Intro to the Nude Beach

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Intro to the Nude BeachGod, it had been ages since I’d been to the beach. I’d driven along the coast a couple times a year over the last decade but had always been too busy to spend a day at the beach. Now I had all the time in the world and I intended to spend much more time out here. In my early twenties this was my usual weekend haunt. That’s a story in itself and one worth telling. I guess I should tell that one first so I’ll come back to the beach after I tell you how I got to the beach. Never mind, just keep reading. I had worked as a buyer at a hardware store right out of high school while I attended a community college to get my general ed out of the way. The purchasing position had me often following up when there was a problem with orders. I found one woman at a local supplier that was extremely helpful and also rather flirty. I looked forward to order issues as it gave me an excuse to call Jean. She was about thirty five and divorced. As we resolved order issues we often talked about how our days were going and what we did on weekends. One Monday she mentioned that she had been to the beach over the weekend. Just to move the conversation along, I asked her which one. She paused for a moment as she considered her response. Figuring it was safe enough she shared that it was a nude beach. I truthfully admitted that I’d always wanted to go to one but had never had the opportunity and didn’t know what to expect. She told me that it was all very casual and no big deal. She even offered to meet me there if I ever wanted to go. Before I’d really considered it I said that I was planning on a beach trip that weekend. Jean suggested that we could meet on Saturday if I was serious. Soon we were discussing the layout of the beach and where to look for each other. I hung up the phone and was amazed at the turn of events.Saturday rolled around and I awoke very excited. We had agreed to meet at about 11:00 but I decided to get there early and get the lay of the land. The spot she described was off to the left of the main path to the beach. Some people had stacked rocks in various places just ahead of where the scrub and grasses met the beach to form short walls. The stacked rocks were only about eighteen inches high but offered some protection from the wind if you were lying down. I’d brought a blanket and a beach chair and set up in the area she described. It was about fifty or sixty yards from the water. The beach stretched for a few hundred yards to the left although you could go further at low tide I later learned. To the right the sand extended about one hundred yards before it ended where the bluff met the water.Since it was so early there weren’t all that many people around. I passed a few nude people along the way to the spot Jean described. They were mostly a bit older and it all seemed very natural to see them walking around nude. Once my blanket and chair were set up I looked around and decided there was no time like the present to lose my shorts. I slipped them down off my hips and started to apply some lotion. Normally I wouldn’t need to but there were areas exposed to the sun that ordinarily weren’t so I thought some discretion was in order. There was a slight breeze and I found that I loved the way that felt on both my cock and balls. There was nothing to do now but wait for Jean to arrive. I wasn’t great at meeting new people but we’d been talking on the phone for months. Jean knew I was twenty, had brown hair and was a shade under six feet tall. She was about 5′ 5 and had sandy brown hair. I watched a few more people arrive as the time slowly crept towards 11:00. Shortly after eleven I saw two women approaching. One had curly brownish hair while the other had short black hair. This could very well be Jean but she hadn’t mentioned bringing a friend.As they drew closer one of them smiled and gave me a quick wave of the hand and I knew this had to be Jean. It seems I was about to greet two women for the first time and I wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. This would be one more entry on my list of firsts. There were butterflies in my stomach and that fluttery feeling soon extended to my groin. I stood up and took off my sunglasses. I find it’s reassuring to be able to see someone’s eyes when you meet them for the first time and I wanted to give them that courtesy. Jean was wearing a white string bikini bottom and a matching tied off top. The other gal wore an over-sized t-shirt and flip flops. Just before reaching me Jean removed her sunglasses as well and then placed them on top of her head. I had tried that a number of times with mine but they always fell off. Jean had no such trouble. We shook hands and she introduced me to her friend Beth. They put their stuff down and Beth excused herself to get something else from the car. I asked if she needed help but she declined. I’d been concerned about how this meeting would go and how my cock would behave in this new situation. I alternately feared having a raging hard on or conversely looking like I’d just gotten out of a cold ocean. For the moment all was good as there was enough blood flowing to my member to have him looking respectable yet not looking like a f******n year old waking up with perpetual wood.I helped Jean spread her blanket out and sat down in my chair as she settled onto her blanket. She was kneeling down with her butt resting on her heels as she reached for the only button to be undone on her top. Once the button was out of the way only a simple knot stood between me and my first glimpse of her breasts. I couldn’t tell you what we were talking about because there was a mantra in my head that kept repeating eye contact, eye contact, eye contact.I longed to put my sunglasses back on but intuitively knew that I could either put on my sunglasses and come off as a horny k** or make eye contact like a guy that had actually seen a naked woman before. Of course I had, but those were encounters with girls of a similar age where dignity and maturity didn’t play much of a role. This was a real woman. We continued to make small talk as first the button was undone and then she reached for the knot at the front of her top. She untied it effortlessly and slipped it off her shoulders and then neatly folded it and put it in her bag. Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact. It was a struggle but I managed to look her in the eye throughout. Still, I could see that she had no tan lines. Her breasts were firm and perfect for her slim body. Other guys might have felt her breasts were too small but I’m a fan of smaller breasts. Jean leaned to her side and let her legs slide out from under her. I was impressed with her firm legs and nice flat belly. She was in great shape.Next she casually untied each of the strings at her hips that kept her from being completely naked. Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact. She pulled the material from between her legs and tossed her bikini bottoms in her bag. I knew there was more blood flowing to my dick but it served only to make it thicker and had not yet set the biomechanics in motion that would send it craning for the sky.Beth returned with a small cooler. I had completely spaced and forgotten mine. Beth set her cooler down and without another word reached down to grab the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head. She was wearing a blue bikini underneath but made no move to take it off. Jean said, “It usually takes a couple of beers before Beth starts shedding her clothes.””By that time you’re usually acting like a tramp,” was the quick retort from Beth.I started to get uncomfortable but immediately relaxed as the ladies broke into laughter and it became apparent that this was the typical ribbing they gave each other. I thought I’d defend Beth a bit and said, “I think Beth looks great the way she is.””So you don’t want to see me naked? Is that it?” “Hang on, that’s not what I meant. I just thought that you should be comfortable dressed or not.” I said to Beth. “So this was about my comfort and not my appearance? Are you then saying I don’t look great?””No…I mean…yes…I mean…no it wasn’t just about your comfort and yes you do look great,” I finally stammered.”And you’ve got a compliment for Beth but not a word to say about my appearance?!” responded Jean just as soon as I thought I’d fended off that first attack.I could hear a gurgling sound in the back of my throat and started to wonder just what I’d gotten myself into. How could I have offended both of these ladies so quickly? Suddenly they both burst out laughing. “We really should take it easy on the poor guy. We just got here,” giggled Beth. “My god, you two are killing me. Is it going to be like this all afternoon?” I asked in a somewhat plaintive tone of voice.”Oh, it will probably get worse. You might be safer to run off now.” Jean had a very kind smile on her face as she said this and then she winked. “Be gentle with me. This is my first time, after all,” I teased.Beth shot Jean a quizzical look but Jean said, “He means being at a nude beach.” She then turned to me with a grin, “That is what you meant, isn’t it?”Now it was my turn to chuckle. “Yes, of course that’s what I meant. Being my first time at a nude beach I’m still trying to figure out all the right protocols. I don’t want to offend anyone.””You’re doing exceedingly well,” Jean replied. “I’ve not caught you staring once and unlike most first timers you’re not sporting a hard on. In fact, you’re doing well enough that it would lead me to believe that you’re either exceptionally respectful, gay or you don’t find us attractive. I don’t think you’ve even glanced at my breasts. “”I’ll take that as a compliment to the way my mother raised me, though I’ll probably not tell her about it,” I smirked. “I can assure you that I’m not gay. Truth be told, I’ve probably strained untold eye muscles preventing them from staring and as for not getting an erection, I’ve been doing multiplication tables in my head since you got here to distract myself. When that started to fail, I thought of nuns but then they started lifting the hem of their habits to reveal fishnet stockings underneath. As a last resort, I started thinking about plumbers bent over working under my kitchen sink. If that last defense fails I can’t be held accountable for my actions, ladies.””Oooohhh, so we’ve got that to look forward to,” Beth said while playfully clapping her hands together.We all laughed and then an awkward silence set in as none of us were quite sure where to go from there. Soon we just lapsed into small talk about beach trips and how great it was to live in California. I asked them how long they had been coming to this beach and Jean told me that it was about two years earlier that she had discovered this place. A guy she dated soon after her divorce had brought her here. The relationship didn’t last more than half a dozen dates but Jean joked that she got custody of the beach when they broke up. Jean and Beth met at a support group for divorced women. Beth had only been divorced for about a year and Jean had provided a shoulder to lean on. “Jean has really helped me to start living again,” commented Beth. There was a look that passed between the two of them that made it clear that they’d been through some stuff together.”You’re going to start getting all sappy if we stay on this topic and if we don’t get you started on those beers you’ll never get naked,” laughed Jean. Beth opened the cooler and handed a beer to Jean. I got a great view of her ass when she reached into the cooler. Sure we were at a nude beach and she still had her bikini on but a great ass is a great ass and Beth had a great ass. Did I mention that Beth has a great ass? Because she does…have a great ass. She turned and offered me a beer. I feigned shock and said, “Golly, I’m not even twenty one yet. Are you sure you want to be contributing to the delinquency of a minor?”Jean started laughing and said, “Well let’s see, we lured you here and already have you stripped naked. It seems logical that we would start to ply you with alcohol next…right Beth?” “That would make sense if we wanted to go all the way,” replied Beth. She then turned to me and said, “You do want to go all the way, don’t you?”My face always carries a deep tan but I know a bright crimson came through as I started blushing furiously. I stammered out some unintelligible sounds and soon both women collapsed in laughter.”You really are trying to kill me, aren’t you?” I protested. Jean started to regain her composure and told me not to worry. “Beth is a nurse and can give you CPR.””…or at least some mouth to mouth,” Beth interjected. That sent both of them into fits of laughter all over again. “Good lord! Are you always this way?” I asked.”I’m sorry. We just seem to bring out the worst in each other,” said Beth apologetically.”…or the best,” laughed Jean. “You better give me a beer then,” I said.I could see I was in for an interesting afternoon whether they were k**ding around or not. I really couldn’t be certain if they were. Of course, they had to be though. They were something like fifteen years older than me. Certainly they were both gorgeous and I would have jumped at the chance to have sex with either one of them but that wasn’t possible.I’d had a few girlfriends, one of which I dated for more than a year. We waited about six months before having sex. It seemed pretty clumsy and awkward at the beginning and if I was to be truly honest, it probably wasn’t much better at the end. Given the inauspicious beginning to my sexual career, I knew I had no chance with either of these goddesses. Hell, just gaziosmanpaşa escort hanging out nude with them rivaled any of my other sexual exploits.Actually, only two of us were nude. Beth still had that bikini on. It wasn’t a string bikini like Jean’s. It was far more modest. Still, there was something very enticing about this woman wearing a bikini. Normally, nudity would be far more provocative but not at a nude beach. One finds themselves ignoring the smorgasbord of naked flesh and obsess on the girl that is still clothed…at least I do. By this time I figured I’d established my bona fides and could get away with wearing my sunglasses. It was far easier now to let my eyes wander. I had set up my chair with the back near where the coastal grasses met the sand. I hadn’t done this with any strategic foresight but it worked out great. The ladies had set up in front of me so they were between me and the ocean. We all continued to talk as they settled in to tan. Jean was lying just off to my left in front of me with her head close to my feet. I could gaze down the length of her body past her pert breasts and flat stomach to her neatly trimmed mound. I don’t know if she had ever completely shaved her pussy but the hair was cropped short and her “landing strip” looked very welcoming. Obviously she spent a good deal of time at the beach as she was very tan.Beth was lying on her stomach and had untied her top. She wasn’t pale but clearly some protection was in order. She asked Jean to put some lotion on her back. Jean rolled over and rose to her knees and then reached into Beth’s beach bag for some lotion. Then she straddled Beth’s butt, worked some lotion into her hands and started to massage Beth’s shoulders and lower back. Of course now Jean’s legs were spread and I had a clear view from my vantage point. I was now desperately grateful that I’d put my sunglasses back on because there was no way that I could otherwise have hidden where my eyes were looking. In the end it wasn’t my eyes that gave me away. Jean had finished rubbing lotion into the small of Beth’s back so she slid down to rest her butt on Beth’s calves and started to rub lotion into her thighs and onto the parts of her ass not covered by her bikini bottoms. Jean still hadn’t moved her sunglasses from the top of her head and she looked into my face as she massaged Beth’s backside. Occasionally, she would glance down towards my crotch but my right leg obscured her vision if I prevented it from being in the more relaxed position of having my legs spread.It was pretty clear what I was doing and then Jean made it pretty clear what she was doing as she’d lean a bit and glance down and then glance back up at me. I threw caution to the wind and let my leg relax. This brought my cock into full view and Jean then split her attention between looking me in the face and looking at my cock.Between the position Jean had assumed, the action of her rubbing Beth’s ass, and the look on her face as she looked at my cock, any hope I had of not getting an erection went right out the window. I tried to restrain it at first but there was no use. Jean clearly was enjoying the view so I shifted from restraint to encouragement and let my cock swell. The head broke the plane of my thighs like a corn stalk searching for sunlight. Jean smiled appreciatively. Whereas I would have been embarrassed at so obviously staring, Jean showed no trace of it. It was perfectly natural and she wasn’t shy about it. Her confidence was extremely sexy. She looked back at me, winked and said nothing as she gave Beth a playful swat and rolled off her legs. A scheme then occurred to me. I was desperately hoping that she’d offer to lotion up my back. It could seem innocent enough and yet the things I could imagine in my mind…I pictured her straddling my ass the same way she did with Beth. She’d rub her pussy on my ass while massaging lotion into my back. As she’d finish a long motion from my shoulders to the small of my back she’d furtively bring her hand up and give her pussy a quick rub. Soon her juices would join the lotion on my back. I’d be able to faintly smell her scent from where she rubbed it into my shoulders. After a while she’d suggest that I turn over and…if I didn’t stop fantasizing right now I was going to blow a load all over myself.I said to Jean, “You look like you’re awfully good at that.””Oh, there’s an art form to it, make no mistake.”And then it just hung there. There was no offer to give me a rub down. If she’d been looking for an excuse to move from teasing and joking to actual physical contact, I’d just gift wrapped one for her. But there was nothing. There wasn’t even a momentary pause to betray a moment of indecision on her part. She didn’t consider it and dismiss the notion. It just never popped into her head.I should have known it was too good to be true. What would this gorgeous woman want to do with me anyway? I was just a punk k**. No doubt she could have her pick of any guy. Rich guys would be lining up to be with her. There was no need to resort to an inexperienced k** that would be a fumbling fool. She intuitively knew that I’d be like a bear cub with boxing gloves on that would only leave her amused and frustrated.Still I couldn’t leave it alone. I didn’t have the guts to risk an outright offer but I thought I’d see if maybe I could get my horny hands on her incredible body. “You don’t use suntan lotion yourself?” This was the most benign thing I could think of that might yield the result I wanted. Would she let me rub lotion on her? It struck me as funny that on the surface I was offering to protect her skin with a little SPF 15 while in my mind I would be defiling her body. I knew my mind would wander as I massaged her back. Would I straddle her ass the same way she had Beth’s? I knew I’d have the biggest erection of my life pressed against her cheeks. What would I do when my massage reached her butt. Would I have the guts to continue? Would she laugh if I stopped? Would she be offended if I grabbed hold of her toned ass?”I don’t use lotion here. I don’t burn. In fact I usually go to the other extreme and use baby oil to tan even quicker but than just makes the sand stick to me at the beach so I only do that poolside.”The good news was that I now had images of Jean’s body covered in baby oil running around in my head. The bad news was that I now had images of Jean’s body covered in baby oil running around in my head. I don’t think this erection is ever going away.It took the better part of thirty minutes for my cock to return to some semblance of normal. Jean had resumed her position on her back while Beth continued lying on her front. It was past noon now and getting quite hot even here on the coast. The sweat rolled down my chest and my balls would have been sweaty too except for that breeze that came up every so often that dried the sweat and felt so wonderful. Soon Jean declared that it “was time to turn the meat” and she rolled over onto her front. Beth started to tie the strings of her top and then thought better of it.”Fuck it,” she said and rose to her knees.She was facing me and it was the first chance I had to see her breasts. They were a little smaller than Jeans and her nipples were more pinkish than the deep brown of her friend’s. She gave me a coy smile and reached for her suntan lotion. She stretched one leg out in front of her and worked some lotion into her calf and then up her thigh. She shifted her position and then did the same thing to her other leg. Next she rubbed lotion across her belly. Her bikini bottoms were cut fairly low and the broad expanse between her navel and the material covering her mound was very enticing. She moved up to her breasts and while there was nothing overtly sexual about the way she rubbed them, still there was a woman I hardly knew looking at me and rubbing her breasts. “I’ll not last long out here today. It’s too hot and these pink nipples of mine are pretty sensitive to the sun on days like this.” “I’m not a nurse like you but if it’s medically necessary I could try to kiss them and make them feel better,” I offered with a grin.”Now, who is being a tease,” chuckled Jean. Beth just blushed ever so slightly. Beth had been on the offensive with the joking all day so this bit of shyness seemed out of place but was very appealing. We continued to lie in the sun for a while longer but soon it grew too hot. Jean broke first and suggested heading over to Beth’s place for a swim. “That sounds awesome,” I replied. “The water was so cold the last time I swam in the ocean it took about a week before my testicles dropped from my chest cavity again. Is your place far?” “It’s only about twenty minutes away and that it’s on the way back home for you and Jean is parked at my place.”We headed back to our cars and I followed wondering all the while just what I’d stumbled into. These women were so hot but every lame attempt I made to move things past mutual nudity was ignored. Actually it was only mutual nudity up to a point. Beth never did strip off her bikini bottom. Did she ever? Maybe she shaved down there and was too embarrassed to put herself on display like that. Would a woman be bold enough to shave completely but then not have the courage to strip off at a nude beach? Maybe the secret knowledge that underneath her clothes lay a bald pussy…that nobody she passed during her day would have any inkling that her nether region was shaved. I could see where this might be very stimulating. I laughed when it dawned on me just how stimulating I found that idea. Would I get to find out at her place? That would be the capper for my day. I’d never seen one other than in a magazine and the thought drove me a little crazy…okay a lot crazy.It seemed like it took forever to get to Beth’s home but wasn’t much more than fifteen minutes. I parked on the street and then helped them grab stuff out of the car. Beth had a well kept front yard that suited the quiet neighborhood. We entered through her garage and Beth closed the garage door once we got inside. “I don’t want sand all over the house so let’s leave our clothes out here and grab a shower inside,” said Beth. I quickly stepped out of my shorts and watched as Jean once again removed her white top. Rather than untying her bikini bottoms she slipped her fingers under the sides and slid the material down her legs. She kept her knees straight and I was treated to a new and wonderful view of her ass. If I’d been standing further back I would have also caught a glimpse of her pussy lips but it was not to be. Beth pulled her t-shirt over head again and then removed her bikini top. She made no move to take off her bottoms and headed into the house. I considered complaining but figured she got to make the rules. The entry led into her kitchen. You could see the front entry and a living room across the way. A hallway led from the entryway to the rest of the house. Beth pointed out the first door on the right and said, “That’s the guest bathroom. You can grab a shower in there, Bill. Jean and I will use the one in my bedroom.”I was a little disappointed that I was not invited to join them but entertained myself with the idea of them sharing a shower together. Would they get all soapy and….oh knock it off. I laughed at myself as I realized just how cliché that notion was. Soon I would be imagining myself as the pizza delivery boy. Get a grip! Amazingly I didn’t even do that…get a grip, that is. I surprised myself by not grabbing my cock and jerking furiously to remove the tension that had been building all day. I pictured Beth and Jean standing outside the bathroom door laughing at me as I guiltily walked out of the bathroom with a deflated cock. I really didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of these ladies. I finished my shower and briefly considered wrapping a towel around myself as I left the bathroom. It seemed sort of silly in light of our day so far and the notion of wandering around naked in a virtual stranger’s home was pretty exciting. Besides, naked was the flavor of the day. I resisted the temptation to turn right and continue down the hallway in search of Beth’s room.Instead I headed back into the kitchen. There were sliding doors that led out to the back yard. I walked out onto the patio and found one of those tables that has an umbrella sticking out of it. The chairs were neatly placed around it. Near the shallow end of the pool was a nice section of lawn and attractive beds of shrubs and flowers surrounded the fence line. Just beyond the lawn area was a little supply shed with a potting table set up outside. Clearly Beth enjoyed her yard. I went back inside to wait for the ladies. It wasn’t terribly long before they emerged from the back of the house. They were each wearing men’s dress shirts that had just a couple of buttons holding them closed. “I tried to find some men’s clothing around here but could only find these two shirts my last boyfriend left behind. We decided they’d look better on us than they would on you so you’re just going to have to stay naked,” said Beth. “Well, you sure got the part about them looking good on you right.” They both smiled girlishly at my rather lame compliment. It was then that it dawned on me that this was the first time I’d seen Beth without her sunglasses on. Her eyes were incredible. They were a lovely shade of green that just sparkled as she smiled. The effect was devastating. It struck me as funny that I was looking at two beautiful women, scantily clad and I’m noticing Beth’s zeytinburnu escort eyes. And that’s not like me at all. I’m sure that under similar circumstances I would have noticed if they didn’t have eyes at all, but I never paid enough attention to take note of the color of a woman’s eyes before. But back to the scantily clad part…The boyfriend couldn’t have been a very big guy because these shirts only came down far enough to barely cover their asses. As Jean walked I could tell she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She had only used one button which held the shirt closed at stomach level. The opening from the top made it clear that she hadn’t put on a bra or bikini top. The bottom would part just enough as she moved for me to catch a glimpse of her well trimmed pussy. Beth chose to use the bottom two buttons on the shirt so while I could tell there was no bikini top, the rest remained a mystery. There was a rather awkward pause and I became very aware that once again I was standing naked before two women who were still clothed. Granted there wasn’t much clothing but that didn’t change the fact that my privates were the only ones on display. The ladies seemed to take note of this as well as their gaze fell to my cock. I loved it and was terribly embarrassed by it all at the same time. “So are we going for a swim? That pool looks so refreshing.” I’m really not sure why I asked that question. The shower provided the cool down that led to the rationale to leave the beach. I suppose I said it to fill the silence and because a swim was why we were here, right?Jean raised an eyebrow as she shared a strange look with Beth and then said, “Sure…the pool…right, let’s go for a swim. Grab some towels, would you, Beth?”She started to say something but thought better of it and turned to get some towels. Jean and I headed out through the sliding glass doors and stood next to pool. I looked to Jean hoping she would have something to say. I was about to observe how refreshing the pool looked but remembered I’d said that just moments before.Jean didn’t start a conversation. Instead I watched as she reached for buttons on her top for the second time that day. She undid that single button and the shirt parted just a bit. Her flat belly and the small strip of pubic hair were just visible. She didn’t immediately remove the shirt. Instead she reached back with her right hand and started rubbing her neck as she closed her eyes. This caused the shirt to open even more but the innocence of the gesture made it all the more erotic.I could feel the blood flowing to my cock again. Rather than just standing there with my dick jutting out I walked to the deep end and dove into the water. I surfaced about two thirds of the way down the pool and shook the water from my hair. Jean had moved down to the shallow end and seemed to be waiting for me to be watching when she slid the shirt off her shoulders again and simply let it fall to the floor. She walked over to the steps and placed one foot and then the other in the water. Then she lowered herself in one fluid motion and sat on the edge of the pool.A moment later Beth appeared at the door with three longnecks in one hand and towels tucked under the other arm.Doing her best impression of a concessionaire at a stadium Beth called, “Get your beer here.”I swam through the water that was indeed refreshing but it had done little to reduce the erection I dove in with. That beer sounded really good so I started moving towards the steps. Beth moved over to the patio table and set the beers and towels down. Jean was still sitting on one side of the steps and I started ascending them. I looked over towards Beth and stopped dead in my tracks.Beth was reaching for the buttons on the shirt she was wearing. She undid one and then more slowly undid the other. She reached up and ran her hands through her hair and shook her hair out. It was probably a more appropriate move for someone with longer hair but it was still sexy as hell. Finally she slipped one arm free and then the other and casually tossed the shirt on a chair. Now that was odd…she wasn’t naked but she wasn’t wearing bikini bottoms either. She had a very brief pair of panties on. They were quite sheer with almost nonexistent strings at the sides. It was the strangest swimming outfit I’d ever seen. She must have ultimately concluded that they would be useless for swimming because she reached for the strings at each side and tugged them free. So now a couple more questions were answered for me. She didn’t shave completely. There was a small tuft of fur that did little to cloak what lay beneath. It also became apparent that she rarely if ever went bottomless at the beach or here at home. Her tan lines were very distinct and very alluring. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the all over glow that Jean had. But the contrast of the white skin that was always hidden from the sun let me know that what I was viewing was rare and forbidden. I had been thinking that a beer would be great. Now the only thing I could think of was to return to the safety of the water to hide the erection that Beth gave me. That’s not true…it wasn’t my only thought. I was thinking of all the nasty things I wanted to do to Beth…or Jean…or Beth and Jean. I took one step back and then let myself drop back into the water. I began to wonder how long it would be before it would be safe to get out of the water. Beth walked over to the steps and sat down beside Jean. My god they were sexy. I stood just below waist deep in the water trying to hide my hard on. I knew they could see through the water somewhat but the full extent of my embarrassment would be obscured by the water. I started thinking again how odd her wardrobe choice had been. We came here to swim and yet she put on a pair of panties underneath that shirt. Bikini bottoms would have made sense and simply being nude would have made sense given our activities of the rest of the day. Why in the world would she put on a pair of panties like that? It really didn’t make any sense. Finally, I surrendered to the fact that there was no way at the age of twenty I would have any clue as to the workings of a female mind. Nearly thirty years later I must admit that I haven’t made much progress on that front…but I digress.Now I find myself standing in the water facing two very naked and very beautiful women. I tried to think of a topic of conversation but my mind is rather preoccupied with the vision before me. But we’re here to swim right?”Aren’t you going to come in?” I was hoping a little activity would remove the need for conversation. “I don’t feel like swimming much right now,” Jean countered. “Aren’t you ready to get out?””Actually I’m not sure that’s such a good idea right now. “Oh? Why is that?” Jean feigned innocence.”Well, do you remember how I told you that multiplication tables worked for a while…and then the nuns worked until they started flashing fishnet stockings. Well…even the plumber butts aren’t working now.” “Are you worried about having an erection? It’s really no big deal,” soothed Beth.”Actually it kind of is a big deal,” giggled Jean. “The plumbers failed earlier at the beach so I got to see him all nice and hard when I was rubbing lotion on your back.””Well, that’s not fair at all. You guys have been holding out on me.” Beth looked at me expectantly but I couldn’t move. “C’mon…were all adults here…if one only marginally.”Reminding me of my youth and inexperience wasn’t helping me overcome my shyness. Jean offered, “Come on out of the pool and I’ll teach you the art of applying suntan lotion.”Still I hesitated so finally Jean rose and stepped out in the water towards me. She took me by the hand and led me over to the steps. Once I took that first step onto the stairs my erection would break the surface. I stalled at the base of the steps until Jean reached behind me, placed a hand at the small of my back and gave me a nudge. Reluctantly I stepped up and revealed myself to Beth. She didn’t say a word and she really didn’t stare. She gazed at it for a few moments and then looked up at me with a sweet smile. Jean leaned around front and said, “Nice, huh? Now let’s not make him any more uncomfortable than he already is. Bill, why don’t you help Beth spread out the towels over on the lawn and I’ll go get some lotion.”Jean climbed out of the pool and I reached my hand down to Beth. I really didn’t think that I’d pulled that hard but she lost her balance as she rose and lurched into me. My erection was poking her in the belly as one hand reached around behind her and the other sought to steady her in front. My right hand landed innocently enough on her back but my left hand found her left breast. I pulled my hand away as if it had touched a hot stove. “Good lord, you are jumpy aren’t you? You needn’t be so nervous,” Beth said. She turned and stepped out of the pool in front of me and I was treated to an up close view of that spectacular ass. The white areas normally hidden by bikini bottoms were framed by a nice tan. She had very slim hips but her ass was muscular and well rounded. I’m guessing there was a Stairmaster hidden somewhere in that house. Butts like that just don’t come naturally. We grabbed the towels off the table and walked over to the lawn area where we spread the towels out. Jean returned with lotion in one hand and a bottle of baby oil in the other. “Depending on how you do with Beth I might let you do me next,” Jean said with a grin. Now was that a provocative statement or an innocent one? As I’ve looked back at this over the years, older me screams at younger me what a moron I was. I suppose the banter at the beach could have been dismissed as playfulness by these two experienced women. The invitation back to Beth’s home for a swim certainly was suspect. Once they emerged from Beth’s bedroom wearing those dress shirts….looking so incredibly sultry. There could be little doubt what their intentions were, particularly if one noticed the surprised and amused look they exchanged when I asked if we were going for a swim. As if all that wasn’t enough, Beth revealed a pair of panties beneath that shirt. They never had any intention of going swimming. But I missed all that because I couldn’t believe that these gorgeous women were seducing me. I was just a punk k** and they were…well…wow.Jean joined us on the lawn and told Beth to lay down on one of the towels. I knelt down on one side and Jean knelt on the other. Beth’s ass didn’t relax and spread when she lied down. It was just as round and firm as it was when standing. Jean held up both bottles and said, “What’s it going to be…the lotion or do you want to try the baby oil?”Jean had been looking at me but Beth quickly replied, “Ooooohhh, let’s try the baby oil.”I had no idea what to do or where to begin. Jean was going to have to walk me through step by step.”Start by straddling her butt the way I did at the beach,” instructed Jean.”Yeah but….” I said to Jean as I pointed down at my rock hard dick. “Oh, don’t worry about that. Beth is a big girl. It won’t bother her in the least.”Jean’s grin made me nervous but after all I was just following orders, right? I swung my left leg across and the inside of my thighs were touching her hips. I didn’t lower myself because then my dick would be lying right along the crack of her ass. I was hoping that Jean would guide me to do so but I wouldn’t do it on my own. She told me to hold out my hands and she poured a little baby oil into them.”Now rub your hands together so the oil gets nice and warm. Start with your hands right along her spine at the top of her back. Slowly move them across her shoulders and spread your fingers as you do so. Now let me give you some more oil…warm it up…good. Do the same thing as last time just below where you started. Good…and again a little lower.” Jean had a very soothing voice as she guided me along. “How far down should I go?” I asked this as I started getting close to her ass. Jean reached in to touch right where Beth’s crack began. As she did so her wrist grazed the tip of my cock. I nearly jumped out of my skin.”Relax…” she intoned. “We’ll come back to this area in a bit but now I want you to go back up to her shoulders and neck and work those muscles between your fingers and thumbs.”I did as instructed, though a bit timidly at first. Soon I got into it more and started to improvise. I started applying pressure with my palms between her shoulder blades and worked my way up to her neck. Then I massaged her neck muscles between my fingers and thumbs and then did the same for her shoulders. I continued to repeat that pattern and after a couple times I found myself lowering my body to apply pressure as I worked the heels of my palms up her spine. This lower stance caused my dick to come in contact with Beth’s ass. The tip of my cock rested about halfway down her crack and slowly moved up to the base of her spine as I completed my circuit around her neck and shoulders. “Good…now we’re gonna move down. Climb off and I’ll show you,” Jean instructed.I took up a kneeling position alongside Beth. I held out my hands and Jean poured more oil first into mine and then into one of hers. We rubbed our hands together to warm the oil and then I watched as she went to work on Beth’s ass. She started at the top of her left cheek with her right hand as her left hand followed along on her hip. Jean did this a second time and the fingers of her right hand slipped into the crack of Beth’s ass as she moved down to the back of sultangazi escort her thighs. “Now you try it. It’s fine to be gentle but don’t be timid. Apply some pressure and don’t be shy about giving her a squeeze,” came the wise counsel from Jean. I couldn’t believe I had my hands on Beth’s ass. Her skin was incredibly soft yet her ass was so firm. I knew she was clenching her cheeks as I began but slowly she relaxed. Even then her ass was remarkably firm. I could have spent all day like that, but Jean broke the silence.”Spread your legs some, honey,” guided Jean.Jean took up a kneeling position between her legs and placed both hands on her ass. Her thumbs were along the bottoms of Beth’s cheeks and then she squeezed and slowly rotated her hands out. Her thumbs followed the path of the fingers and worked their way across her cheeks. This also had the effect of spreading her ass cheeks wide and exposing her asshole. “It’s your turn,” said Jean as she moved back to Beth’s side. I took up a kneeling position between her legs and paused to take in the view. I had an unobstructed view of her pussy and that incredible ass. Jean smiled as she watched me take in the view. I reached forward and grabbed that ass, shooting for gently but firmly. I thought I could hear Beth softly moan. This was amazing. I don’t know how long Jean left me in that reverie but it seemed all too soon that she had us move on. I took up a kneeling position to the side again…more oil…rub the hands together…and follow Jean’s lead. She put her hands on either side of Beth’s thighs with her thumbs on top. She slowly drew her hands down to the knee and then returned to the top of her thighs. This time she did more of a massaging motion, gently squeezing her thigh. The fingers on her right hand had to be wedged against Beth’s pussy as she began the motion. I started to follow suit but started my fingers further down her thigh. First I drew my hands down to spread some oil and then returned to begin the massaging motion. “You need to go all the way to the top. Here let me show you,” said Jean as she knelt between Beth’s legs and then placed her hands on top of mine. Her arms were over mine and her right breast was rubbing against my left arm. The next thing I knew was that my left hand was wedged up against Beth’s pussy along the inside of her thigh. Jean started me on the gentle massaging motion and I could feel the wetness of Beth’s pussy. I couldn’t believe we were doing this. We did that a couple of times, working our way down and then Jean rested back on her heels to watch me continue to work her thigh. I was beyond turned on. How I didn’t shoot a load all over her right then I’ll never know.”Shall we move around a bit?”Jean had asked the question and it set Beth in motion. She pulled her knees up underneath her which sent her ass into the air as she kept her shoulders low. She held that position just a bit too long for it to be accidental. Believe me I didn’t mind. She turned around and rested her butt on her heels and the three of us were now facing each other. My cock was sticking straight out but I was beyond caring. We looked at each other hungrily but I couldn’t move. I was afraid of doing something stupid and ruining everything. I guess they were expecting me to finally take an action without being told what to do. Jean must have despaired of my seeming paralysis.”Have you not figured it out yet? It’s okay,” Jean said as she moved her right hand down to my ass. “I think I’ve figured it out but there’s two of you and just one of me,” I stammered.”And?” Clearly Jean didn’t see a problem here.”Well, I’d be worried about pleasing just one of you. What makes you think I could please both of you?” “Oh sweetie, we wouldn’t heap the entire burden on you. Believe me we’re anxious to help out,” came the reply from Jean. Then she did an amazing thing. She moved forward just a bit on her knees and reached her left hand behind Beth and pulled her close for a very sensual kiss. It started very soft and then slowly grew more urgent. Next she reached back with her right hand and grabbed hold of my cock. She gave it a couple of good strokes and then turned to give me a kiss much like the one she shared with Beth. Now it was Beth’s turn to move forward. Jean broke the kiss we were sharing and we all looked at each other. I didn’t need any more encouragement. I reached behind Beth and pulled her close to me for our first kiss. It wasn’t nearly as gentle as the one I shared with Jean. It was far more insistent as our tongues explored each other’s mouths.Jean leaned back and then lied down. Beth and I soon collapsed in that direction as well. My head was now even with Beth’s breasts so I began licking her nipples and let my left hand roam down her side to her ass. I slowly began kissing my way down her stomach and moved my chest down between her legs as she spread them for me. I glanced up to see the two women kissing passionately before I began licking and teasing her pussy.This was something I enjoyed. I’d tease around her pussy lips with my tongue and then move up to give her clit some attention. I would often move my head back just a couple of inches to let my hot breath move across her pussy and then I’d plunge my tongue deep inside her. I lost myself in this endeavor for some time before looking up. Jean had straddled Beth’s face and Beth was busily munching away. Beth had brought her hands up to grab Jean’s ass and pull her closer and closer to her eager mouth. It’s just as well that my cock wasn’t getting any attention because it wouldn’t have taken much more than a gentle breeze to send cum spewing everywhere. I had never been so turned on in my life. I think Jean was struggling not to cry out. Impassioned gasps flowed over Jean’s lips as Beth brought her closer and closer to the edge. Moments later Jean did cry out as she had a crashing orgasm. Soon I felt two hands on the back of my head as Beth tried to pull me closer. I’m not quite certain how much closer she thought I could get but I picked up on her urgency. I shifted slightly so I was no longer resting on my elbows and brought my right hand up to join my efforts. Between the baby oil and Beth’s obvious excitement, first one and then two fingers easily slipped into her pussy. Beth kept raising her hips to meet the thrusts of my fingers. My jaw was beginning to ache but there was no way I was going to stop. Fortunately it wasn’t long before Beth’s hips stopped their thrusting and held the top of their arc. Her legs quivered as she climaxed. She collapsed back to the ground and released her grip on the back of my head. I began to massage my jaw and looked up. Jean’s head was not far from Beth’s hip as she staked out a great vantage point to watch me eating Beth’s pussy. She was lying on her side with her left elbow propping her up. Two fingers from her right hand were sliding in and out of her pussy. The discomfort in my jaw was easing and I must have had a stupid grin on my face. Jean stooped what she was doing and used her right hand to push on my shoulder, rolling me over onto my back. Of course, Beth’s leg got tangled in the maneuver but she quickly extricated herself. As I lay on my back, Jean crawled over to my cock. She paused as she observed it sticking straight up into the sky. She reached across with her right hand and wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock. The rest of her fingers gently clutched my ball sac. She tentatively licked the tip once, twice and then a third time. Now Beth was taking up opposition on my other hip and began to reach out to my dick. Before she could get there, Jean engulfed my entire cock in one hungry gulp as if to claim it for her own. She slowly raised up off it and Beth reached again for it. Jean immediately plunged down once again, her lips reaching all the way to the root. I’m not huge but this was an impressive feat. This time when Jean came up she chuckled and offered my dick to Beth. Beth looked me squarely in the eye as she gently kissed the tip of my cock. She let her tongue circle around the head and then wrapped her lips around and took about a third of it. She maintained eye contact throughout which I always find incredibly sexy. She repeated this a few times and then returned control of my joystick to Jean who resumed sucking my member as Beth watched. I reached down and tried to get my hand under her jaw to urge her off of my cock.”It won’t take much more for me to cum and I want to fuck both of you,” I warned.”You didn’t really think we were going to let you stop at one orgasm did you?” Jean said this with a hungry grin on her face. She turned to Beth and said, “I hate to be a piggy about this but I have to feel him inside me.”With that she brought her right leg over so she could straddle me. Beth reached around and grabbed my cock with one hand and placed the other on Jean’s hip. She adjusted the angle of my cock and guided Jean back just a fraction. Jean knew we were aligned perfectly and she slowly lowered herself down the length of my cock. Upon reaching the bottom she made a lazy circle with her hips, grinding herself down as far as she could go. How I didn’t cum right then and there I’ll never know. She teased me by taking forever to lift her hips up to the top, pausing a moment or two before plunging down once again. I let this go on a few times and then couldn’t take it any longer. I grabbed her hips and started pumping like crazy. Jean didn’t seem to mind losing control of our little game although maybe this was what she had in mind all the time. Perhaps she intended to tease me and tease me until I finally stopped being so tentative. I assure you there was nothing tentative about my actions now. Unfortunately my wild thrusts also took me over the edge. Okay, I guess fortunately for me but unfortunately for Jean as she was approaching another orgasm. My enthusiasm robbed her of that sweet release for the moment. I shuddered as I came and my legs grew weak. I fell back to the ground but Jean continued to gyrate on my cock. Beth practically pushed her off and said that she had to taste me. Jean rolled to the ground as Beth took my dick in her mouth. She rolled her tongue all over it and greedily smacked her lips. My cock hadn’t gone entirely limp and Beth’s ministrations soon returned it to full length. It was great to be a young man. “I think you’ve licked me clean, Beth. If you want to taste any more of me you ought to climb between your girlfriend’s legs there.”Jean perked up at this as she lay on her back with her legs spread wide. Beth crawled over and began kissing and licking at Jean’s sopping pussy. She tucked her hands under Jean’s ass and pulled her close. Of course this left her own ass sticking straight up in the air. I was counting on this and I got back up on my knees. I placed myself behind Beth and grabbed my cock. I gave myself a few long, slow strokes as I watched her ass moving back and forth as she tended to Jean’s pussy. They were in their own little world but I interrupted that as I placed my left hand on top of Beth’s left cheek. It momentarily broke their reverie as Beth realized where I was. When Beth paused it caused Jean to open her eyes to see what was going on. I smiled at her and she gave me a wicked grin back before I returned my attention to the task at hand. I grabbed my shaft with my right hand and lined up between Beth’s legs. I slowly moved the head up and down her lips as I searched for the perfect spot to gain access to her pussy. When I located just the right place I slowly inched my hips forward until I’d just gotten the tip inside her. Then I backed off and moved myself up and down her slit, pausing at the entrance, applying enough pressure to part her lips and then would resume tracing my way up and down. I got away with this about three times before Beth became exasperated. “God damn it, would you fuck me already!”I tried to do it again but the next time I lined up in an effort to tease my way forward, she just lurched back onto my cock. I don’t know if it was her, me or both of us that let out that primal grunt but it set off a frenzied period of lunging at each other. Soon I restrained her pace with my hand on her ass and took on a steady rhythm moving back and forth. Her hips met mine again and again. She was able to turn her attention once again to her partner’s pussy. Much of the time I held Jean’s gaze as Beth ate her but sometimes she would close her eyes in pleasure. Often I was the one to shift my attention, looking down at Beth’s incredible ass. I don’t think there could be a more perfect ass in all the world. I almost lost myself in another orgasm as I contemplated this but I was determined to see that Jean was not denied this time. It was obvious that Jean and Beth had indulged in this particular pleasure before and they each knew how to get the best out of each other. Soon Jean was grabbing the back of Beth’s head and grinding her pussy against Beth’s face as she enjoyed the climax that had previously eluded her. With Jean sated, Beth and I devoted all our attention to each other. She met each of my thrusts with equal zeal. I could sense that she was getting close and I quickened my pace. I knew I wouldn’t be far behind but I wanted Beth to cum first. Her moans came quicker and quicker as she neared her orgasm. She tensed up and heaved herself back toward me one last time. I could feel her convulse beneath me and I began pounding away furiously. She was in the final throes when I turned loose a torrent of cum inside of her. I collapsed onto her back and soon we lost our balance and fell to the ground in one gasping, happy pile. Beth and I were still trying to catch our breath when Jean’s grinning face appeared before ours.”Mmmmm…now that was fun. What are we going to do tomorrow?”************************************ I hope you enjoyed it ************************************************************************************

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