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The seven fifteen to The Hague moved into motion slowly. Peter stared out the window, watching the chaotically moving crowd. Even during summer holidays the platforms at Utrecht Central were packed.

He saw a man with a suitcase, visibly swearing as the train slid past him. ‘Tough luck, you missed it,’ Peter thought.

His laptop popped up the spreadsheet he needed to work on.

In the compartment, people were struggling for a seat. Politeness was absent. First come, first serve seemed the law of the morning rush hour.

The woman who sat down opposite him sighed, obviously happy to have found a place to sit. She wore a classy two-piece business outfit, that made her look older than she probably was.

‘Mid twenties,’ Peter guessed, as he observed her.

He looked at his screen again, entered yesterday’s sales figures and ran a few macros. Then he went to his email program, and hit “Connect”. Wireless internet access was a real blessing.

Miss Business Outfit opened her laptop too. Peter gave it half a look.

‘Compaq, newest release. With wireless access and infrared port too; hmm, fancy machine,’ he thought.

As he looked up a bit, he saw she had opened her jacket. Not a bad idea. Today was going to be hot again, and the busy compartment felt a bit damp already.

Peter gave her a closer look.

‘Wow.’ His thought could be summarized in just that word.

Underneath that classy jacket, a thin blouse was bulging dangerously. He could see contours of a lace bra, the cups pushing her very big breasts together. Part of her cleavage showed behind two buttons that were opened.

‘Holy fuck, what a breathtaking pair of tits!’

His laptop bleeped, making her glance up at him. Peter cast his eyes down quickly, pretending to read his email. Nothing important.

He had trouble concentrating. His eyes observed her again, going up along her legs and skirt. Miss Business Outfit was wearing classic pumps with her two-piece. Peter wondered when she had last shaved her legs. They looked perfectly soft.

Her chest heaved calmly with the pace of her breathing, the blouse opening just a little more as she breathed in. Miss Business Outfit seemed occupied enough with her work to not notice him peeping at her fabulous bosom.

Of the many things that aroused him in a woman’s body, large breasts were the thing that really thrilled Peter out of his mind. And this was just about instant cum level. He could feel his dick swell rapidly into a huge hard on, throbbing against the bottom of his laptop.

It bleeped again. Peter clicked his email program.

‘Strange, nothing there,’he thought.

He tried to concentrate on his spreadsheet figures again. Then he saw the new icon in the bottom right. He clicked it.

“Infrared port connection established. Waiting for reply…” Peter frowned.

Another bleep. He was puzzled now.

Another window bagros porno popped up. He read it. Stunned.

==So, you enjoy looking at my tits, eh?==

His breathing stopped instantly. Peter didn’t even dare to look up.

‘Miss Business Outfit?!? Fucking hell!’

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing on his screen.

Another message appeared.

==Surprised, computer boy?==

And another one. He switched off the beeps.

==Yes it’s me alright. Opposite you. Don’t look up. Just type something back :P==

Peter couldn’t hide a giant blush. But he started typing.

==I don’t know what to say. I feel caught with my pants down!==

He saw her reply fast.

==Hmm, that would make us even, then. You watching my tits, me watching your bulge. I bet you’re hard for me…I can sense you are, but your laptop is covering my view…==

‘Jesus, she’s seeing right through me…’

It made him feel a little uncomfortable. At the same time, he was strangely excited by this very unusual way of conversation. Peter had a lot of questions. How she managed to connect to him. What her name was. But this anonymous connection did possess a distinct attraction.

It was strong enough to make him want to play her game. His fingers hit the keyboard.

==Maybe you could imagine the laptop not being there?==

==Very interesting… So, what would I be seeing then?==, she replied.

The messages now flashed onto the screens in rapid succession.

==You would be seeing what you already expected; a very hard swollen crotch==

==Hard because you are looking at my … breasts?==

==Oh yes, for that reason only…==

==Hmm, that thought makes me wet, you know==

His cheeks were blushing fiercely now. This lady really knew how to skip the formalities.

He stared out the widow for a moment. The very Dutch looking morning landscape flashed by. Cows grazing, ditches meandering between the fresh green meadows. A rare windmill in the distant foggy horizon.

This was still a bit hard to believe. At the same time it was so exciting that he had to continue. His keyboard rattled again.

==How wet would you become then if I’d pull that classy skirt of yours up and touch you between your sexy legs?==

He glanced up for a second, not wanting to break the magic. Peter just had to watch her; only for a moment.

==Don’t look, please. Type. I love your hot questions… I err, I think that would make me extremely wet… And even more if you’d yank my panties down at that…==

‘Damn, this is a horny lady.’

==And of course I would have to expose your huge boobs as well… Are they really as big as I imagine them to be…?==

==Hmm yes… yes, they are very large, computer boy. I bet you will be very thrilled if you free them from my bra cups. And then I imagine you pulling my panties down bangbus porno as well… And you would see a dripping cunt. As in really wet. Hmm, your cock must be hurting now…not?==

Peter shifted a bit.

==It is…*giggles*==

A grin appeared on his face.

‘Hard to hide anything, Peter.’

==I am unclasping your bra now. I just have to see your huge boobs naked…Now your panties slide down along your slender legs. I stare straight into your cunt now. Oh yes, you’re very wet…==

==Hmm…you like what you see? Be aware this wet cunt aches for your hard cock, computer boy. Come on, a quickie. Fuck me…==

With a squealing whistle sounding, the train speeded through Gouda Station. Bored looking morning travellers stared at the train flashing by.

==Take me. Here. Now…==

==Hmm, I’m jerking my stiff dick for you, and slowly move over to you. It’s rubbing against your inner thighs. My hands reach out to touch your fabulous tits…==

==Ugh…yes, computer boy. Be naughty with me…==

His cock felt like it could explode any second.

Suddenly, a warning appeared in the right corner of his screen.

“Battery low.”

‘Oh no, this can’t be true!’

Peter was already envisaging the drama; ten minutes maybe, then this unimaginable encounter would extinct in a dead battery. A futile dead battery. He hated himself for having forgotten to reload it yesterday.

‘Type dammit. Time is running out.’ His fingers flashed over the keyboard; no choice but to obey the thoughts his cock commanded.

==Hmm, I can feel your cunt lips touch my cock head now. And my hands knead into your giant tits. The mere touch makes me almost cum on the spot…==

==I know my big boobs thrill you … , but I want you to cum inside me. Feel me buck up, eager for your shameless hard on, my bottom lip trembling. Oh, you’re so hard…==

Peter swallowed, typing frantically.

==God, I am yes. Feel me push and slide into your moist cunt now. You clench…heavenly hot contractions. Argh… you sure know how to treat a cock, lady…==

==Ugh…You’re a big boy… That makes me even more naughty. Come on, fuck me deep…Make me groan…==

==I’m big for you, lady. Kneading full into your huge soft boobs, then…I thrust in really deep… Argh… Yes, deep… I want to fill you…==

==Ah, ah, I need your hard cock. My hips are thrusting up. I’m plunging my cunt onto your big boy hardness. Hmm, fuck me badly…==

==I’m gyrating now, screwing your legs apart, pushing my throbbing cock in deep, deeper, kneading your thrilling tits==

==Oh, yes, yes. Be bad with my boobs please… I know you find my big tits hot…==

Peter didn’t dare to look up. He was pretty sure he’d instantly cum if he’d cast one more look at her phenomenal breasts.

==Feel my hands kneading them? Hard now. God, I feel your hard nipples in beurette tour porno the palms of my hands. My cock is so hot for you. I’m screwing, deep, deep, making you gasp with the impact…==

==Ugh, you make me grind my clit against you, big boy. I’m bucking up fast now. My cunt is burning for you. Hmm, I need to cum. Come on, make me cum…Argh…==

==I’m slamming hard into your now, squishing into your dripping cunt. I feel my balls contract. I’m getting close, lady. Will you make me cum too…? Argh…clench me, squeeze my horny dick…==

==Oh yes I’m clenching you alright. And I’m riding my swollen clit against your pelvic bone. Ugh, that feels hot, computer boy. Hmm, I’m dripping… grinding. Fuck, you’re hard…==

The train started slowing down as their play came to a height. She might be getting out at Voorburg, he thought.

“Battery low” flashed again. Peter was breathing heavily, hoping no one would notice.

==Argh, argh, god…you’re hot, lady. Wanna cum with me? Then fuck…now, now…Argh!==

==Oh god, hmm, oh, oh. Fill me with your cum! Please, please…oh!==

Her keyboard rattled fast. The train’s brakes hissed as it slowed more and more.

==I’m close, fuck I’m so close! Hmm, buck up, grind, plunge your hot slit on my throbbing dick…Faster, faster…ah…yes…yes…yes…hmm…fuck I’m cumming…argh…argh…argh!==

From the corner of his eyes, Peter thought he saw her squirm. He didn’t dare to look up, though.

==Oh, yes…yes…I feel your cum spurt into me. God, I’m dripping all over my thighs…Your spewing cock is making me…ugh…oh…oh…ah…fuck…pff…ah… cum too…==

==Ah…yes…cum all over me…fuck, you’re hot!==

==Oh, oh…your ejaculating cock feels good, big boy! Ah, feel me squirm, convulse…hmm…==

“Voorburg, Voorburg Station,” sounded through the train. It was coming to a halt now.

==Hmm, fuck. You’ve made me feel such a slut…You’re a bad boy…I love bad boys…ugh…==

Peter typed his next reply.

==My God, I’m…

Suddenly, the window went black. “Infrared port connection disconnected at other end.”

He looked up, his face probably blushing a bright red.

Miss Business Outfit had already closed her laptop. She was standing up, decently buttoning the jacket of her two-piece.

Peter stared up, pleading. One touch of his cock would be enough to make him cum for real.

As she moved by, her leg brushed against his. His eyes followed her as she walked away.

‘She can’t be just leaving like this.’

It seemed she was, though.

He looked out the window, seeing her step out of the train. As she walked past his window, she winked at him. Her smile was ravishing.

Peter heard a whistle blow. The doors closed unavoidably. The train started to ride again, making him move past her one more time.

Walking elegantly, she licked her tongue over her lips as their eyes crossed. Her hand waved.

Peter heard the intercom announce the final stop: “The Hague Central.”

He stared out the window, watching her image become smaller. As she faded in the distance, his computer screen went dead.

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