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IMPULSE – THE SEQUELFirst the usual words letting everyone know this is a total work of fiction. The people and locations are dreamed up out of air and do not exist.Could this happen, maybe but if so would love to see a non-fiction account of this. If so it would be even better if there was a real video of it happening ending with some baby bulge shots.Now on to the story.When we last saw them Dean and Morgan had gotten their wives, Linda and Nancy, to indulge them and make an interracial fantasy into reality. Of course that also meant both women, even they didn’t know it at first, actually risked getting knocked up.Both women were not amused and relieved to find they weren’t pregnant. Still they admitted it was exciting, something they didn’t expect.Well the guys had actually videoed the encounter but never let their wives know about that. Smart phones are a wonderful invention.Recently however one of the wives found the video and shared it with her friend.“Can you believe it they actually made a video of us almost getting knocked up,” Linda said to Nancy as they met for coffee. “When I saw it he’s lucky I didn’t take his head off but kept my mouth shut for now.”Then Nancy replied, “Yes I know however you have to admit it was both scary but exciting evening for both of us not to mention the calendar worries after that night.”Linda agreed and admitted watching the video did excite her.Changing the subject Nancy commented, “You know I’m seeing more white married women in the mall with black or dark c***dren these days. And some times they also have other white c***dren.”“Yes I see them as well,” Linda said. “Wonder if it was a willing mating or an accident like we almost had?”While both women were discussing that one of the mothers they noticed walked into the crowded coffee shop. This time she was alone but there were no seats.“Hi, why do you come join us, as we have an extra seat here,” Nancy said.The woman’s name was Rachel and thanked both of them for the chance to sit down. She added her husband took the k**s to a nearby playground so she could have some time to herself.After introductions Linda said, “I hope this is not too personal but noticed you have two white c***dren and a younger black one. Was wondering what happened.”Quickly Nancy explained what happened to her and Linda and how close they came to having the same situation.Rachel laughed and said that was a question almost everyone asks her.“My husband and I were swingers gaziemir escort but since I can’t take birth control were always careful,” she said. “Then he, like your husbands really got interesting in seeing me with a black guy or guys.”Rachel continued that condoms or timing was always considered but her husband then asked is she might consider having the guys bareback so they could cum into her.“That’s when I laid down the law,” Rachel said. “I told him okay but if I get knocked up we’re not only having the baby but it will be part of our family and we’re going to raise it. After a couple of days he said that would be okay and he was willing to face the possible consequences to make this fantasy become reality.”Her husband also suggested since this might be a one-time thing it should be a gangbang.“I said okay but no more than four guys,” she said. “Depending on how the guys were that meant I could have from four to a dozen loads of cum in my pussy”After some discussion the girls exchanged phone numbers and parted company.The next day Dean called his friend Morgan.“You know the girls found the video don’t you,” he said.Morgan answered affirmative but said that Nancy didn’t seem too upset as he thought she would.“Yea Linda isn’t too upset either and actually seemed excited seeing it,” Dean said. “Well we were wondering if they’d ever try this again so I think we should ask them. However after the sequel we might wind up as new parents, I hope you’ve considered that.”Then Morgan said, “Yes I have but it was so exciting I’d really like to see this again and will just hope they aren’t caught.”So one night both couple had dinner in a small café and the plot was set in motion.“Okay we know about the video and yes it is exciting for us to watch,” Linda said. “And we know how much you two would like us to do an encore but are you two ready to accept the consequences. I mean if I get knocked up we’re having the baby and it will be part of our family.”Nancy then said, “That’s the deal, we’ll do this again to humor you guys and enjoy ourselves but remember the risks are real and the consequences we’ll all have to live with. No abortions and we raise the k**s as our own. If you guys aren’t ready then it will always be a fantasy.”Then both Dean and Morgan told the women they had discussed it and were willing if the wives were.“Agreed then,” Linda said. “You guys set it up and let’s do a gang bang with from four to six gaziemir escort bayan guys. Oh and since you want the risk let’s to it when we’re are 12 days into our cycle.”After that six black guys were recruited, including the quartet from the first time. They all got tested and a set of adjoining rooms in a hotel were reserved.The trip out was about three hours and both couples were rode together. It was a quiet ride full of tension.After checking in, having lunch and a short nap the women began to get ready. As for the guys they summoned the six to come over.All eight of the men were in one room while the women got ready in the next. Not wanting to mess around when the adjoining door opened out walked two naked women ready for action.After kissing and hugging each other the women sat on separate beds. With nods from the husbands the guys moved in, three for each woman.Soon Linda and Nancy were kneeling on the floor sucking the guys dicks. Each team had a very well hung member and both women were surprised but ready.After sucking them to full erections the women got up then got in the middle of their respective beds. Now the men moved in with one lying beside them, another putting his dick into their mouths while the third began to rub their legs as he worked his way up to their pussies.Since they were already excited and wet didn’t take to long for Nancy to go stiff with her first orgasm. Then Linda arched her back as she took and a deep orgasm.By now each had a guy licking their pussies and rotating a finger in the entrance to their vaginas. That set off the second set of orgasms as the women were fully engulfed in a frenzy of lust.After that became more a****listic with the guys pounding the women into the beds while there husbands were treated to the sight of a black ass either rising and falling or going in and our between their wife’s white thighs.Finally it was time for the largest guy to go and he got on top of Linda and proceeded to push his way into her cunt. At first she gasped then gave out with some “Oh God, ouch and easy boy,” but the guy never stopped.Over on her bed Nancy was going through the same things with the largest of her team pushing his way deep into her.Like the others after a period of thrashing the guys pushed as far and as hard as they could then unloaded into their respective women. This was accompanied by some slightly muffled screams as well as hard, fast breathing from escort gaziemir the women.Once that was over the first guys switched women, rolled them over and proceeded fucking them doggy style. The orgy had become an exercise in pure fucking.Once again the women went through the guys then the largest ones had switched. This time they got on the bed, rolled over and pulled the women on top of them.Now they could push down on their hips to achieve full penetration as the fucking continued. Since they were so big both women were giving out gasps as well as ‘ouches’ since they had both pain and pleasure from this.And all the while the wives were having one orgasm after another. Finally it was over, or was it?Lying there breathing deeply in an almost puddle of cum both women were in a daze.Then Morgan asked, “anyone for thirds?”Two guys answered yes and chose their women. At this time the wives looked a bit spooked but soon they had a guy on top that was French kissing them.Hard to protest when your mouth is full of a guy’s tongue and he’s jamming his dick into your well lubricated pussy.Once again the guys weren’t too gentle as they pounded the women ending with another load of cum being pumped into the pair of well-used pussies.Then it was over. The guys all gave each other high fives while both women were breathing heavily and gasping.Finally the women got up and the guys each hugged and kissed them before they could get to the bathroom in the other room. This helped give the seed a nice head start.After they left, the girls cleaned up and crashed for a good night’s sleep. Next day both women slept almost the entire trip home but were still sore and leaking a bit at least a day after that.Three weeks later, after Dean and Morgan had left for work, both women took the EPTs they had.“Hi Nancy,” Linda said after calling her. “What did your test say.”“I’m knocked up,” Nancy answered.“So am I. Guess we’ll be changing diapers for a couple of more years but this time I’m getting fixed,” Linda saidNancy agreed with her. When the guys came home they got a huge kiss from their wives.At first both men thought this meant the women weren’t caught but then they were given the EPTs. Both were in a slight state of shock.“Well you wanted this so now we have to live with it,” Linda told Dean.Over at her house Nancy, after handing her husband the EPT, said, “The fantasy is now reality and we’re going to be parents again but this time I’m getting fixed.”Both women gave birth to dark skinned c***dren and also connected with Rachel and her husband.Now the three couples have each other for support and have joined the growing number of families that have mixed k**s. Both women also got fixed to make sure this can’t happen again so the sequel has ended.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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