I felt the big pain.

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I felt the big pain.Hello my friends. I realised u liked my diary.I went trough of a lot of memories, good and bad, nice and ugly , but most of the memories of that time is about how to make someone’s happy. After my fathers start to see me as a girl ,who can satisfy him in lots of different ways. Slowly slowly I get use to it . To how be a good girl for him and how to quickly in different places specially in public places make a cover up story or cover my naked body for good. I loved my father and my female part. Drawer full of panties and bra shelf full of creams and make ups. For long time except home and school I wouldn’t wear anything but females clothes. my big and round butt with my tits plus my fathers dick and his cum made me to believe I was changing from male to female and I was trying to get there ASAP. Usually in those two weeks of my fathers working shifts in a month he would takes everything and keep them somewhere outside of home to prevent my mothers to find out. But I was starting to be more curious and I liked to have more experience I loved get the attention and when strangers was coming to me I had my best time. Because in same time I afraid of them and liked to see what they have in their minds. That’s why I kept few panties and some makeup and couples of capri. But I never had cortège……To wear them outside and just sometimes I was wearing them in night times. One day my mother was cleaning my room and I knew I can’t leave anything in there. That’s why I took all of them and put them in my bag pack and went to school.Before I leave school that they to come home I couldn’t resist any longer and I went in toilet and take off my underwear and wear a nice yellow pantie with small blue flowers in it. I was getting excited and nervous and quickly wore my jeans on it. And I came home without anyone even notice me. Day after I was getting ready tuzla escort for school and I just couldn’t hold my self and don’t do anything stupid. I didn’t wear anything at all under my trousers and my I wear my stretch etshirt under a thin jacket. As soon as I walked out I realised it was really stupid idea because I needed to take off the jacket in bus and in classrooms and with this shirt I’m wearing there’s no way for doing this. And not wearing underwear was makings me uncomfortable. But I needed to spend that day like this. That day I had class with the teacher who was interested to me an my body. I wanted to cry because I forgot that and also I didn’t want he find out about these girls stuff and anything about that. But I was so wrong because he knew what’s going on after a first break . When everyone went out for break and he put his hand from my jackets zip while I was sitting in chair and he was standing above my head. He grabbed my breast and he was telling me how am I today. But as soon he felt that I’m wearing that shirt under my jacket and he felt my nipples with his fingers. He turn around and stood front of me very slow unzipped my jacket and start to wildly rubbing my tits. He was telling me I’m so beautiful on this tshirt ……He unzipped his trousers pulled out his huge dick and held my head and filled my mouth with his cock. . He gave me his cock and I socked on it and liked his cock without saying a word. G he came I didn’t let a single drop of his juice waste any where and i drank all of it. When he saw me so Horney like this , first he like it but suddenly he stopped and asked me why I’m wearing this shirt and told me to stand up pull my trousers dawn when he found out I’m not wearing any underwear he get angry and wanted to know why and who is the person I’m seeing and start to telling me I shouldn’t see anyone everybody want take pendik escort advantage of me and and and . I didn’t tell him to get someone’s attention to myself I did it. Instead I told him because I’m going to gym and for the gyms outfit I can’t wear underwear. Then I took out my capri from bag and quick wearing it . After I wear the capri I pull that up to the middle of it goes exactly between my butts and my round ass shine in there . He fingerd me and touching me every where ok . He grabbed his cock again bend me and made me suck on it again. After his cock get wet he spit it on my ass while I was wearing the capri . He made my leg and his dick wet and start to drilling my ass he made a hole in my capri and find his cocks way between my butt. Back and forth drilling . I felt his hot juicy cum between my buttocks when I wanted to clean my self he said sit dawn lets my cum stick to u to no one else’s f u after smelling of cum from u. It was a lot of cum on me and I almost forgot I’m wearing capri with a hole in back and smell of cum. He taught I met someone and I’m wearing this for him. He took me in his home and from first step of car he start to take off my clothes and touch me to the bathroom. He naked me there start to play with my boobs and sock on them. He start to hold my tiny dick and kisses my dick. Then he spits on his hand and grabbed his cock full wives cock I’m always scared of his thick long dick . I needed to hold that with my both hand to cover part of it. He take me next to wall put his hand dawn open his finger and I spred my legs for his cock to get in right place. He ditched his cock between my butt I could see from my front long cock came from back. He start to move and I felt his cock never gonna finish in there. Few times he fingered me. But I just wouldn’t let him to do that as I knew it’s bad. He told me to bend on my knee my aydınlı escort he’d was on floor hips up he put his dick on my ass hole i tough like few times before he just want toch it with his dick . I saw Vaseline and I standup and start to bag him please don’t Fock my ass hole ur dick will rip me off. but hi was mad he jumped on me hold me so hard n try to get a way to my ass holeand I close my leg made my self hard and wouldn’t let him to just have my hole. He was trying to open my leg with his knees and I was crying for his mercy.while he was forcing me he start to talk and moved his hand from my ass to my breast and with other hand start to rub my ear and start to say just let me to inter ones I won’t inter whole inside, you’ll be like it , nothing’s will be change , I promise no pain or hurt. He was kissing me and talking when I realised his finger is in my ass hole. He was putting his finger in Vaseline then rub my hole and then put his finger in my ass i told him I’ll do anything for u when ever where ever u can take me but don’t rip me off. He turned and massive cock pushed to my mouth I sucked his cock very well I tried to be good and forget my ass, he came in my mouth n made sure to I swallow all. He jumped in back pull my hips and push my head dawn and start to rub my ass and leg I could feel his finger some times is touching my hole. But at least I knew it’s just his finger. Then he used more Vaseline with his thumb hold my ass and use his little finger to inter in hole I felt his finger in there. Suddenly he put his cock in my hole and pushed I screamed it wasn’t going in and he was pushing inside , I stick to floor, he came with me dawn . Ohhh it was hurtful. He interd in my ass hole I was crying he was like a wild horse jumping on me ,his cock wouldn’t go in just the head and he was trying to put the rest of it in and then he stopped moving and I felt worm inside my ass. He laid next to me and start to kissing me and try to make it up touch my nipples and dick . We went to get shower and he f me there one more time on my breastI. Hope you do me with this chapter , hard and kind.

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