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He was actually reaching for the phone to call her, when it rang.


The voice was hesitant. “Steve?”

“Yep, speaking.”

“Steve, it’s Grace. Grace Collins?”

“Grace! Hi! I was just on the point of calling you, when the phone rang.”

A pause. “You were?”

“Yeah, I was. Um, Grace, I, er, I wanted to ask you out, if that’s okay?”

A laugh down the line. “Yes.”


“Yes, I’d like it if we got together. That’s kinda why I was ringing you. When I saw you at Hay Cove with Eleanor Roberts, I got to thinking that it’s been a while since I had a date with a guy who actually appealed to me. So I rang. Um, you’re not one of these guys who gets out of shape if a girl makes the first move, are you?” A little anxiety in her tone, he thought, and hastened to reassure her.

“No, I’m not.” He laughed. “I’m kinda slow, so it’s probably a good idea. No, I’m lying. I’m not kinda slow, I’m a non-starter! Anyway, it was only by seconds, ‘cos I had my hand on the phone to ring you.”

“Hey! Telepathy!”

“Could be. So, when and where?”

Another laugh. “Well, you’ve already seen everything I have, so I thought maybe Hay Cove? It’s nice there, and not many of the assholes from school go. If anyone from school goes, it tends to be the intelligent ones.”

“Like you!”

She laughed. “Yeah, right.”

“Hey, who came out top in the SATs?”

“Okay, okay, I hear you. So? What do you say? I can make us up a picnic, if you like?”

“I like. A lot, in fact. Okay, that’s the where. How about the when?”


“Great. What time?”

“Say, ten? A couple of hours on the beach, eat our picnic, and maybe do something else for the afternoon? What d’ya think?”

“Sounds good. One snag, though. I’m not sure whether I’ll have any wheels.”

“Not a problem. Let me know, and I can borrow Mom’s.”

“Will do, Grace. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.”

“You think I’m not?” She laughed. “I can hardly wait. See ya, Steve.”

“See ya.”

He’d barely put the phone in its cradle when it rang again.


“Hi, Steve, it’s Eleanor Roberts. Um, are you busy?”

Busy? Let’s see. Cut the grass, weed the borders. “Nothing that won’t keep. Why?”

“Can you come round? I have a problem. Nothing serious, but I can’t handle it by myself.”



“See you in five minutes. Okay?”

“Great, Steve. Thanks.”

It took nearer ten minutes, as he took a hasty shower, but Eleanor didn’t seem disturbed when she opened the door to his knock.

“Hi, Steve. Thanks for coming round.”

“My pleasure. So, what’s the problem?”

“My bed’s empty.”

She said it with a straight face, and it took him a moment. “Your bed’s empty? But – ah.” Slow, Steve, slow. Wake up! “Ah, yes. Shall we fill it?”

She affected surprise, then delight. “Oh, yes! Please.”

He grinned. “Miss me?”

She gave him a wry grin. “Just a little. Yesterday may have been your first time, but it was one of my best.” She held his eye. “I tell you three times.”

He reached for her hand and squeezed her fingers. “I hear, Eleanor, I hear. But I have difficulty accepting it. Remember, it was my first time.”

“I know, but it was good, Steve, believe me. I think it helps if you actually like who you’re with, and not just lust after them. You like women, don’t you? And girls?”

He blinked. “Yes, of course.”

“You don’t have a problem accepting intelligence in a woman?”

“Of course not. What are you getting at?”

“Grace, yesterday. I thought I recognised her. I know her mom, and that is one intelligent young lady.”

“I know. She came top in the SATs.” He shrugged, grinning. “I managed third, though.”

“Hey! Well done. Out of how many?”


“I’m impressed, Steve. Grace beat you by many?”

“Not really. I was stronger in a couple of subjects, but Grace’s overall score was the highest.”

“Ask her out, Steve. Don’t let someone else get there first.”

He laughed. “I did. We’re going to Hay Cove tomorrow.”

Eleanor grinned. “And whose idea was that?”

“Hers, to tell the truth.”

“Well, good for her. I like her, Steve.”

“So do I. Very much.”

“Good. But Grace is tomorrow, and my bed is still empty. Come on, stud, let’s go fill it.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

It was early evening when he left Eleanor Roberts’ place. She’d drained him, raising him to a raging hardness with her mouth, then swallowing everything he could produce when her talented lips and tongue took him over the top. She’d had him eat her, this time with softly spoken hints on what best to do to give her most satisfaction, teasing him about giving Grace the benefit of his new-found expertise. She’d had him take her from behind, adding her fingers to the stimulation, so that their mutual explosion had been intense, and when they’d recovered, she’d ridden him to a gentle climax, or as gentle as climax can be, delighting in the feel of his hands on her breasts.

She’d surprised him, czech sharking porno too, when he’d mentioned his lack of transportation, laughing as he admitted that it would most likely be Grace doing the driving.

“Steve, I have to go away for a few days. I’ll be leaving early tomorrow, won’t be back until next week. Which is, of course, the main reason I asked you to come around, give me some nice memories. I’d like to ask a favor.”

“So ask.”

“If I leave a set of keys with you, will you check out the house every day? It’s a quiet neighborhood, I know, but I like to be careful.”

“Of course. Not a problem. I need to do your pool at least once while you’re away, in any case.”

“And talking about pools, if you and Grace want to use it, you’re welcome. I’d prefer it if it was just the two of you, please. ” Eleanor grinned. “And if you get lucky, the spare room is a double.”

He stared at her for a moment, then matched her grin with one of his own. “No man gets that lucky!”

“You never know. If you do, please don’t use my bed. That’s for us.”

“My word on it.”

“One other thing, Steve? The wheels?”


“I’ll be driving the Mustang while I’m away, but I have a little Toyota in the garage. You’re welcome to use it. The insurance on it will cover you, so no worries on that score. Okay?”

“You’re sure?”

“Of course.”

“Then, yes, please. Yes.”

She rummaged in a drawer. “Ah, yes. Here, the keys for the Toyota.”

“Thank you, Eleanor, thank you very much indeed.”

“My pleasure, Steve.” She laughed. “Have to say, when you’re in my bed, ‘my pleasure’ is very much what it is.”

“And you think I’m not loving every moment? Eleanor, you are a beautiful, sexy lady, and I am a very lucky young man, even just to know you, never mind bedding you.”

“Thank you, Steve. Truth is, I’m just a lusty whore who loves to fuck!”

He grinned again. “I’ll disagree with the ‘whore’ bit, but in my limited experience, the rest is very true.” He sobered. “You are a wonder and a delight, Eleanor.”

“And I have to pack, ready for tomorrow, so it’s goodbye for now, Steve.”

“You have my cell phone number? Call me if there’s anything needs looking after.”

“Thanks, Steve. I doubt there’ll be anything, but I’ll give you a call when I know when I’ll be home. Okay?”


“Right, now give me a goodbye kiss, and then I really must get on.”

It was a long kiss, a hot kiss, a kiss which seemed endless, a kiss which involved a certain amount of mutually pleasurable caressing, and they were both breathing heavily when it ended.

Eleanor sighed. “I’m going to miss you, stud.”

“And I you.”

“You’ll have Grace.”

“True, but I don’t know whether or not we’ll get on, or anything.”

“I think you will, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Okay, Steve, here’s a set of house keys. You know where everything is. All being well I should see you Monday of next week. Maybe Tuesday.”

“Take care.”


Next day dawned bright and clear. With Eleanor’s agreement, he’d brought the Toyota home with him the previous night, to his mom’s surprise when she came in, but he’d quickly reassured her that it was only on loan, in return for looking after Eleanor’s place while she was away.

At breakfast next morning, their conversation was their usual light banter. He reflected that he seemed to get on a lot better with his mom than some other guys his age did with theirs. Maybe it was because she was a widow, and the only man around the house was him.

“What plans for today, then, son,” she asked as they dawdled over their coffee.

“First, I must ring Grace Collins, tell her we have transport.”

“Grace? That leggy blonde you introduced me to? The clever one? What do you need transport for?”

“That’s her. Why? Because we have a date, that’s why.”

“You do? That’s great! Time you got yourself a girl, my boy, and Grace is a very nice girl.”

“I know, which is why we have a date, Mom. You do remember that sort of thing, don’t you?” She made a mock swipe at him, but she was laughing.

“Of course I remember, smartass. I’m not decrepit, you know. So, where are you taking Grace?”

He gave her a wry look. “Would you believe, Hay Cove? She was there yesterday, with her cousins. And while I remember, Mrs Janisi wants to talk to you about something. There’s no rush, apparently, so she’ll catch you next week. Okay?”

“Okay.” His mom laughed. “I dunno, what is modern youth coming to? First date, a nude beach! Where’s the mystery?”

“In the meeting of minds, Mom, as you well know.”

She reached across the table and squeezed his fingers. “I know, son. Just teasing. What time are you meeting her?”

“Ten. So, like I said, I must phone and tell her we have transport.”

“Go on, then. I’ll get the dishes.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

It was Grace’s mother who answered the phone. “Sorry, Steve, Grace is in the bathroom. Can I pass a message?”

“Yes, please, Mrs Collins. Tell her czech streets porno I have the loan of a car, and I’ll collect her at ten. Okay?”

“Sure thing. I’m pleased. I mean, Grace could have borrowed mine, but her grandma is a tad poorly and I can go around and see her now.”

“I have the car for a week, so you can relax on that count, Mrs Collins. Bye for now, might see you at ten, when I collect Grace.”

There was no sign of Mrs Collins when he collected Grace, who was waiting, ready, with a shoulder bag and a cooler bag.

“Cooler bag with the picnic. Towel, sunblock, and bikini in case we go somewhere else, and I need to cover up.”

He surprised himself. “It would be a shame to cover up the beauty you showed me yesterday,” he said, wondering how he’d found the nerve to say something like that. Must be Eleanor’s influence, he thought.

Grace gave him a sideways look. “Beauty?”


“Yeah, right.”

“It’s true, but okay, I’ll say no more, if it makes you uncomfortable.”

There was a pause before she spoke again. “Steve? I’m just not used to compliments, at least not the kind that seem genuine. I guess I’m the same as every other girl, insecure, wondering whether a guy is just being nice to get into my pants. I’m not saying that’s why you’re saying it,” she added hurriedly.

“Grace, sometimes a guy might want to tell you the truth about how attractive you are and get into your pants, you know?”

“You, for instance?” she said, her tone dry, but there was a hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth when he glanced across at her.

He shrugged. “I’m male, with hormones, sitting next to one of the loveliest girls I know, both in looks and character. Yes, you are a desirable girl, and yes, if I ever get the chance, I want you, but this is a first date, not a seduction.” He gestured. “We’re here. My treat.”

“I’m a member, so I get in free.”

He laughed. “Not costing me much yet, this date. You supply the picnic, you let me bring you somewhere you get in free. I could get used to this!”

Grace grinned. “Make the most of it, buddy, it might never happen again.”

“I used to have a free pass. Wonder if it’s still valid? Guess I’ll soon find out.”

It was Mrs Janisi on duty in the office again, and she smiled to see the two youngsters. “Hi, Grace. Steve. Nice to see you both, especially together.”

“She lured me here, Mrs Janisi.”

Grace laughed. “Huh! Didn’t take much luring, did it?”

He shrugged, laughing, then turned to the older woman. “Mrs Janisi, that free pass I have, when does it expire?”

“You mean you didn’t read it? It was for a year, so you still have about seven months on it. What’s the matter, lost it?”

He grimaced. “Yeah, I guess I did.”

She gave him a straight look. “Typical.”

“Never thought I’d get a chance to use it again, not until I saw Grace here yesterday.”

Janisi nodded. While they’d been talking her fingers had been busy at the keyboard. The printer beside her chattered, and a card slid out. She held it out to him.

“Don’t lose it again, okay?” She gestured. “That will do for today. The laminator is in for repair. Drop by next week and I’ll give you a laminated card. It will survive even going into the washing machine, if you leave it in your pocket, or if you go swimming with it.”

“Thanks, Mrs Janisi, thanks a lot.”

“Okay, Steve. Now shoo, the two of you, go and get sunburnt or something, while I sit here and get jealous.” The smile on her face belied her words.

Grace grabbed his hand. “Come on Steve. Quick, before she charges us!” They went out, laughing. Her hand felt good in his and he glanced across at her smiling face. She squeezed his fingers.

“Get changed, and I’ll meet you out back, beside the path.” She laughed. “I guess ‘changed’ is kinda wrong, but you know what I mean.”

“Yeah. See you in a couple of minutes.” The mens’ changing room was empty, and he didn’t bother with a cubicle, placing his clothes in a locker and placing the key, with its velcro-fastened strap, safely around his wrist. He grabbed his sunblock and towel and went out onto the porch. Grace wasn’t there and he leaned on the rail for a moment. A step behind him and he turned. Grace, slender, lovely, naked, Grace, with the picnic bag and her other bag. He took the picnic bag from her.

“Here, give me those.” She took his towel and sunblock and dropped them in the bag with her own things, then held out her hand. He took it and they went down the path together hand-in-hand. I like this, he mused, walking in the sunshine, holding the hand of a good-looking girl. He glanced across at her, intercepting a look from Grace. He winked, and she smiled. Especially when that good-looking girl isn’t wearing a stitch of clothing and looks like Grace.

At the foot of the path they paused.

“Which way?” said Grace.

“I like where we were yesterday.”

“Then that’s where we’ll go.”

It was quiet again, only a few people. An older couple, a young mother with a toddler, and another czech super models porno young couple.

“Know them?” he said, indicating the younger couple.

Grace shook her head. “Nope, although they look familiar. A year or two ahead of us in school, I think.”

“Yeah, probably. Okay, swim first, or sunblock?”

“Swim, I think. Yes?”

“Okay, sounds good. Your valuables in your locker?” Grace nodded. “Mine, too, so our stuff should be safe enough. Let’s go!”

Hand-in-hand they ran into the water, diving into an oncoming roller, and swam out to a diving float. The day was warm, the sea was cool enough to refresh, but not to chill and the two of them enjoyed themselves for half an hour or so, before swimming back to shore and back to their bags. They spread their towels, and Grace knelt to open the picnic bag, passing Steve a soda from the cooler compartment.

“Drink half,” she said, “and I’ll have the rest. What we have will last better that way. What time is it?”

“Just coming up to eleven, so no rush to eat. Want some sunblock on your back, Miss Collins?”

“Why, thank you, Mr Sheridan, that would be most gracious of you.”

He enjoyed the simple intimacy of the task. ‘Do my whole back,’ she’d said, and he did. Back, butt, legs, enjoying the resilience of her bottom as he rubbed the sunblock in. When he’d finished her back, she took the sunblock from him, glancing across at the others in the little bay.

“I guess I’d better do my own front,” she said.

He gave a theatrical sigh. “I guess.”

Grace giggled, then sobered. “Steve, I enjoyed the swim, but do you know anywhere we could swim where we’re not fighting the pull of the surf all of the time? Apart from the city pool, I mean.”

“Swim? Yeah, sure. We could use Eleanor Roberts’s pool, if you like.”

“Won’t she mind?”

“She’s not even at home. She left me the keys, asked me to do a daily check. I’ll need to do her pool service in a day or two in any case.” He grinned. “Know what she said to me, before she left?”

“Of course I don’t. What?”

“She said, ‘if you and Grace want to use it, you’re welcome.'”


“Yep. She made the point that it was only to be the two of us, no parties or anything, but if you want to swim in a pool, we have one.”

“How big is it? Some of these home pools are dinky.”

“It’s a good size. Eleanor’s a swimmer, too, and that’s why she wanted the house, because of the pool. How big? Maybe sixty feet by thirty?”

Grace grinned. “Guess I’m practising my turns a lot. Um, Steve? Is it private?”

“Totally. You won’t need your bikini if you don’t want to wear it.”


“Definitely! You may not be aware of this, Grace, but you are a truly lovely creature.” He grinned. “Especially naked!”

“Down, boy! Steve, sun for a little while, then eat. Not a good idea to swim on a full stomach, so maybe a little drive around for a while? Then we’ll have that swim?”

“Sounds good. Let’s do it.”

It was almost two before they reached the house. They’d idled in the sun for a while, just chatting, enjoying each other’s company. The picnic only slowed the conversation, not stopped it, and the drive around just made an ever-changing background to their talking. By the time they reached Eleanor Roberts’ house they were truly comfortable with each other. To their mutual surprise, they’d found out they were planning on attending the same college. Not only that, but the same course of study!

“I thought you were going to do fine art,” said Grace.

“I was, but I enjoy it as a hobby, and I decided that’s where I want to keep it, as a hobby. No, I’m doing computer science, like you.”

“Great! I thought I’d be surrounded by geeks and nerds. To have you there as well will make it bearable out of class.”

They were at the house now, and Grace stood back while Steve opened up.

“Nice place, Steve. I guess Eleanor has money.”

“Maybe her husband. She booted him out when she found out about him two-timing her.”

“Good for her.”

“Come on, the pool’s this way.”

Grace smiled in simple pleasure when she saw the pool. “Steve, it’s great! Where do I change?”

“I think we can just drop our clothes beside the pool. We only need towels, unless you want to get some more sun after your swim.”

“No, I think I’ve had enough sun. I’m sure we’ll think of something.”

“I guess. Okay, clothes off, and I’ll race you!”

Grace laughed as she began to remove her clothes. Not much, as she wasn’t wearing a bra, just panties, shorts, tank-top and sneakers. “What are we racing for?”

He shrugged. “Dunno. Any idea?”

“How about the winner gives the loser one order, which has to be obeyed?”

He frowned, and Grace grinned. “Go on, take a chance.”

“Okay. One order only?”

“Just the one.”

“You’re on. How do we do this? We were both on the swim team, Grace, but I’m bigger, stronger, most probably faster.”

“True. How about this? Dive start. Ten laps for you, nine for me, any stroke that suits you. Okay with that?”

“Yep. Want to try the pool out first, check the temperature?”

“Okay.” she moved over to the poolside, poised herself, and dived, neat, barely a splash.” Hmm, thought Steve, she could beat me, she’s like a seal in the water. Better just hope that the order she gives me isn’t too embarrassing.

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