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Subject: For The Love Of My Stepdad “If Its Not One Thing Its Another” This story contains explicit content and sex between men and minors. If this is not your thing, Why are you here? Go ahead and click off! Please donate to so this great site can remain to be free. The next morning, we had to get ready to ge get mom from the hospital. But, for some reason, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Every time I walked past Terrell, he slapped my ass and I lowered my shorts show he could get a better grip. And grip it he did. DJ and Tony were on the sofa, locked into an intense 69. Terrell had pulled his dick out his shorts and I backed up on it, about to be impaled and then dad and Uncle Desmond came downstairs. “What the fuck are you doing!?” Fortunately, we were in the kitchen, so when they came down, all they saw was DJ and Tony. Once we heard them, we instantly pulled up and I grabbed a cup and ran some water into it and ran into the living room. “What’s going on,” Terrell said, then looking at DJ and Tony, “Oh.” “So what were you two doing,” dad asked? “I was getting some water,” I said. “I was looking for some chips to take with us to ride with the hospital,” Terrell said. Dad walked up to him and grabbed his semi hard dick. “Looks like something was going on in there.” “Well, when Terrell are alone together, we always cop a feel here or there.” Terrell nervously shook his head while I looked on at Uncle Desmond shouting at DJ and Tony for not being ready to go and we were laughing. Tony and DJ couldn’t snitch on us either because they didn’t see us in the kitchen about to fuck. So we were clear.We got in the truck and headed to the hospital to get mom. When we got to her room, the door was closed and there were alot of people over her bed. Dad knocked and one of the nurses came to the door. “Are you Mr. Hill?” “Yes and this is her son Justin. Is something wrong?” We could tell in the nurses mannerisms that something was wrong and she wasn’t telling us. “What’s wrong with my mother,” I screamed! “Please, if I can get you gentlemen to calm down and go over to our consultation room, one of our doctors will be in to talk to you in just a minute.” “No! Tell me right now! What is wrong with my wife!?” Just then, a tall black man in a long white coat came from the room. The nurse showed a sigh of relief. “This is Dr. Reynolds. Dr. Reynolds, this is the patient’s husband and son. They would like to be briefed on the status of Mrs. Hill.” “Absolutely, gentlemen, if you would, please, follow me this way.” The doctor’s presence seemed to calm us down. izmit escort bayan We walked over to the room where the nurse was trying to take us. The doctor sat us down and shook our hands. He had a warm demeanor about him that comforted me. But little did I know, that comfort was about to go south real quick. “Well gentlemen, while your mother was getting prepared to leave this morning, we walked in on two intruders in her room. One of these men, who we assumed, at first, was you Mr. Hill, was holding a pillow over her face while the other was holding her arms down so she couldn’t press the nurses button. We were able to trap them in the room until security arrived shortly after and tazed them to the ground. The men have been apprehended but will not give their intentions.” We both were in shock. Who would do something like this? Then we thought to ourselves. TaShauna! Of course, she’s dead, but her crohnie drug dealer friends are still around. “I think I know who they were associated with,” dad said. “Who Mr. Hill?” “An ex-girlfriend of mine. She actually caused the accident that got my wife in here.” We spent the next few minutes explaining to the doctor everything that happened. From her not telling dad about Terrell from her putting Terrell out and crashing the reception and these men shooting dad and Uncle D. Then to the accident that killed TaShauna. “Wow. You all have been through a lot!” “Yes but, what is the status of my wife and can I go see these men that attacked my wife?” “From what I know, those men are in police custody now. And, from them having the pillow over her, it stopped her breathing momentarily and he had some bruising on her stomach, so we’re going to take her to xray to see if she has any bruising or broken bones. Since her ribs just repaired, there is a good chance that they have cracked again.” Dad was visibly upset. He wanted to know who these men were and if he could, he would kill them himself. I was angry as well. Who would do this to my mom? Was my mom going to survive this attack? When is she gonna come home with us? I had so many questions in my head! I just asked the doctor the first one that came to mind. “Doctor! Is my mom going to survive this?” “I believe she will Justin, but only time will tell. We have to get her x-ray and see if she cracked anymore ribs.” “Can we see her,” dad said? “Yes. If they haven’t taken her to X-ray, then you can see her.” We get up and head out into the hallway and see everyone else. They ask us what’s going on and we fill them in. Terrell says he might be able to identify the guys. He izmit eve gelen escort met and hung around a lot of his mom’s dealers. Dad got a little bit more upset over that. “Don’t worry dad. She never let them give me anything, even though they wanted to.” “At least she was responsible that much,” Uncle Desmond said. The doctor said he would call the officers and ask them to come back and let Terrell ID the guys, if that was ok. Everyone agreed that it wouldn’t be a problem. We realized that they had wheeled mom off to x-ray and so we would go to the waiting area and wait for her to come back. While we were waiting, an officer came in. “Looking for Terrell Hill?” “I’m he.” “Hello young Mr. Hill. They told me that you can identify the men that we apprehended from Mrs. Hill’s room?” “Hopefully. I think they might have been acquaintances of my now deceased mother. TauShauna Jones.” The police officer showed Terrell the pictures and Terrell instantly recognized the men. “That one is Rico. He sells weed and crack. The other one, I don’t know his real name. They always called him Bobo.” “Thank you young man. Do you know where they operate from? We can get a warrant and shut them down. You will stay anonymous throughout this entire sting of course. For your own protection.” Terrell did his best to give them directions to the place where his mom went the most to see Rico and his crew. Once they had enough information, they thanked him and went on his way. Dad,me and the rest of the family came to hug Terrell. “That was an awesome thing you did son.” “Thanks dad!” “You probably gave them enough information to not only prosecute the guys that tried to kill my mom, but also bust some drug dealers!” “Nobody deserves to go through what your mom went through Justin. I just hope she is gonna be alright.” After we all calmed down, one of the nurses came into the waiting area. “Family of Rebecca Hill?” Dad and I stood up as the nurse told us we could go see mom now. We walked into the room and dad held back to ask the nurse something. I went ahead and went in. She was awake but her face was bruised and her nose and one of her eyes was bandaged. I hated to see her like this. I tried not to cry though. “Hi mom,” I said through muffled tears. “Is that my boy? Hey Justin!” “Mom are you going to be ok?” “I’ll be fine baby. You know your mom is a fighter and I can handle anything.” “I love you mom!” “I love you too baby.” I leaned down to hug her, but not too hard because I know she still might be hurting. Just then, dad came in and izmit otele gelen escort kissed her on the cheek. “Hey beautiful.” “Hey back at you.” Dad explained to us that the nurse didn’t have the results of the x-rays yet but when they did, the nurse practitioner will come tell us what the results were. Mom was obviously in some pain so obviously those guys did some damage. Terrell and everyone else came in to see her next. Mom smiled when she saw everyone. We all sat and talked for an hour or so before the nurse and doctor came in. “Well Mrs. Hill. I have a little bit of bad news.” When he said that, Uncle Desmond and his boys along with Terrell got up to leave but mom stopped them. “No, stay. You are family. I love you guys like you were blood related to me.” They all smiled and sat back down. We got settled in our seats and ready to hear what the doctor had to say. Any bad news, whether it was a little or a lot, was never wanted in this situation. “A couple of your ribs that were broken and healed, have been broken again, but not completely. They are just partially broken.” “What does that mean `partially’,” dad asked “That means, they’re still connected, but chipped in some spots. That means your gonna be with us for a little while longer. Patrice is going to change your bandages and retreat your wounds and we’re going to get you going on a new pain med and take you off of the one you were on.” “Thank you Dr. Reynolds.” The doctor left and we all just surrounded mom while the nurse was gone to get the necessary things to wrap her up. Dad was emotional and so was I. Just then Terrell spoke up. “Mrs. Rebecca! I’m so sorry for all the crap my mom put you through! I’m so sorry!” Terrell sat in a chair and started crying. Dad went over to him and began to comfort him. “All this happened when I came into you guys life. If I wasn’t here, dad, you and Uncle Desmond wouldn’t have never been shot and my crazy mom wouldn’t have hit you Mrs. Rebecca.” “Terrell, listen to me,” my mom said, “you were brought to us because you needed someone to love you. No matter what came with you, you are not the reason.” Terrell looked at dad with tears in his eyes and let a smile come across his face. We all sat there for another few minutes until the nurse came to change her bandages. We were all hungry so we decided we would go on home and grab some food and see mom later, so we kissed goodbye. Dad said he would try to make it back tonight. If not, he would come on his lunch break tomorrow. Hey guys sorry for the long delay. Had some personal stuff going on and went trough a severe bout of writers block. But I’m back! Thank for reading! Please don’t hesitate to email me! I look forward to hearing from you. Let me know what your favorite part was. Who your favorite character is. Who you want to see more of. Who you want to see less of. Email me at hoo

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