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Alison was a well educated eighteen year old virgin, always spoilt by her father and ignored most of the time by her mother and used to getting her own way, although inexperienced and naïve in sexual matters she had an increasing curiosity about sex. Despite her naivety and much to her delight she learned much more that year than how to ride horses well and definitely got exactly what she wanted and desired, unknowingly using her shy and sexually immature nature to entice a man not much younger than her father.

Having being around horses and ridden for much of her life it seemed a natural progression that she should show her skills in the dressage arena, following several weeks of intense riding tuition Alison also started out on a journey of sexual exploration and experimenting with Jake her riding tutor, whereby wanting him quickly became needing him. She soon found out they both needed each other more than she could ever imagined.

Since her grandfathers birthday gift of her adorable 12.2 hand white pony Misty at the age of eight she had spent many an hour in the saddle. Now here she sat, a not so life educated eighteen year old being instructed by her father that extra riding tuition was exactly what she required.

Considering that she had been struggling for a while to gain the correct posture that was required for dressage and eventing in the professional arena and after seeking professional advice it seemed that she required extra tuition. Whilst at home she felt comfortable riding Jupiter her new eighteen hands grey gelding in the field behind the family home. However her father had decided upon Jake Conner to be her tutor and she felt awkward if not a little self-conscious at the thought of being tutored and examined by a man having only had women instructing her in the past, especially knowing that her father now had a male acquaintance in mind.

Her father had enlisted the help of a local trainer, an expert in the field of equestrianism and a quiet man, rugged in looks and rumoured to be a bit of a player in the village especially with the lonely or bored married women. Initially during lessons Alison found him to be a little too quiet, even a little moody and unapproachable at times. Many who knew him said that he got the best out of all his pupils, but Alison wasn’t so sure; Alison was was wrong and later discovered that he always brought the best out in her.

His first words to Alison were stern and demanding, critical of her image and her riding ability almost making her feel slightly nervous and intimidated, as the weeks passed by despite her first misgivings about him she actually started to see him as not only a talented rider and tutor who could teach her a lot about riding, but also a handsome man with great physical presence. Alison had begun to see him through different eyes, going so far as to discuss his physique, manner and his attributes with her girlfriends on girls night at home. Those late night conversations usually resulted in them all wondering what an older man would have to offer, although all the girls had at some point experienced immature and inexperienced fumblings of boys, none had ever gone so far as to extend those immature fumblings into anything more sexual than kissing and slight touches.

As the weeks passed her lack of ability in the dressage arena became apparent and pretty soon into her training lessons became more often and intensiv. During one of those sessions whilst they were alone in the indoor arena Alison’s heart skipped a beat when Jake unnecessarily came closer to her in order to reposition her on the saddle. Actually physically moving her ass with his large hands in the saddle and repositioning her torso to demonstrate the correct position in which she should hold herself, now holding her beneath her breasts and behind her ass she felt herself go slightly rigid, her chest heaved and her nipples tightened.

She looked down at his manly good looks and broad shoulders, almost feeling invaded by his hands but enjoying the sensation of him pressing her forward in the saddle forcing her to uncontrollably slide forward toward the pommel of the saddle and causing the hard stump to stimulate her by rubbing her between her legs when the horse moved forward. To show her where she needed to be positioned Jake kept one hand on the saddle at both back and front ensuring her position was not lost whilst they walked the circuit of his training area.

Alison felt the familiar tingling wet feeling in between her thighs only ever experienced alone in her bedroom when she had often felt the urge to slide her own fingers between her legs and where more often than not she would stimulate herself until she came, she now felt flushed and aroused as Jakes hands neared her secret casino şirketleri place.

Alison must have considered him for longer than she should and alarm must have shown on her face because Jake stepped away from the horse. How could she think of Jake like that a man at least 16 years her senior and friend of her fathers. She turned her face away from him almost embarrassed to discover her sexual arousal. As she rode the arena under his intense gaze she inwardly questioned herself and her reaction; did she want him to touch her like that? She wrestled with the confusion and the emotions now playing in her mind and hoped he had not sensed her inexperienced desires

Oh boy he had felt it all right but his own experience of seduction told him not to give indication to this young girl, looking only at the path the horse took as she guided it along with each squeeze of her ass and torso, he had tried to desperately to concentrate in the task at hand, but enjoying the feel of her pussy soaking the nylon material and the blood rushing to his already hardening manhood.

As she continued to walk the horse forward Alison was becoming wetter and more aroused, her pussy aching for more but desperately trying not to give indication of her dilemma, Jake used the pretense of her incorrect position again to place his hands on her again, this time he mercilessly pushed his hand under her rear harder until his fingers hit the right spot, repositioning his fingers slightly so that he had more freedom to rub a little, feeling the wetness soaking through her riding jodhpurs, he commanded her to keep her eyes ahead at all times, knowing a good rider guides the horse by voice, legs and hands alone, Alison did as he commanded.

How much longer she could take of his hand rubbing through her pants she did not know, the hot feeling now welling up inside her was becoming increasingly unbearable. Alison wanted to moan out loud, gone was the man who terrified her, now she longed Jake to rip off her jodhpurs and panties plunge is fingers deep within her soaked pussy. Her head swaying and orgasm pending he knowingly stopped the horse with a yank of the reign causing the horse to stop abruptly. Alison felt her head whirl, almost screaming with frustration as he removed both hands from her seat.

Jake spoke briefly “you have both worked hard, I think that is the end of your tuition for today young lady, ride your horse back to the yard and cool him down”. As he turned his back on Alison she rode away sighing heavily, the burning desire to plunge her fingers deep within her aching slit and flick her clit was unbearable, but she knew she would have to wait.

Unknowingly to Alison Jake had turned his back to disguise an impressive hard on which pressed uncomfortably at his tight riding pants, pre-cum seeping from his cock soaking his underwear, he groaned at the thought of feeling her pussy with its slippery juice so close to hand, he wanted her, wanted her now. He wrestled with what little conscience he had left, for god sake man he told himself she was his friends eighteen year old daughter how could he want her, he had told himself that many times before but boy did he want her, now bringing his fingers to his hand breathed her aroma and tasted his fingers, knowing if she showed any if the slightest interest he must seduce her further.

Over the past few months he had fantasised many times of her on her knees pleasuring is cock with her lovely wet mouth or laying innocently her legs spread ready to take him deep within her. On many occasion he had stroked or had to adjust position of his throbbing cock whilst in hiding around the stable yard, watching her tending the horses needs, wishing she would tend to his, he had caught glimpses of her and her friends in the village talking to the local boys and imagined she was still the virgin that she was.

She was so lovely and innocent and that was part of the attraction for him, he was tired of the constant advances from the much fucked but lonely village women and his wife of fifteen years was just no longer interested in physical contact. Now as he walked back to the yard his raging hard on throbbing with each heart beat and the engorged head of his cock rubbing against his jodphurs, he pulled down his loose sweater and desperately hoped that it would subside until he could relieve himself later of what he knew would be a large hot salty load full of lust.

Reaching the yard Alison dismounted quickly before Jake returned, fastening Jupiter’s reins to the tethering ring she frantically searched in her bag stored in the tack room for her Jeans in which to change into knowing that her wetness would give her away, almost embarrassed at the occurrence and finding the washroom vacant of casino firmaları other riders she turned the sign outside the door to “in use”, entered and removed her jodhpurs and panties. Intending to use the toilet and quickly change to enable her to return home and pleasure her needy pussy. She sat quietly for a minute her mind wandering again to Jakes actions, again she questioned if she found him attractive, her answer came to her quickly and at that moment she knew she needed to feel a man not the immature and inexperienced fumblings of the boy she had dated.

Closing her eyes wishing she could be back in her bedroom, she absent mindedly forgot where she was and slid her middle finger down to her aching clit, carefully positioning herself and re-awakening fire that burned within her by circling her finger around the hard protruding nub, she convulsed and leaked pussy juice from her slit on first contact. She slid her wet finger around het wet slit teasing it to new sensations, thoughts of Jake probing her soaked pussy with his fingers making her leak copious amounts of juice.

Oh god this felt so good, she was arching her back now to meet her fingers and allow access for her fingers to fuck her hole deeper, almost lost in pleasure she heard his voice whilst on the edge of coming she stopped playing again and held her breath for fear of being caught masturbating, cursing inwardly that she was not rewarded with her much needed climax, her pussy now throbbed with need to release the built up tension. She leaned her head sideways a little to see through the small crack in the outer wall of her hiding place to see if she could finish herself off before discovery, she saw him enter the yard, stride out of view and heard him talk to the stable hand, then she saw him walk away in the direction of the house disappearing from sight, Alison checked again looking carefully to see the stable hand throwing a blanket over Jupiter and leading him to the stable.

Thinking she was safe and that Jake had stepped away Alison resumed caressing her wet folds, soaked and needing attention from her warm wet fingers when his voice was heard again, she didn’t have time to even stop flicking her clit before the door opened and he stood in the doorway staring down on her. How must she have looked, her face coloured red and then purple as he caught her flicking her clit and fingering herself deep inside her pussy, stepping inside closing the door behind him he locked it, she stared at him for what seemed an age, fearing his admonishing remarks about leaving her horse unattended, she quickly stood up searching frantically for her panties and Jeans.

He gently took the jeans from her, she felt fear yet excitement and trembled as he held her hand for a moment and then the fear broke away as he bent to kiss her, “Alison heard herself apologise and tried to move away a little in order to see what was happening, but he held her tightly. She found herself shaking almost terrified, more so that her father would find out rather than the thought that Jake was possibly going to touch her where no man had touched her before. Jake whispered “Oh Alison, sweet Alison, how I want to touch that sweet pussy” his face softened and he fell to his knees, “lets see what we have here”, he spoke whilst softly rounding her ass with his huge hands Alison felt him pull her to him then lifting her t-shirt exposing her breasts underneath he kissed her on each breast. She protested slightly, shaking now from what was happening to her rather than fear. She heard him whisper something, felt licking and sucking her on her hard nipple, she was lost and desire filled her and melted as any woman would toward him. Without a word he lifted each of her thighs over his shoulder and began expertly plunging his insistent tongue deep into her hot virgin pussy, holding his broad shoulder she moaned so loudly.

He ate her pussy so wonderfully that her juices mixed with his saliva trickled down her thighs only to be licked back up by his hot mouth; she felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm approaching but it was so different than any she had experienced, deeper, more warm sensations tickled her stomach, her clit throbbed and her pussy contracted with much more intensity than ever before when she had masturbated.

He entered her pussy at that moment with his middle finger, she thought it might hurt but was so taken over by the pleasure of him fingering her rubbing her pussy walls expertly she threw her head back and heard herself moan, her clit now desperate for the clitoral orgasm she had often brought upon herself, he rounded it with his tongue lapping at it like a cat to cream, His tongue sent waves of sheer pleasure coursing through her body. At that point she knew that she was going to güvenilir casino experience the most powerful orgasm that she had ever, as he plunged her pussy and sucked hard on her clit she flooded his face with hot come over and over he licked her pussy never ceasing, orgasms coming thick and fast, rippling through her pussy like little electric shocks, she reached for his head grinding him against her soaked slit wanting more, wanting it never to end.

Alison actually heard herself begging for his cock and he knew she was ready for it her hand pulling his head nearer as his tongue probed deeper and deeper into her soaked snatch, he so wanted to pull down his pants and thrust every inch of his throbbing meat so far into her throat to make her suck, the head of his cock now pulsing with each heartbeat he didn’t want to break the moment or frighten her, so whispered gently for her to undo his pants and slide them down his thighs, she did as he asked nervously.

She tentatively touched his cock before trying to wrap her small hand around it. Not sure what was expected of her Alison just held her hand quite still against his eight inches whilst he thrust it upwards through her fingers, it was obvious to Jake that she had never touched a cock in her life but her touch felt like electric. He had a wide cock and Alison could now see the size and feel its hardness in her hand, he encouraged her to stroke it whilst fingering her clit keeping her wanting, kissing her until he knew she was really ready.

He stood up almost a foot taller and lifted her clean from the floor bringing her legs wider, wrapping them around him pushing her against the wall that separated the stables from the farmhouse, for a brief moment he hoped that the sound would not carry through to the house that he shared with his wife, because nothing was going to stop him pumping her sweet pussy up against it. He kissed her gently and slowly lowered her down onto him, making her whimper a little. At best Alison had only managed a couple of her own fingers whilst experimenting, so taking him inside her despite her wetness was more than difficult at first. Oh my, he thought she was so damn tight, he slowly edged his pulsing cock head into her, easing in so gently making every inch tightly ripple until she engulfed his cock.

Allowing her adjust and feel his length and width until she was indicated it felt good, he looked into her eyes and whispered softly how lovely she was, if she was hurting she didn’t show it, only nodded slowly when he told her he was going to push into her. His thoughts were of fucking her hard and he wanted to fuck her so hard at this point but sense told him to take it easy and that his time would come and making her beg to be fucked hard would come at a later date.

She felt him pull out a little then slide back in and then out all the way to the head of his cock and back in again slowly, she heard a low moan escape from her own lips, in and out he pumped her slowly at first until, his cock was engulfed totally by her hot wet pussy, he thought out loud saying how tight she was and how damn lucky he had been to be her first, she blushed.

Jake could feel his hard cock so tight against the walls of this young woman who had driven him crazy mounting and dismounting her horse, unaware of his desire to fill this hot wet pussy, he nearly shot his load of hot come deep within her at that moment, but he held back. Speeding up only when he knew she desired it. She was hot, young, tight and he was taking her cherry,what more could he ask for, but all he was thinking this moment was fucking her now for all he was worth, with the taste of the sweetest pussy juice on his lips he had ever tasted.

He felt her pussy begin contracting and knew that she was about to come, he felt his own impending orgasm swirling in his balls. Alison watched Jake as he threw his head back moaning as he pumped her like she had once seen a man do in a porn movie she had watched with her girlfriends and mutually masturbated to. She heard him moan as he pumped hard into her tight pussy. Alison felt the girth of his cock widen filling her further and bringing her very first cock induced intense orgasm which hit her like train and the exlosion of fireworks in her brain, he came too groaning and cussing incoherently as she felt jets of his cum hit her pussy walls and cried out herself as she felt another climax rip through her body like a tornado.

She clung to him for a while shaking, not daring to move and they kissed with such passion she never knew existed, he slowly lowered her to standing position not quite knowing what to say she looked at the floor as she felt floods of thier mixed cum pour from her pussy, kissing her again he whispered, “your father will be here soon young lady, lets go get that horse of yours bedded down for the evening and then see about booking you in my diary for lots more tuition shall we” Alison smiled a shy smile and walked quietly to Jupiter’s horse box knowing he was watching her.

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