I can’t believe I fucked my grandmother

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I can’t believe I fucked my grandmotherThis happened a long time ago, but it is still on my mind like it was yesterday.It was the end of my high school junior year, I was barely 17 when summer arrived. I needed a summer job but the economy in my town stunk and I was having no luck. I was desperate.My folks were worried about me and we brainstormed one evening about places I could look for work. Finally my mom hit upon an idea, I could move to Utah and live with my grandmother for the Summer. I would probably have better luck looking for work there than in my hometown in Oregon. It made sense. So, we called grandma and she agreed to take care of me for the Summer.I took the bus to Ogden, Utah and arrived at the bus depot near grandma’s on a hot June evening. It was sweltering. Grandma picked me up in her old car, glad to see me (she lived alone) and glad to have a “man” around the house to look after things. Although she was roughly 68 years old, her body was one of a strong, vibrant woman much younger. Her hair wasn’t totally white yet (it was still mostly dark)and her body seemed strong and firm compared to other women her age. She was a bit large-boned and had large breasts, thighs and buttocks. But as near as I could tell, she was not too jiggly like other older women.I sat at her kitchen table upon arriving at her old-fashioned three bedroom home; she let me have some lemonade to cool off, asked me about my trip and then said it was late so she would be going to bed. She said that due to the heat, she would leave the fan on in the hall and leave her bedroom door open. My room was just across the hall from hers and she told lordbahis güvenilirmi me I might want to leave my bedroom door open too so that my room would cool off. I thanked her for everything and she stood up and said good night. She bent forward to kiss me on the forehead, I gazed straight ahead at her big tits while she was bending forward. Oh my god I could not get that sight out of my mind. Being 17 and almost always horny, just a glimpse of a woman’s large breasts gave me a hard on.Since I had consumed so much caffeine on the bus trip, it was going to be difficult going to sleep. After finishing my lemonade I stayed up and watched a little TV hoping to unwind. I was anxious, tense and still a bit horny as I walked down the hall and went in the bedroom to undress and hopefully go to sleep. It was so hot I just took off my clothes and laid on top of the bed in my boxer briefs. I left the bedroom door open and the air from the fan felt good as the breeze wafted over my tense body. I listened for Grandma’s breathing across the hall and fantasized a bit about seeing her naked. She had such a strong, sexy body. Of course she was taboo so I also felt guilty engaging in such a fantasy. I had caught a glimpse of her tits, I fantasized about the rest of her body.I finally dozed off a bit but then awoke in the middle of the night, it was a little after 2:00 a.m. I got up to go to the bathroom and emptied my bladder and then went back to bed-just laying there on top of the bed with my eyes closed. I listened for grandma and could faintly hear what sounded like heavy breathing in her room. I also heard lordbahis yeni giriş what sounded like someone rubbing something in a fast motion. Then a bit of a gasping sound came out of her room. Then it was quiet, followed by some more heavy breathing and her bed creaking and shaking.I fantasized some more about her, then got up and tip-toed out the door and across the hall, my heart was pounding as I tried to peak in her room in the hot dark night. I didn’t want her to know I was trying to spy on her. I could make out that she was laying on her bed, and in the moonlight I could see that she was completely naked. The nipples on her big tits were erect and engorged. Her legs were spread open and her hands were rubbing at her pussy area. I immediately had a raging hard on. My heart pounded in my ears. I was afraid she might see me, but I was so horny that I just reached down and started stroking my cock, watching her rub her pussy and her breasts. I had heard that women masturbated but the sight of seeing my grandma with her big sexy body vigorously rubbing her snatch just drove me wild. I wanted to fuck her so bad!It startled me as I found myself whispering out “Grandma!” I froze and gulped hard realizing what I had done. She heard me, the motion of her hands stopped and she turned to face me. There was a lot of tension in her whispered reply “Come in here,” she said. “Please!”I walked into her room, my cock fully engorged and bulging out of my briefs. I stood next to her bed, my cock even with her face, she then reached over (I thought I was going to explode)and started sucking and carressing lordbahis giriş my dick. It didn’t take long and I blasted cum all over her face and the sheets of her bed. I was so excited that my dick stayed completely hard, it was just as hard and sensitive as it had been before cumming. I groped for her and got on top of her warm, smooth, soft body and then stuck my cock in her wet pussy. I began humping her and I could feel that she was thrilled as my cock thrust deeper and deeper. She was moaning and sighing and breathing hard and then started talking dirty to me as she wrapped her legs around me and grabbed my ass. “I want you to fuck your grandma. Fuck me hard. Oh god, fuck me, fuck me, I want to be fucked.” It went on and on. I unloaded cum in her pussy and we climaxed together. When it was over, we lay there fully embraced.As the night went on, I fucked her over and over, I reached orgasm at least 6 times that night as I recall. I could not get enough of it, and neither could she.The next morning, we had a talk, and vowed that this would remain our secret. No one should ever know about this and we probably should never let this happen again.We were both so horny however, that in the afternoon after coming back from job hunting we ended up fucking again, only this time in the kitchen. We both soon realized that it was just going to keep happening. We decided to just go for it and not ever tell anyone else about our sexual pleasures with each other. By the end of the summer I easily fucked her over a hundred times. I did everything with her, anal, oral, missionary, doggie, role-play, some bondage, licking her ass, strap-on fucking my ass, etc. We tried it all and loved it all. I soon was familiar with every inch of her amazing body. I knew her smell, the taste of her cunt juice, even the taste of her ass and feet.I will never forget that amazing Summer. No one I have ever been with since could fuck like my grandma.

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