Indecent Exposure

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I first noticed how much Casey, the girl next door had changed. Her freshman year at Harvard had ended and she was home for the summer. One morning as I walked to my car, I heard, “Good morning, Officer Hunter.”I looked over, saw her standing there holding the morning paper in her hand. She was wearing a pair of very short shorts and a bikini top that revealed just enough to stir one’s fertile imagination. “Good morning, Casey,” I replied as I opened the car door.This was the routine for a week, Casey would be outside every morning when I left for work. She would get the morning paper from her porch dressed provocatively. When I would come home in the late afternoon, she would be doing some yard work and be dressed in her short shorts and a revealing top.On Monday of the next week, there she was. “Good morning, Officer Hunter.”“Good morning, Casey.” I finally had to say something to her, “l want you to know that how you were dressed Thursday and Friday and right now borders on indecent exposure. As an officer of the law, I’m giving you a warning. Next time I see you dressed like you are, I will have to arrest you.”I was pretty sure she could pick up that I subtly let her know I was not serious.“Oh Officer Hunter, I’ll be a good girl, promise.”The way she replied told me that she knew I was not serious. I got in my car and before driving istanbul travesti off, I needed to make a quick adjustment in my trousers. Deep in my thoughts momentarily, I remembered when she was a tomboy and to see her now, well it caught me by surprise since I had always thought of her as a tomboy. When I looked up, Casey was looking in my direction with what I thought was a knowing smile. Driving off, she gave me a wave of her hand and I headed to the station.My day went by slowly, a few speeders and people driving through stop signs. The only thing that kept my day from being any slower were thoughts of Casey with her long brown hair, hazel eyes and perky breasts. When my shift finally ended, I changed into my civvies and headed home. As I drove home, I stopped for a six-pack and a pizza to go. Arriving home, I pulled the car up the driveway, got out and grabbed my dinner along with the six-pack. That’s when I heard, “Good evening Officer Hunter.” I looked over and saw Casey walking to her car.“Good evening, Casey,” I replied as she climbed in behind the wheel. “Have a nice evening.”“Thank you, officer and you have a nice evening too,” she answered, putting the car in gear.After watching Casey drive off, I entered the house and headed for the kitchen. Turning the oven on, I put the six pack in the fridge istanbul travesti and took the pizza out of the box. After placing my dinner on the pizza pan, I put it in the oven and set it on warm.Going upstairs, I changed into a pair of boxers and a T-shirt. On the way to the kitchen, I stopped in the living room, grabbed the remote and turned on the ball game. I took the pizza out of the oven, grabbed the six-pack from the fridge and plopped myself in front of the television. The Cubs were beating the Cardinals six, zip in the third inning.As the game went on, the pizza and beer being consumed, thoughts of Casey crept back in my head. I tried concentrating on the game which didn’t stop my ‘nightstick’ from reaching its maximum length. I fought off the urge to do anything about it as I wanted to finish watching the game. There would be time later to take care of my ‘nightstick’ and the naughty thoughts of Casey.It was the bottom of the ninth with two outs, bases loaded and two strikes on Dexter Flower. Kyle Hendricks winds up, delivers a fastball over the outside corner and Fowler takes a mighty swing. STRIKE THREE! CUBS WIN! Hendricks threw a shutout! Final score, Cubs 10 Cardinals 0.With the game over, I turned off the television and cleaned up. It had been a long day, I went upstairs and felt my istanbul travesti ‘nightstick’ return to its full length. I entered the master bath, stripped off my boxers and entered the shower.Turning the handle, the warm water from the shower head above, cascaded over my body like a gentle rainfall. Grabbing the liquid soap, I lathered up my body, paying particular attention to my very stiff cock. I began soaping up my testicles and hard shaft. Cupping my swollen balls in one hand, I languidly stroked the shaft with the other hand.I pictured Casey on her knees, taking my cock down her throat and sucking like a Hoover. My fist tightened and pumped faster along the throbbing shaft as I squeezed my balls. With each upward stroke, I rubbed the circumcised head of my cock. Pictures of Casey and me making love in every conceivable position flooded my head. I wasn’t going to last much longer as my hands did their magic.“Oh Gaaawwddd, I’m cuummiinngg!” I moaned out as thick ropes of semen splashed onto my stomach, covered my hand and coated the shaft.After showering, I headed straight to bed and dreamt about Casey. -o0o- Climbing out of bed, I went over to open the blinds and to my delight, there was Casey.She was washing her car, though what really caught my eye was what she was wearing. I threw on a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and my athletic shoes. Thinking to myself, ‘I warned Casey about indecent exposure.’ I quickly shaved and brushed my teeth.Just before heading out, I swiped my handcuffs from the dresser top and tucked them into my back pocket. I couldn’t help myself, bounding down the stairs and headed out the back door.

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