I touched my Hymen for the last time.

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I touched my Hymen for the last time.It was freezing as I stood waiting for the bus to arrive. I was cowering in the corner as the wind blew its icy blast up my legs and around the exposed flesh of my upper thighs, my heavy woollen stockings protecting the rest of my legs, and my buttocks and crotch also suffering the same indignity as my panties were nothing more than a thong like triangle.As snow began to fall a car drew up alongside the shelter, providing some relief from the wind, and the passenger side window came down.’Like a bit of business love’, he called out, and I came towards the car and poked my head inside, the interior heat drawing me in?’Sorry’, I replied, having not quite caught onto what he was asking me?’Would you like to earn some money’, he asked me again?I was momentary puzzled, not realizing what it was he was asking me, ‘Money for what’, I retorted?’Blow job, ass fuck, bareback pussy fuck’, he said, the words tripping of his lips in rapidity, and finishing before they were registering in my head, and as I started at him, his hand shot down to his crotch and moved a cloth cover to reveal his erection, sticking upright awaiting my attention.’Fuck off’, I shouted, ‘I’m still in school’. I screeched, a little loud to get above the wind, but enough to tell him I was not a prostitute, which I found out later, that this spot was a regular pick-up point for men wanting sex.I retreated back into the corner of the bus shelter, elazığ rus escort all the time looking around to see if anybody else was around but we were all alone.’Come back’, he called out, all the time continuing to stroke himself, so I looked away, suspecting he wanted me to see him shoot his load, and I was not going to give him that freebie.’Hey’, he pleaded, ‘come-on baby, pleaseeee’, and I finally looked at him and told him to go away, that’s when he pulled his wallet out, and started to flash a wad of notes.Problem was I was no prostitute, and I had no clue what cost what, especially as a girl, surely that must cost more, so yes, as you can see, I was getting comfortable with doing a sex thing for money.I went back to his car window and saw him start to jack himself, ‘Stop that’, I demanded, and he reluctantly did so, and I leant into the window, ‘Take your hands away from yourself’, I ordered, and he did as I bade.’What’s your cost baby’, he asked me softly?’I’m not a prostitute’, I again retorted, and as I spoke his cock started bouncing around, as if having a life of its own.I looked at it and smiled, ‘How do you do that’, I asked him bemused?’It want’s to fuck you baby, it want’s to stretch your tight little pussy’, he said salaciously, his wording exciting him now he had my attention, and as he spoke I could feel my throat tighten and hard to swallow.’It’s too big for me’, I answered honestly, elazığ rus escort bayan I knew enough about sex to know where he wanted to penetrate me with it, but it really did look huge and angry.Then in a quite voice he asked how old I was, and I told him. The look on his face darkened, now he really wanted me, everything about me was fuckable in his eyes, if I was willing, then he wanted to take me, show me, thrill me, be the first to seed me, and he must have felt he was so close to the jackpot, I was chatting, and relaxed, and he knew he could pull it off.’So what do you say’? I was looking open-mouthed as his foreskin peeled back on its own accord, as his cock thickened and hardened, ‘My God’, I thought, ‘just how big can this thing get’?’OK’, I finally succumbed, ‘I’ll watch you only’, I said, and his hand shot across to his cock and he began stroking himself, all the time studying my face, watching the eagerness and the excitement in my eyes.’Show me something’, he asked and I looked around at the desolation around me, making sure we were still alone.I opened the door and framed myself in it, then reaching down I pulled to hem higher up my thighs, until the cold air swirled around my nude flesh above my heavy woollen stockings, revealing my thigh gap and the luminescent triangle of my thong covering my cunny, which I started to pull down with my free hand until they fell to my ankles.I rus escort elazığ bent rather ungracefully and threw then to him and standing upright again, continuing to hold my short skirt high I watched his eyes focus on my small triangle of flesh, devoid of hair and forming a thin line devoid of delicate curves, my Labia still in their girlish delicate budding state of formation.’Lift your leg up’.His hand held my thong, which he brought up under his nostrils and drank in the airs captured from my young crotch, in the threads of fabric, absorbing what I leaked from my canal of love, ‘Let me see your pink hole’, and I lifted my boot from the street and placed it on the door sill, and let my knee bend outwards, feeling the cold air penetrate and fill my expanding vagina.I dropped my hand to my cunny and parted the lips to show my hole, he groaned as her wrapped my panties around the thick shaft and started wanking himself with more vigour than previously.I was staring and waiting for the explosion of semen, when he reached across and touched my inner thigh, his finger searching higher until I felt him go inside me, and hook his finger behind my pubis, and draw me into the car, by now I was powerless to stop him, as I sat down in the passenger seat, drawn in by the heat, and the smell of sex that was causing my nostril to flare, as my head landed on his lap, and my lips attached to his warm thick veiny shaft like a limpet.I heard the car engine purr as he whisked me to somewhere private and secluded, my last glance at the bus shelter where just minutes ago I stood as a Virgin, disappeared into history, and I could feel my pussy purr as a new beginning awaited in a quiet field, where I would be stripped naked and fucked, but that has the makings of another story.

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