Ignorant Village Boy Pt. 02

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It was 31st December, we were all at our boss’s house. All 10 of us were given chores preparing for the New Year. I was new to this as I had just started working here a few months back. By year end, most foreign workers from the neighbouring countries had gone back to have their working permits and relevant documents renewed in their respective country. Some of us were tasked to cleaned up the back yard, the garage tidied up, some dressing slaughtered chickens, I was marinating chicken parts, lamb chops, and slices of pork.

After 3 pm we all headed back to our workers’ lodge to bathe and prepare for the night’s event. Everyone was light hearted and eager. Tomorrow we will all head back to our respective village. We took our bath and did some laundry. Some sang while bathing while others busily brushed soiled clothes. We dressed up putting on our cleanest t shirts and faded jeans. No cowboy boots though, all we had were slippers. Two fellow workers brought along their guitars. We started walking to the boss’s house not too far away.

I prepared charcoals and have them burn for the barbecue. Tables and chairs were carried outside. Plates, forks and spoons, saucers and all were all brought out on the table. Crates of ice chilled beers in buckets and local brew wine were all made available outside. Assortment of fire crackers were brought outside to be let off when the clock stroked 12.

The boss and his wife appeared and supper began. Eating and talking amidst laughter filled the air. There were so much merriment after which all the used plates and spoons were carried inside. We all proceeded and crowd round the burning charcoal attending to the roastings. Wine bottles went round making sure no one missed a turn. The boss never kept his can of beer long. He was served the best slice of roasted pork which he feasted on washing it down with beer. Before midnight, the wine knocked three of our fellow workers out. They were bursa escort carried into the garage to sleep it out.

By midnight, the skies were illuminated by flashes of colourful fireworks. The deafening booms could be heard everywhere. We let off as many rockets into the night skies exploding into colourful flares. As the last rocket shot into the night sky, a single boom marked the returned of tranquility. Our boss sat slumped to his chair, head resting on his shoulder. His wife requested us to carry him in. Four of us did a great job carrying him to his bed. Beer alone wouldn’t knock him out that easily. It’s the mixture of locally brewed wine of unknown alcohol percentages in its content that did the damage. We resumed our happy times outside.

As the drinking and eating slowed down, signs of drowsiness showed as one by one left the fire place to recline in the garage. I wasn’t much of a drinker and had consumed little beer. I was the last man standing. That little glass of beer had only quickened my pulse rate that kept sleepiness away. As the last of my mate fell out of the party, I was left alone smoking.

The boss’s wife came out and saw the remains of unconsumed food and drinks, asked me to help her bringing them in. The marinated meat were stuffed in the freezer. Everything except the tables and chairs were left outside. I was back, seated nearest to the porch enjoying my cigarettes. The boss’s wife came and joined me . She asked if my fellow mates were all knocked out, to which I answered yes. Then she began telling me how she had put up with her alcoholic husband. Paying more attention on his beer than anything else. They were both married off in a pre arranged marriage in their late 30s. Childless till today. She described their love making as brief . There were times he dozed off while fucking and I had to finished of pleasing myself she admitted , talking without any feelings of guilt neither embarrassment. She bursa escort bayan added, you men are more naughty and I’m sure you masturbates frequently. I was embarrassed by that statement.

Come she said, she stood up and waited, making sure I was with her. Held me by the arms and into their bedroom. Her husband was flat drunk snoring away. She stood by the bed with her pyjamas pants down to her knees. She held up her pyjamas top revealing her fat belly and milk white ass. This got me very aroused. The moment my pants were down, she arched forward and rested her elbows on the bed just inches away from her drunk husband. I approached her ass and held my cock, positioned it at the lips of her pussy. My hand that held my cock accidentally touched her pussy, it felt wet. I pushed my cock all the way in making her arched her body. I wasn’t sure if it’s pain or pleasure to her. I started pumping her.

I fucked her deep and fast. I pushed the whole length of my cock into her. Inside her pussy was soft and wet. I rammed her till my lower abdomen was flat against her soft fleshy ass producing slapping sounds which got louder the faster I pump. She signalled me to lower the noise. I couldn’t help it, as ejaculation was near. I rushed on as sperm shot into her. I didn’t observe if she was close to an orgasm or not. I didn’t last as long as I intended to. As I paused, she started moving her butt signalling me to resume my role.

I still had the big heart to fuck but my cock just didn’t respond. I used my softened cock to rub her pussy and ass hole. It was all very wet there. Then she undid her husband’s pants. Taking out his cock and balls. The boss have very dark colour uncut cock and hairy balls. It was quite thick and long but lifeless. His wife pushed his foreskin back to reveal a big glans. As she released her grip, the skin unfolded engulfing his glan leaving a small key hole. She took my hand and encouraged me to play my boss’s escort bursa big cock.

Suddenly my cock sprang back to life. It was totally erect now after touching a man’s penis. I never touch other’s cock before. As I played the soft cock, his wife put a hand under and started rubbing her pussy. I got more aroused as now right infront of me a woman was masturbating. I would like to see how she rubbed her pussy. I kept pumping her from behind. My left arms wrapped around her waist, while my outstretched right arm reached out to play the old cock. It was definitely longer and bigger than mine. I could feel the old cock started to inflate. It’s harder now. As it grew stiff it really put me on, i ejaculated again. I could feel the boss’s wife’s fingers movement down there as from time to time her finger nails brushed against my scrotum.

As she straightened herself, my cock was forced out. She climbed and rode her husband’s cock. I could see clearly the black cock sliding into her white pussy. She pumped him up and down. A dark spot in the middle of her white flesh above her pussy must be her ass hole. I could see that too. Twice the cock slipped out, everytime that happened, she would put the cock back in. Then I presumed she climaxed, she bend forward to rest on her husband’s chest.

To me the show was over, I dressed up and went outside to smoke and sit the night out. After half an hour later, I tiptoed into the house . The bedroom door remained ajar. I peeped in, the snoring was as loud as ever, the boss’s wife have fallen into deep asleep, maybe her love making and her hyperactive toil for the much treasured orgasm worn her out. Still without her pyjamas bottom. She was laying down sideways facing her husband with her back to the door. The bedroom light (with dimmer) was still on. She had one leg rested on top of her husband’s crocth. The dark coloured cock still exposed very much like a rubber tube. I moved closer to have one more look at her pussy. It was still wet, and stained by milky juice. Her labia fully exposed was red and dark at the edge. I touched it but found no more thrill. I had enough. I was sexually drained and spent.

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