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I LOST A BET FOR MY WIFEI LOST A BET FOR MY WIFE.I meet this guy in a bar one night while on a business trip and we got talking as we both sat at the bar drinking, I had never seen him before so we were complete strangers we got onto the subject of being married and what our wives did for a job and so on,Then he told me that his wife was a really hot sexy woman and showed me a photo of her she was certainly very sexy with long legs and a very big bust and asked me what my wife was like,I told him that my wife was also very sexy and that I didn’t have a full body photo only her face so I showed him,‘Wow your wife is very attractive I bet she has a hot body to go with that face? She certainly has that I said and I was very proud to have a really sexy and understanding wife we had been married for 15 years and had a great life together,As the night went on we were talking most of it then the conversation got around to our wives again he asked me had I ever been unfaithful to her “No never have you?Yes many times “Oh I see?You should try it sometime its great “What about your wife?We have a very open marriage maybe you should consider asking your wife if she would like to try it?“You must be joking she would never agree to anything like that?Are you a betting man? “In what way?I would bet you that if you were to suggest it too her she would agree “No she would never agree?Ok I will bet you that I could get your wife to agree to have sex with me,Are you joking with me?Do you like to bet or gamble I will give you £500 to agree that I can try and get your wife to have sex with another man do we have a deal!!!“Well I will have to give it some thought as I’m not too sure at the moment,He’s my phone number gives me a ring if you want to take up my betIt sounds too good to be true I could do such a lot with £500 its very tempting I know she would never agree too having sex with a stranger,It could be a very safe bet and easy money for me but he seems very confident to bet such a large sum of money,I’m curious as to how he would even know how to approach the subject with her or let alone let even talking to her without me knowing what he’s up too,The next day I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind and what I could do with a little extra money so I rang the number when he answered he said I knew you would ring how about we meet later in the bar for a drink and we can seal the deal,That night I waited for him to turn up I didn’t have to wait tuzla escort long ‘Hi let me buy you a drink and we can talk later by the end of the night I was well and truly pissed shall we go to my room for another drink?I just followed him not sure too what I was doing but as we got to the room he said are you now ready to sign for the bet?‘Yes what ever I couldn’t remember what we had agreed so I just signed and then I must have passed out too much drinkWhen I woke up I was lying on the floor it was now light and I was late for work the guy was no where to be seen I didn’t even know his name I got up and went to my room,I then checked out and went to work I was due home later that day as for the stranger I never gave him another thought,It was a couple of weeks when I got a letter through the post it was a demand for £5000 (What the hell is all this about I thought then I read on,You signed an agreement to pay Anthony Smith the sum of £5000 as agreed to the deal signed below that’s my signature I’ve been conned by the stranger in the hotel bar he got me drunk and made me sign this agreement I must tell Sally my wife it was a mistake and try and sort it out,As you might have guest Sally wasn’t too pleased when I told her “How the hell did you get yourself in this position?So I explained what we had said to each other “How stupid could you be and to think I trusted you what does he want from you?£5000 I said?“How the hell can we afford that sort of money?No we can’t “So what are we going to do?I don’t know I’ll ring him and ask him what he’s playing at!I rang but he never answered so I left a message for him to ring me laterThat night he rang me back what do you want I haven’t got that sort of money you coned me you bastard!(There’s no need to swear)You know what I want you signed a deal and I want my part of bet?She would never agree to what you want?Well then you had better convince her then or I will pursue you in through the courts for my money do I make myself clearYes”There will be a parcel coming to your house it will be for your wife there will be details as to what she must wear and where to meet me so you need to start talking to her,Well what did he say and what does he want?Your what he wants?“What do you mean he wants me to have sex with him!Yes’No way I’m not going to do that do you hear me!‘Yes I hear you but if you don’t he will take us to court for the money and he sending a parcel for you!What’s going to be in ataşehir escort it?The clothes he wants you to wear and instructions as to what you have to do?This just gets better is there no way we can change his mind?No”I need to think this over it looks like theirs no other way I hope you relies what this means to me I have never had sex with anyone except you and now your getting me to have sex with this man to save your neck,We didn’t speak for the next few days the parcel arrived as stated when sally opened it there was a full body corset stocking and a black high heels a short black strapless dress, this lot must have cost him a lot of money as it’s a designer labels something I couldn’t afford,It says I must get you to drive me to this address on Friday and to make sure you wait for me?Friday soon came and Sally was now upstairs getting ready,I have to admit the thought of my wife fucking another man made me feel horny I wanted to watch her fuck him?Sally came down the stairs she looked so fucking sexy in the dress it was perfect and the shoes showed her long sexy legs in her stocking she looked amazing?How do I look”?Fantastic?Shame your not going to be able fuck me as this is for another man so take a good look as I’m doing this for you!As we drove to the address we never said a word as I pulled up the place was an out of town motel,My phone rang it was him,Ask your wife to go to room 10”So I parked outside the room and told her to room 10 as he was waiting for her, as she got out the car she said see you later and walked to the door, I watched her at the door it opened and she stepped inside this was it there was no turning back there was anything I could do but wait?Hi Sally my name is Andrew please have a seat and lets get the details out of the way first, your husband signed this contract with me so after tonight is over you can have this contract and that will be the finish of the deal Ok”Yes Ok”Great I see your wearing the items I sent you very nice too you’re a very sexy woman and have a great body!Can we get this over with?There’s no rush I want to enjoy this moment with you’Ok take the dress off I want to see that sexy body of yours?As I started to remove my dress “Oh my god you have a body to die for and you look so sexy in that corset and those legs look amazing!I was feeling good about myself being paid so many complements so I really started to act sexy in front of him if I was going to do this then I was going pendik escort to enjoy it,He then asked me to come closer to him as I did he pushed his face right between my legs and started to put his tong into my pussy “Oh god that felt so good he was now making me feel wet he then turned me around and pushed his face into my arse and used his tong up between my bum cheeksI had never had that done to me before it was amazing now I was ready to start sucking his cock so I turned back to face him and told him lie back on the bed so I could suck his cock he was now hard as it took me a bit of time to get it out of his pants “Wow it was big I sucked him so hard he almost cum in my mouth so I stopped and got on top of him guided his cock to my pussy lips and then pushed him inside of me “Oh my god he was so hard and big it felt wonderful inside of me as I rode him my tits popped out the top of the corset and he was trying to suck on them so I leaned forward for him and he sucked them so much I thought it felt so good I love having my tits sucked by now we were pounding each other so much I was now ready to cum over his big cock”Oh fuck I’m going to cum fuck me harder Oh Fuck me Oh Fuccccccking hell Oh my god I’m cumin Oh Fucccccking hell”As I cum I felt him explode inside of me it was a amazing as I got off his cock I lay on my back next to him he leaned over and started to suck my tits again and worked his way down to my pussy and pushed his tong inside of me and boy did he know how to suck pussy before long I was cumin again I beg him to fuck me again and he did he lifted my legs over my head and pushed his now hard cock right into me “Oh fuck that’s feels so good he was now pounding me hard and I was loving every thrust I was soon cumin again and before long he was pumping me full of him cum it was the most amazing sex I have ever had I didn’t know it could be so good with another man,We rested for about 30 minutes then we fucked again this time he fucked me standing up against the wall he told me I looked so sexy in my heels and stockings and with my tits bouncing as they hung out the top he fucked me another two times I was now dripping in his cum as I felt it pouring out of my pussy as he pulled out of me I must have been with him for hours,As I got dressed and made my way to the door I turned and said to Anthony Thanks for the night I had a real good time and the sex was great tooI might try it again sometime

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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