Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 21

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Monday at lunchtime, Kat was hanging out in Jackie London’s office on when a girl walked in who neither of them had seen before. She was a slim, tan blonde with a fresh-faced look, dressed in a pink blouse and a denim skirt. Approaching Jackie’s desk somewhat tentatively, she asked, “Are you Ms. London?”

“I am,” answered Jackie. “And you are…?”

“My name’s Lexi Borden,” said the girl. “I just transferred here. I wanted to ask you about maybe trying out for the cheerleading squad.”

“Hmm,” said Jackie, looking over at Kat. “I don’t know. We already have a blonde.” The poor girl looked so crestfallen that Jackie immediately backtracked. “I’m just kidding. Have a seat, sweetheart. This is Kat, by the way.”

Lexi sat and crossed her legs, favoring Jackie and Kat with a big, friendly smile. This girl is really cute, thought Kat — dimples, nice legs, tight little bod — very fuckable.

“Where did you move here from?” asked Jackie.

“Southern California,” answered Lexi. “San Bernadino.”

“So why’d you move here?” inquired Kat, surprised that someone would move to their little town from California.

“Well, my dad was out of work for quite a while,” Lexi replied, frowning and looking at the floor. He finally found a job in — “, and here she named the big city closest to them.

“I see,” said Jackie. “What year are you in?”

“I’m a senior.”

“Wow,” sympathized Kat, “moving in your senior year. That’s tough.”

“Yeah,” agreed Lexi, her upper lip quivering a bit. “It’s not exactly what we wanted. But that’s how things are, right? Times are tough, everybody’s making sacrifices.” So sweet, this girl! Both Jackie and Kat were immediately taken with her.

“So were you a cheerleader in San Bernadino?” asked Jackie.

“Yeah, since my freshman year,” Lexi answered. “It’s my favorite thing, so much fun, a great way to meet people.”

“Well, I think we can give you a tryout. Why don’t you come by tomorrow after practice, 5:30. Do you have a uniform from your old school?”

“I do, actually.”

“Well great. Wear that, and we’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Thank you so much!” Lexi said and more or less bounced out of the room. Jackie and Kat gave each other a loaded look, and immediately locked the door and had a quick, quiet, but intense fuck session before it was time for class.

* * *

Lexi showed up right on time the next day, dressed in a green and yellow uniform and carrying matching pom-poms. Everyone had gone home except for Jackie, Kat, and Kelly Ann, who had stuck around to watch Lexi show them some of her moves. They adjourned to the gym where Lexi demonstrated some dances that she knew and did some tumbling. All three of the observers found her delightful, and she seemed blissfully unaware of the effect that the occasional flash of her panties had on them. All three of them wanted to jump her bones, but they knew better than to rush things too much.

Instead, Jackie told Lexi that they would give her a try. “Kat, would you mind working with Lexi after practice this week to teach her some of the routines?”

“It kurtköy escort would be my pleasure,” answered Kat, grinning over at Kelly Ann, who shook her head in mock consternation. She had no doubt what was going on in her friend’s mind, and it involved a lot more than just dancing and cheering.

They issued Lexi a new blue uniform and planned for her and Kat to meet up and work together for the rest of the week. That day after practice Kat gave the new girl a tour of the gyms, fields, and locker room. As they talked and got to know each other, Kat was amazed at how sweet and guileless Lexi seemed to be. It made her even more appealing, and not a minute passed by when Kat didn’t want to rip her clothes off and lick her from head to toe; but Kat disciplined herself, not wanting to scare Lexi off, and determined to take this slow and easy, savor every moment of it.

As they got to know each other Lexi began to open up to Kat. Apparently she had left a serious boyfriend behind in California, the only guy she’d ever slept with. Kat was almost surprised that Lexi wasn’t a virgin, so innocent was her demeanor. But in truth she wasn’t quite so innocent — she had a lot of sexual fantasies that she didn’t talk about, and a lot of curiosity about every kind of sex. It didn’t take her long to figure out that something was going on with this group of cheerleaders; at one point when Kat left her alone, she saw Adriana and Olivia coming out of the same shower stall, naked and wet with big smiles on their faces.

This image stuck in her head, and that day she started a new habit that she would continue for a while: when she came home from school she would surf the web for lesbian porn, spending hours at a time looking at pictures, reading stories, and watching videos. She saw and learned about things she had never imagined: strap-ons, orgies, bondage, domination, spanking. She watched lesbian cheerleader videos and imagined herself in the middle of them, masturbating over and over in her bedroom, in the bathroom, in the living room, in the kitchen. Her dad was working long hours at his new job and her mom was out of the picture, having remarried and moved to another country years ago. So Lexi had very little adult supervision and was pretty much free to do as she pleased. She found herself irresistibly attracted to porn where one girl dominated another, especially where it was an older woman in charge while the younger girl was submissive.

There was one particular video that Lexi watched over and over. It opened with a MILF, a beautiful brunette in her late 30s or early 40s, loading dishes into her dishwasher. There was a knock on the glass door that faced the back yard, and the woman opened it to admit a younger girl, a blonde maybe 19 or 20. Walking in, the girl said to the woman, “Hi, Mrs. Jones. Is Amy here?”

Mrs. Jones shook her head. “No, Lauren, she’s not back yet. Can I offer you something to drink? It’s awfully hot out there.”

“That would be great, Mrs. J,” said the blonde, taking a seat at the kitchen table. “Some lemonade maybe.”

“Sure thing,” answered aydıntepe escort the woman, and poured a glass, which she sat on the table next to Lauren. As the girl took a deep drink, Mrs. Jones walked around behind her and stood looking down at her. She was wearing a very skimpy outfit, a yellow bikini top and extremely short and tight denim cutoffs. Lexi thought that her tan shoulders looked very beautiful, and Mrs. Jones must have thought so too, because at this point she reached down and started massaging Lauren’s shoulders. “That was some game you guys played last night,” said Mrs. Jones. “You must be sore.”

“Yeah, I am, for sure,” said Lauren, closing her eyes and enjoying the massage. “That feels really good.”

“Just relax, honey,” said Mrs. Jones, continuing the massage and slowly, subtly beginning to move down Lauren’s chest. Soon she was cupping Lauren’s breasts and the girl offered no resistance, leaning back slightly with her eyes closed. Mrs. Jones pulled the bikini top down and began to massage Lauren’s breasts, occasionally squeezing the rapidly hardening nipples. The girl moaned and surrendered to the pleasure; suddenly, though, Mrs. Jones was no longer rubbing her breasts. Instead she forcefully gathered Lauren’s wrists behind her back and tied them together with a bungee cord.

Lauren’s eyes flew open. “Um, Mrs. J? What are you doing?”

“I’ll tell you what I’m doing,” said the woman, gagging her captive with a piece of cloth. “Teaching you a lesson, that’s what. You’re a tease, Lauren, did you know that? You walk around practically naked and act so innocent, but I know what you really want.” She swiftly stood Lauren up and then pushed her down onto the kitchen table so her breasts were pressed against its smooth surface. Leaving the helpless girl there for a moment, Mrs. Jones walked over to the kitchen counter and picked up a large wooden spatula.

Lauren struggled a little, but not very hard, as Mrs. Jones slid off her cutoffs and then her white panties. There was a loud smack as the brunette struck the younger girl’s naked ass with the spatula; Lauren yelped in mixed pain and surprise. “This is for your own, good, dear,” said Mrs. Jones, and she continued to spank both the girl’s cheeks until her ass was a pleasing shade of red. Then she pushed a hand between Lauren’s legs. “Just as I thought, nice and wet. You’re a nasty little girl, you know that?”

Mrs. Jones spread Lauren’s legs wide and pried her pussy lips open with two fingers; her cunt was almost bald with a thin fringe of blond hair. “God, what a peach,” said Mrs. Jones. She pushed two fingers into the girl’s squishy wet hole, then bent down to get a taste of her. Lauren moaned again, this time in pure pleasure.

“Don’t move, or there’ll be another spanking,” Mrs. Jones told Lauren, slapping her ass once for emphasis. She left the room for a minute and when she returned, she was wearing a long red strap-on. To make sure Lauren saw it, she went over to the counter and lubricated it with a little olive oil. Then she walked back behind Lauren and started easing the giant dildo tuzla içmeler escort into her. She had just gotten it all the way in and started fucking in earnest when the door opened and a dark-haired girl about Lauren’s age walked in.

“Mom, what’s going on?”

“I’m just having a little word with your friend here, Amy,” said Mrs. Jones, and she and her daughter exchanged a devilish smile. Lauren let out a loud groan as Mrs. Jones thrust into her hard. “Would you like to join us?”

“What did you have in mind?” Amy asked her mother.

“Here, why don’t you have a taste. She’s a very yummy girl.” Mrs. Jones pulled the strap-on out of Lauren, who moaned in mixed frustration and embarrassment, then stood watching as her daughter sank to her knees and began to tongue the blonde’s wet pussy. This was such a beautiful sight, Lexi thought, the one young girl pleasuring the other and the woman controlling things. She almost always came at this point in the video, but that didn’t stop her from watching the rest.

Moving to the other side of the table, Mrs. Jones removed Lauren’s gag and forced the strap-on into her mouth, holding her firmly by her hair. “You like the way you taste?” Lauren tried to answer but her mouth was too full, of course; Mrs. Jones moved the girl’s head in a nodding motion. “I thought so. Isn’t she tasty, honey?”

Amy stopped licking her friend’s pussy and looked up at her mother, her face smeared with Lauren’s juices. “Delicious, mom.”

“Give me a hand here, honey.” Working together the mother and daughter untied Lauren’s hands, flipped her over onto her back, and bound her again, this time tying each of her arms to one of the table legs on one side, so that her head hung over the side of the table. Amy dove back between her friend’s legs as Mrs. Jones unfastened and stepped out of the strap-on. She took a step forward; at this angle, Lauren’s head fit perfectly between her legs. The camera cut to a close-up of Lauren extending her tongue until it touched against the older woman’s pussy lips; then Mrs. Jones pulled the girl’s head up while pushing her pussy down, and Lauren’s face disappeared into the brown-haired bush.

The camera cut back to a long shot of Amy frantically licking and fingering her friend, who in turn pleasured Amy’s mother as best she could in this awkward position. Eventually they built to a climax, and both Lauren and Mrs. Jones had very loud orgasms. Mrs. Jones climbed off Lauren, finally giving the poor girl some air, and leaned down to give her a long, messy, cum-drenched kiss. “Good girl,” she said, and sank back in a chair after grabbing herself a beer from the fridge. Her daughter was just getting started, though. Amy stripped out of her t-shirt and shorts and stood naked over her friend. Her pussy was shaved completely smooth.

Amy leaned down to offer Lauren her breasts, which the blonde obediently suckled. This was shown in loving close-up as Lauren feasted on her friend’s flesh and licked and bit her nipples. Then Amy stood again and soon Lauren was eating the daughter’s pussy just as she had the mother’s. Amy licked her lips and grinned over at Mrs. Jones, who had started rubbing her clit with one finger. Amy nimbly hopped up onto the table, and this was how the video ended: The two girls 69ing as the older woman looked on, sipping her beer and masturbating.

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