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I’m Glad You’re My Daddy Now
Chapter 4


By Kevin Anderson


Edited by Jeremy Ellington

NOTICE: This story contains scenes of a sexually graphic nature which may not be legal in your area.  This story is based on actual events, although some parts have been configured for story flow.  If you are offended by such themes, stop reading now.


The next morning I woke up to the ringing of the phone.  I looked to both sides of me and there lay two beautiful, naked boys.  I carefully reached for the phone, trying not to wake them.

“Hello,” I whispered.

“Hey Kevin, it”s Steven.  I hope I didn”t wake you.  I was just checking to see how everything went last night with Zac.  Was he a good boy? I know he can be a handful sometimes.”

I smiled.  He had no idea what he just said, not knowing what the three of us had done.  I pulled myself back to reality.  “Yes Steven, he was perfect, no problems, as a matter of fact the boys are still sleeping.  I let them stay up late, I hope that was okay.”

“Yeah, sure, he”s on vacation after all.  His mother was worried he would have been too much for you to handle on your own.”

“Oh no, he was just fine, the three of had lots of fun.”

Steven fell silent, then I heard Shelly’s voice.  “Hi Kevin, I hope Zac was being good for you.”

“Oh Shelly, he was the perfect guest, you have a very fine boy!   If we weren”t leaving today I would have him stay over again.  What time would you like him returned?  Not that he can”t stay as long as he likes, but I was thinking of ordering us breakfast.”

“That would be fine, just send him back whenever you like.”

Steven got back on the phone.  “Okay Kevin, I”ll let you go.”

“All right Steven, we’ll see you soon.”

The boys were still asleep when we hung up, so I decided to hit the shower.  I carefully slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom.  I turned on the water, tested it to make sure it was nice and hot, then I stepped in and let the water run all over my naked body.  I ran my hands slowly all over my chest, my neck, my face, over my stomach, then down to my soft cock.  While the hot water was running over me I felt my cock getting hard remembering last night with Zac and Sean.  It was the first time I had ever had a three-way, I was so glad it had been with two beautiful boys.  I remembered how soft and smooth they felt, hearing their soft coos and moans, feeling their small mouths trying to suck my cock.

I had my hands over my head leaning into the water… god I could still feel that small mouth on my cock head.  I opened my eyes and looked down, getting ready to jack off, and there in the shower was Zac sucking my cock.  He looked up at me with those brown eyes like a little deer.  I reached down and ran my fingers through his brown hair and smiled.  He closed his eyes and continued to suck me.  It didn”t take long for me to get close.  I whispered down to him that I was going to cum.  That”s when he took as much of my cock as he could.  I felt my cock hitting the back of his throat.  I blew my load down into his belly, god it was so hot!  I know he and his dad had sex but damn, he must have a lot of it and was taught to suck very well.  He never missed a drop of my cum!

After I came down from my orgasm high, I pulled Zac to his feet and hugged him tight.  I started washing his front, concentrating on his little cock and balls.  He was moaning over that, then I turned him around and washed his back.  I moved down to his little ass, and what a beautiful ass it was, nice and smooth, not a hair in sight.  It stuck out like an invitation for the taking.  I knelt down on my knees and rinsed him off, then had him bend over.  I saw his little buttonhole and I just had to taste it, it looked so perfect.  I leaned in and kissed his butt cheeks.  He moaned and started to wiggle his little ass.  I started to lick it all over, then I grabbed both cheeks and spread them apart.  God his butt looked so hot!  Seeing that little puckered hole, so pink, I leaned in slowly and started to lick it.  I felt him push back for more, so I got in there and started to stick my tongue in and out of his little hole.  It started to open up for me and I got more and more of my tongue in there.  Zac kept pushing back on my mouth, moaning and begging for more.

“Oh Mr. Kevin, oh Mr. Kevin, please don”t stop, Mr. Kevin that feels so good!”

The more he moaned the more I ate his little hole.  At some point, I wasn’t sure when, I pulled him back and I sat down with my legs spread out between his legs until I had Zac sitting on my face riding my tongue.  My cock was already rock hard again and I started to jack it.  I heard Zac moaning, and then another sound of someone else moaning.  I looked around and there was Sean standing in front of Zac.  He must have snuck in while I was eating Zac’s ass.  Zac was sucking Sean’s little cocklet.  I smiled and winked at Sean.  Sean smiled back and there we were again, the three of us having sex.  I had to take my mouth off Zac’s ass, as much as I hated doing it, but I wanted to fuck him again, I just had to!

“Zac, do you want me to fuck you again?”

He took his mouth off Sean’s cock.  “Yes Mr. Kevin, please, I want your wiener in me again!”  He promptly swallowed Sean’s cocklet again.

“Daddy, I want your wiener in me like Zac,” Sean pleaded.

“Sean, son, you’re not ready for that yet.  Zac has done it before with his Daddy and brother so he”s use to it.  I promise I will have my wiener in you soon, when it”s just the two of us and we have a lot more time to go slow.”

“You promise Daddy?”

“Oh yes son, I promise!”  The idea of fucking my little boy made me even harder; I knew that was a promise I would definitely keep!

Turning my attention back to Zac, I soaped up my cock and his little butt.  I kept him facing away from me so he could sit on my hard cock and I could watch it disappear into that soft, hairless hole.  I pushed Zac forward a bit, grabbed his ass, aimed my cock at his hole and slowly lowered him down.  I saw the head of my cock disappear inside him.  It was so tight! I felt him wanting to just drop on my cock but I wanted to take it slow and feel every inch slide into him.  I wanted to take in the whole sight and feeling.  I had both my hands on his cheeks and started moving him up and down, taking my cock inch by inch inside him.  He never took his mouth off of Sean’s cocklet, but he was moaning so loud I wondered if anyone could hear him.  At that point I didn”t care!

It took about five minutes or so until I had all of my cock deep inside him.  Zac started to move his little butt like he was stirring something around.  I was in heaven!  I laid back and let Zac do the work, moving up and down on my cock and moaning.  I just watched as he sucked on Sean, smiling at Sean’s enjoyment of that mouth on his dick.  Zac had been riding my cock for a while and it was all I could do from cumming.  I wanted it to last for as long as I could, but I saw the look on Sean’s face and knew he was going to have an orgasm and that set me off.  Sean was shaking all over, and that set Zac off and he started shaking, and Oh My God that set me off!!  I pulled Zac down as far as he could go, which by now was all the way down my shaft.  I felt him grinding his little butt down on my balls and I blew my load deep inside him.  I never thought I was going to stop cumming!

With a satisfied moan, Zac lay back on me, and Sean lay on top of Zac.  The boys started to kiss each other while I lay there watching.  The whole time my cock was still inside Zac, slowly pumping the rest of my load inside his ass.  It felt so nice feeling both boys all over while letting the hot water run over our spent bodies.  The hard part was getting back up! Sean and Zac parted, Sean got up and then Zac leaned forward pushing my cock inside him deeper again.  He slowly got up, squeezing his butt tight, then POP, I was loose.

I stood up and we started to wash each other off.  We got out and dried off then got dressed.  I wandered into the other room and called the Cooper’s room.

Steven answered the phone.  “Hello Steven, Kevin here.  I was calling to see if you and your family would like to come over and join us for brunch before we left.”

“Well, Shelly is out shopping with a group of women she found.  She will be so disappointed she missed this, but Junior and I would love to join you!  We’re on our way.”

I hung up and called room service and ordered the food.  Steven and Steven Jr. showed up a few minutes later, both looking so hot in shorts and polo shirts.

“Hey Steven, hey Junior.  You don”t mind me calling you Junior do you?”

“No Sir, I kind of like being called Junior,” he blushed.  He came in and Zac moved over to make room for him to sit between the two boys on the couch.  They were sitting there whispering about something.  I couldn”t make it out, but they seemed to find it funny and all three were laughing.

“So, Zac was okay then,” Steven asked while he made us drinks.

“Yes he was perfect.  If we weren”t leaving today I would have another sleep over.”

I gave Steven a smile and a wink and he looked at me kind of funny.  I thought I would give more hints that I knew what they did together.  “I will tell you, that Zac is a real snuggler and has some roaming hands.”

Steven looked at me again then back at the boys and back at me.  He gave me a nervous smile and I wished I knew what was going on in his head right then.  I left Steven at the bar and walked over to the boys.  I saw Steven Jr. rubbing Zac and Sean’s crotches, both boys just sitting there enjoying it.  I didn”t make a big deal of it, just leaned in over Junior’s shoulder and smiled.  “Hey boys, food will be here soon why don”t you go wash your hands?”

Junior pulled his hands away fast so I wouldn”t see what he was doing, but I already had.   Zac and Sean left for the bathroom, leaving Junior sitting there, red-faced.

“Junior, you okay?” his dad asked.

“Yes sir, I”m fine.”  He was looking down at the floor, then nervously up at me.

I smiled at him.  “Junior, why don”t you go help the boys but don”t be long, we don”t want to eat cold food!”

Junior left the room.  Steven and I stayed at the bar fixing another drink.  When the food arrived I left to get the boys.  As I got to the bathroom, Zac and Sean were coming out with smiles.  I thought Junior was done but when I opened the door there he was with his shorts down at his ankles, his eyes closed, jacking off the most beautiful cock I had ever seen istanbul travesti on a teen boy.  He didn”t hear me come in, I guess because I passed the boys at the same time.  I didn”t have to open the door any farther to be able to stand there watching him.

Suddenly Junior started moaning.  “Oh, oh, oh yeah Mr. Kevin, suck my cock, oh Mr. Kevin that feels so good.”

I stepped in closer, got on my knees, pushed his hand aside and slid his cock into my mouth and began to suck.  I think he was in shock but didn”t stop me; he was too far gone to stop.  I swallowed his cock deep in my mouth and sucked hard.  He didn”t last much longer.  I felt him tense up and start to shake.  He tried as hard as he could to muffle his moaning.  He jerked upwards and shot a large load in my mouth.  I swallowed every sweet drop of his teen cum.

Once he came down from his high I just got up and winked at him.  “Oh Junior, by the way, the food is here… you might want to wash your hands before we eat.”  I left with a big smile as though nothing had happened.

When I got to the main room the young man from the kitchen was setting up the food on the table.  Sean and Zac where watching as all the food was spread out saying, ‘I want that, I want this, oooh I like that,’ their faces lit up.  Steven was watching the boys then looked over at me with a strange look.

“Where”s Junior?”

“Oh don’t worry Steven, he”s… coming,” I winked.

Junior came into the room with a pleased look on his face… well, more of a glow.

“Are you okay Junior,” his dad asked.

“Yeah, I”m great dad, just great!”

He looked at his dad with this grin like he’d just gotten away with something.  The boys took their places at the table, Sean on one side of me with Steven on the other, Junior to his side and then Zac between Sean and Junior.  As we ate I occasionally rubbed my leg against Steven’s leg.  He kept looking at me but I never made eye contact.  I acted as if nothing was going on but I had a grin on my face.  After we finished eating, the boys asked if they could go for a swim.  I said it was okay with me if it was okay with Mr. Cooper.  He agreed, so Junior and Zac left to get their swimsuits on and Sean went to our room.

Steven and I retired to the couch overlooking the ocean.  Sean came back out stark naked with his Speedo in his hands.  I glanced over at Steven and saw his eyes wide open, staring at Sean.  Sean gave me a coy little smile and asked for help putting on his suit.  He never had any trouble putting it on before, so I knew he was just enjoying being nude around other guys.  I winked at him and helped him, taking extra care to tuck in his cocklet for him.

By the time Sean was ready, Junior and Zac had returned.

“Okay Junior, I know you’re almost a man,” I winked at him.  “You’re in charge of watching the boys.”  I pulled Sean over between my legs and held him by his small hips.  “Okay Sean, Junior is in charge.  Please be a good boy for him, all right?”

“All right Daddy, I”ll be good.”

“Okay then, please be back in an hour because we have to pack, we’re leaving tonight.”

“Okay Daddy, I love you.”  Not thinking, he leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips.  I patted him on his little butt and told him I loved him too.  With that he bounced off to the pool with Zac and Junior.

I stood up and went over to the bar and fixed Steven and I another drink.  As I sat down I thought I would let Steven off the hook.  “So, Steven, tell me.  How long have you and the boys been messing around?”

I thought he was going to choke to death right there.  He started to cough in his drink.  I guess I should have waited for him to swallow first.

“Wha… wha… what do you, what do you… mean?”

l placed my hand on his shoulder and I could feel him shaking all over.  I think I could even feel his heart beating ninety to nothing.  He went to get up but I kept my hand on his shoulder and held him in place.  “It”s okay Steven.”

His face was pale.  “How… how did you know?  Were we that obvious?”

“Sean and I did see you and Zac in the corner of the pool kissing yesterday, then Zac told Sean all about what you guys do.  It”s okay Steven, Sean and I do the same thing, probably not as much as you and your boys do so far but we enjoy each other.”

He looked over at me like he was going to cry.  I leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips, then I felt his tongue in my mouth.  We started to kiss with a passion, running our hands all over each other and pulling at each other’s clothes.  We stripped and ended up naked in front of the big window overlooking the ocean.  We were all over each other, moaning and panting.  I felt Steven running his fingers over my ass until he found my hole.  It had been so long since I’d had anyone fuck me.  I had been putting all my time into Sean, making sure he was adjusting to his new life that I forgot about me.  I really needed to be with an adult, have some adult sex, and not worry about being gentle.  I wanted to have some rough sex, I needed it.

Steven flipped me on my back and we came face to face, kissing and moaning in each other’s mouths, panting and pawing each other’s bodies.   Steven started to kiss my neck, licking and sucking, and made his way to one of my nipples and then the other.  God I wanted this man!  He licked his way to my navel and then kept going till he reached my cock.  He took the head of my cock in his mouth, god he took the whole cock in his mouth in one swoop all the way to the base, and I’m not small!  

I was panting and breathing heavy.  “Oh Steven, that feels so good. Oh god Steven, you’re going to make me cum if you don”t stop!”  I was moving my head from side to side, holding and pulling his hair.  I was trying to pull him off me, I didn”t want to cum yet.  I wanted to get fucked, fucked hard and deep.  I was able to pull him off and pulled him back up to kiss him.  I pulled his face away and looked him in the eyes.  I had this animal desire.  “Fuck me Steven, fuck me!”  I was gritting my teeth the whole time.  “God Steven, fuck my ass!”  When I looked up into his eyes he was an older version of Junior, so I wasn”t really sure who I was asking to fuck me, Junior or Senior.  At that point I didn”t care!  All I wanted was to be fucked.

He left the room and found my lube on the night stand next to the bed.  He noticed a towel next to the bed, picked it up and sniffed it.  He could smell the cum and lube on the towel. He came back in the room where I was still laying on the floor.

“So who did you fuck last night, Sean or Zac?”

“Sean is still a virgin.”

“So you fucked my son?”

“Yes, I fucked Zac last night, and again this morning in the shower.”

Steven just stood there looking at me, it was hard to judge what he was thinking until I saw just the slightest smirk on his face.  “So… how was he?  Did you enjoy him?”

“God yes, you’ve taught him very well!”

“Well, you should have tried Junior!”

I blushed.  “I sucked Junior off in the bathroom before brunch, he”s got a nice cock.  He”s the younger version of you.  I’ve wanted to be with you since I saw you at the pool, Steven.”

“Well here I am, all yours.”

“Oh hell yes, kiss me Steven, kiss me, then fuck me.  I want to feel you deep inside me!”

Steven looked down at me. “Are you sure Kevin?  Are you sure it”s me that you want to fuck you?  I can get Junior up here and have him fuck you,” he grinned.

“No, then the boys would be left alone at the pool, now fuck me!”

Steven lay on top of me and we started to kiss again.  He made his way to my cock and licked up the shaft, then licked his way to my balls.  I was going crazy, it had been so long.  I thought I was going to jump out the window when he lifted my legs over his shoulders and dove his face in my ass.  Oh shit I wasn”t sure how much more I was going to be able to take!  I needed, no I had to get fucked NOW!!  He ate me like it was his last meal.  I was going crazy, panting, moaning, thrashing around, begging him to fuck me.  I don”t ever remember feeling like that.

I felt him apply some lube and then his finger found my tight hole.  I tried to push back and get his finger in me.  It felt soooo hot I thought I was going to blow my load right then.  He pulled his finger out then pulled himself up and aimed his hard cock at my hole.  I felt the head of his cock rubbing on my pucker, feeling it, trying to break through my tight ring.  Then he slowly pushed his cock inside me, inch by veiny inch.  I felt him continue to slide inside me till I felt his balls on my ass.  The pain was sharp; all I could do was breath through it.  He stayed there for a bit until I relaxed.  He smiled when he felt me slowly pushing back on him trying to get more of him inside me.  He placed my legs on his shoulders and leaned in and started to kiss me again while he moved in and out of my hole.

“Fuck Kevin you are so tight, your ass feels so hot wrapped around my cock!   I’m not sure how long I can last.”

“Steven fuck me!  Plow my ass!  I want you to cum inside me balls deep, fuck me Steven, fuck me hard!   He started to pound my ass.  I was in heaven feeling a cock so deep inside me.  He was hitting my prostate hard, it felt like I was cumming the whole time he was fucking me.  All I heard was the rushing waves on the beach below us, both of us moaning, then Steven pushed his cock in as deep as he could go and kissed me hard.

“Oh fuck Kevin I”m cumming, I”m cumminnnggg!  Oh fuck, oh FUCK, I can”t stop cumming Kevin, holy fuck!!”  His whole body was shaking as much as mine.  My eyes rolled back in my head and I was thrashing all over, holding him tight, moaning, panting, almost screaming to him not to stop, don”t ever stop!  I felt every pulse of his cock shooting his cum deep inside me.

When he fired off his last blast he fell on top of me, breathing heavy and panting.  He tried to pull out but I held him tightly.  “No, stay inside me for a while please, I don”t get to feel this very often, I want to remember this.  Oh god Steven, it was fantastic!”   He pushed his body up with his cock still inside me and we looked in each other’s eyes.  We both looked down and noticed I had cum on both of us.  He leaned in and kissed me again and then I felt it.  Pop, he slid out of me.  I felt so empty.

We lay on the floor for a while running our hands all over each other, trying to catch our breath.  Steven rolled over and looked me in the eyes.  “I really wish you lived closer or we had met earlier.  I”m sure we won’t see each other again but I want kadıköy travesti to tell you that was great!”

I looked up at him and saw in his eyes he meant every word.  “You can always visit us, I have a big house and I have no problem accommodating the 6 of us”

Steven looked like I had spoken a different language.  “The 6 of us?”

“Yeah… you, Junior, Zac, Shelly, me and of course Sean.”

“Oh yeah, the 6 of us.”  He looked disappointed that I’d mentioned Shelly.  “Yeah, I guess Shelly would like that.”

“Well, I do have to invite her too.  I’m sure we could find something to keep her occupied for a while…”

After we rested for a while, holding each other, we showered and got dressed.  We had just sat down when the boys came back from the pool.  Sean ran in all excited and jumped in my lap.  “Daddy!  Daddy!  Junior showed me how to dive in the deep end of the pool, it was real cool!”

“Oh wow Sean, that”s great!  Did you thank Junior for showing you?”

“Yes Daddy, I did.”

“Good boy.”

“Yes sir, he thanked me,” Junior said with a big grin on his face.  That’s all I had to see to know exactly how Sean thanked him, and Zac had that same grin.   Steven and I looked at each other and grinned as well.  Junior knew that grin too. “All right Dad.”  Junior went over to his dad and gave him a big hug and kissed him on the lips.  “I guess everyone knows we like to play.”  They kissed for some time and yes, there were tongues.

I heard Steven whisper in his son’s ear, ‘We”ll talk later’, then Steven patted Junior on his ass.

“Sean, tell Mr. Cooper and his boys goodbye, we need to pack and get to the airport.”

“Do we really have to leave Daddy?”  Sean looked at me with tears in his eyes.

“Yes son, we do.  Don’t worry, we”ll see them again soon.”

Junior and Zac snapped their heads towards their dad.  “Yes we will, real soon I hope,” Steven added.

Sean ran to Junior and gave him a hug and then Zac and Sean hugged.  I gave Steven a hug and then Junior.  I whispered in his ear.  “We”ll see each other again soon and we”ll have more fun.  Your dad wants to watch you fuck me with that nice cock of yours,” and I reached down and groped his crotch.  I bent down and picked up Zac and hugged him tight and he kissed me goodbye.

The guys left and I thought Sean was going to cry.  I picked him up and held him tight.  “Don”t cry son, I invited Mr. Cooper and the boys to come visit us over the holidays, which are only and few months away.”

“Yeah Daddy!!  I like them, Zac and Junior are my first friends!”

I looked at Sean with a wink.  “I thought I was your first friend,” I teased.

Sean grabbed my face on each side.  “Oh Daddy.  You’re my Daddy, you’re my BEST friend.  I love you.”

“I love you too, son.”  We kissed, then he pulled away to look me in the eyes.

“I”m glad you’re my Daddy!”

“I”m glad you’re my son!”

We hugged for a few more minutes, then I put him down and off we went to finish packing.

                                                                                                                                   * * * * * * 

The front desk called to let us know the car was here to take us to the airport.  As we got off the elevator the manager and some of the staff greeted us.  The manager stepped forward to shake my hand.  “Mr. Anderson, it was such a pleasure having you stay with us.  Please come visit us again.”  He then looked over at Sean.  “And you sir, I really hope you enjoyed your stay with us.”

Sean stepped forward and stuck out his hand.  “Yes sir, I did. I really enjoyed your pool, it”s neat!”  The manager shook his hand with a smile.

Sean stepped back to my side and I put my arms around his shoulders.  “You have a very polite young man there Mr. Anderson.”

“Yes, I know he”s my pride and joy, thank you.”

We started for the front door, then all of a sudden we heard, “Mr. Kevin, Sean, Mr. Kevin, wait!!”  Zac and Junior ran toward us, almost blocked by the hotel security until I told the guys to let them in.  The boys ran up, almost out of breath.  “Here, here is our home address, phone number and email address.”  I hugged Zac and Junior, then Sean gave them both a hug again, thanking them for the information.  “I’ll email our info to you as soon as we get on the plane.”  With that we got in the car and left for the airport.

Sean just sat next to my side, lost in his thoughts.  He looked up at me with those blue eyes.  “Daddy, do you think we will see Zac, Junior and their Daddy again?”

I smiled.  “Yes Sean, I”m sure we will.”

We got to the hanger at the airport where my plane was waiting.  Everyone was rushing around to get our belongings on the plane and settled in.  I spoke with the pilot who was standing down by the stairs and found we would had no other crew, which was fine with me.  When Sean and I boarded the plane I asked him where he wanted to sit.  He looked at me.  “Where I always sit.”

“Where is that son?”

“Next to you Daddy, of course!”

I smiled at him.  Okay son, let’s sit over here.”

When the pilot boarded he looked over at Sean and asked him if he wanted to come up front and watch us take off.  He was tall with a gym-body build from what I could see in his uniform.  He stood about 6″1” and looked to be about 180.  He had thick, wavy, brown hair and brown, bedroom eyes.  He was clean shaven and had the most handsome smile.  His voice sounded like someone you would hear on the radio.

Sean looked over at me with those beautiful eyes.  “Yes Sean, you may go up front, but be sure you listen to the Captain and don”t touch anything.”

“Okay Daddy,” he said excitedly, giving me a hug.  He started to go into the cockpit then turned back to me.  “Are you coming up to watch, Daddy?”

“I don”t think there is room enough for the 3 of us in there, Sean.”

The captain looked over and said, “Oh yes sir, there is plenty of room if you’d like to join us.”

“Please Daddy, come with me.”  He had that look again, I could never say no to that look.

“Oookay I”ll come up.”  I took the extra seat next to the pilot and sat Sean sat in my lap.  The plane started to move back away from the gate slowly.

Sean looked over at the pilot and saw he didn”t have his hands on the wheel.  “Hey Mr. Pilot, you’re not driving, how are we moving?”

The pilot looked at Sean with a smile.  “Son my name is Mark, Mark Wilson.”  I nudged Sean and told he was to call him ‘Captain Wilson’ or ‘Captain Mark.’

“Okay Daddy.  Captain Mark, how are we moving and you’re not doing anything?”

“Well, Mr. Sean, we have to be towed onto the tarmac first.”

“Did we break down?”

The pilot smiled.  “No, we didn”t break down, it’s just the way they move the plane out of the hanger safely.  Once we clear the hanger I will be driving the plane.”

“Wow, that”s cool Captain Mark!”  Sean looked out the front and side windows with amazement.  “Daddy, this is so neat!  I want to be a pilot when I grow up.”

“Okay Son, you can be a pilot if you want.”  I was thrilled with the fact that Sean was enjoying this.  It was his first time in the cockpit, all the other times we had to fly we had a full crew and he was a little nervous.  He had never been on a plane until that day he flew to Branson with me.

Once we cleared the hanger they disconnected the plane.  “Okay Sean,” Captain Mark said.  “We’re on our own now!”  We heard the engines roar and Sean got a little scared but quickly calmed down once he saw we were moving onto the runway.  “Tower, this is Flight 2398 requesting clearance on runway 2-9er.”

“Tower to flight 2398, you have clearance on runway 2-9er, all is clear.”

“Roger tower, clear on 2-9er.”

“Who were you talking to Captain Mark?”

“That was the control tower Sean, I had to ask if it was clear to take off so we didn”t run into another plane.”

“Ooohhhh, okay.  Daddy this is so cool!”

We taxied to the runway and lined the plane up to take off.  “Captain Sean, would like to help me take off?”  Captain Mark winked at me.

Sean looked at me then at the captain.  “Can I Daddy, can I?”

“If it’s okay with Captain Mark, sure, just don”t run over anyone!”

He laughed.  “Daddy that”s silly, people can”t walk in the air.”

“All right, just make sure they don”t!”  I held onto Sean.

“Okay Sean, put your hands on the wheel like this.”  Captain Mark showed Sean how to hold the wheel.  He leaned forward and held the wheel like Captain Mark showed him.  “Okay Sean, here we go!”

The engines roared loudly, the front of the plane lifted up and we started down the runway.  The look on Sean’s face was priceless.  “Daddy, Daddy, I”m driving the plane!  I’m driving the plane!!”   We picked up speed and Sean kept looking out the window.  “We’re moving real fast Daddy!”  That’s when Sean saw the runway in front of us getting shorter.  “Captain Mark, are we going to run out of road?”

“No Sean, we won’t.  Now, when I tell you, pull back on the wheel.  Sean kept staring at the runway.  “Okay Sean, start pulling back on the wheel now.”

As Sean pulled back on the wheel the front of the plane lifted off the ground.  “WOW Daddy, we’re off the ground!!  I did it, I did it, I”m flying the plane Daddy!!”

“Yes, you are, you’re going to be a great pilot when you grow up.”  The plane was lifting higher and higher, and once we were in the air we leveled off.  I looked over to Captain Mark.  “Thank you so much letting Sean come up here, that was really nice of you!  Okay Sean, I think we need to go back to our seats and let Captain Mark fly the plane now.”

“Okay Daddy. Can we come back up here later?”

“Well, that”s up to Captain Mark.”

“Sure Sean, you and your dad can come back anytime.”  Sean shook Captain Mark’s hand, then I took him back to the cabin.  Once I got Sean settled in I went back up front to thank Mark again.  “You’re welcome Mr. Anderson.”

“Please, call me Kevin.”

“Okay, Kevin.  Hey I have a question for you.  I know you’re not married and I’ve flown you around before but I don”t remember you ever having a kid.”  He saw the look on my face.  “I”m sorry, I guess I should just shut my mouth and fly the plane, it”s none of my business.”

“No, it”s all right Mark.”  I told him Sean’s story, and he was almost in tears.

“You’re a great guy Mr… I mean Kevin.  That boy is so lucky to have someone that loves him as much as you do.  I see that boy loves you a lot as well.”

In my head I was thinking, ‘you have no idea the kind of love bakırköy travesti we have.’  “Thanks Mark.  Well, I should get back to Sean, I think we’re going to try and get some sleep.”  I told him that in the hopes that he would stay in the cockpit so I could have some private, alone time with Sean.  As if he could read my mind Mark told me not to worry, he had a lot of things to do and wouldn”t disturb us.

I got back to the cabin and there was Sean sitting there so cute, just looking out the window.  “Daddy, come over here and look out with me.”  I went over to where Sean was sitting and sat next to him.  I leaned in to look out the window just as we hit some turbulence which made me lose my balance.  My hand went right in Sean’s lap.  I didn”t remove my hand, I just started to move my fingers around.  “Daddy that tickles,’ he giggled.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes, but it really tickles!”  He started to laugh and then started to tickle me back.  Before I knew it we were on the floor rolling around laughing, then he leaned in and started to kiss me.  I kissed back and started to use my tongue.  I ran my hands all over Sean’s little body. I stopped and asked Sean if he wanted to go to the bed in the back of the cabin where we would be more comfortable.

Once we got to the bed I closed the door for privacy and pulled his shorts down along with his Batman underwear.  I ran my hands all over his little butt.  God it felt so soft and smooth… he felt like silk, warm silk.  I was in heaven.  He started to moan and tried to pull my shirt off, so I gave him a little help.  He sat up on top of me and undid my shorts, then after a little wigging around with clothes we were both naked.  I wondered what Mark would think if he walked in on us now.  I think that made it hotter; the thought of getting caught.

Sean and I were kissing, then I began licking his body until I reached his little cock and balls.  I turned him around so we were 69ing.  I felt his little hand on my hard cock and then he started to kiss and lick the shaft all the way up the head.  “Mmmm Daddy, you taste good!”

“So do you son, so do you.”  He moved a little forward to get more of my cock in his mouth, god he felt so good.  That”s when I saw his little hole, his little, virgin hole.  I started to run a finger up and down it.  That set him off to start moaning hard.  I felt him vibrating on my cock and I almost blew my load.  I leaned forward and kissed his little pucker, then my tongue had a mind of its own and I started to lick his hole.  He moved his little butt up and down on my tongue, moaning and whimpering.

“Oh Daddy, that feels so good, you make my butt feel so good!”  I couldn”t help myself, I drove my tongue as far in his little ass as I could.   That about drove Sean crazy!  He stopped sucking my dick, sat up and looked back at me.  “Daddy, are you going to put your wiener inside me like you did Zac?”

It was all I could to take my tongue out of his hot, little butt.  “We”ll see son, we”ll see.”  I already had my mind made up I was going to pop his cherry, I just didn”t want him to know it yet.  I went back to eating his ass, and the more I tongue-fucked him the more he moaned.  I kept that up till my face was numb.  I pulled him off my cock, spun him around and started kissing him with a passion.  I couldn”t get enough of him!  The more we kissed, the more I had to have him. I had to feel him, I had to know what it felt like to be inside him.

“Daddy, I love you.”

“I love you too son, I love you too.”  I pulled him off me.

“Daddy, did I do something wrong?”

“No baby, you are fine, I just need to get something out of the bathroom.”

When I returned, there was Sean laying on the bed looking so hot, so cute.  I knew I had to calm down and remember he”s just a small boy.  I had to go slow and be gentle with him.  I realized I didn”t want to fuck him… I wanted to make love to him.

I laid down next to him.  I started to run my hands up and down his little body.  He moved to get back on top but I stopped him.  “No son, I want you to lay there and enjoy this as much as I am.”  He laid back down and started to coo and moan.  He was moving his body around enjoying every touch.  I leaned up and kissed him gently on the lips, then licked my way down his chest.  When I reached his cock and balls he really started to moan.  I had placed my hand on his chest to hold him down, then I lifted his legs and ran my tongue over his hole and started to tongue fuck him.

Sean was going wild.  “Oh Daddy, mmmm Daddy, please don”t stop.”  I pulled the lube out and started to rub a good amount on his hole.  I inserted one of my fingers ever so slowly.  Once I had my whole finger in I started to move it in and out of him.  “Oh Daddy, is that what it feels like?”

“Yes, but it gets better son.”  I ran my tongue back up his torso and kissed him again, then rolled him on top of me.  His little legs straddled me, sitting on my hard cock and he started to move his butt around, getting it all wet from the lube.  He reached back and took hold of my hard cock and placed it at the entrance to his tight hole.

He pushed back.  “Daddy, please help me.”

“Okay son, I”ll hold it while you sit on it.  Now once it starts going inside you I want you to push out like you’re going to poop, okay?”

He began lowering himself down on me.  “Mmmm Daddy, that feels good!”  I had only part of my cockhead inside him.  “Ouch Daddy, that”s starting to hurt!”

“It”s going to hurt a little the first time, son.  Go slow, take your time, and remember to push out.”

He took a deep breath and pushed down on my cock and I felt about half of my head pop inside him.  I froze.  I saw the look of pain on his face and I rubbed his stomach to sooth him.  “Daddy, it hurts.”

“I know baby, don”t move.”

He sat there for a minute or so, then he started to push down again.  “Mmmm Daddy, it doesn”t hurt as much.”  He kept pushing down until he had over half of my hard cock inside of him.  I let him do the work so he could get used to it.  He started to move up and down on me.  I was going crazy, he was so tight and hot, and the look on his face was priceless.  All of a sudden he pushed down hard and took my whole cock deep inside him!

I freaked out.  “Oh My god Sean, are you okay?”  I was getting ready to pull out until he started to moan and move up and down.

“Oh Daddy, that feels so good… is this what Zac felt?”

“Yes baby, this is exactly what Zac felt.”

“Oh Daddy, I love you, this feels so awesome!  I can feel you inside me.  Oh Daddy.”

He started to ride my cock.   I moved nice and slow, in and out of him.  Once I felt he was used to me being inside I held on to him and rolled him over onto his back.  Other than his feet sitting on my shoulders I don”t think you would have able to even see him, I was practically covering his whole body.  I leaned in and kissed him deep as I started to move in and out of him again.  He started to shake all over, it almost felt like he was having a convulsion he was shaking so much.  His eyes rolled back and his little hole got so tight, like a vise.  I couldn”t hold back any more, I blew my load deep inside him.

I was shaking so hard as my cum continued to pulse into him.  “Oh baby, I love you so, so much!”  I kissed him deeply and tried to pull out but Sean held me so tight.

“Daddy, don”t pull it out, please!”   I let his legs down and rolled over but Sean held tight and rolled with me.

I had to laugh.  “Son, you have to let go.”

“No daddy, I don”t want to let you go, you feel so good!  Please stay inside me for a little bit longer.”

“Okay baby, I”ll stay inside you for a bit.”  Very soon I heard him breathe steadily.  I knew that sound… he’d fallen asleep.  I slowly pulled out of him with a slight pop.  He moaned, softly, then rolled over.  I got up out of the bed and went back to the bathroom.  I found a washcloth and ran it under some hot water, then returned back to the bed and started to clean Sean off.   I could see some of my load leaking out of his little ass.  I was relieved not to see any bleeding; thank god I didn”t hurt him.  I was so worried.   Once I got him cleaned up I put his Batman underwear back on him just in case Captain Mark saw us sleeping.  I got my own underwear on and crawled back in bed with Sean, spooning behind him.  I pulled the covers over us and fell asleep holding my loving son.  I kissed the back of his head and heard a sleepy voice.  ”I’m glad you’re my Daddy.”

I held him close.  “I”m glad you’re my son, I love you so much.”  I fell asleep. 


– – – – – – – –


To my readers, this isn’t my story, it is Kevin’s story.  Kevin is one of my readers who wrote me and told me of a story from his past.  I helped him edit this, and here you have it.  The story is 98% + true, I just moved a few things around and added a teeny bit of flavor.

Text copyright � 2016 Kevin Anderson and Jeremy Ellington.

This work is fully protected under the United States Copyright Laws � 17 USC�� 101, 102(a), 302(a).   All rights reserved.  Placing or posting any or all of this story on any website, or distribution of any of these works in any way (in part or in whole) without the explicit consent of the author and the editor is strictly prohibited.  Any and all copyright infringements will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  This story is based on actual events, however any names, characters, places and incidents that were added to enhance the story are either the product of the author’s and editor’s imagination and are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental, and no harm or slanderous intent is implied or intended.

The author and editor retain all rights.  No reproductions are allowed without the author’s and editor’s consent.

Constructive comments are encouraged and can be sent to ail.  Any email I receive will also be passed on to Kevin; this is his story and he is just as interested in your thoughts as I am!

If you decide to send me an email, please tell me which story you are writing about.  As of this writing I have a few on Nifty.

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