How I Discovered BBC Anal Pleasure

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How I Discovered BBC Anal PleasureChapter #1 (A New Discovery)His name was Bran (Actionbran1992) he was a young avarage looking white guy, non masculine at the age of 26 skinny build with nice white skin, from a middle class white American family he never imagined in his life that he would get to the point of changing sexuality..Bran was living the single life at 26, he spent most of his life dating females and never really feeling satisfied. He never imagined he would be curious about changing his sexual selection. Bran was going through a phase in life trying to understand what he wanted, going through serious relationships he was engaged once at 24 but it never worked out, Bran was working full time jobs trying to settle his life.. But he slowly realized thats not what made him feel satisfied. He felt inside that he want to live his life the non-traditional way he felt he wanted to enjoy the taboos of life.Bran was living alone as a bachelor a independent guy that nobody not even his parents knew the things he does. Bran had been watching pornography for quite some time being home alone, watching the normal stuff was boring, pussy was no longer of interest, he took a high interest in Gay Porn watching gay anal sex seeing the ways men loved having there prostate stroked, the ways gay men moaned loving riding big cocks and dildos.Deeply inside Bran felt like he was ready to explore this new sexual curiosity and to explore this secret forbidden pleasure.Bran’s employer told him he should take his holidays before the end of the year. Bran felt excited as he was just thinking about the time he could have. The end of that friday at work was his last day Bran already booked off his 3 weeks holiday.The day before Bran was leaving work his colleague came with a newspaper and some clippings he said,”Bran you should take a look at there deals! You should enjoy your vacation days.”he handed Bran the newspaper and he looked at cut outs and seen cheap deals to the Caribbean and Jamaica airlines was offering a 50% off flights. Bran looked down and said it would be great to have a all inclusive trip but then again.. It would be boring being alone.. So he put the newspaper in his bag and went home. On his way home he decided he would go to the supercenter to see what things he could grab to start his vacation. On his way through the supercenter Bran felt horny and had an idea, he put on his cap low and sunglasses so he doesnt look suspicious.Bran felt inside him a burning gay lust, an excitement he hasn’t felt since he as a teenanger, so he was walking through the alies he was looking for a new toy to experiment with and he felt so naughty knowing his whole life he was pounding girls now he wanted to experience pounding his asshole, Bran heard so much about anal sex and how Gay Bottoms loved to get ass fucked so he decided he would explore. He went straight to the pharmacy aisle and seen all the sex products.. He seen so many vibrators and water based lube for vagina none of those he wanted so he kept searching hoping nobody was watching and came across a thick warming lubricant that would be pefect for sliding a dildo.He searched more and seen at the top there was bahis şirketleri box that said Wet and Wild in mattalic letters. He reached for it and opended the cover and seen it was a vieny Black dildo with balls and avarage girth it was fit perfectly in this box almost as it was hidden for him.Bran quickly put in the cart along with the bottle of warming lubricant and pack of condoms so he don’t look too suspicious, bran found himself horny but turned it into a smile and walked to the cashier. As Bran was walking he was thinking about all things he heard about anal stimulation and the thought of acting in gay sex, He remembered the saying you only live once! so he literally registered that to his mind and Bran didint give a care about feeling any guilt but all pleasure and excitement.. That day Bran got home to his empty apartment clean and quite. He put away his grocerys and went to take a shower. Before he went to shower he stepped on the scale and seen he was loosing weight he was only 130lbs(58kilos) since hes been single he just eats small portions he noticed his slim waist and flat stomach so he felt weak and submissive he felt he was growing to fit his role as surrendering his manhood and taking it deep in his asshole. He freshended himself ready for his night of secret wild lust.Bran got out of shower and set up his room for the night, he covered the windows with curtains and turned off the lights and set up 2 yoga mats on the carpet like a bed beside the couch. He felt he needed a certain outfit for the fantasy so he got his favorite basketball jersey put it on with matching socks and also fit a nice tight underwear.Bran got ready the dildo and lubricant. At the moment he felt his blood and his cock already rushing from the naughty feelings. He turned on his favorite rap/dancehall music put it on low and Bran laid himself on the couch and slowly starting bending over sticking his ass high up moving his hips around.He felt so naughty he loved the feeling, all those years it was girls being submissive now it was his turn. Bran slowly pulled down his underwear until his hole and cock was hanging out. The dancehall music starting speeding up bran starting shaking his ass up and down twerking it opening his hole wide imaging a nice hard cock.He started rubbing his hole with his fingers around the ring of his asshole feeling sensation through his spine as Bran bit his lips. Bran pulled off his underwear squirted some lube on his hole and starting fingering his asshole. Bran felt so naughty he felt so bad like he was unleashing the forbidden lust of gay sex. He was opening his legs fingering his hole in and out and he felt so ready for that rubber black cock so he rubbed lubricant all over the BBC rubber cock and stroked it up and down.He climed on top put the head of the BBC on the ring of his hole and slowly pushed down on it and he felt the thickness of the cock slowly opening his hole a little pain at first but so good for his hole until he felt it comfortably inside and Bran was determined he moved past the pain and was amazed by the feeling he started stroking his asshole up and down on the head of BBC he starting rolling his eyes moaning, bahis firmaları he never felt such pleasure before that his cock was dripping with pre cum so bran starting to loosen up and starting riding the black dildo deeper and HARDER. Bran was in complete bliss and pleasure jumping balls deep on his new toy, his hole was dripping wet he was riding up and down. Jumping seeing his cock bounce on his stomach as he slammed his ass down ballsdeep he moaned more and more and felt like such a anal slut. He went back on the couch and put the rubber cock under his ass and sat on the cock inch by inch and he bounced his ass up and down on the BBC moaning all through the night hoping the neighbors wouldn’t hear his cry of lust. Bran found himself pounding his asshole loving the feeling he was on all fours doggystyle against the wall he has the cock pushing sliding in and out his ass bouncing on the cock until his cock couldn’t handle the sensation anymore and he blowed the biggest most plesureful cum of his life! He kept sliding in and out until he was finished cumming. He was in total shock! He felt The new pleasure would change his life to something truly exciting and taboo! He took another shower and cleaned up and went straight to sleep that night from the long workout. That next morning Bran felt so well rested that he yawned and stretched as he remembered the previous night he had and how he never felt so ALIVE in his life sliding his ass down. He suddenly felt his hole tingling vibrating from the strong sensation of what he has become and what his asshole was ready to explore. Bran felt his heart again rushing fast the feeling of what life could be changing sides enjoying the life of gay anal sex.The next few days of Bran’s vacation he found himself addicted to the feeling of riding his dildo. For a week straight we was at home every night Bending over fucking his ass and riding that big black rubber cock. Even after going out running erans or visiting people, all he could think about was his lustful secret at home and getting home to pound his hole and cum. The next morning as Bran was doing laundry he found himself in the closet as he was folding clothes, he totally got distracted and started playing with the bbc he started opening his legs stroking the big black rubber cock on his hole, he teased his hole and as soon as he passed the head he pushed it in his asshole slowly he was lost in total bliss he had one hand jerking his cock and the other sliding the black dildo in his ass, again he was moaning and moaning but he didn’t want to cum without his favourite position of riding cock so he kneeled down and sat on the BBC dildo slowly inch by inch with all the clothes all over the floor forgetting what he was doing he turned on his favorite tunes of hardcore Jamaican dancehall music on his phone this always put Bran in the mood even more to slam his ass up and down on his BBC dildo. After a session of steamy hard cock riding Bran loved seeing his white asshole slide on a dark cock, he cummed all over the floor and Bran found himself literally addicted to anal being 26 he never experienced such pleasure and excitement that he couldnt focus on his kaçak bahis siteleri normal activities because of his thrist for lust. One night he had idea, Bran was sipping rum looking online for a BBC hook up and checked Craigs List but no luck, he wanted a quick experience so thought about a male escort. The site asked him if he would like beautiful escort women to entertain him, he denied it and Bran looked at the website escorts he seen mostly thick booty latinas and black barbies… Uhmmmm no thanks im not interested anymore. Bran searched more escorts on the web and seen the Gay category and seen on the front “black snake” it had a strong 6 foot Jamaican man with a long black cock in his hand for VIP only. Bran was so in lust he called and he paid extra and booked for that same night, He got oil and his underwear and laid down on the couch and waited for this snakemon to be privately escorted here. He arrived and Bran was walking in his underwear his ass was looking white and round that snake slapped his ass and said,”i like that white ass boi” They both followed each other to the couch and Bran smiled gave him the oil and said time to make your money daddy. Bran bent over on the chair and Black snake rubbed his body with the oil his hands running up and down Bran’s legs and thighs.until he wanted his ass and slowly slides down his underwear and starting rubbing his pink white hole and the black mans bulge was getting bigger.He went to Brans face while he had his fingers in his ass and Bran started putting his lips around Black snakes BBC while having 2 fingers in his ass bending over on his sofa sucking black cock.For the first time Bran realized he did not desire white men or any other men but instead he hungered for strong black hung apes, he realized Thats why his dildo was black Thats why he wore basketball jerseys when he rides his BBC dildo because he was born to be white boi who thirsted for BBC. …Bran has the biggest realization of his life and seen what makes me feel the most naughty was riding black cocks. Bran cock was dripping cum from having those fingers in his ass and sucking mouthful of cock. The Jamaican man said let me show you what the world knows about us and he bent Bran over doggystyle on the couch and opened his asshole spit in his hole and went inside Bran’s ass and Bran moaned like a sissy it was so big and at the thought of being dominated by a Black bull. Bran loved the feeling of a massive black cock in his ass. Mr snake pounded down Brans wet hole until his ass was creaming wet from the long strokes and Bran yelled and curled his toes and snake said,”come here white boi”he grabbed Bran’s hips and the Black man sat down put his back down the chair and lifted his lower body from the hips and pounded the fuck out of Bran’s hole.Bran couldn’t take it how rough he moaned loud and the black mans balls were slapping his ass, Bran was in total bliss feeling the strong arms of this black bull w****d around his waist pounding his hole raw until is creaming.Bran’s little cock was hard throbbing from being fucked so hard he was bouncing on big black cock until he cummed a load. The black man finshed by turning Bran doggystyle and pounding his asshole with deep long strokes until he cummed. Bran felt like such a white slut and he wanted more! Bran cleaned up and paid the man as he left the apartment.Bran went to bed with a used ass going into a deep sleep.

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