In His Sleep

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Thanks to PinkPlaidPanties for her advice on this story.


It was a hot day in the tropics, so hot that men, women and children had taken cover in what shade they could find. Most had lain immobilized through the heat of the day, wearing as little as possible in an attempt to get the slightest breath of breeze to cool them down.

The day was starting to cool and the first stirrings of activity could be seen in the village. The first to emerge was a group of women carrying water jars. They were singing as they went, enjoying a few carefree moments together after the time of unbearable heat and before the hectic activity of the evening. Their laughter and banter resounded through the forest as they went on their way.

Suddenly one of them stopped, and motioned the others to be silent. Puzzled, they looked at her. She held her fingers to her lips, and pointed. The others looked in the direction she was pointing. There, lying on his back outside his hut, was a man, sleeping.

But that was not what aroused the women’s interest. Rather, they were attracted to the fact that he was obviously dreaming a very pleasant dream: his penis was hard. A beam of sunlight shone directly on it.

As if by a signal, the women moved into a bunch, looking at the man, and particularly his package. They giggled together, and whispered behind their hands. The words got more and more bawdy, and the virgins amongst them blushed exceedingly. They dared one another to do crazy things, but the banter stayed with words, and the deeds were limited to hiding red faces.

Finally some of the women started to move off again. One of their number, however, stood still, her eyes fixed in a fascinated stare at the eager manhood on display. Her name was Mua, renowned as the most beautiful woman in the tribe, and assured of marrying one of its foremost men. Whenever she walked down the road, every pair of eyes that saw her followed her long, graceful limbs. The men looked with hunger and the women with envy. Her large, dark brown eyes seemed to see right through her suitors, turning normally articulate men into tongue-tied idiots.

The other women would have considered Mua their mortal enemy had it not been for one thing: her smile was constant and genuine. It was not pasted-on but a natural reflection of her inward self. It showed youthfulness, happiness, genuine concern, easy-going charm and fun-loving excitement. Mua was reckoned to be one of the sweetest souls in the village, and was adored czech taxi porno by everyone, male and female.

She was also known as the most impulsive woman for miles around, and would do things suddenly and without forethought. Her friends had learnt that when Mua was about to follow her impulses rather than her head her lips took on a stubborn set.

At that instant, her friends, recognizing the look on Mua’s face, stopped, expecting something interesting to happen soon.

Mua shook her head as if making up her mind, and turned her back on her friends. As if in a dream she moved towards the man. She knew what she wanted. This man’s nakedness had sparked a fire in her that she did not want to extinguish. She had to experience this man up close.

The women gasped at Mua’s boldness. One or two of the bravest moved to restrain her, but her lead was too great. Everyone stood watching, holding their collective breaths.

Mua carefully approached the man, doing her best to ensure that she did not disturb him. As she stood next to him, she looked at her friends standing back and smiled slyly. They stayed quiet, wondering what she had in mind.

Mua knelt down, and looked intently at the man’s rock hard cock. It stood proudly, and the tip glinted with precum. The man was breathing deeply, partially from being in a deep sleep, and partially from the sexual content of his dream.

As she inspected the man, Mua felt a surge of power going through her. She decided to make the most of the occasion. But what was she to do?

She looked at her friends behind her. They frantically waved at her to beat a hasty retreat. Mua calmly smiled at them, and then turned her back towards them.

Mua studied the cock for a moment. The angry purple head seemed to weave and sway in imitation of an angry snake about to strike. She ignored the warning, and studied the shaft with its veins standing out like vines. The stem looked strong and proud, almost as if it were aware that it was being looked at by a woman, and unashamed. The skin of the scrotum was creased, but the bag seemed to be full to bursting. The balls seemed huge, like two giant seeds nestling in their fruit.

Fascinated, Mua stroked his cock with her right hand. It was warm and jelly in her hands. She smiled, her heart beating for fear of being caught, but excited at touching the stranger so intimately.

The shaft jerked against her hand unexpectedly. Mua looked at the man’s face, wondering defloration porno whether he had woken up, but his eyes were still closed, and he gave every sign of being asleep. She decided that the movement was a sign that he was ready to ejaculate and that she did not have much time left to play with him.

Mesmerized by his balls, she brought her lips down to the bag and gently kissed them. The man groaned in pleasure, and she let her tongue run from one testicle to the other. The salty taste excited her even more, and so she brought her tongue to his shaft and licked her way from the bottom all the way to the head. The heady smell assaulted her senses, driving her mad with need. Everything she had ever been told about caution flew out of her head, her animal self was in control. She wanted this cock inside of her, and nothing would get in her way. She took her left hand and ran it up and down her slit. It was wet to her touch, and she reached deeper inside and touched her clitoris. She sighed with satisfaction: her exploration of the naked man’s body had caused her own juices to flow, and now she was ready.

With no thought to anything else in the world, she stood up and straddled the sleeping man. Carefully she lowered herself towards the cock that hypnotically pointed at its prey. Carefully she used her left hand to line his rod up against her pussy, then slowly sank down further. It slipped into her easily, and suddenly she felt filled.

Mua smiled sadly. She would dearly have loved to play a little more with the cock that was twitching inside her, but there would be no time for that. Slowly she started riding up and down, each time forcing him deeper into her. Her breasts bounced up in time with her strokes.

He sighed happily, and then his hips started moving with her. His breathing deepened, and his sweat started running.

Mua continued riding him. Unused to the position, she gritted her teeth. She knew that she would not last long; already pleasure filled her as completely as the man beneath her. It felt as if her whole body was being touched, and she was tempted to wake him so that he could get on top of her and finish her off in the way that she was used to.

But at that moment she felt his cock harden noticeably. He was ready.

Mua tried to slow down her strokes, but it was too late. His hips drove into her of their own volition. And then she felt his balls contract, ready to do their work of delivering their seed deep into the fake agents porno sexy woman.

For a moment Mua felt betrayed. Just as she thought that he had cum too quickly she suddenly felt her own climax strike. Suddenly she was out of control too. She squealed out in ecstasy, her body on fire.

As his hips jerked in ecstatic abandon, his cock paid the ultimate homage to the sweet pussy that was driving it to ecstasy. The balls shot their raging cum at the hungry target with a massive blast. His eyes flickered opened in disbelieving wonder as his sperm burnt its fiery way through his rod.

By this time, Mua was no longer aware of what the man was doing or seeing; the powerful passion of the writhing body beneath her had overrun her own body, and now the fire of her passion was out of control. The mischievous glint in her eyes gave way to a look of stunned amazement as the fire of arousal within her loins suddenly flamed out of control. With a screech she surrendered to the white hot energy pulsing through her body, seemingly powered by the rampaging semen raging into her quivering body. Involuntarily her hips jerked up and down in time with his, slamming into him with fevered excitement.

Mua fell forward onto his chest, her breaths running through her like knives. For several moments she could not move. Instead she concentrated on recovering from an incredible high, gasping for air like a swimmer rescued from drowning.

Slowly Mua once more became aware of her surroundings. She opened her eyes, and looked straight into the eyes of the man she had just fucked. He was awake, looking confused and sleepy.

Mua put a finger in front of her mouth, showing him not to speak. She put on her naughtiest smile, and very slowly and carefully stood up. She put her hand between her legs, and drew out some of the sperm oozing out. Looking straight into the man’s eyes, she rubbed the sperm into her skin, moving in circles over her stomach. She then took some more and rubbed it over her breasts.

Still half asleep, the man spoke. “What are you doing? Why…”

It was as if he had broken a spell. Mua’s friends cheered out loud, clapping and shouting wildly.

Mua just laughed. As she stood, her skirt fell into place again, covering her body. She rejoined her friends, cum still running down her legs. The women left quickly, their laughter resounding through the forest for a long time after their departure.

The man sadly watched Mua leave. Being poor he would never have Mua as a wife. She had given him a glimpse of heaven, and he loved her for it.

For years afterwards, whenever he saw Mua at the market, he remembered a very special day, a day that could never be repeated. And when she smiled at him, he knew that she still remembered too…

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