I helped him cheat then cheated with him

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My husband, Dillon, hosts a poker game once a month at our house with his friends, coworkers, or whoever he can find to try to win some money from. So once a month our basement turns into a poker room. Lots of alcoholic beverages, cigar smoke and cussing. I usually enjoy having the guys over even though I complain about it to my husband. I love Dillon. He’s smart. He’s white, 5’8″ and works as a bank manager. He was a very safe choice for me. My name is Sara. I’m 5’4″, dark hair, dark eyes, and this might sound cocky but I’m very sexy. Nice tits, nice ass, nice legs, everything you would want on a girl. I partied hard in high school and college and had a lot of late nights with a lot of football, hockey and baseball guys. Hell I even hooked up with teachers and coaches and older men who had wives. I was a very bad girl. I loved the attention. I loved having a line up of guys who wanted to fuck me at a party. Or sneaking around fucking a married man or fucking the whole defensive line of the college team in one night. Girls hated me and their boyfriends loved me. So after college I figured it was time to settle down. I met Dillon and put a end to my crazy days. The poker nights are fun. I can be flirty again. I love flirting, especially with Ben. Ben has been a close friend of Dillon’s since they were young and he’s the exact opposite. He’s part black, 6’4″, athletic, works construction and plays competitive football and baseball. He’s still single and always has many girls on the go. Basically the type of guys that I loved fucking in my crazy days. Dillon has complianed about my flirting but can usually put up with it cuz bahis siteleri I fuck him like crazy after a poker night. I always have to tell Dillon that my flirting is never serious and I’m never going to cheat on him and that he has nothing to worry about but I know I’m lying. I know I would fuck Ben in a second if I knew Ben wanted to fuck me and would be able to keep it a secret. This is the story of me and Ben finally getting to that point. It started out the same as every poker night. I had a shower put on a black thong and picked out a sexy little black summer dress. It ended just above the knees, fit loosely and showed a lot of back and sideboob so I didn’t bother with a bra. Then I started making Dillon’s favorite appetizers he picked up after work. I greeted all the guys and escorted them down the stairs to join Dillon and whoever else had showed up. Finally I saw Ben’s truck pull up to the house I watched from the window as he got out. He was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt and jeans. He looked so sexy and confident. I ran to a mirror and fixed up my hair and pulled my tits up and out of my dress a bit more. When he knocked I acted casual as if I didn’t have a crush on him and opened the door. “Oh, Hello Ben!” I said with I nice greeting smile on my face “Hey Sara!” he said with a smile that showed his perfect white teeth and his sexy dimples. He looked me up and down and looked at my breasts for more than a second. I shoved them out a bit more so he could get a good look. “Well? Are you going to come in?” I said in a flirty little voice. “Of course,” he said with embarrassment as he knew I caught him looking canlı bahis siteleri at me, “you look great!” he added as his face flushed with red. I don’t know what came over me but I got up on my tip toes and gave him a tight hug which he accepted and wrapped his arms around my small waist. I didn’t welcome anybody else with a hug. I felt his tight muscles in his arms and it got me pretty excited. We finally ended the long hug and his hands ran down over my butt as we released each other. I wanted his big hands to stay on my ass forever but they were only on it for a second. I ran my hands down his sexy muscular arms and then ended holding his hand. “Everyone is downstairs waiting for you. You’re last as usual,” I joked “Saved the best for last again Sara” “Haha, you are definitely the best,” I said as I started leading him down the stairs. As we got the the basement I announced “the slow poke is finally here! You can finally start the gambling!” everybody had a laugh and started dishing out the money. I always kept the money because of trust issues.  As soon as I got the money I went upstairs to my room and fingered and rubbed myself thinking of Ben’s arms around me. I wanted more from him. After I finished I went back downstairs to get rid of empty beer bottles and plates. I couldn’t help but notice Ben eyeing me up and it really excited me. Everytime I went down to check up on them he was constantly checking me out. Finally my house began to empty. The only two left were Dillon and Ben so I went down to watch the head to head. I was cheering for my husband on the outside but inside I wanted Ben to win for some canlı bahis reason. It seemed to go back and forth forever with both of them winning every other hand. I started to deal because they were both tired of doing it. I was shaking my tits purposely when I dealt and making a lot of eye contact with Ben. We were flirting with each other non stop. After my husband won the third hand in a row Ben continued to flirt. “Sara, I think you are cheating. Why don’t you come sit down on my lap so I can keep a good eye on those cards.” “She’s not a cheater,” Dillon said. “She’d never cheat.” “If I did cheat if make sure you wouldn’t know Dillon,” I said. Ben burst out laughing and I did too. Dillon didn’t like the comment and got a little upset. Which made me upset because he was being a little bitch, so I wanted to go further I got up and sat on Ben’s lap “Okay, come on. Get off his lap and sit on your own chair,” Dillon pleaded “This spot is way more comfortable,” I said back. “I think I’ll sit here the rest of this game unless it gets too hard here,” I looked back at Ben with a grin “I think it’s starting to stiffen up already!” Ben laughed Dillon’s face was shocked at me and Ben were laughing. Dillon was not happy. So me and Ben tried to ensure Dillon the we were joking but I could feel Ben getting harder and my pussy started getting wet. I could tell Ben was big. It had been years since I had a cock that big. Dillon is only about 4 inches hard and I didn’t know how much I missed big cocks until I started to feel Ben growing. I couldn’t help myself from wriggling my ass onto it more. I wanted to get it hard but I couldn’t let Dillon know. It turns out that me and Ben are both great actors. “Alright, just deal the cards so we can end this thing” Dillon said in a panic. Because I was sitting on Ben’s lap I got to see his cards so I started working with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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