If You Drop Your Wallet In P’town Ch. 02

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Have you ever woke up and just wanted a cock in your ass? Ladies? You guys? Well I just did and my first thought was of James. We had explored my interest in bi-sexuality or actually having sex with another guy for the first time. Not lovey dovey sex, but hot sweaty, let’s fuck and suck each other sex. But with a man for the first time.

James and I had spent a hot night together less than about a month ago and I was obsessed with thinking about it. I now found myself walking around looking at guy’s crotches and asses as much as women’s tits and asses. I had hooked up with a couple of female FWB and found myself wishing there was a guy there. A guy with a nice, hot, hard cock to shoot his cum everywhere. In our mouths, asses and her pussy. Having tasted another guys cum for the first time and second as I remember, I wanted to taste it from a pussy.

But today as I showered I thought of how James and I had showered together and I got hard as I washed my cock and had to stroke myself off. As my cum splashed on the shower wall I vowed to contact Jim.

As I finished my morning coffee I slid into my computer chair. Resisting my urge to open a favorite porn site, I opened my mail first. I was excited to find an email from James. We had talked and texted each other in the time after our night together but this was the first email. There was an attachment and I quickly opened it. There was a picture of James and a beautiful woman who I hoped was the wife he told me about. But it was more than that. They were both sucking on nice looking hard cocks and trying to smile at each other while their mouths were filled with hard manhood.

Knowing I was already running late for a meeting at the office I opened the text and read: “My wife is tired of hearing about our night, wants to see what all the fuss is about. Would you like to join us on the lake this weekend for some of this type of fun? Hope so, Jim”

As I was heading out the door I was texting him to say YES! I cannot wait!

The remainder of the day went on to last for fucking ever. Finally the day was done and not having heard for James was freaked that he was kidding or not serious. When I got home the house phone was ringing when I opened the door. Grabbing it before it went to message I was surprised to hear a woman’s voice when the caller ID said it was James. She asked if I was John and I replied yes, is James Ok?

She says: “This is Marie, James’s wife, how are you today?”

“Yes this is John; I am surprised to hear from you.” Being at a loss for words to say more there was dead air.

“Well this is awkward, and not how I expected us to meet but, Jim and I picked up each other’s phone today and he just texted me before he got on a plane for Kansas and well.. I have been reading your text today and you thought he was ignoring you, but I had his phone and well…I had to call…you did blow each other didn’t you?”

“Oh fuck, did I say that out loud, oh shit, damn fuck, Jimmie will kill me, oh I’m so sorry.” She was frantic now; her speech rapid and I could almost hear the embarrassment in her voice.

She sounded nice and worried and having seen her sucking some guys cock, well…HOT.

“Wait, wait, Marie, hold on everything is fine, don’t freak on me. Relax, and yes you did just say that out loud and I did suck your husband’s cock, a couple of times as I keep remembering…and nice picture by the way, did I just say that out loud?” I am now the one stammering like a school girl.

“What picture? Did that ass hole send you a picture of me? Us? Oh fuck a duck, I am afraid to ask what picture did he give you?” She doesn’t seem to have relaxed much so I continue to try to calm her down.

“Just a nice picture of you and James entertaining a couple of friends. You both were smiling if that helps.” I add.

“Oh fuck me, I know when that was taken. I can only imagine what we were doing. You must think me awful.” She replies shakily.

“No, no, it’s fine just some friends enjoying each other’s company, nothing to worry about. Nothing I haven’t done so relax, Marie. Sexual behavior is not how I judge people. How they perform in such behavior maybe. If it helps, I bet the guys were smiling as much as you two were.” I add wanting to test the waters and see how risqué I can get.

“Well, lets’ change the subject. We were hoping you would join us for the week end at our lake house. We can eat, drink, smoke and get to know each other.” “But you and Jimmie do know each other pretty good by now don’t you? Oh shit, there I go being naughty again. I have such a dirty mind, I can’t help it. You must think awful things about me and we haven’t even met. I had better hang up while I still have some dignity left. Hope you will…”

I had to interrupt her there to reassure her that I loved naughty and to have Jim text me the directions and I will be happy to spend the week end with them.

We hung up with me at least really looking forward to our time together.

The next few days drug by as I spent casino şirketleri my days fantasizing to all that I could dream and the nights jerking off to the images.

Finally Friday came and ended and I was driving up to the lake in New Hampshire trying not to start it with a talk with Officer Friendly. I am sure if I explain my rush he would be glad to provide a Police escort for me. That would be a great entrance, sirens and blue lights, give Marie something to make her forget our phone call.

I easily found the address due to the navigation but it did not prepare me for how awesome it was. Traveling down what must have been a quarter mile tree lined private drive I rounded a corner to find an estate. The lake house is where the servants must live. As I was trying to take in the house I found myself starring at the four car garage wondering just what wonders it held. Looking back at the entire view, I realized it must be a “carriage House” not a garage.

As I got closer I saw James and a wonder who must be Marie standing outside the front door. She was blonde and almost six inches shorter than he. As I pulled in front of the house I could see that they both had soft slinky looking wraps on. They were barely long enough to hang below their asses and when I parked they were above me by a couple of steps. They both must have done this before as they raised their hands and this lifted their wraps so that I was looking up into a beautiful smooth pussy and right next to her was James’s familiar cock in a semi hard state.

They met me at the car door and opening it James held it for me as I exited and Marie took me into her arms and kissed me wetly on the mouth. She brazenly ran her palm down my now hardening cock causing it to jump from her touch.

“You are right Jimmy, he dresses left and feels wonderful.” She says looking to him and to me she squeezes my cock and says: “Hi Johnny I’m Marie and we are going to have some fun this week end!”

Quickly getting into the mood I run one hand under her shift to squeeze her tight fine little ass cheek and reach to wrap my other hand around James’s now quite hard cock. I easily slide my fingers under Marie to find her little snatch wet and receptive to the invasion of a finger. She felt so wonderfully warm and slippery. I was here primarily for some hot cock but Marie had me ready for so much more.

She wiggled her ass causing my hand to slip from her warmth and was suddenly embarrassed by her actions.

“Oh, shit, I’m acting like the tramp that called you. What you must think of me!” She says covering her mouth with her hand.

“Oh, relax! You are a slut! And so are we my dear. I told you everything John and I did together and he is here for more of the same and all of the extra fun you will bring. I would never put you in an embarrassing situation but when we weren’t fucking or sucking each other John and I had plenty of time to get to know each other. He is a gentleman that likes sex as much as we do and none of us will be passing judgment on each other this weekend. John will you please reassure my lovely wife?” James says to the both of us.

As I take Marie gently and chastely into my arms I look into her eyes and say: “Marie dear, you beautiful, wonderful exciting woman, please, please relax. James has told me that you only act like this with him or a select few friends. Let me be one of these friends and I promise to respect you as James and I fuck and suck you like the lady slut you are.”

She is smiling now as I rudely but gently slide my hand back down her ass and say: “Please trust us so that I can see this fine ass I am holding. I bet you will taste wonderful.”

“Oh god, enough of this, come into our home and help me experience all the wild things I have been fantasizing about this week.” She says, taking my hand, my other hand, to lead me into their home.” Get the bags James” she says with a wave of her hand.

“Fuck, I never get tired of saying that!”

As we enter the foyer she shrugs her shoulders and her wrap falls to the floor. Turning to face me and pose she is fucking beautiful. About five foot two, with a nice even tan from the sun not that funny colored fake shit. Her breasts are about as big as a handful and have hardly any droop. They just quiver when she moves. Continuing on past her smooth flat belly my eyes take in the beginning of the cleft of her womanhood below. I ache to see it, but continue my lustful stare beyond to her wonderful legs. Taking her hand I slowly spin her around to savor her back side and am not disappointed when her tight little round ass comes into view. I am an avid fan of the female ass and hers is perfect. Each cheek a nice hand full and I can feel my cock extending painfully under my shorts when she says: “OK, enough of your lustful looks. It is my turn to check out the goods. Jimmy says you are hot but I will be the judge of that. Drop your drawers pilgrim and show me what all the stories I have heard this week are based in.”

Jim had been pretty quiet casino firmaları until now when he dropped my bag and removing his wrap reminds me of what I have been jerking off too for the last few weeks.

He is as hot as I remember and with his hard cock sticking up and leaking I can’t remove my clothes fast enough.

James says: “Not that it will matter in a second but on the weekends, everyone strips here or they miss out on everything. During the week we are the quiet respectable neighbors from the city, but on the weekend behind this door anything goes.”

Only having a shirt and shorts on Marie has quickly helped me strip to my loafers. She went for my cock as soon as my shorts were falling to the floor and was stroking the shaft.

“Something to drink, dude?” James asks.

“Something with rum, dark rum preferably, with some type of juice, please, thanks.

“Hungry?” James again.

“Nope, horny.”

“Come with me love to the veranda and James will serve us.” Marie adds.

As she leads me outside to an interesting circular couch that must be eight feet in diameter with a table inside, I continue to be impressed. There is a retractable awning over all this and Marie shows me the couch opening and seats me.

“The center of the table lifts for a fireplace which is great for our night time events.” Marie again.

I am so excited that my cock actually hurts. It is sticking straight up and has all the loose skin pulled back. My crown is so red it almost glows!

Marie is fascinated by this and slides over next to me to take me into her hand and slowly slide her hand up and down my shaft. If she had touched my crown I would have blown hot cum across the yard.

“Holy shit! I cannot believe how hard your cock is. Does it always get this hard?” Marie asks still stroking me.

“Not very often and if you don’t stop I am going to white wash your porch! I think I arrived so very horny for James but seeing you has pushed my desires way beyond my fantasy.” I tell her.

Reluctantly letting go of my cock only to cup and hold my ball sack she asks: “So, if I may ask, what was your desire for how this day was to go?”

“Honestly, I have been fantasizing about your handsome husbands cock since we parted I didn’t really consider how you would expand the fun. At the least I would have settled to have sex with James while you watched, but I have realized lately that I am really bisexual and seeing how hot you are a lot of my old nasty thoughts are filling my head.” I confess.

James has heard this as he hands me some type of fresh juice dark with swirls of Myers rum and says: “Marie loves nasty talk, especially new nasty talk. Why don’t you tell us your wildest fantasy and don’t worry about offending or embarrassing either of us.” He says as Marie makes room for him between us.

“I can’t believe I am telling you this but it really excites me to think Marie could be watching us suck each other’s cock to orgasm. Maybe even being fucked again like the slut I acted when we were together. But, now being so close to such a hot lady I am thinking about us both fucking her, one then the other until we both cum in her and then I would love to eat our cum from her sweet smelling pussy.”

“Oh shit, I didn’t mean that you don’t smell lovely dear!” I stammer.

“Relax John dear, I love the way my pussy fills a room with her fragrance.” She says smiling.

“Oh good, because I just love the aroma of a real woman’s pussy, especially after it has milked some man cum into it.” I say pushing the limits of this conversation.

“Well, as you are the guest of honor John, why don’t you tell us how you would like to start this afternoon off? Please know that sooner or later all three of us will get what we want. But you should choose.” Marie says, looking between James and me.

James nods in agreement and adds: “Rest assured bud, my sexpot wife will get everything she wants by the time you leave and is never afraid to let her lovers know just what she wants. Sometimes she just wants someone else to fuck her senseless while I watch. We are very secure in our relationship so your desire is ours.”

“Ah, well….” I stutter embarrassed to say out loud what I have been dreaming of for the past weeks when Marie interrupts and says: “Relax Johnny you can tells us anything. I plan on sucking both of your cocks as the other fucks my cunny, so spit it out. We are all friends here.”

“Well…I..ah…Fuck it I need to suck James’s cock and having you watch would be so nasty.” I finally confess.

James leans back on the couch and raises one leg to the seat spreading his legs exposing his excellent cock and balls to me. Marie moves closer to sit behind him reaching around to slowly stroke his cock. She reaches down to pull his balls sack up so it is exposed to our view under his throbbing cock.

“Is this what you desire lover? Come and get it. It would make me so wet to watch you make love to my husband, please, don’t be embarrassed. If it helps güvenilir casino I will tell you my nastiest fantasy.” Marie says.

I am frozen in place, torn between wanting that fine cock in my mouth, sucking it until it shoots its’ hot load down my throat and afraid to do it in front of anyone let alone a beautiful woman I also lust after.

“Are you afraid I won’t want you if I see you suck this magnificent cock? Is that it? Well how about if I tell you that if you will suck my man’s cock until he fills your mouth with his hot juice, I will lick and suck your ass until you pull my face from your butt? Would that relax you?” She tells me.

As she reaches over to take my hand and pull me to Jim’s crotch, she puts his hot cock in my hand and says: “Do it you nasty man, you want it, I want it and I bet James really wants it.”

Looking from him to her I am filled with unbridled desire and resting my arms on his legs lean forward to take the head of his cock into my mouth. I almost cum from the overwhelming joy of the feel of it as it passes my lips to meet my tongue.

I run my tongue around his cock head as I suck on it and squeeze my lips behind the crown. I have missed this feeling. I cannot believe I fought the idea of doing this. It seems so natural and as exciting as eating pussy. I am a confirmed bisexual now and know that I will never let someone else’s fucked up stereotypes prevent me from finding satisfaction wherever I desire it.

I reach out to take James’s balls into my hand as I suck more of him into my mouth. It is as exciting and wonderful as the first time I sucked him. Better even because now I am comfortable with it. My past fears all but gone.

Almost forgotten, Marie reminds me she is still there when she says: “Oh fuck, this is so hot! I have seen a lot of people suck my man’s cock but do not think I have ever seen anyone enjoy it as much as you do Johnny. Let yourself go and make him cum. Let him fill your mouth with his hot sweet load and then kiss me so I can savor it too with you. I think you are going to be my new favorite outside man.”

“That is something bud, Marie doesn’t have too many favorites and to be climbing to the top of her personal list even before you have loved her says a lot. She didn’t believe me when I said you were world class. I cannot believe I am your first cock. Oh, fuck, you better be ready because I am close to filling your mouth.” James tells us.

I want it, I don’t want this to end but am hot knowing I can make an experienced man cum so fast that I speed up and welcome it when I feel him raise up and push more of his pulsing cock into my mouth.

Shot after hot shot of his cum fills my mouth. I pull back some so I can stroke him into my mouth and catch his load while stroking him. I feel his nuts pull up into his groin as they shoot their essence down his shaft into my willing mouth.

Sadly his orgasm slows and ends with me holding just the last couple of inches of his fine cock in my mouth as I slow and stop stroking him. Sated he pulls his softening sensitive cock from my mouth. Marie quickly leans past him to take my chin into her hand and force her tongue into my mouth seeking out the reward within. She is fucking my mouth with her tongue and when she is sure there is no cum left breaks the kiss and says to me: “I can’t speak for James but that has to be the very best blow job I have ever seen! I would hate you if I wasn’t wondering just how good you eat pussy.”

During this she is stroking my cock with her free hand. I am so hard and horny that I am ready to cum but want my load spent somewhere warm. Warm and wet. A mouth, a cunt or ass will be just fine so I reluctantly pull from her grasp and smiling say: “I guess that should take care of my shyness.”

“Man, I thought I had dreamed about how good you suck cock, but I was right, you sir are a Gold medal winner. If you eat Marie as well we may never let you leave us.” James says to me giving me permission to orally pleasure his lovely wife as I have just pleasured him.

“Marie, I would love to taste that beautiful pussy of yours but first I want some cum in it. Preferably James’s and mine. Would that be alright with you?” I ask thinking that if they are in the wish granting mood I am ready to take advantage of it.

She leans into me and kisses me so in a way that I will never forget. She lays back and spreads her legs invitingly spreading her lady lips for me so that I can clearly see her juices running from her.

I tell her that as seductive as this is I want her on her hands and knees so that I can appreciate her ass and she can suck her husband back to life so he can fuck her too. She quickly rolls into position and looks back over her shoulder at me as she spreads her legs and arches her back inviting me into her heat.

I easily find my position behind her and push my cock into her wetness. I can inhale her aroma and it fills my senses. She is tight but I can easily enter her until I am deep inside her and my balls come up against her ass. James is watching my cock enter her and is fingering her clit. She is moaning from all the stimulation and reaches for James’s flaccid cock. He doesn’t stay that way long as her caress quickly brings him back to his full strength.

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