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Subject: ‘Into the Unknown 9 Into the Unknown 9 Adam did not have a large family, he had one older sister Jennifer and one cousin Margaret, he had plenty Aunt and Uncles and cousins but they lived far away and he never ever saw them, he would often call in to see his cousin Margaret and her little boy Andrew as they lived not very far from his grandparents, he would spend an hour or so with the young boy who was only three and have a meal with them and then catch the bus home afterwards, Margaret was married to Jim who served in the Royal Navy and with him being away most of the time he didn’t really see him that often, they were not close for that reason but whenever they did meet he found Jim friendly and good company, although Adam loved men in uniform he never saw Jim in his as when the rare occasion he did see him he was on leave. He decided to call in one afternoon about 6pm on the way home from visiting his grandparents, it was a very cold late November evening and being winter it was dark but he only intended to stay a short while, so it was with surprise that it was Jim who answered the door that night, Margaret was out visiting a friend and was not expected to return till later that evening, Adam did feel awkward but couldn’t refuse to Jim’s welcome so he went inside, Jim started chatting to Adam and told him he was on leave for two weeks and that he was due back on base at the beginning of the next week, like all kids of Adam’s age they were always hungry and after about thirty minutes Jim asked if would like to have tea with him and suggested Fish and Chips, Adam said that would be good and they strolled down to the high street to get them, as they walked back it started to snow but nothing to heavy, they sat together and ate the fish and chips, Adam found Jim to be quite nice and easy to talk to and although he hardly knew him he was comfortable in his company, of course Adam found him quite sexy, he was about just over six feet tall and had jet black hair, he was quite handsome and Adam would have loved to have seen him in his uniform but that was not to be. They had just finished their meal and were clearing up before Adam would leave to catch his bus home when the telephone rang, it was Margaret and she was telling Jim that the weather had turned rather bad where she was, her friend lived in a place called Stanley which was up in hills about 20 mile away and way above sea level so it was well known to be bad for snow, apparently the roads were in a bad state with the sudden snow storm and cars were getting stuck, it was best that she stayed the night to be on the safe side, Jim agreed it was the best and safest thing to do and said goodnight to his wife. He told Adam what was happening only to look out the window to see that even there the snow was falling heavy, although it would not be as bad as it was where Margaret was, he was concerned at letting Adam go out in it just in case the buses were affected, he thought it better that Adam should sleep over and phoned his Dad to tell him that Adam was safe and sound and that it was best for Adam to go home the next day. Now Adam accepted the reality and of course it made sense but he did feel rather strange with it being Jim but there was nothing he could do about it. Jim put the TV on and they sat watching it as they talked and about one thing or another but mainly about school, Adam was curious about how life was in the Royal Navy and Jim was quite happy to tell about all the places he had been to, he was currently stationed in Portsmouth and was to due sail to Gibralter and then onto Malta to accompany the Royal Yacht Britannia as an escort for Her Majesty’s visit to them. The discussion got onto how the crew spent their time off and that was when Jim explained that it depended what the port was like, some were quiet and others rather raucous and seedy, this was when Adam’s interest really was turned on and he wanted to know more, Jim didn’t hesitate to tell him about different experiences he had, Jim could have been hesitant about it as he was talking to his wife’s young cousin but something told him that was more to Adam that he thought and started to subtly question him about school and made a few comments of a sexual nature. The waters were being tested by them both, as for Adam something told him that Jim might just have an interest in cock but if course as in the past with guys he had met they had to make the move, Jim got round to mentioning his visits to Thailand and how beautiful it was yet had a seedy side, Jim explained how everything was on offer there quite openly, Adam asked him to explain, Jim said anything meant anything, he went onto explain that apart from the normal prostitutes, you could have young boys and girls, it didn’t go unnoticed by Adam that he said boys first rather than girls. Jim also said it was good for porn as well, he asked Adam if he had seen any porn magazines before or videos, Adam said just a few magazines but left out where he had seen them, Jim said he had some and did Adam want to see them? Of course the answer was yes and Jim went to his hatay escort secret hiding place to retrieve them, he came back with three magazines and two Video’s, he explained they were all different and that Adam could choose which ones he wanted to see, before he passed them over he told Adam that this was to be kept secret, Adam reassured him. Jim sat really close to Adam as he passed the first magazine over, inside were pictures of Thai women in different poses, Adam looked at the pictures of their tits and fanny’s and how they were pleasuring themselves with dildos and their fingers, Jim saw Adam looking at them without much reaction, he passed the second one and Adam liked this one better as it had pictures of men fucking women both ways, his cock reacted, Jim kept asking what he liked about them, Adam said everything and Jim asked if he was ok looking at naked men, Adam said he was ok about it but Jim noticed that he was concentrating more on the pages that showed the men in a better light so to speak, Jim made a few comments about the size of their cocks and how good they looked and how the women would love being fucked by them, Jim was testing Adam by showing him the pictures and by using those words Cock and Fuck to him, Adam passed the first test easily. Jim got the third and last magazine in his hand but told Adam that he may not like this one and if not it was fine by him, the picture on the front showed an adult man standing naked and the back of a young women’s head obviously about to take the man’s cock into her mouth, Jim then said its not what you think which puzzled Adam and when Adam opened the pages he was clearly shocked, he had never saw anything like it, he never knew they existed, he was speechless and confused. The first two pages showed two women who had perfect beautiful with faces that Adam found attractive, they had perfect breasts, firm and beautiful nipples but what made him look in astonishment was the fact that they both had cocks and balls, both were soft and hanging but were a good size, Adam’s mouth was open with amazement and looked at Jim who laughed at Adam’s reaction and told him they were called lady boys, Jim had to explain what they were which didn’t lessen poor Adam’s astonishment, as Adam flicked the pages over, Jim explained that they were the best of both worlds, for once Adam knew what he meant. Adam felt that he just had to ask a real personal question to Jim and wanted to know if Jim had gone with one of these Lady Boys, the answer came back as a yes but Jim explained that when he got back to her room he thought she was a women, Adam listened intently as Jim explained what followed but at the same time revealed to Adam what his sexual feelings were. Once Jim got into the room which was decorated out like a boudoir and had subtle lighting, he paid her the agreed amount and started to take hold of this beautiful women and kissed her, he enjoyed kissing her smooth soft lips and then started to unzip her satin dress, she slipped out of them and he took off her bra, she had the most perfect breasts, they were firm and had perfectly sized nipples, he started to run his tongue all over them before getting her tits into his mouth, Adam sat and listened as Jim continued, she wore a beautiful satin pair of panties that were loose fitting but at the same time very sexy, her legs were long and sexy, then she started to strip him until he was naked, Jim made a joke that his cock was hard as a rock and throbbing like mad and Adam laughed, Jim’s cock was hard as he continued to tell Adam what happened, his tented trousers did not go unnoticed by Adam and as for Jim he knew his young nephew was enthralled at what he was being told. She got on her knees and rubbed her hands up and down his legs and over my butt cheeks, her hands were soft and she had long painted finger nails that gently caressed my cheeks, Jim saw Adam place his hand over his crutch and fiddle with his straining cock before asking in a more excited tone that what happened next. I thought I was going to shoot my load there and then but managed to hold back, Adam smiled, well I got her onto the bed and she lay there leaving me to do whatever I wanted, I climbed onto the bed and ran my tongue up her legs and then I got my fingers on each side of her panties to pull them down expecting to see her fanny, once again Adam stroked his cock bulge but this time Jim rubbed his cock bulge at the same time, he teased Adam by saying that he shouldn’t be telling him this never mind showing him porn magazines, he would get into real trouble if his cousin Margaret found out, Adam kept a serious face and said she would never find out and it was their secret of what they got up to and no one would ever know. Jim took this literally as an invite and as he laughed and joked about how he could see Adam was enjoying it he placed his hand over Adams cock bulge and found it hard, it was this touch that changed the atmosphere up quite a few notches as Adam responded by getting his hand over his cousins mound and what he felt did not disappoint. Then what? Adam asked as the two of hurma escort them were feeling each other, Jim continued, I pulled her panties down and out sprung her cock, it took me by surprise, of course I knew Lady boys existed and always wondered what it would be like to have one but I was rather shocked at finding that here was actually one, Adam pulled down Jims zip, Jims hand started to run and squeeze Adams bulge, so what did you do? Jim continued his story but it became secondary to what was happening as both man and boy were getting into a frenzy as they peeled off their clothes. The passion between them exploded, once again Adam asked so what did you do? Jim had trouble getting his words out but he managed to tell Adam that he sucked his cock, just like what Adam was doing to him now, Adam kept stopping to ask him more questions in between sucking Jim’s cock, and did you fuck him? Adam had got onto his knees in between Jim’s spread legs, he placed his hands onto his thighs and took his cock down his throat, Jim’s senses were in overdrive, shortly before this all started he thought he might just be lucky to make a move on Adam to see what reaction he would get, to show him porn seemed to be a good idea and it was working but now it was unbelievable. Once again the question came Did you fuck him? Jim got his hands on his young boys head and pulled him down onto his cock even though no force was needed, Yes I fucked him! Oh Fuck! FUCK! Adam was sending Jim wild until he pulled Adam off his cock as he knew he would explode his cum if he didn’t. Now it was Jim’s turn to question Adam, there was no need for any refrain or a curb on his language as this nephew of his wife who he really didn’t know to well was like something else! How the fuck did you learn to suck cock like that? Adam was to busy exploring the unknown but was quickly finding out what his cousins body felt like as told Jim how he started going into toilets, it was Jim’s turn to be taken aback as Adam straddled him and answered all his questions only this time it was in between kisses as their mouths met and their two tongues danced with each other. Jim just about managed to ask Adam if he had been fucked before, the way Adam was behaving answered that question but he wanted to hear it from the boys own lips, to be told that he had been fucked quite a lot by men took Jim over the edge. He pushed Adam off him and led him upstairs to his bedroom, with Jim pushing Adam up the stairs and slapping his bare arse cheeks and telling him he was a dirty boy, Adam responded by confirming that he was a boy slut and that he wanted his boy cunt fucked, Jim got him into his bedroom and pushed Adam onto the bed, they were entwined with Adam’s legs wrapped around Jim’s body that got Jim into such a frenzy, he could not believe how hot and sexy his young cousin was and how so uninhibited he was. Without any direction they got into a 69 position, to Jim this boy was so fucking good, he sucked his cock and balls like a pro and knew how to rim his hole, just how many men had this boy been with to learn to be this good, his young boy cunt was so smooth and his pink cunt lips were a dream, Jim had a finger inside him and was stretching his hole, his boy moaned but Jim knew these were moans of pleasure, he added another finger and his two fingers felt so moist, Adam shouted out that he wanted fucked, a third finger went inside, all Jim heard was moans and cries of Yes! Oh Fuck. Jim pulled out and got Adam onto his front and spread his legs open, Fuck me came the request only for Jim to nibble in Adam’s ear and then ask if he wanted him to fuck his boy cunt and called him a slut, it was music to Jim’s ears when underneath him he heard the boy moan yes Fuck my Cunt! Fuck your slut! Now Jim had a good nine inches on him and he was thick, he leant over and opened the bedside cabinet drawer and produced a tube of KY Jelly and quickly got his finger lubed up and fucked it into Adams hole, he got his whole finger in without any trouble, his cock entered his boys hole ever so slowly making Adam groan, Adam grabbed the pillow by both hands as inch by inch of Jim’s cock fucked his insides and the fucking pace got quicker and quicker, the moans became louder, the pillows got grabbed tighter, Adam got subjected to verbal abuse, his head was buried into the pillow, he could hear Jim calling him a dirty slut boy, Jim heard the muffled reply that he was, he fucked harder, he saw that the pillow was getting wet, the boys saliva dripping out of his mouth, he ordered the boy to take his cock up his cunt and administered a slap across his butt cheek, Adam felt as if he was being impaled, his hard cock was rubbing against the mattress, the bed sheet being rumpled underneath him with the fucking motion, he just managed to turn his head away from the pillow to moan out to his assailant that he was a fucking bastard, he was told to shut the fuck up you fucking bitch, insults were traded between man and boy, moans and groans filled the air, Adam just managed to ask Jim if he liked raping young boys but before he got an answer ığdır escort he heard FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Spurt after spurt of Jim’s cum shot up Adam’s love tunnel, as he shot his load he heard Adam say I hope your fucking happy now! Jim withdrew and lay exhausted on his back, totally unaware of how Adam was feeling after being fucked so hard, before he could get his thoughts together at what he had just done and who with, he now was pinned down with his head between his young boys legs, his face was being slapped by Adam’s hard cock and now he was the recipient of verbal abuse that he just had to lay there and take, in between the slaps he was told in no uncertain terms that he was a fucking pervert, a dirty boy fucker, all he could do was to agree and when Adam told him that he had to take his boy seed in his mouth he opened his mouth, his tongue stuck out ready for Adam’s hot young spunk, out it shot onto his tongue and then he felt the young boys cock force its way down his throat as shot after shot hit the back of his throat, it was now Adam’s turn to lay exhausted. Jim’s head was spinning, being a sailor and what sailors get up to when they visit ports needed no explanation, in his years of service to Queen and Country he had planted his seed in God knows how many fannies, young and old, he had fucked young teenagers and old grannies, he had taken them both ways, in the sordid ports of Asia and the Middle East he had fucked the boys and their sisters, sometimes even being watched by their elders but he had never ever raped someone before and the guilt swept over him. He had not only just raped a boy but his wife’s young cousin and could not believe how he got carried away with it all and now had to face the consequences, this could turn into a nightmare, he lay there still sweating but not with exhaustion anymore but with fear when he felt an arm over him and Adam’s voice telling him that what he had just done was great and that he loved it and then received a full blown kiss right on the lips from his hot and sweaty young boy, the relief swept over him and he managed to give Adam a cuddle without saying a word, he was unable to express how he felt but now knew that Adam enjoyed the role playing of being raped. They actually both fell asleep in each others arms now both in contentment, when they stirred and were fully awake Adam wanted to know more about the exploits that Jim had experienced on his shore leave, there was no embarrassment between them even though they were related to each other, had he been an actual cousin by blood it might have been different, firstly Jim finished off telling him about how he ended up fucking the lady boy, the questions became more personal from Adam but Jim was happy to answer them as honestly as he could. Adam lay there listening to his answers and finding out more about Jim than he had ever known, Jim came from a large family, he left home at 17 to join the Royal Navy and he met his cousin Margaret whilst on leave in Portsmouth, he had never had sex with a man or boy for that matter in his life and after about 5 years in the service and been married for about three years he was on shore leave in Tangiers North Africa and as was normal toured the bars and clubs with his shipmates, one night being very drunk him and his best friend got separated from the rest and ended up in a sleezy bar, drinking more they somehow ended up in a backroom where a boy gave them both a blow job but it went further and the two of them openly fucked the boy before going back to the ship. The two of them didn’t talk about it thinking that the other one couldn’t remember what had happened but just by chance a remark was said and they talked about it, Adam lay there fascinated, Jim and his friend on other shore leaves would disappear together and find men and have gay sex, Jim explained that being sailors and in uniform it was not hard to find interested men, in fact all sailors were propositioned by both male and female, it was accepted as norm but the cock side of it was kept private and secret as being homosexual would get you thrown out of the service irrespective of whether you were gay or bi. They both started rubbing their cocks as Adam opened up about what he had been up to and how he started, before long Jim was back down onto Adam’s cock and into the 69 position, there were no more role playing for the rest of the night apart from the occasional verbal abuse that both enjoyed during their sex, when Adam woke up in the morning he was tired which was understandable due to being fucked quite a few times and shooting his load so many times he lost count, they both woke with the taste of cum lining their mouths and crusty spots all over them, they both showered together and cum a final time, both knew that Margaret would be on her way home, Adam wanted to be away before she arrived and so did Jim for that matter. Adam only saw Jim a few other times in the next few years but never alone, by the time Adam was a lot older Jim and Margaret separated and later divorced, sadly Adam learnt that Jim became an alcoholic and lived alone somewhere, Adam would be in his mid twenties when he heard Jim had been found dead in his flat, although he drank himself to death his flat and clothes were found to be immaculate, years of naval service had never left him. Adam only had fond memories of Jim that would never leave him.

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