I Fucked My Sister’s Best Friend Ch. 02

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Part 2 of this story takes place about a month after my first encounter with Kelsey.

At the end of that first night we spent together, she sent a picture of her cum-covered ass to her best friend/roommate/my sister. Obviously I was mortified, but at that point it was too late.

My sister, though, was pissed off, as expected. Within minutes she was blowing up my phone, calling me all sorts of names and using all kinds of colorful language. But after a couple days of sulking, she got over it. It wasn’t as big of a deal as Kelsey and I had expected. We had our night of fun and that was the end of it, we thought.

A month went by and nothing super notable went on between us. Kelsey started seeing somebody and I had a hookup with a girl I worked with a long time ago. I truly believed what happened between me and Kelsey that night was a one-time thing.

Then I got a text from Kelsey: “Hey, come over here and fuck me.”

I responded, “can’t your boyfriend do that?”

The little “typing” ellipse bubble appeared and disappeared a few times as she started and stopped her reply.

Eventually: “We broke up.”

Jackpot. Like I said, I figured it had been a one-time thing, but I’d secretly been hoping I’d get another round with her.

I was about to sit down to eat, so I texted her back and let her know it would be about an hour.

“But I don’t want to wait an hour,” she replied.

Another reply, in quick succession: “I want your cock inside me, daddy.”

Then she sent that damn picture of my cum on her back. “Remember how much fun we had last time?”

Of course I remembered.

“I’m on my way,” I said. Then, I followed up with: “Be ready for me.”

Her response: “Yes, daddy.”

I changed into some jeans and lost my boxer briefs (what was the use?) and got in my car. On the drive, I thought about the ramifications of what we were about to do. It wasn’t going to just be a one-time fling anymore. But that was good, right? After all, she’s sexy, I’m perpetually horny—that’s a pretty good arrangement.

I arrived at her place about 10 minutes later and headed up the steps before knocking on the door. A brief moment of panic as I scanned the parking lot for my sister’s car, but luckily, she was out doing something else that evening.

A few seconds later, Kelsey opened the door and ushered me inside.

She was wearing a robe that covered her shoulders down to her butt, but I assumed that wouldn’t be staying on for very long. I saw a hint of bare ass underneath, so she was clearly either naked or wearing a thong that covered the minimum area required to qualify as underwear. She grabbed my arm and led me to her bedroom, a surprisingly neat and tidy space with a made-up bed and everything in its place.

Kelsey smiled at me, sank to her knees, and unbuttoned my jeans, then unzipped my zipper enough to reveal my already-bulging cock. She reached inside and pulled it out, letting my shaft and balls breathe (finally). She bit her lower lip that sexy way she did the time before, then went to work.

The next few minutes were incredible. Kelsey has a gift when it comes to giving blowjobs—she has a way of working a cock with her mouth, tongue, and hands that just feels nothing short of amazing. Over the next several months I eventually lost count of how many times she made me cum with her mouth alone (more on that another time).

After she finished sucking my dick, she got up on the bed and beckoned me to come forward. I took off my shirt and for the first time really stared at her.

She was ultra-sexy that evening, wearing her pink robe over a set of white lingerie: a push-up bra decorated with lacy frills, with a matching thong that, as expected, covered very little of her pussy. On top of her smooth, tan skin, it looked fucking amazing.

I grabbed her around the waist and started kissing her, letting her robe fall to the bed as we moved up toward the headboard. My hands danced over her lower back and butt.

Kelsey was moaning almost uncontrollably already, which I thought was odd considering she hadn’t even really Disney plus izle gotten naked yet.

Speaking of getting naked, I took the opportunity to slip out of my jeans. Our bodies pressed together and her hands wrapped around my shoulders as I got on top of her, my bare cock dragging slightly across her upper leg and over the side of her thong.

“Yes, daddy, drag that cock over my body.”

Despite the undeniable and overwhelming sex appeal oozing from her lingerie, I was more interested in what was underneath. That push-up bra made her tiny tits look incredible, but I wanted to get my hands on them. I reached around Kelsey’s back and unhooked her bra. Her breasts stumbled out as the bra made its way to the floor on the side of the bed. She kept moaning throughout, every touch seemingly sending her to a new high.

I put Kelsey back on her back and moved my head level with her tits. She closed her eyes as I started sucking on her left breast while fondling the other. My lips moved over the tiny mound, my tongue resting occasionally on her perky little nipple. My free hand worked its way down to her thong, briefly rubbing her pussy from the outside. Before too long, her thong was pulled aside, my hand working her already-wet pussy. It was clear to me that she’d already been playing with herself before I arrived.

In fact, she’d really been playing with herself. I suspected there had been some lube and maybe even a dildo involved. There was no way she was this wet just based on what we’d done so far.

Kelsey moaned further as my middle finger penetrated her pussy, easily sliding inside her warm, dripping slit. She fucking lost it.

I wiggled my finger around inside her, making a sort of “come here” motion with it as I drug it along the inner wall of her pussy. I matched the movement on the outside, using my other hand—now completely abandoning its place on her tits—to rub her mound. I noticed she had let a tiny little bit of hair grow back in the area just above her slit.

Then I noticed something a little lower—a glint of something pink caught my eye. I pulled on the sides of her thong, peeling it off her body and sliding it over her legs. Beneath Kelsey’s thong was a small pink jewel, the tip of a buttplug lodged inside her cute ass.

“Fuck, Kelsey,” I said. “Is that what I think it is?”

She bit her lower lip and nodded.

“No wonder you’re so turned on.”

She laughed a little and got up onto her knees, meeting me at my height and planting a big kiss on my lips. Her hands went low, her fist forming around my dick, tugging on it blindly.

For a few minutes we stayed like that, kissing each other inconsistently while she fondled my cock and balls.

Finally Kelsey gently turned me around and pushed me backward so that I was on the bed on my back. I repositioned myself so my legs weren’t dangling over the edge, then Kelsey climbed up on top of me.

Kelsey stretched her entire torso as she mounted me cowgirl-style. I guided my cock—now impossibly hard—into her pussy as she lowered herself onto me.

“Fuck, Kelsey, you’re so tight,” I commented. That buttplug must have been doing quite a number on her. I stayed still for a few moments while Kelsey adjusted to having my cock inside her. She rocked her hips back and forth, simultaneously rubbing her pussy against me and letting my cock slide in and out of her. Her tits looked amazing from this angle. Her nipples—rock hard at this point—are undoubtedly one of her best features, two perky little mounds atop her small breasts.

Her pussy was equally sexy and that tiny patch of well-trimmed hair gave it an undeniably great accent. Grinding against my body, it looked amazing.

Once Kelsey was situated she started bouncing on me. Fuck, it felt incredible. I let my head back and closed my eyes, letting her slam the whole weight of her tiny body down on my cock and balls. Her pussy slithered up and down my penis, every bounce letting it come almost all the way out of her before she came back down. With every thwack of her body against mine, a small amount Exxen izle of chemicals was released into my brain, almost orgasmic with every fall.

After letting her ride me for a few minutes, I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down, pressing her chest to mine and drawing her close for a kiss. I lifted my legs a little to give me more support, then started thrusting my cock into her. She clutched my head, neck, back, anything she could get her hands on to steady herself. I used my legs to thrust into her, sliding my cock in and out of her dripping pussy. As I found a good rhythm, my balls began slapping up against her pussy, every slap resulting in a huge moan from Kelsey.

Now that I had her lying on top of me, I took the opportunity to grab two handfuls of her perfect ass. We started into another rhythm, our bodies moving together in ecstasy while my cock navigated the inside of her pussy. I gave her ass a couple slaps, never completely letting my hands move away from her butt. I used my hands to guide her movements, making sure each of our bodies were hitting each other at the exact same rate.

I let my right hand wander over her ass. My hand went down the center of her back, two fingers on each cheek and my middle finger resting on her buttplug.

I brought my other hand to her waist and wrapped it around her, pulling her close as I continued fucking her pussy, kissing her, and putting pressure on her buttplug all at once.

She started screaming closed-mouth screams in ecstasy. She was fucking loving it, the feeling of riding my cock with a buttplug inside her.

Little beads of sweat began to form on her lower back as her orgasm built. Her body’s response was undeniable, she was built for this kind of sex. This dirty, naughty, carnal act of pleasure. Fucking just for the sake of fucking.

I pressed on her buttplug again, this time keeping it consistent through several thrusts of my dick.

She exploded in orgasm, sweat building, her breathing changing rapidly, her body buckling with the flood of hormones engulfing her entire being. I felt her pussy contract slightly around my penis.

Kelsey took a moment to compose herself, then lifted herself off me and rolled onto her back.

“Don’t fucking stop,” she demanded.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

She spread her legs for me. I spat on her mound to keep her wet, then got on my knees in front of her. In that upright position, I slid my cock back into her pussy. I placed a hand on her stomach to steady myself, then went to work burying my penis inside her. With one hand I grabbed her leg and held it high in the air; I placed my other hand on her pussy, my thumb pressed just above where my cock was sliding in and out of her.

“Mmm, daddy, fuck me hard…” she moaned.

I obliged, vigorously grinding my hips into her, pressing hard with my thumb, and allowing my body to become one with hers. She grabbed both of her legs and held them high for me, exposing her incredible pussy and giving me a great view in the process.

I pulled out and slapped my dick against her pussy, taking a break to lick her between her legs. She tasted good, her pussy warm and her juices sweet.

I got back up and drug my cock over the top of her pussy. She raised her legs back up and angled her body up to give me the best view of her ass yet. Her pussy ended at a point, then about half an inch of skin, then her beautiful asshole, currently decorated with that pink jeweled plug.

She looked up at me and smiled. “Take it out, daddy.”

I’d never been so eager to do something in my life.

I let myself fall to the bed, sitting in front of her as I grabbed the plug with my thumb and index finger. I toyed with it for a moment, pulling slightly and then pushing on it a little. I spat on my hand and ran my thumb around her asshole, making sure it was nice and slippery before attempting to pull the plug out. Finally I got a good grip on it and tugged. She took a deep breath as I pulled on it, her eyes closed and her head back. I saw her ass making every attempt to fight the pressure, eventually Gain tv izle giving way to my efforts.

All at once, several things happened.

First, Kelsey’s ass returned to an almost-natural state, no longer forced open by the shaft of the plug.

Second, Kelsey exhaled a massive breath, her eyes opened wide, and her head bucked forward.

Third, I knew she wanted my cock in her ass.

After a quick break to lube up, I got back in that same position, positioned the head of my cock against her beautiful hole, and worked my way inside her. Her body was a wet, dripping mess. Between that and the practice she’d gotten with the buttplug, I wasn’t surprised there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of resistance to accepting my cock.

That said, there was still quite a bit of resistance. I pushed hard, surprised at how tight she still was.

“Fuck, yes! Don’t stop!”

I pushed deeper, my cock about halfway buried inside her, penetrating her tight, perfect asshole. I rocked back and forth on my knees, staying about halfway inside her momentarily while we both got used to this new territory.

I grabbed her butt from underneath and repositioned her, holding her slightly above the bed. Still inside her, I raised my left leg up and put my foot on the bed bent at the knee, the other knee still supporting the majority of my weight.

“Fuck my ass,” she ordered, smiling as she said it.


For the next ten or so minutes, I fucked Kelsey’s ass. In the meantime she rubbed her pussy, even sliding a couple fingers in. At a couple points, she looked up at me with squinted eyes, open-mouthed, a face of pure desire.

I pulled out of her ass, then flipped her over to where she was lying on her stomach. I smacked her ass with an open palm (more than once) and kissed her bare butt, then straddled her once again. She spread her ass for me and I slid my cock back inside her tight asshole.

Fucking Kelsey is like nothing else—it’s truly indescribable. Her ass tightened on my cock, surely some involuntary response to the foreign object filling her up.

As I fucked Kelsey, I put a hand on her back and pushed her into her pillow. She screamed into it, loving the feeling of her roommate’s twin brother inside her tight, perfect, cute little butt.

There was no fucking way I could keep going. Between the arousal and the numerous near-orgasms I’d almost had, plus the sheer exhaustion that comes with hourlong fuck-sessions… I was nearly spent.

I pulled out of her ass once again and signaled for her to roll onto her back. She obeyed and smiled up at me.

“You’re fucking amazing,” she said. I was certainly proud of the job I’d done so far.

But I wasn’t finished yet.

I straddled Kelsey’s stomach and began stroking my cock. I’d very nearly cum when I was proneboning her, so I knew it wouldn’t take much before my cock exploded with semen. I gave my dick five or six quick pumps, then felt myself starting to cum.

Kelsey smiled and opened her mouth as my cum shot forward, mostly landing on her face and neck. I was a little disappointed in my aim—none made it into her mouth—but it got close enough that she could lick it off her cheek and her chin.

Once again, this girl looks sexy covered in cum. My cock already had that post-coital feeling of numbness. It had served its purpose for Kelsey, tearing her apart and depositing her reward all over her face.

I crashed onto the bed next to her, exhausted. She sprung up and leaned over me, kissing me deeply.

“Fuck, Kelsey…” I started.

“Mmm,” she replied.

I felt my cum drip from her face to mine. I’d never really tasted my own cum before, but I honestly didn’t care at this point. It had an almost… salty component to it? (Actually, I kind of liked it, in a sense.) We made out like that for a while, our bodies still grinding somewhat and our faces smeared with cum.

Around midnight, Kelsey looked up at me.

“Don’t leave,” she said.

I honestly hadn’t even given a thought to my overnight plans. But after fucking this sexy girl’s ass… if I wanted any chance of fucking her a third time, I’d better stay the night.

“I’m not going anywhere,” I said. I brushed her hair out of her eyes and held her tight.

The next morning I woke up to a magnificent handjob. I suspect Kelsey just wanted cum for breakfast.

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