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how much i love travisDarling I do want you to know how much I truly love you, but I should not need to remind you that going to a professional Mistress was your idea. You did agree to do as you were told for a full thirty days. I realize this is very hard for you and probably nothing like your sexual fantasy. All I can say is too bad asshole!When Margaret ordered you to strip naked and led you to the stool for your enemas, was it five or six, any way a good cleaning, I was more sexually aroused than I was even in college. I could see the emotional discomfort as you sat before us holding every drop until the command was given. We will be repeating that every day. Margaret says after three or four days, you should become very enema dependant. I only hope you will be able to take a good healthy shit without water some day. Watching you shave your legs and privates was a real turn on for me. I think it was the total humiliation on your face that made it so enjoyable. As you dressed in nylons, heels, bra and a wig, I felt an empowerment over you that I is difficult to describe. It is as though your entire personality is under my thumb.Personally doing your makeup was playful joy just as watching you practice karşıyaka escort walking and stumbling in your four inch heels. You were so embarrassed at the restaurant. I have to admit taking you on your first outing as a woman to a place we go so often was daring, but Margaret insisted. You know she is right to; you needed to go all the way. The anxious expression on your face as you looked around for people you might know was adorable. I know taking you to the ladies was a bit of a stretch, but you may as well get use to peeing in the seated position. That CB3000 will stay where it is until after your birthday party next month. Your whole family and most of your friends will be there. Your mother and sister both said you look so pretty in your pictures and can’t wait to see you in person.I realize this has been hard on you and I could hear you crying all night long, poor thing. You must know that women cry a lot more than men and you will just have to get use to it. I enjoyed the lesbian way you gave me oral pleasure and hope you develop a natural appreciation for eating my pussy. I know you find your new room very disquieting and are emotionally upset with my new lover. escort karşıyaka However you must understand that I call the shots so that is how life is for you. Fred is bisexual and has made the formal request to spend the night with you, but I am concerned that he will enjoy you too much. We will cross that bridge when we come to it. Regarding such things, I have not yet decided whether to provide a full gender reorientation or simply remove your testicles myself. The first would provide you with some personal sexual feelings while the latter would remove all sexual feeling. I don’t want to keep you waiting on this matter and promise to make a final determination by month end. Of course, the procedure which ever it is will be a month or so later.There are a few legal matters to finish off and Fred suggested in a humorous way that we tie you down, **** you, and torture you until you sign whatever documents are involved. I am hoping for something more civilized. Perhaps, next week you could put on a nice dress and meet with my attorney to sign the papers she is drawing up. This would save everyone a great deal of emotional discomfort and you much personal pain. I would feel karşıyaka escort bayan much more inclined to provide the extra funds and time for your complete transformation, if you are cooperative in this small matter. Now, I realize this is all rather a shock to you. We have only been married three weeks and known each other for just two months. You have lost all your wealth to me and very likely feel your world is upside down and even a sense of betrayal. Well, sweetheart, that is just tough cookies the honeymoon is over! Don’t think I have no sympathy for what you are going through.Eight years ago the same thing happened to me! I know exactly how you feel. The woman I thought I loved and wanted to spend every waking minute of the rest of my life with betrayed me just as I am betraying you. She was kind enough to provide a full and very well done reorientation for me. She was foolish enough, however, to allow me to buy life insurance for her with me as the beneficiary. I did not make that mistake with my first husband and I won’t with you or Fred.I am sure that you are angry and upset by all this, but a few hours with moderate to high voltage electricity on those balls of yours that you will never need again should change your mind.Your loving wife. PS: Remember when speaking to your family and friends that this change was something you have dreamed of all your life. My first husband tried to escape and the agony he went through before I castrated him! Well, I just don’t want to talk about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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