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Brant and Jared were sitting in Brant’s second room, fixated on the tv and the xbox while they hold controls in their hand so tight all of their knuckles turned white. As they played Brant said “So I had Ashley over the other day and we were messing around. She was in between my legs going down on me when she lifted my legs up and put her tongue on my ass.”

“No way!? But Ashley’s been such a goody goody since we were in elementary school! I couldn’t imagine her giving a hand job much less eating out your ass,” Jared said, shocked.

“Yeah man. It was honestly really good I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it but it was probably one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had in my life.”

“Wait she made you cum while she did it? I’ll never be able to look at her the same now man!”

Brant and Jared continued to talk about receiving his first rim job when Jared asked “so have you ever thought about doing that.”

“You mean to her or just in general” Brant asked.

“Just in general. I mean if someone asked you to do that for them would you be down to do that for them.”

Brant saw Jared tug at his black athletic shorts in an attempt to hide his erection and he knew that his friend was being subtle about asking for one. casino şirketleri He had known Jared since he was five years old and he was, by far, his best friend. Brant had never considered doing anything with another guy before but for some reason, this peaked his interest.

He moved closer to Jared and placed his hand on his thigh, so his pinky was touching the very tip of Jared’s erection. “I might be able to be convinced” Brant said.

Jared grabbed Brant’s hand and shoved it into his boxer shorts which had been steadily growing more and more moist from his precum as their conversation had progressed. Brant gripped his cock lightly at the tip and began to stroke slowly.

]Brant was absolutely amazed at how long and thick and hairy Jared was and he knew he wanted to see it while he pumped his best friends dick. He got on his knees and kneeled in front of Jared and dropped his shorts and boxers to the tan carpeted floor and gazed at the ivory serpent in front of him.

Jared was eight inches long and so thick that Brant doubted most women would be able to close their hand around him while they jerked him off. He moved his hand faster up and down his cock, making sure to get all the way from the base to the tip with casino firmaları every move he made and used his other hand to slowly massage Jared’s balls as he stroked.

Jared moaned out and stood up to his full of height of 6′ 4″, towering over Brant while he watched his best friend tease his throbbing cock. “Will you suck it for me” Jared asked as he looked into Brant’s hazel eyes.

Brant kept his eyes on Jared’s and slowly leaned in his lips opened. He planted a passionate kiss on the drenched tip of Jared’s cock and licked off every last drop of precum he could before he moved his lips further down and wrapped them tightly and his friend.

He gave him slow long slurps and held him as deep in his throat as he could before he gagged hard. Then he moved his focus to the head of his cock as he licked softly nd sucked gently at it while his hands pumped his cock up and down, building the orgasms within Jared’s tight balls.

“Lick my ass” he said as he turned around and leaned over the arm of the black suede couch. Brant leaned forward and brought his hands up to spread Jared’s ass cheeks and was happy to see that his asshole was just as hairy as his cock.

He licked his lips and brought his tongue forward, sharpening güvenilir casino it before touching it lightly to his friends virgin ass. He swirled his tongue in tight circles around the very edges of his asshole then he began to lick in slow straight lines, moving his tongue up and down over it.

Jared moaned again, this time more of a guttural primal sound than his first and Brant heard the familiar sound of a guy jerking off his own cock. “Where do you want me to cum?” Jared said in between moans and inhales.

“Right in my mouth” Brant said back as he continued to dine on Jared’s perfect tight little asshole. He moved his tongue faster, pushing it slightly inside of him as he flicked it up and down and Jared began panting

He withdrew his tongue and kissed the hairy asshole passionately before Jared turned around and forced his cock into Brants lips. Almost instantly Jared erupted with a deep grunt and a hard pull on Brant’s shoulder length blonde hair.

Brant felt his cock pulse the second the first wave coated his tongue, and when Jared’s orgasm finally ended his mouth was full and he was almost ready to cum. He swished his friends white seed around his mouth with his cheeks and tongue before finally swallowing it down.

He stuck his tongue out and looked up at Jared with a very satisfied look on his face before standing up. He sat back on the couch and checked his phone. “My parents want to meet us for lunch,” he said as Jared put his shorts back on.

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