Inspection Time

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“Good girl.” I pull my cock out and let it hang in front of you while you’re down on your hands and knees like a good little puppy. You start sniffing and licking that hanging cock until it stands up and you can drive it deep in your mouth. Meanwhile I run my hands down your sides to your hindquarters. I inspect your body and especially your rump. You love to have me inspect you. I use my hands to feel you glistening sex. The touch causes you to jump.

“Bad girl,” I say and slap your ass hard. “Stay still while I inspect you.”

You feel my hand roughly pad all over your external genitalia. It makes you horny as hell and you want to grind back into my hand but you don’t want to get into trouble. Instead you try to focus on sucking my cock. I callously run two fingers into your wet pussy hole. I then widen my fingers out to spread your pussy open. I’m inspecting how responsive your pussy is. How accommodating it is.

“Very nice responsiveness,” I say.

This makes you feel very happy. You like to have your pussy inspected because you know it is one of your strongest traits.

“Mmmm,” you moan then quickly remember that you’re a dog and dogs don’t moan. Instead you pant and waggle your tail, but this makes my cock fall out of your mouth.

I slap you ass hard and say, “Back in your mouth while I’m inspecting you”.

You quickly slurp my cock back in your mouth and get back to sucking it. You can’t forget that your job is to pleasure me during inspections. I lean over you and put both hands on your burning pussy. I drive three fingers from each hand into your pussy at once. That’s a lot to take but thankfully you’re dripping wet and they slide in with little resistance. You know if it’s hard to get my fingers in then you’ll get punished and not in the good way. You know I may take my kocaeli escort dick out of your mouth and send you to the corner to curl up alone.

You know what comes next. I’m going to pull my hands apart to spread open your pussy hole as wide as I can. You focus on relaxing your pussy for me, almost forgetting to move your mouth on my dick, but when you remember, you give me a hard suck and start moving your head up and down the shaft quickly. Being able to not lose focus on sucking me while also accommodating the inspection is very important. That’s what separates the good puppies who get love and affection from their master from those who get ignored.

You feel my hands separate and your pussy spread open. Your pussy gapes. You can feel cold air rush in. You stop moving your head as you adjust but you make sure that you are still sucking it hard and running your tongue around it roughly. I pull my hands apart harder. The stress starts to build up. Your pussy starts to spread open further. My hands are tugging hard, harder than any other inspections I’ve given you. In desperation, you let my dick slide out and pant hard on it. You want to cry out but you remember that you’re a dog and so you turn your protest into a whimper.

“Mmmm hmmmm hmmmm,” you whimper. I pull even harder, “HMMMM MMMMM UNGGG!” This is more than you expected.

“My dick!” I say and a shake my hands on your pussy for emphasis. You quickly start licking my shaft and sucking the head. It’s very hard to do this with the pressure in your pussy, but suddenly, you feel the pressure slacken and my fingers come back together allowing your pussy to finally close. Relieved, you take my cock back into your mouth properly.

“Very good girl. Your pussy is responding quite nicely to the training,” I say approvingly. kolej escort You smile as best you can around the large shaft that is in between your lips. It was a test and you passed.

“Now you can have your treat sweet puppy,” I say. You know this means it’s time to suck me off until I blast the back of your throat with your treat. You proceed to suck hard and move up and down on it, trying to perfect your rhythm. You feel my right hand go back to your pussy while you do.

Master is being so good to his baby puppy girl and he’s going to rub you while you are finishing him off. This IS a treat. You feel my hand up against your slick pussy but it feels weird. It’s not straight. You don’t feel my fingertips, you feel my knuckles. I apply pressure with my knuckles and your pussy is suddenly being stretched again. You suddenly realize that daddy’s not going to rub you, he intends to fist you.

I push my fist against your pussy hole hard and it spreads your opening. You’re so taken aback by this that you stop sucking me and almost start to tell me to stop. You feel master pull his fist away and stiffen up.

Fuck! You’re about to blow this inspection. You quickly jam your mouth back down mater’s big cock and whimper around it. Your rub your side up against me trying to say, “Don’t be angry daddy. Look what a good girl I’m being.” You suck hard and insistently. You feel my dick harden and you hope it won’t be long now. You want your treat but you especially don’t want to fail inspection.

My hand goes back down on your ass and I start to push my cock deeper into your mouth. Won’t be long now. You can tell this cock is going to cum soon so you quicken your pace. Then my hand leaves your ass and what comes back is my balled-up fist! This time master punches it into your pussy konak escort in one quick movement. Before you can even process what is happening, your master’s whole fist is buried to the wrist in your stretched and straining pussy hole.

You feel incredible pressure on your bladder now. You let out a shout around my cock and I push my cock further down your throat. You quickly close your mouth and let me in completely. Tears flow down your cheeks as my fist pulls back but not out of your pussy. My cock stiffens in the back of your throat and my fist pushes back into your pussy. Deeper this time. You feel master’s cock twitch and his back stiffen as his dick starts to shoot into your throat.

Looks like you’re not really going to get to taste this treat. Master’s fist slams harder and the pressure on your bladder proves to be too much. You piss right there on the bed. Somehow and with complete surprise, that poor stretched pussy starts cumming and hard. Between the cum-spewing cock in your throat, the huge fist slamming the back of your pussy, and the sputtering stream of piss spraying out of you every time that fist pushes against your bladder, you can’t stop yourself from having one of the most mind-blowing orgasms of your life. You cum and cum.

Afterwards you feel my balled fist pull back hard trying to free itself from your worn pussy. You almost don’t want to let it go. You’ve never been this full and the sensation of it being stuck inside is nearly starting to have you cum again. I pull one last time and it pops out.

With the pressure relieved, you find that you can’t stop the rest of your piss from coming out. Hanging your head in shame, you finish pissing right there in front of your master. You think you may have just failed your inspection. You don’t want to look master in the eyes but I take your head with my hands and I scratch behind your ears and pet your head. You look up into my eyes, sad that you couldn’t control yourself and peed on the bed.

Master says “Good girl. Daddy loves you. Now clean this up,” and I walk out of the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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