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I got caught prt2.Standing ther complety naked, with his beautiful woman worshippnig my cock was more than I could take. Her mouth nd throat we’re suckn me in a very genltly loving way. Cori keep looking into my eyes. My mouth hanging open in disblievment. My cock jumped nd my balls tightnd in that familier feeling. She felt my cock start to jump. She pulled my sack. Took a hair wrap from her wrist nd snapped in place around my balls. Then she took another nd put it at he base of my cock. Looking up at me she smiled. She stood. Took my hand and started to walk towards the door. “Would u like to come up to our apt? We have some toys we could play with” she let go of my hand. Turned around nd sliped a nipple from her dress. It was so hard. Like looking at an eraser from a pencil. She gave her nips pull. Then she slaped my cock head. “Paul is already puttinng some drinks out” I looked out the window nd he was gone.”we will be upstairs if u want to play” she said to me as she turned around and started to head towards the door. She stoped when she reached the handle. Spread her legs. Reached inbtween her legs lifting her dress, she bent over nd slid a finger over her ass crack. I could see the wetness frome where I was standing still in shock.she reached bak with her other hand. Spread her perfect looking ass cheeks nd gave me a peek at her swollen pussy lips. “I hope u deside to come up. It has been awhile for me nd Paul to play with some1. We r kinda picky. But u look like the kind of guy who willl really get into the way we play” she turned her head. Gave mea wiink, blew a kiss towards me nd open the door. “Bye Mike” she cooed. “Hope to see u soon” she giggled nd closed the door.A couple of seconds later I heard the door upstairs open nd close. I didn’t know wat to do. I had to hair ties on my cock n balls. The urge to jack my cock was over welming. I could still feel her spit on ass. My hand went to the door. Then stoped. I am naked I thought. I quickly went to my room. Grabed a pair güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of workout pants. Scanned my room for a shirt. Decsided not to wear one. I then went to the kitchen opening the fridge I took out my bottle of J.D single barrle. Sliped on my shoes nd wlaked out the door.As I walked upstairs, the possibilites flooded my mind. Remember I watch a great deal of porn on hamster. My mind was racing with thoughts as I knocked on the door.Paul opened the door. He was so handsom. Like the all american guy look. His muscle toned body was showing off. He smiled nd it put me at ease a lil. A very strong confidant low voice that made my balls ache said, “Hi”. He xtended his hand I took his hand again out of reflex. He gfiped my hand nd gave it a firm shake. I felt very safe when feeling the confidance that was comn from him. He lookd at me. “Cori told me that u were very turned on my body.” I felt myself blush like a girl. He grined out of the corner of his lips that gave him a very c***dlike feature. “I have to admit I like the way ur dick responded to my body Mike” when he said my name the tip of my dick jumped. My balls raised nd my ass tightned. I would have cum then but the ties stoped me. “Plse come in” he told me as he put his arm around my shoulders. His touch sent sparks thru my body as my body reacted nd I felt myself get hot. He guided into the living room. There was Cori. She still had her sundress on, but she had put her hair bak in a poneytail.she looked like a highschool girl. “Mike ” she greeted me. “Would u like a drink?” She moved with grace towards the kitchen. My arm just lifted nd I presnted my bottle like I c***d shows their parents something for approval. “Ok” she said nd took my bottle. She winkd at me “I also enjoy Single Barrle” taking the cap off she took a swig. As she lowered the bottle she used it like a dick nd sucked on it. Licking nd let out a moan.Paul still with his arm around me gave me squeeze. He laughed. perabet güvenilir mi Then started to lead me to the couch. “Mike. I find the way u reacted to ne a huge turn on. I would like for the three of us to have some fun. If that is ok with u, why don’t u make urslef at home” he looked directly in my eyes. His were soft looking. Very young. I could see the xcitement in his eyes. I can’t xplain why, but looking at him I felt like nothing could harm me. I started to loosen up nd not be a shy.”Thnx Paul” I said smiling at him. I tried to look as coy as I could. His smile got bigger. “U have very nice place. It is bigger than my apt. I have a one. Is this a 2 bedroom?” I asked as I wlkd towards the kitchen to Cori.”Yes. We thought of gettn a one, but sometimes Cori goes out with her friends nd brings home a playmate” he was walking beside me. I could smell him. He made me wat to jerk off so bad. “We found that a one brings some problems if the playmate isn’t a fan of swinging. R u a fan of swinging Mike?” He stopd nd grab my ass. I flinchd. They both laughd.”Truthfully I have never been with a man. Only threesome I had was with another woman. I don’t know.” Cori handed me my drink. Walk over to Paul. She kissed him deep. When she stepd bak she had removed his shorts. His manhood was slightly erct. I just satred at it. This was the first cock I was looking at besides mine. It was maginficent. Even in a semi hardon he was much bigger than me. His head was a perfect mushroom shape. As I stood there he started to walk over to me. Taking my hand he palced it on his cock. It was so warm. I started to squeeze it. He reacted. His cock started to grow from my touch. This was turning me on. I let my hand slide the length of his cock, stopping at the tip. I gave it it a tug. His balls contracted. Cori had moved behind nd took my pants to my ankles. She started kising my bak. I continued to slowly fondle Pauls massive member in my hand. My good he was big. As he tipobet grew the viens in his cock startd to pulse. He started to thrust his hips into my hand. My pace on his dick got faster. He started to moan his aproval. Cori had started to kiss nd bite my ass cheeks. I steped out of my pants nd spred my legs. She shoved her face innto my crack nd was lickng my asshole. I don’t know wat came over me. I leaned in nd started to kiss Pauls chest. His breathing quicknd. I took my other hand nd started to pull on his balls. Cori had sltherd her tongue inside my ass. The feeling was electric. I suck on Pauls nip nd started to jack him off. Fast. I looked down nd saw his precum. I wiped with my finger nd brought to my lips. He was very sweet. Tasting his precum made me want to taste the real deal. I wanted his cum in my mouth. We moved to the living room. They sat me down. Cori sat next me still in her sundress. Paul stood inches from my face. I could see his pulsing cock looking at me. I stuck my tongue out. Nd licked his cock. He let out a moan. Cori started to lick the tip of dick. I reached up nd started to jack him off. Every so often I would lick the tip. He was gettn very hard. I couldn’t help it. I leand in. Open my lips. Kissing the tip of his cock. It was soft nd warm. Slightly wet from his precum. I stuck my tongue out nd slid it down the base of his cock. Slowly I took more of this beautiful cock in my mouth. He let out a hissing yes. I started to suk on his cock while I jacked him. He started to buck his hips. All of a sudden he erupted in my mouth. The shower of cum coated the roof of my mouth. It was so muc I started to choke trying to swallow it. I pulled off nd some the last couple streams hit my face. It was amazing.Cori was watching nd had started to play with her pussy. As Paul took a step back she attacked my cock like a wild a****l. Moaning nd sucking. Twirling her tongue on me. She took the tie off the base of my cock nd I felt a lil bit of cum shoot forward. She greedily ate it. She then released the tie around my balls. Took my cock to the back of her throat. I started to cum. I could feel my globy mess shooting into her mouth. She keep my dick in the back of her throat while she ate evry last drop. I was in heaven. That was just the start of night

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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