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Most of my friends, coworkers, and neighbors think that I’m pitiful, weak, and stupid for submissively encouraging my young wife to fuck other men. But of course, that doesn’t stop them from taking their turns in her slutty pussy and mouth. I’ll tell you more about my current situation in due time, but first, I’d like to explain how this cuckold mindset started for me.My name is Ed, but people called me Eddie when I was growing up in Savannah, Georgia. I turned sixteen in the mid-1980s, during the spring before my junior year in high school. Dad bought me a used car, and I had been driving for two months in the middle of the summer, when I met the girl who took my cherry. I had dated several girls after getting my car, but the farthest I had gotten was making out and rubbing their tits a little bit.I was at church with my parents one Sunday morning, and I noticed a family that I didn’t recognize signing the guest register when they walked in. I looked at the register, and saw they were a family visiting from Rhode Island. The father was a pastor in the same denomination in his home church, and was there with his wife, thirteen-year-old son, and a seventeen-year-old daughter named Elsie.She was cute, sexy looking, and seemed nice, with straight, shoulder-length, dishwater-blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. I introduced myself after the main service, when she came to my Sunday school class, and I found out that they were staying with friends in a condo in a neighboring town near the beach.For those of you who have lived in or near beach towns, you’ll know what I mean when I talk about how pretty those tanned girls of summer can be, and at the time, wearing pink lip gloss. Elsie is about five feet and five inches tall, weighing maybe one hundred and twenty pounds, and she has a nice set of what I’m guessing were C-cup tits, and a well-shaped, protruding ass.We talked and whispered in the back of the class, and I surprised myself by having the courage to ask her out on a date for that night. It was scary because girls usually dated boys older than themselves. Not only was I a year younger, but she seemed very mature, self-assured, and somehow worldly for her age. I was handsome, as I had been told by others, six feet tall, and weighed one hundred and seventy-five pounds, but I still thought that she was way out of my league.Elsie surprisingly agreed to the date, and gave me the address of their condo, which was about twenty-five miles from where I lived. My father had not previously allowed me to go out of town with my car, and it took quite a bit of convincing, and a promise to do some chores, to get him to allow me to go there. I can remember being so excited that afternoon, washing and waxing my car and getting it all cleaned up for my date that night.I got to her condo at 7:30 pm and met her family, and then we were off on our date. She looked fantastic in a short skirt and camisole top, and I was wearing shorts and a polo shirt. At that time, I was totally unaware of the conventional wisdom held by some that preacher’s daughters were sluts, and I had little hope of even getting to first base with her.We drove around the beach area for about an hour and were getting along very well. I found out just how well when I suggested that we go to the boardwalk,and asked what she would like to do. Elsie replied, “Thanks, Eddie, but I’m not in the mood for being around crowds right now. Where do the kids around here go to park?”She shocked me with her question, and I didn’t know where the kids parked in that area. I did know of a place off the beaten path, though, and responded, “Well, Elsie, I’ve never hung out around here, but I do know of an old, abandoned airport about fifteen miles back towards Savannah. That’s a really quiet place, except when guys are out there drag racing. We could go there if you want to.”Elsie said that she wanted to go there, and I couldn’t believe my good luck. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to fuck her, but since I had no previous success with girls, I didn’t even have any condoms with me. It took us about twenty-five minutes to get there, and by then it was twilight, and almost dark. I was a little familiar with the airport since I went there with a couple of older boys to drink one time, and I drove to the end of an isolated runway, near some trees. From there, we were about five miles to the nearest homes or businesses.I think that Elsie sensed that I was inexperienced and unsure of myself, because she took the initiative as she smiled at me and said, “Let’s get into the back seat so we’ll be more comfortable.”It was a different feeling for me having Elsie being the aggressor. In my limited experience, it was the boys who were the horniest and who would initiate things, and I thought of myself as a macho guy. She was older than me anyway, and I can remember to this day how much I enjoyed the somewhat submissive feeling when she took charge.She leaned over and kissed me, and it was the most passionate kiss ever for me. Her thick, soft lips were wet and mashed against mine, as her tongue probed my mouth. She was beginning to breathe hard and was getting aroused, just from us kissing, and after about five minutes I got the courage İstanbul Escort to rub her breasts. She reacted by moaning, lifting her top, and unfastening her bra. Her tits felt warm and firm in my hand, and I could hardly believe my good luck at getting a feel of her tits so easily.We kissed, and I fondled her that way for another few minutes, and by then the car windows were fogging up. She pulled my hand off her breasts and pushed it between her legs, as she began rubbing my crotch.Then she pulled away from the kiss and said, “I’ve been cooped up with my family for the past five days. We’re leaving on Tuesday morning and will be on the road until Wednesday, so I need to be fucked. Let’s get our clothes off.”We started taking off our clothes off, and we were soon sitting there naked. I was stunned by her aggressiveness, but also very excited. I thought it was best to tell her that I didn’t have any condoms, and when I did she said, “Don’t worry about that, Eddie, I’m on the pill, and I like to feel bare cocks fucking my pussy. And I want to feel your mouth on my pussy too.”Her body was gorgeous, and I saw my first pussy ever when she pushed me back on the seat and climbed on top of me in the other direction. I knew from talking with my older brother that was called a sixty-nine. Her pussy has bulging outer lips and was covered in blonde hair, and the aroma of her wetness was intoxicating.Her clit also seemed to be large, at least when compared to pictures I had seen; about the thickness of my thumb, and maybe an inch long. I felt her warm, wet mouth envelope my dick as she began sucking me, and I leaned in to tentatively taste her pussy. I loved the taste and everything about her pussy, and I began to lick, suck, and tongue her womanly flesh.I knew from seeing other boys in the showers at school, that my dick is smaller than most of them, and only four inches long on hard, but I never thought of that as being a problem or something to be embarrassed about.At least not until Elsie stopped sucking me and turned around saying, “Let’s fuck now, Eddie. And no offense, sweetie, but you’re not that well-hung and don’t seem to have much experience with girls. You’ll need to finish me with your mouth if you can’t get me off with this little dick of yours.”She lay back on the seat, and my embarrassment was momentarily overshadowed by the excitement of fucking my first pussy. I pushed my dick into her hot, wet cunt, and that feeling of having my dick enveloped in her hot, slimy wetness was the best ever.She wrapped her legs around my ass and started thrusting against me as she almost screamed out, “Fuck me, Eddie, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”Those were all new and exciting experiences for me, and after fucking her for only about two minutes, I was just getting into a good rhythm pounding her pussy. I have a tendency to cum very quickly when masturbating, and I couldn’t help it when my dick started throbbing, and I ejaculated into her pussy.She realized what was happening from my grunting and moaning as I held still, fully buried in her teen pussy. She began thrashing her head from side to side as she said, “Oh no, fuck no, you’re not cumming already aren’t you? I was just starting to feel a little tingle. Now you’re going to have to finish me with your mouth. Go on, Eddie, get down there and suck my pussy.”I didn’t mind sucking her pussy, but I was reluctant to eat her after just cumming inside of her. She was so insistent, though, and I did as she said and got between her legs. I started sucking her as she held my head tightly against her crotch, and I was surprised to learn that I didn’t really mind the taste of my cum.So I kept sucking her as she said, “Damn, Eddie, now I’m convinced that this is your first time with a girl. Let me give you some pointers. Suck hard on my lips and push your tongue inside of me, but also suck on my big clit, like it’s a little cock.”Her homoerotic comment about sucking her clit like a little cock didn’t fully register with me until later, and I began to focus on sucking her sex button. She clamped her legs around my head and humped against my mouth, and I loved the feeling of being used by that dominant girl for her pleasure.I sucked her that way for about five minutes, until she arched her back, pushing her pussy more tightly against my mouth, and then moaning said, “Oh, oh, oh, fuck yeah! Keep sucking me, Eddie. You’re a lot better at sucking than you are fucking.”I covered her hairy vulva with my mouth, and her labia seemed to convulse, as I felt her juices, mixed with the remnants of my cum shooting into my mouth. She held me there for a few minutes as her orgasm subsided, and then we sat up on the seat.She had a dreamy, satisfied look on her face as she said, “Thanks for finishing what you started, Eddie, that felt really good. Not that many guys will get down there and suck me after they’ve slimed up my pussy, but you really seemed to like it. It’s too bad that I’ll be with my parents tomorrow night, because I’d like to have you suck me again.”It wouldn’t become clear to me until later, that in my first sexual encounter with Elsie, she had not only taught me the joys of having sex, but she had given İstanbul Escort Bayan me the exhilarating and humbling feeling of what it’s like to be with a sexually-aggressive girl, eager for sex and seeking her own gratification. She also had begun to define my sexual role as being more-submissive and oral, as opposed to the normal, macho view I previously had of myself.We sat and talked for a while, and then got dressed to head back to the beach. We had time to get a snack at a fast-foot place there, and I was really upset when my car wouldn’t start. I had been saving up to replace the battery, and it was dead. I was so embarrassed, but the only thing we could do was to walk for help to the gas station, about five miles away.It was pitch-black dark, and I didn’t want to leave Elsie alone in the car, so we had walked about a mile when a pickup truck pulled out onto the runway. The truck pulled up next to us, and I saw that it was a couple of good ole boy rednecks in a beat up truck.They were ruggedly handsome guys, who looked to be in their late-twenties, and the driver leaned out the window and asked, “Me oh my, what do we have here? What’re a couple of teeny boppers like you two doing out here in this lonely place on such a dark night? And damn, Jessie, get a look at this pretty, ripe-looking, sweet girl here. Do you guys need some help?”The way he spoke about Elsie seemed threatening to me, and I got into a defensive mindset. I had only met her that day, but she was my date and I felt responsible for her safety. I explained that we were walking to the gas station to get some help jump-starting my car. I was hoping to get them to drive away.The man who must have been Jessie spoke to the driver saying, “Well I don’t know, Billy, but I don’t think it would be very neighborly to leave these kids out here all alone, especially a pretty little thing like her. I mean, shit, we wouldn’t charge them very much to get their car started.”Before Billy could respond, I spoke up saying, “Sorry, fellows, but I don’t have much money, and I’m just going to call my dad from the filling station. Thanks anyway, but we’ll be okay.”It didn’t seem like those men had any intention of just driving away, and Billy seemed to be getting irritated. Billy said something to Jessie, and he got out of the truck and was walking around towards us. Then Billy responded, “Come on, boy, what the fuck are you afraid of? It’s not very nice to turn down our offer that way, now is it? And you know, that pretty little girl you have with you would be all of the payment we’d want. We have a pretty good idea what you two were doing way out here, anyway, so what’s the big deal if we get a piece of that sweet little pussy too? She’d really enjoy being with real men, with nice big cocks.”I got the feeling that they were going to try to force themselves on Elsie, and I clenched my fists and turned to face Jessie, preparing myself to fight him. Elsie saw what was happening and stepped in front of me and said, “That’s not a good idea, Eddie, not with these two older men. Let’s accept their help, and we’ll see if they’re as big of men as they say.”On one hand, I was relieved that I wouldn’t be getting my ass kicked, but on the other, I felt so weak and inadequate surrendering Elsie to those men. She seemed willing and even happy at the thought of fucking them, though, and I couldn’t help thinking that was because I couldn’t satisfy her, at least not with my little dick.It was humiliating for me to be in that position, but I didn’t seem to have much choice in the matter. The men let Elsie into the truck cab between them, and I sat in the back, agonizing in the reality that my date was going to be fucked by two redneck men.I saw through the truck window that Elsie was kissing Jessie on the way back to my car, and we got there in only a couple of minutes. Billy used his cables to jump-start my car. I left the car idling to charge my battery and watched as Elsie and Jessie got undressed and moved to the back seat. In the dim light coming from the interior light in the car, I saw that his cock looked to be about eight inches long and very thick.Billy and I stood there watching, as he began kissing Elsie, and unceremoniously shoved his big cock into her waiting teen pussy. I had never watched a girl being fucked before, and I was enthralled watching his big cock stretch her pussy and his balls slap against her ass as he pummeled her young cunt.She wrapped her legs around his ass to hold him in place as they fucked, and she was squealing out, “Oh shit yes, fuck me Jessie, give me all of your big redneck cock.”A strange feeling came over me when I saw how much she liked being fucked by a man with a big cock, and how much pleasure he was giving her. It was a realization that I enjoyed seeing a man pleasure my date in a way that I could never do, and it was as if I was sharing the experience with her. I enjoyed watching him thoroughly fuck and satisfy my date, and was entranced by their raw, copulation, with his ass clinching each time he pushed his huge cock into the squishing wetness of her slutty cunt.I really got excited when, after about ten minutes, I saw his balls draw Escort İstanbul up, as he buried his cock to the hilt, and I knew that he was breeding my date as he said, “Damn, darlin’, your tight, little, teen cunt is sucking the cum right out of me. What a great fuck you are. Take my cum you fucking little whore, and get ready for Billy’s bigger cock.”Jessie stayed on her for a few more minutes, slowly thrusting his shrinking cock in her pussy. Billy had taken off his pants and was standing next to me stroking his hard cock, which looked even longer and thicker than Jessie’s. Jessie finally pulled out of her, and I saw his plentiful cum flowing out of her and onto my seat. I remember feeling some kind of perverted satisfaction, seeing another man inseminate my date.Then Billy moved in between her legs, and began fucking her. I heard Elsie say, “Oh fuck, Billy, your cock is even bigger than Jessie’s. Fuck me hard Billy, show me what you can do.”I watched in awe as Elsie was fucked again, while Jessie stood next to me wiping off his cock with a rag he got from the truck. I couldn’t help staring at and admiring his soft meat and large, dangling balls. His cock was still bigger than my dick, which was hard from watching him fuck her. I couldn’t stop thinking how only minutes earlier he had that cock in my date.He finally caught me looking at him and said, “Well damn, boy, if you’re going to look that hard, you might as well suck it and clean it up for me. You must be some kind of wimpy cock sucker anyway, if you’ll let a couple of men fuck your girlfriend with no resistance.”There was no way I was in the frame of mind to suck his cock, and I continued watching Billy fuck Elsie, until he was ejaculating into her and said, “You’re right about this little cunt, Jessie, what a great fuck she is. I’ve never seen a girl her age be so hungry for it either.”Billy finally pulled out of her, and the men quickly got dressed to leave, as Elsie lay there with her legs widely-spread, with that redneck cum leaking out of her. As they were pulling away, Elsie held out her hands to me and said, “Come over here and clean me up, Eddie, I can’t go home with this cum running out of me and smelling like a fucking whore. It shouldn’t be a big deal, since you’ve already eaten your own cum out of me. This is all your fault anyway, for having a fucked-up battery.”I know now, looking back, that was one of the most important of my experiences that night, starting me on the road to becoming a cuckold. I got down on my knees outside the door, as she scooted down with her legs over my shoulders, and I sucked the cum of those two men from her pussy and inner thighs, as she had another huge orgasm from my sucking mouth and tongue. I had not only watched her being fucked by two big-cocked men, but I was participating by cleaning up her slutty pussy.From the way she had behaved that night, after only knowing her for a few hours, I knew that she must have been very active at home fucking boys, and probably grown men, with big cocks.We were quiet during most of our drive back to the condo, but she finally said, “Thanks for a fun night, Eddie. I know that this isn’t what you expected would happen, and that I was probably your first fuck, but I feel like I taught you a lot. I couldn’t very well have let you get into a fight with those men, which would have ended badly for you, when I was anxious for some big cocks anyway.”She paused for a moment and continued, “My parents don’t know that I started on birth control, that I got from a clinic when I turned sixteen, and I’ve been fucking senior boys in my high school, boys from college, and even men in my father’s congregation ever since. I won’t apologize for my hunger for cocks, and I can never seem to get enough.”My forty-five-minute ride back home seemed even longer as I mulled all that happened over and over in my mind. I was thankful for what Elsie had taught me, not only about sex, but about myself. I really enjoyed watching her being fucked by those men, and the thought that I had actually eaten their cum from her pussy made me feel a part of it. She seemed like a nice girl, but I liked that she took charge to get what she wanted, and I learned that I was comfortable taking a submissive role with her.One thing that did disturb me a little was how attracted I was to their cocks, which are huge when compared to mine. I was also amazed at the combination of euphoria and humiliation that I felt at having those men being so attracted to my date and fucking her, while I watched as she writhed in pleasure, being impaled on their big cocks.When school started in the fall, I remember how I subconsciously began seeking out girls in my class and even seniors, who had reputations for being sluts and easy lays. I dated a couple of them, trying to find a similar situation to what I experienced with Elsie. I did get a little sex that way, but none of them were as raw and dominating as Elsie was, and they weren’t that much into being eaten out. My friends eventually began giving me grief for dating those sluts, and I found the girl I was looking for elsewhere.Daniel, a friend of mine from church, who went to a rival high school, had been telling me about a senior girl named Jeannie, who had a reputation for being an easy fuck. She was apparently a nice girl from a wealthy family and was one of the most popular girls in her class. That was, at least until the end of her junior year when she became an easy lay for the dozens of boys who took her out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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