Hotel Suite in London Town

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I walk into the room, carefully locking the door behind me, the room is large with décor that oozes sexiness…

I see him standing at the floor to ceiling glass windows, he has his back to the door but moves his head slightly as he hears me enter…he’s dressed in a dark suit, cut to perfection on his strong, tall frame. I stand in the middle of the space soaking up the feel of being here with him, the thrill of anticipation. I start undoing the buttons on my coat, relishing the feel of the silk basque, panties and stockings I am wearing under it.

He turns and looks at me with those deep brown eyes and slowly walks towards me, we don’t speak, just look. God, he is so sexy I can feel myself getting wet already. His shirt is undone at the collar and his dark hair ruffled, he looks so fuckable, I had forgotten how much I want this man.

As my coat falls to the floor he walks slowly over to me, still looking deep into my eyes, he runs one finger lightly along my jaw, down my neck and along my collar bone dipping slowly down to the swell of my breasts. I tip my head back in ecstasy, Escort bayan feeling him close to me, the smell of his cologne and the under smell of him, the nearness of his face to mine, hearing him breathe and the tingle between us as our skin is so close.

He leans in and we kiss so softly, lips just touching lips then more urgently as we feel our lust grow. I pull away from him and turn on my heel to walk to the window, I stand looking out over London town, loving the feeling of seeing the entire city below me. He comes behind me and runs his hands down my back leaning into me to kiss me, I feel the strength and force of him and the wetness between my legs as his fingers slide between them from behind gently pulling at my black silk panties, my clitoris is straining to be touched…I rock my pelvis to bring his hand into contact with it and gasp as he rubs it through the silk, he is on his knees now while I bend forward and he licks his way up the back of my stockinged legs to the bare skin at the top of my thighs and starts to flick his tongue around my panties pulling them between Bayan Escort the lips of my wet pussy, I groan with the pleasure.

Turning I pull him up and remove his jacket, undoing his shirt with one hand as I feel his thick arms and shoulders with the other, his cock straining in his trousers, as I work my way down his bare chest and stomach I can see it twitching, slowly I open his trousers and with my tongue find the tip of his throbbing cock, the tip is wet with pre-cum and tastes so good…I lick gently down the length of his thick long cock and cup his balls in my hands, he is looking down at me watching me take his end in my mouth and push it against my cheek, he starts to thrust and groan.

I stand up and lift my leg so that he can enter me…I am facing the window, with my hands above me flat against the glass as he slides his cock just inside my pussy and rubs my clit with his fingers, I can feel the juices starting to squirt out of me.

He pulls out of me and we move to the bed, he pulls off my panties and his big hands travel up my body to my breasts, freeing Escort them from my basque so he can suck my pert nipples hard, every inch of my body is crying out for him to enter me again, I need to feel his cock inside me filling me. But he won’t let me yet, he moves so his face is under my pussy and starts expertly teasing my smooth lips with his fingers, he gently eases two fingers inside me and I start to move my hips to the rhythm of his fingers pushing forward to find that place at the front of my pussy wall. I am rubbing my clit and the juices are flowing out of my wet pussy all over his face, he is lapping them up and smiling at me.

It is too much for me, I need to feel his hard shaft inside me now, I slide my pussy down his chest and on to the tip of penis, feeling him enter me and start to thrust deep, deep inside me. As I start to come he flips me onto my back and pulls my knees up to my chest taking his cock all the way out until just the tip is inside my aching pussy, my pussy lips are throbbing with desire as he plunges back into me, riding me hard and fast, we kiss moving our tongues in each other’s mouths, loving the oneness of it all. Finally we come in ecstatic waves, we both cry out as we reach orgasm, lying spent with his cock still inside me and my body racking in spasms as the orgasm flows out of me.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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