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I HAD A DREAMThere was a hot thirty-year old guy in the library washroom yesterday. He saw me looking across at his cock. He looked at me and smiled. He was done pissing but continued to shake and stroke his cock. He was soon erect and proceeded to jerk off. I watched as cum spurted out into the urinal. Last night, I had a dream about him. What if:I saw him again one afternoon at the mall. He walks up to me and says, “Remember me?””For sure”, I answer and give him a big shit-eating grin. “Do you have time to play around a little?””Actually I do. My wife is out visiting today. I have a couple of hours before I pick her up. Did you have mutual jerk off in mind?””Yes exactly that. I’m in town overnight and have a room at Days Inn next door. We can walk there in 5 minutes and have some fun if you’re interested?””Hell yes!”We walk over and yak about one thing and another. I learn that he lives about three hours from here. He is a chef and is here applying for a job at Days Inn. They comp’d him the room overnight. His name is Stan. He is a thirty three year old bachelor. We get to the room. I suggest that we both get naked. I go into the bathroom and grab a couple of towels. When we are buck-naked, I tell him to lay on his back on the bed. I lay beside him on my side with my right leg over top of his left leg. My neck is cradled into his armpit and his right arm is around my neck. My left arm lays between our bodies. I start by rubbing his chest and his belly, avoiding his package. Then I rub his legs as far as I can reach. I play with his nipples but there is no reaction so I desist and start in on his genitalia. I rub his cock up and down and sideways. I fondle his nutsack and caress each testicle separately, then as a couple. His cock is responding and I wrap my fingers around it and slowly squeeze his cock in the middle. His dorsal vein on the topside of his cock is thick and raised and throbbing. I trace it with my bursa escort forefinger, following its path from the base to the end.Soon he is rock hard and his cock throbs and pulses in my hand. His cockhead is not covered by foreskin. He has a very short hood and it doesn’t cover much of his glans even when he is soft. His cockhead narrows at the end and his shaft is thick and gets fatter towards the base of his cock.”Gawd, you feel so good.””Feels good to me too”, he chuckles.His right hand is rubbing my back and shoulders and that feels good to me too. My cock is rising to the occassion. My left hand wraps itself back-handed around it and gently squeezes it to keep it happy for the moment. I start to jerk his cock in a steady tempo and soon his breathing quickens and his hips are moving up and down on the bed in tune with my hand movements. I slow down a bit. I want to prolong my pleasure, and his, as long as possible. I take my hand off his cock and fondle his nuts and rub his pubes for a while. Starting again, I get him all excited by jerking his cock steadily for a few moments. Then I stop and go back to his nuts and crotch. I alternate this a couple of times but his urgency is soon over the top and his left hand grabs mine while I am jerking him. He cums, with my hand between his cock and his hand. Jizz squirts out all over his belly and chest and my hand. I keep stroking him and his pecker feels all squishy in my hand from his ejaculate. His breathing returns to normal. He says, “Thanks, that was awesome.””Awesome for me too. Yours isn’t the only spunk on your hip”, I chuckle.”You went off too?””Sure did, you got me so hot and horny.”I grab a towel and wipe all the spunk from our bodies and the bedspread. I use another towel to dry us off.I lay back down by his side, cradled up against him.”Do you have jack-off buddies?””Hmmm, there are three guys I jerk off with pretty regular and one other guy when he’s in town.””How bursa escort bayan did you guys get together?””Well, Jim and I went to grade school and started jerking off together as teenagers. Then we started jerking each other off. In high school, Jack joined our group. Paul joined us towards the end of high school.””How are they hung?””Jim is cut and his cock is about six inches and thin. Jack is five inches, uncut, with a long foreskin. Paul’s cock is cut and really fat and long. I’ll bet it’s seven inches long and maybe six inches around.” Paul’s nuts are tremendously huge and he shoots a really big load.” “And you only jerk off, no oral or anal?””No, we aren’t gay. We just like straight jerking off. We jerk off together or jerk each other off, that’s it. Sometimes we watch porn dvd’s on tv and circle jerk.””Have you fucked a lot of girls?””Hmmm, not really. A couple in high school & one two years ago but we broke up.””Did you have oral sex with them?'”No, my sex life is pretty tame. Mostly its just jerking off.”While we have been talking, I have been slowly stroking his cock and rubbing his nuts and his belly and groin and legs. He has slowly come back to life and is now erect in my hand. His cock feels hot and heavy and his nutsack has shrunk up tight against his belly. This is awesome and I am really enjoying the feel of his cock and balls in my hand. I jerk him slowly for a few moments and he is really getting into it again. His breathing quickens and he is moaning with pleasure. His hips are grinding around and up and down slightly on the bed.I like this young guy and want to give him something special to remember me by forever. From what he’s told me and he seems to be honest and sincere. I’m pretty positive that he’s clean and safe. I raise up off the bed and kneel between his legs. I hold his nutsack in my left hand and wrap my right hand around his fat cock at its base. I stare at the eye of escort bursa his cockhead and blow hot air on his cock and all around his crotch. His hips thrust upwards as he strains to obtain release. “Stan, I’d really like to suck your cock. Is that ok?””Oh gawd, yes”, he moans breathlessly.My tongue reaches out and licks all around his cockhead. When my tongue tip licks his piss slit, he moans and gasps. I lick up and down his thick dorsal vein, relishing its throbbing against my tongue. I lick the underside of his cock and finally engulf it fully. I suck up and down and he is thrusting up and down. I back off a bit and just stroke him lightly. Then I open my mouth and take his cock inside again. I suck as hard as I can and draw him back out slowly past my lips. Then I do it again. And again. He moans his appreciation. “Oh gawd, that feels so gooooood, so damm goooooooooood.”Next I suck just his cockhead into my mouth and apply as much suction as possible, I go down on him as far as I can. Then I let his cock go and repeat that. Then again. Finally, I get a good steady slow rhythm going as I suck his cock up and down. Still fondling his nuts with my left hand, my right hand is wrapped around his cock base and slowly jerks his shaft up and down in time with my mouth sucking on his cock. He is gasping and breathing fast and heavy as he thrusts into my mouth. I feel his hot cum splash inside my mouth, bathing my throat with hot jizz. My mouth is full and I swallow. More cum spurts and I swallow again. His cum is all squishy and pudding-like and it tastes like ………………..carrots!”Ahhhhhhhh”, he gasps.I keep sucking and licking until his cock is all cleaned of cum. My hand is cum-soaked too and I clean it off as well. His cock goes soft. “Jeez, I never knew a blow job was this goooood.””Liked it did you?””Oh yeah, fuck it was so hot, it was so damm awesome, thank you from below the base of my balls to the top of my dick”, he chuckles. I laugh too and say “You’re welcum, my young friend. You’re a hot guy. You taste of carrots”.He chuckles, “I munch raw carrots all day, every day.””Ahhhhhh, I guess that’s why”, I chuckle too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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