How The Pandemic Changed My Life

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The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the United States in 2020 was an interesting time. I was already effectively working from home as I am a technical software consultant, with clients right across North America and requirements to do my job at all sorts of odd hours so my clients didn’t have business hours disruptions. My two-bedroom apartment was nicely set up with an office space I could close the door on, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area. My last relationship had faltered several months earlier; neither one of us was really at fault, but neither one of us really wanted to push things forwards either. The split was relatively amicable, and in a way it was a bit of a relief when the pandemic hit and life started to close down, because I could take some time and really re-asses my life.

When the lockdowns started in March, my life didn’t change that much, except for my violin teacher stopping lessons; compared to many others, though, I was very fortunate. Companies suddenly needed an e-commerce solution whereas only a month earlier they had no interest, so I had plenty of work. My life became routine within my apartment, with weekly food deliveries and the occasional Amazon purchase to break the pattern. One day in early April, I was working on integrating an e-commerce platform into a company’s ERP system when my phone buzzed. Glancing at the screen, I could see it was my younger sister Kate, who worked in HR at a big accounting firm. Ever since our parents had died some years earlier, we occasionally spoke and sometimes met up on significant occasions; but at this point it had been several years since I had actually seen her and some six months since we last spoke. She wanted to know if I was free for a quick call, so I texted back to give me five minutes.

Five minutes later, I called her. She was upset.

“Jake, I need a place to crash for a week. My boyfriend has become an abusive asshole, and I need out today!”

Of course I offered her to stay with me, and asked if she needed a hand getting her stuff from the boyfriend’s apartment. She told me that everything she needed was in two suitcases she had with her, so I confirmed my address with her and she said she would take an Uber there after she finished her work.

Six pm came, and my intercom buzzed. Kate was downstairs. I buzzed her in, and went down to help with her suitcases. It had been a while since I last saw her, and she was stunning in her business suit. The tears, however, told a different story, and I got her upstairs and inside. She flopped down onto a sofa, kicked off her heels, and over the course of a pizza and beer told me what had happened. Basically, her boyfriend had started getting abusive; at first verbally and then last night physically. She waited for him to go to work the next day, packed her suitcases with as many clothes and personal stuff as she could, and went to work. She called a few close girlfriends first to see if she could stay with them, but with the country starting to shut down because of the pandemic they were a bit reluctant. So she called me, not as a last resort but not her first choice either.

I offered my bedroom to her, but she wouldn’t hear of it; she insisted on the sofa as we turned in for the night.

The next day, I asked her about her plans. Sleeping on the sofa solved a problem, but was hardly a long term solution.

“Finding an apartment now is going to be a pain” I said. “Rather than try and keep working whilst looking for an apartment, as well as processing everything you’ve been through, did you want to set up in the second bedroom for the duration of the pandemic? This will be only for a few months. I can move my stuff out of there and we can get furniture delivered for you.”

Kate looked at me with her gorgeous brown eyes.

“I would really appreciate that.”

The next few weeks were a buzz of activity as we set up bedrooms and work areas, worked our respective jobs, and generally figured out how to live together. One thing that impressed me greatly about Kate was how much she prioritized self care. Each day for her started with a meditation, followed by either an online yoga or fitness class, and no matter what urgent meetings disrupted her plans, she organized the rest of her day to ensure she could take care of herself with regular breaks between meetings. Over the course of a few weeks, her casual clothing went from jeans and t-shirt, to yoga pants and t-shirt, to finally yoga pants and exercise crop-top (without, much to my visual delight, a bra), putting on a formal blouse for Zoom calls. Although I do know she dressed for her own comfort, I did enjoy the sight of this fit woman in skin-tight clothing as she went about her day.

Things cruised well for a few weeks, then one day Kate started seeming just a bit edgy. The next day seemed just a bit worse. Finally, that Friday evening, just after we finished an episode of The Mandalorian, she turned off the TV and faced me. She seemed a bit ashamed, looked asyabahis yeni giriş up, and took a deep breath.

“Could I ask a huge favor? You can say ‘no’, and I’ll understand.”

Of course I would listen to what she was asking, at the very least. She looked down and took another deep breath.

“Would you mind spanking me?”, she asked. Once the words were out, she almost couldn’t stop. “I’m so sorry to ask this, but It’s really the only way I can get to feel grounded. It’s a release for me.”

She stopped talking, eyes down, awaiting my response. Or judgement.

I had mixed feelings. On one hand, my sister was asking me to spank her as an adult. On the other hand, an adult woman was asking me to spank her. I decided that it’s not a big deal and in fact could be fun.

“Of course”, I answered.

I moved to the middle of the sofa and patted my lap.

“Come lay down here and we’ll work out what you need.”

Hesitantly, she stood up and walked over to where I was sitting.

“Hang on, pants down. You said you wanted a spanking”, I said as she started to lay down across my lap.

She froze, as if deciding what to do, then lowered her yoga pants to her knees and laid face-down across my lap. Her firm buttocks were a sight to behold; the thong she wore wasn’t a surprise. Once you start doing laundry with another person there are very few surprises when it comes to clothing.

I gave her a few seconds to get comfortable, then put my hand on a buttock. She jumped slightly and her breathing quickened. I left my hand there so she would get use to it, and, if I’m honest, it was a pleasant sensation for me, too. I could see from her exercise routines and just generally walking around that she had a very firm backside, and it was a pleasure to confirm my suspicions.

I mentally reviewed what I knew about spanking. I’ve spanked women before, for fun as foreplay, but I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect here. Years of consulting have taught me to ask open questions of my clients and to listen to their needs. Just because something doesn’t make sense to me initially doesn’t mean the client has a real need.

“So what are you looking for here?” I asked. “A light spanking? Something hard? Something in between?”

“Hard”, she said nervously.

I figured that she was just as nervous as I was here, if not understandably more so, and decided to move things forwards to break the ice, as it were.

“While we’re figuring out what we’re doing here, I’ll just give you a few light warm-up spanks” I announced.

Her head nodded almost imperceptibly, and I started with a few very light spanks. For me, it felt and sounded amazing, and it helped Kate relax as well, too.

“So you want hard? How hard? How many?” I asked as some pinkness was starting to appear.

“Show me hard” she said, breathing deeply.

I smacked her, not full force, but I could see it took her by surprise.


Again, I smacked her, this time on the other cheek and darn near full force, the sound lightly echoing in the room.

“Twenty. Like that. Don’t stop until you reach twenty.”

I collected my thoughts and glanced at the clock. I figured one spank every fifteen seconds was a decent cadence, so I waited for the seconds to come around to zero. Then I started. At first, she seemed happy to take the blows, but after 10 or so I could see it was starting to hurt a lot. By fifteen, tears were forming. At eighteen, she was panting slightly. Finally, I delivered the twentieth spank, making this one the hardest. In the silence I could hear her sobbing quietly, her breath heaving slightly as he buttocks glowed a fiery red. As she calmed down, I offered her some after-spanking care.

“Can I rub in a moisturizer or anything like that?”

She declined, raising herself up off my lap and pulling her pants up, although not over here stinging buttocks, I noticed.

“Thanks so much! I promise, we’ll talk in the morning” she said, hugging me.

As she straightened up to go to her bedroom, I couldn’t help but notice her erect nipples through her exercise top. The sight of her well-spanked backside as she walked away was delightful, but that night my sleep was a bit disturbed as guilt settled in with a nagging feeling that there was a line I had just crossed that I really should not have.

The next morning I awoke, still unsettled about the previous evening. I showered, grabbed some coffee and went into the living area. Kate was on the sofa with her legs curled under her, the TV on, her laptop on her lap, AirPods in her ears, her phone in her hand and steaming coffee beside her. Sensing my presence, she shut her laptop and took her AirPods out.

“Hey there! How are you today?” she asked chirpily.

“I’m ok, I guess.” I replied.

“Are you worried about last night?” She asked, looking concerned.

I nodded.

“Ok,” she said, “let’s talk.”

Any conversation that starts with a some variation of asyabahis giriş “we need to talk” is seldom fun, and I did not know where this was going.

“Would you say I’m a driven person? Someone who focusses on making things happen?”, she asked.

“Sure”, I nodded. “You’ve usually got at least two things on the go at any one time. And you’re just as hardcore about your personal stuff as you are about work.”

“I am”, she agreed, “and inside my head is constant talk about what I need to be doing, what I need to be doing next, how good was the last thing, how can it be improved; that sort of thing. It’s why I meditate so much, to try and help.”

I shuddered slightly, saying “I couldn’t do that. I’ve got to focus on what I’m doing right now. How do you wind down?”

And at that moment, I understood.

“I have trouble winding down. Even meditation is hard to just focus on the breathing, without a million thoughts breaking through. And so every few weeks it builds up so much I need a circuit breaker.” She suddenly seemed a bit ashamed. “The only thing that get me out of my head is a hard spanking. I need it hard so all I can think and feel is the pain.” Her face was quite red now.

“I get it”, I replied. “It’s not so strange; I’ve known one or two other women who were like this.” Deep breath. “So, cutting to the chase here. I’m cool with helping out. Let me know when you need a spanking, and we’ll do it when you’re ready.”

She looked at me intently. “That almost seems too easy” she said, almost accusatorially.

I shrugged. “We can make a big deal out of this, or we can say that we’re in an unusual time right now and we’ve got to navigate it. I’m guessing your previous boyfriend spanked you?”

She nodded, adding “And it made things get weird. I’ll tell you about the some day. But are you sure? How come you changed your mind so quickly?”

“Two reasons” was my reply. “First, I’ve got a context now, and second.” I paused, feeling slightly embarrassed but deciding honesty is the best policy. This might weird things between us, but I’d rather all the cards be on the table. “Second, that’s one spankable arse you have there. It’s kinda fun.” Nervously, I looked into her eyes. They were unreadably hard.

“I’ll take that as a weird, awkward compliment; thank you” she said, blushing slightly as she suddenly broke into a smile.

Things quickly settled down and we fell back into our daily routines. The weeks merged into months, and even the months seemed to merge together. It was odd, the timelessness of it all. After a few weeks I noticed Kate started pushing herself just a little bit harder, and ramped up the intensity of her exercise. I guessed what to expect. A few days later, we were having lunch and watching recordings of the previous night’s late-night comedy host’s shows. They were settling into the swing of things, performing without an audience. As we finished up and started to get ready for the rest of the day’s work, she looked at me a bit shamefaced and asked if I would spank her again that evening. I agreed, and went on with the day as if this were totally normal. I think Kate appreciated this, as she calmed down and was able to concentrate for the rest of the afternoon.

That evening, we had dinner, stacked the dishwasher and put on another episode of The Great British Baking Show. Watching people bake wondrous creations was surprising relaxing. At the end of the show I turned off the TV and asked Kate if she was ready. Nodding, she stood up. I moved to the middle of the sofa, and she took off exercise pants and lowered herself across my lap, displaying her delightfully firm butt. I placed my had on her backside, and she jumped slightly, but calmed down fast enough.

“So,” I said, “how many and how hard?”

“Thirty hard spanks, like before but with more time between them” she answered quickly. Obviously, she had been thinking about this. “Warm me up a bit, then I’ll let you know when to start.”

I started with some very light smacks across both buttocks, then gradually got harder and harder until her cheeks were a pretty pink.

“Start now.”

I obliged; cracking my hand down on a buttock. She gasped slightly, but otherwise was silent. At a thirty second interval I smacked each cheek with as much force as I could; after twenty my hand was getting quite sore but I kept going. Kate, from what I could see, had tears running down her face but otherwise held herself in place. After the thirtieth spank, I stopped, and she lay there. Again, I offered some aftercare, but she declined. She got up, gathered her pants and left, her fiery-red bum and shapely legs on full display as she exited the room. I didn’t feel unsettled that night; instead my thought turned to her shapely form as I drifted off to sleep.

Again, the days marched on into weeks; the weeks into months in this weird, timeless era. We were both settled into our respective routines. One morning, I was up early and working when asyabahis güvenilirmi I heard my phone ring. I realized I had left it in the living area by the sofa, so I raced out of my bedroom and down to the living area and totally failed to notice the bathroom door opening. I collided with Kate as she stepped out, sending her spinning one way and her towel another. I stared at her naked body for what seemed like minutes, but in reality it was only seconds, then scrabbled to grab the towel for her as she got to her feet and tried to cover herself, both of us apologizing profusely. She re-wrapped herself, placed a hand on my forearm and told me not to worry about it; these things happen. I was really busy for the rest of the day, and that evening over dinner she didn’t mention it, so I let it go. My brain, however, had other plans.

Later the night, after I had turned in, my mind went to the image of Kate naked. Her long dark hair and dark eyes were always captivating; but now I could clearly see her strong, lithe body. Her skin had a hint of olive, which was always odd since the rest of our family was very white, but it gave her a really healthy glow. Her breasts were the perfect size for her frame, with very cute red nipples contrasting against her skin. Her waist, slender as it was, nevertheless showed off her abs and her gym workouts. Her long legs were capped by the landing strip of her pubic hair. In short, she was a stunningly attractive woman. I started to imagine what she would look like if she walked around naked, or did her yoga naked, or …


The voice came out of nowhere and jerked me back to the present, and the present was very embarrassing. Kate was standing at the door, and looking at me. I, on the other had, was lying on the bed, naked, and a hand wrapped around my erect cock. To say I was mortified was an understatement. Kate looked me over, then fastened onto my eyes.

“I heard some groaning, and decided to check. I did knock, but you didn’t respond.” Her eyes glanced down to my rapidly shrinking cock, then back up again. “Umm, sorry… I didn’t mean to intrude!”

My mind had basically stopped working at this point, and I can’t remember if I responded or not.

“So,” she went on, “is this because of me this morning?”

I stammered out something that still doesn’t make sense to me.

“Just stay there,” she said, “and I’ll be right back to help out. It’s a one-time deal, though!”

And with that, she closed the door and was gone.

I lay there, stunned. What did she mean, “stay there”? And helping out? My mind struggled to understand. Before I could fully process what had happened and what was said, the door handle turned and Kate stepped back into the room. She was totally naked. It seemed like she moved slowly towards me; either that, or time was slowing down. Maybe both. As she stepped towards me, her breasts gently heaved on her chest with each step, and I could see the muscles rippling up and down each leg as she walked. She reached the bed, and straddled my calves as she sat down. I think I was mute at this stage. She produced some lube from somewhere and quickly lubed up her hands, then reached for my rapidly hardening cock. With a mischievous smile on her face, she slowly worked my cock up and down, her breasts heaving in time with her movements.

“Relax and enjoy; this is a gift; a ‘thank you’ for the amazing spankings I needed so much” she whispered as she used her hands expertly.

I could feel an eruption building, and somehow so did she, as she slowed down and let it recede, then sped up again, varying the pressure. Occasionally she would stop, and lightly circle the head of my cock with her fingers then palm, then switch back to a stroking motion. She did this multiple times, each time getting me closer and closer.

“Ready?” She asked, biting her lower lip.

I must have nodded, because she sped up ever so slightly, and then I came. I don’t ever recall cumming like that before; it felt like a geyser had erupted from my cock. She kept going for a few seconds, slowing down and milking every last drop out of me. When I was spent, she got off me and walked to the bathroom. I heard water running, then she was back with some towels. She wiped me clean with wet, warm towels, then dried me off with the dry towel. Pulling the cover over me, she whispered “sleep well”, then left, closing the door. The last thing I remember is her perfect buttocks as she walked away.

The next morning I awoke late from the best sleep I had had for months. Thankfully, it was a Saturday. I saw the towels piled on the floor, and the memory of the previous evening came flooding back. I got up, had a shower, made a coffee and walked out to the living area. Kate was, as usual, on a sofa with her legs curled under her and staring intently at her laptop. Her yoga pants and exercise crop-top highlighted her amazing figure. She heard me enter, closed the laptop and hit me with a dazzling smile.

“Sleep well?”

“I slept amazingly well; thank you!” I replied. “That was amazing last night”, I started to say.

“Don’t get any ideas,” she interrupted, “that was a one-off. But, it was fun.” She seemed to drift off in thought for a second, but snapped back to the present.

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