I, Vampire Ch. 4

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I, Vampire Ch. 4THE WEDDING…I woke up an hour after noon to the bustle of the house getting ready for the wedding taking place later that evening; my maids came in to help prepare me for the day. They had drawn a bath for me and after much protest from me shut all the curtains in the bathhouse. I looked into their minds and found that they thought I was just overly nervous due to the wedding or just being a spoiled brat, either way I felt better as they cleansed my hair. After I was towel dried they set out to turn me into the bride and only stopped once I was fully altered.Just as soon as the sun set my father came to get me and to bring me down the aisle to my groom. The pathway seemed to take so long to walk down but the ceremony was much to short in my slightly panicked state, all too soon we sealed the wedding ceremony with the kiss. Again his lips seemed cool, but not as hard; he had fed before the wedding. As we walked past all the people I read his feeling again and found lust rising quickly to the top, I wasn’t quite sure if I was looking forward to it or wishing that I could get away.After the dinner and scores of dances, it was time bahis siteleri for us to retire to his house and contaminate the marriage. With many farewells we left, my heart was hammering and my head was clouded as we made our way to his house. In the carriage he sensed that I was nervous and tried to calm me, but I could feel his overpowering lust over that of his caring. I was excited and terrified; I had longed for this for so long but something held me back too.Once at his home we made it to his bedchambers and he was practically shaking with need, but tried to be controlled for my sake. He undressed me carefully making sure not to pop a button off my dress until I stood before him naked as the day I was born. Once I was unclothed he began shedding clothing and I got my first view of a fully naked, excited man. I looked him over; he was lanky and had the outline of muscles but lacked the definition that the help got from hard work, but his hardness stood out from his body hard and ready to take my virginity from me. I quivered a bit on the spot I stood on and he noticed how timid I was being, “Don’t worry love I will be gentle with you, canlı bahis siteleri I know you are untouched.”James led me to the bed and started kissing me again; although his lips felt softer there was a harshness behind it that did nothing to relax me. He kissed down my neck gently nibbling until I started feeling less stiff and he continued until he got to my breasts and licked and nibbled my nipples until they were hard. I felt his hand glide over my stomach and run through my mound until it found my lips. I started to get slick as his fingers slid across my lips and I moaned when he hit my clit, loving the feel of someone else doing what my fingers had done before. I was getting so lustful that I grabbed his hardness and was surprised at the feel of it; I stroked my hand up and got a low moan from him.He gave me another passionate kiss, tongue dancing with mine as he shifted his weight over mine. I felt his hardness at my opening and with a grunt he pushed into me quickly and deeply; my eyes rolled at the pain and pleasure of it. He started thrusting into me slowly, almost pulling out before pushing back in deeply, getting moans canlı bahis from me. As I got more into it and meant his each of his thrusts he started picking up the pace and soon we were grunting and groaning together. All too soon I felt a warm prickling start in my heels and quickly make it to my whole body as my orgasm crashed over me, when I felt him bite into my shoulder. My whole body tensed in the pleasure of the pain and I lost all care for the outside world. As I peaked and slowly came down, he was no longer thrusting but just resting inside of me kissing the spot where he had bit.“Wow, that is all I had ever hoped for and more.”He chuckled a little, “When you live as long as we do you learn a few things.”My head was starting to clear, “Did you really bite me or was it just a fantasy?”“I did, and it made it that much better didn’t it?” I nodded before he went on, “The only sad part is that we can never have a c***d so it is only for pleasure that we do this.” He paused for a moment, “Do not be offended, but this was your first time correct?” I nodded again. “Strange I did not brake your womanhood.”At that I blushed, “I had played with myself before.”“Hmm… I guess it could be that, but the sun is coming up and we need rest if we are to eat tonight.”He drifted off quickly, and I listened to his deep breathes and thought this wouldn’t be so bad, the sex was great.***

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