom drawer, taking a velvet bag out. From the bag she pulled what turned out to be a double ended dildo, she inserted one end in her own pussy, then she assumed the position I had been in. the dildo was a bit thicker and a couple of inches longer than my cock, slowly she pushed it inside Zoe’s pussy. Zoe gasped, wriggled, slowly getting used to the large toy inside her. Mom started fucking her, starting slow, but getting faster and rougher. She grabbed Zoe’s ankles, pushing her legs back over her head, as she fucked her hard. I could see Zoe’s pussy stretching to mom’s dildo, but her vocal responses sounded very pleasurable.Mom had been fucking her for several minutes, when she looked over at me, “get on the bed beside your sister, and you slut, suck his cock”I took the position mom had directed me to, and Zoe opened her mouth to take my cock. I was already erect from watching them fuck, but the feeling of being inside her mouth, seemed to get me even harder than I could imagine.“Now make him cum and make sure you swallow every drop, then you can cum yourself.I could feel how hard mom was fucking Zoe, each thrust of her hips powering through Zoe’s body into mine. But Zoe was still managing to give me an amazing blow job. I felt my self about to cum, my butt cheeks clenched, my muscles spasmed, then I was pumping cum down Zoe’s throat. She nearly gagged, but managed to swallow it at the second try.With that I felt mom give one last thrust and Zoe began to shake with orgasm for the third time of the night.When Zoe was finally able to speak, she begged, “Can you let me out, I need to pee so badly”“Let her out Jay, then go and get me a drink of water”By the time I returned, Zoe was back in the room, and mom was leaning back against the pillows. “The two of you can take turns, I need my pussy licked, and make sure both of you pleasure me”I went first, spreading mom’s legs, parting her large pussy lips, lapping her dark pink cunt, sucking up her juices. After a few minutes, mom ordered me to swap places with Zoe, she seemed nervous, it was then that I realised she had probably never gone down on another girl. She started slow, getting used to the taste of vagina, but soon realised it was nicer than she had probably thought. Soon she was lapping mom’s pussy and sucking her clit. While Zoe was eating mom out, I started sucking her large dark pink nipples, topping off her heavy breasts.I could hear mom’s chest struggle to breath as she panted, Zoe was sucking her clit as she fingered her. Then mom gasped, “Fuck me, put you cock in me, I want to feel you inside me”Zoe looked up, smiled at me, making room for me between mom’s legs. As I entered mom, Zoe leaned over and continued sucking her clit, her face only inches from my cock. We were fucking like that for a couple of minutes, when mom ordered us to stop, she told Zoe to lie on the bed, then straddled her, bending forward. She then told me to fuck her from behind. Listening to my body slapping against mom’s and watching her ass shake as my cock hit home, all the time knowing that Zoe was on the bottom of the pile tonguing mom.Mom began to cum, virtually shouting as her orgasm seemed to take over her whole body, the spasms fed through to my cock, and I felt myself begin to cum, my hot cum pumping deep into her pussy.Both mom and I collapsed in a pile on top of Zoe, slowly I pulled out of mom, my cock raw from fucking both of them. As mom raised up, lifting herself off Zoe’s face, the creamy cum mixture poured from her pussy directly on to Zoe, coating her cheeks and chin, even pouring in to her mouth.Zoe was sucking up the cum in her mouth, when mom, leaned down and started licking the remainder from Zoe’s face.Finally we all collapsed on to the bed, where we lay in silence for ages, then mom, turned to the two of us and said “Now you two go to bed, and we’ll discuss what you did in the morning”We never discussed what we did, we just fucked again the following morning, and have been doing so for the last ten years. The lingerie was worn many times again by both mom and Zoe, the stockings didn’t last past the following morning, they were so cum soaked mom had to throw them out. Numerous trips to buy new lingerie involving the three of us have resulted in some strange looks from shop assistants, but the enjoyment we have when we bring the purchases home are well worth any embarrassment or suspicion. Zoe still wears a gold chain around her neck with one of the gold hearts attached to this day, she even gave my wife a similar chain on our wedding day telling her it’s a family tradition, and the gold heart means our family love. We might tell her the real meaning some day soon.

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