I Made My Mom Pregnant

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I Made My Mom PregnantIt all happened two months ago when I was awoken with my dru nk 32 year old mom falling up the stairs, laughing and shrieking at some man she must have picked up on her night out. I was used to it by now, mom fetching men home and having to listen to her getting fucked in the bedroom next to mine.It happens at least twice a week and I have see some odd balls leave the next morning. They are at it now, banging the bed against the wall as he fucks her hard and she is shrinking for more. It only lasts a couple of minutes usually before they both pass out and tonight is no different, peace at last.I was just dropping off again, when I heard movement next door, then footsteps going down the stairs before the slam of the front door. That seems strange I thought to myself and wondered what was wrong for him not to stop the night.I quietly opened my door and saw moms light was still lit in her bedroom and crept along to her door. Peeping through the gap of the open door I could see her past out on top of the bed, semi naked.Being sixteen and curious I stuck my head around the door and saw the full beauty of my busty mom, blouse open and her tits were out over the top of her bra. However, it was her legs that intrigued me, with her skirt around her waist, I could see where her black hold up stockings stopped and pale white flesh took over before coming together with a big dark hairy triangle.My cock twitched in my pyjamas seeing her hairy fanny slightly open and the pink of her inner lips showing. I had to touch myself and slipped my hand inside my pyjamas and took hold of my tool, fuck I was hard.Mom didn’t move so I ventured in to her bedroom for a ataşehir escort better view and there was her little black knickers still on one leg, she mustn’t have had time to get them off properly before fucking him.I touched her fanny and the warn moist hair around her slit, she didn’t stir so I tugged at my cock a little harder in front of her. I felt all strange and naughty for what I was doing but loving the feeling of touching mom.I went up the side of the bed and felt her big fleshy 38 DD tits, I’ve had to empty the washing machine plenty of times so I have knowing this fact for some time, but to see them naked like this is 100 time better than wanking in to her bras for my pleasure. Building my nerve up I touched her erect nipple lightly and felt the hardness of it, nearly as hard as my cock. She was out for the count so I bent down and licked it before taking it inside my mouth.My cock was throbbing, even without playing with it and I had so much more to see before I came. I moved to the bottom of the bed again and touched her hairy bush.Mom was still laid as he got off her; legs apart and on her back and I wondered what it feels like to fuck someone.I gently knelt on the bed and shuffled up between her legs until my cock was at her fanny entrance. I rubbed my cock up between her moist lips, most likely depositing some of my pre cum on to her as I did.The feeling was immense, warn on my cock end but tickly as well with her hairy bush. I could feel something strange happening, building inside me, I started to breath faster. Fuck what’s happening, shit I’m about to come and quickly lifted my cock from her lips as I watch a watery jet of cum squirt over pendik escort her bunched up skirt and on to her belly.I froze to the spot but my cock keeps pumping out all by its self, thick creamy cum spurting out and forming a gooey mess on my mom’s hairy fanny. My cock began to soften in my hand and that is me done, hardly a stroke pulled but what a lot of cum I have left.Catching my breath and not wanting to wake mom, I stop where I was, looking at the beautiful sight in front of me. It’s not long before I am hard again, caused with touching her fanny and stocking covered legsAll I want is to feel my cock parting and slipping in to a fanny for the first time. Holding my cock in my hand I push gently inside my passed out mom, just the tip first but how excited I became when it disappeared from view and her lips sucked around my shaft. The thrill and excitement took over as I began to feed my length inside my mom, wanting more I lent forward on to my arms and watched as my cock went out of sight.I started to thrust gently, trying to use all the length of my cock to fuck my mom, then mom stirred, moaning and sobbing gently.Shit I thought, she’s going to wake up and see her son fucking her but she just whimpered before passing out again. I kept the slow thrusting going, wanting to gain as much experience as I could.Trying to distract my mind from coming, I bent down and sucked on her tit, it was soft, wobbly, and lovely to suck but this heightened my desire to thrust a little faster. Before I knew, I was coming inside my mom’s fanny, which woke mom briefly, her body jerked and spasmed under me, and then I felt her fanny nip my cock in pulses.I kept coming, squirt kadıköy escort after squirt pumped up my cock and I was to excited to realise what consequences would follow. My cock fell out and I knelt in between her legs watching my creamy white cum run out from between her lips.It hit me what I had just done but why did I not see cum already there when I first saw my mom, where was the other mans cum? It soon became apparent, there on the bed side cupboard was a used condom and I needed to clean mom up as best as I could.I wiped then washed her fanny in warm water but the streak of cum over her black skirt was harder to clean, it would just have to do. I switched off her light and went back to bed.Mom was her usual self the next morning, grumpy and still in her cloths from last night when she came down to make a coffee.“Did you see Paul before he left” mom asked “He went last night. Ten minutes after getting here”“The BASTERED” mom said, “I’m going for a shower”Phew I though, I may have got away with thatTwo months on and not another man or drink from that night, mom sat me down for a talk and to tell me she was pregnant and who the father was. Seemingly, she wasn’t as past out as much as I had thought and came too when she felt my cock inside her. It felt different to her, I was gentle and lovingly towards her and she didn’t have the heart to stop me, especially when she felt an orgasm coming, something rarely achieved with her usually men. It was when I was cleaning up my cum from her fanny she knew then I was the type of man she wanted as a father to another c***d she had longed for. All she hoped for was for one of my sperms to swim the other way and fertilise her needs, to which one did.Her bedroom became ours from that day before moving somewhere new a month later and living as a couple. I kiss mom’s growing bump every day now and her hormones makes her want sex all the time.The End

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