House of Feathers Ch. 19: A Surprise Discovery

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A stand-alone story, but following from earlier ones. Enjoy!

It had been an intensive morning, but in the end had gone much faster than I had expected. Leaving the lab, I stuck my head into her office. She wasn’t there and her computer was shut down, meaning that she hadn’t just stepped out to the loo or something.

I followed my nose into the kitchen – empty. Well, she had to be around somewhere.

I put on the kettle and made myself a cup of tea. Taking it in hand, I wandered around the villa. All empty.

I called her name, but got no response. Odd.

I stepped outside on the ocean side and strolled through the sun. The surf was high and the sun warm on my skin. I thought she might be whale-watching on the point, but the area was empty.

In the end, following the shoreline, I found her on water’s edge on the other side of the promontory. No wonder she hadn’t answered; I had obviously stumbled onto a self-bondage scene. I decided to be quiet and enjoy the view.

She was on her hands and knees between two palm trees. Her thighs were belt-tied to her calves, keeping her in a kneeling position, while a spreader bar kept her knees well apart and – no doubt deliberately – kept her from falling to the side. A leather collar encircled her neck and a single padlock held together rings in the collar and wrist cuffs. From them, a chain stretched to the bottom of the first palm tree. A second chain ran from matching ankle cuffs to the base of the other tree. The total effect was to keep her on her knees stretched out between the two trees. A ball gag was in her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes. She’d obviously put some effort into this.

An ice lock held what was obviously the key for the padlock, which would swing down on a string to her hands when the lock eventually released. Given that our average temperature in the island was a virtually-constant 28°, it was a safe bet.

A powerful battery-powered wand vibrator was suspended by a cord running up into the trees. Its bulbous head was buzzing as it bounced lazily and lightly against her exposed pussy, then swung away, leaving her anus and glistening labia exposed.

From the way the sand under her knees and elbows was packed down, she had been there a while. I looked at the ice lock; it was covered in water beads and dripping, obviously about to release.

I flipped the dangling key out of the way to give me a while to admire the setup – and her. On thinking about it, I wedged its tip into the bark of a tree to keep it from falling when the ice lock released.

Just for a moment, of course.

In the interests of scientific observation and aesthetic appreciation.

She’d understand.

Her firm buttocks were swaying from side to side, clearly in an attempt to bring karabük escort the wand into firmer contact with her pussy. As it was, all it could do was to briefly tease her before bouncing away from her sweet spot every time she moved. From the amount of nectar on her thighs, she was highly aroused.

On the soft sand, my bare feet moved silently and I was able to walk completely around the scene without her noticing. She had – typically – placed herself completely out in the open where any passing boater would have been sure to see her. We didn’t get much water traffic in our area and she of course was aware of that, but, knowing my kinky girl, she would have found the mere possibility of being seen immensely exciting.

To give her credit, it was an admirably artistic setup.

She grunted and shifted, probably impatient for the key to drop into her hands. I thought she must be exceptionally frustrated, given the periodic light stimulation by the wand.

I picked up a stray feather from one of the local wild birds and very, very lightly, ran its stiff length down the inside of her right thigh. Her leg muscles clenched, but her head didn’t turn, leading me to think she might not have consciously noticed it. Well, I could change that.

Without interfering with the wand’s travels, I ran the feather tip down the length of her pussy lips. Her head swung from side to side. She’d noticed that one, all right, but probably wasn’t sure what was happening.

I continued to stroke her pussy with the feather. Her fine ass bounced in response to the teasing. She knew now – I could hear her trying to talk through the gag.

I unbuckled her ball gag and she spat it out onto the sand. “Shit!” she said. “What the hell?”

“How embarrassing,” I replied softly. “But isn’t it amazing what a man can stumble upon when he goes for a stroll?”

“Don’t piss about! Let me loose!”

“Maybe,” I mused. “But it’s such a pretty sight and I’m enjoying myself.” I fondled her buttocks, squeezed a breast, ran my finger along her labia. “I wonder what happened to the key?”

Her reply was unprintable.

I began to run my hands along and over her body, stroking and fondling. The wand bounced against her ladybits and, on impulse, I grasped it and held it firmly against her clitoris. She backed her hips into it and wiggled them back and forth, groaning in pleasure. I let her enjoy it for perhaps 20 seconds, allowing her to begin panting rapidly before pulling it away. She moaned in frustration as I softly stroked her wetness with a slow finger.

Leaning over, I unbuckled her leg belts. Her wrists and ankles still tethered, she lifted her butt up high into the air. Shifting, I knelt beside her, facing her feet. I wrapped one arm firmly around her waist and pulled her karaman escort in against me. I started stroking her pussy lips with my other hand, softly circling her love bud with the tip of a finger. She jerked, writhed under my touch. Picking up the feather again, I held her tightly against my side and teased her pussy with light, flickering sweeps. Her breath hissed in.

I let go of her, then bent down to whisper into her ear. “Nice setup, dear. Maybe I can find a key somewhere.” I held the wand against her pussy hard for a few seconds and then released it to continue its slow, light bouncing against her.

I left her cursing under the trees and went to fetch the camera. Some high-quality photos would look well as a screen-saver. When I came back, I also brought some bottled Perrier and a straw. She sucked thirstily on it, then stopped, realizing – correctly – that refreshments probably meant I was in no hurry to release her.

“Damn it, turn me loose!”

“In a while.” The camera was set to make an old-fashioned shutter click sound when it captured an image and, as I circled her, she quickly realized I was capturing her predicament.

She started to swear again, but had a sudden change of mood. I could see her grin to herself. Why not?

I lay down beside her and started fondling her dangling boobs. How fun anatomy can be!

“Mmm, nice,” she said, distractedly.

“More Perrier?”

“I’m good.”

“Blindfold off?”

“Still good,” she replied. “Waiting to see what you come up with.”


“Shut up and do me. That wand is driving me nuts.”

“Well, didn’t you think of that when you set it up?”

“I thought it would settle against me. I’ve been stuck here forever. What time is it, anyway?”

“Time for you to learn to tie knots.”

“That’s not funny.”

“On the other hand, this is.”

“OK, so it didn’t work. I was horny, you were busy and it seemed like a fun idea at the time. Where’s the key?”

I got up and set the wand aside, knelt down behind her and, holding her cheeks apart, began to trail my tongue tip over her labia. Up the length of one, down the length of the other. She yelped. Her legs clenched. I pulled them apart for better access.

My tongue dipped into her womanhood, then flicked down to her bud. Around and around, my tongue swirled over her. She started to pant with her arousal, her body twitching, swaying from side to side.

I backed away from her and retrieved the wand. I placed it between her breasts on the ground and, lying down by front, picked up her head and slid underneath to kiss her. “Still looking for it,” I said.

A decade of tongue-play later, I disengaged myself, returning to her rear, where I again took to fondling her fine ass. Two hands, two kars escort beautiful cheeks – it seemed so natural, so perfect.

She was oozing lady-dew and moaning in her need; I was rock-hard. I slid my hand down over her opening and rolled two fingers inside, stretching and fondling her slippery lining. I could feel her clenching inside.

Kneeling behind her, I guided my cocktip with one hand to her opening. She groaned in delight. I rolled my head over her clit and around her lips, then slipped just the head in.

Chains rattled as she tried to shift.

Barely in her, I clasped her hips with both hands. Back and forth, my head penetrated partway into her warmth, never fully entering her.

“More!” she cried. “Now!”

I slowly pushed all the way into her, feeling the rim of my cock-head moving over her ridged lining. I slid in as far as I could, then held her firmly against me without moving. Her bum tried to move, but there wasn’t much scope for play.

I reached around in front of her leg with one hand and again started massaging her bud with one finger. She cried out sharply and squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles.

Enough. I grabbed both hips and began pumping into her as fast as I could. Her cheeks slapped against my stomach. Her hips bucked and shuddered.

She was moaning almost continuously. Holding her by the hips, I continued driving into her – hard.

My balls were swollen, my dickhead on fire. Feeling myself on the brink, I slowed my pace to stretch it out. Too late; I came like a hammer. After three or four more slow strokes, I bent over her back, holding her tight, panting myself. Her ass kept moving under me as she desperately sought her release. I hung in as she struggled, but eventually, softening, I pulled myself out.

“Get me out of here,” she demanded. “I’m not done with you yet.:

Instead, on impulse, I pushed her ball gag back into her mouth and buckled it behind her head. She started thrashing back and forth, cursing loudly behind the gag. I reached down under her, found the still-buzzing wand and refastened it to hang lightly against her pussy.

I leaned down and whispered into her ear. “Who am I to deprive you of a good lesson? “I’ll be back in an hour or so.” I paused. “I bet I’ll find the key in the toy box – with the butt plugs.” She thrashed in her fury.

The wand recommenced its slow bouncing swings against her pretty parts.

I listened to her cursing behind the gag for a few seconds, but she didn’t give me her safety grunt and I grinned to myself. So predictable, so much the woman I loved.

She’d be seriously, seriously pissed when I released her of course, but she’d done much the same to me often enough that I knew she’d be laughing at herself two minutes later. And releasing her would mean an opportunity for more Play.

It was a turning out to be a fine day.

So I went to watch the whales for a bit.


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