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Note to editor: as all this story is in direct speech by one person I have not bothered with quotation marks at the beginning and end of every paragraph and hope that I will not be rejected for this reason.

Hello! I’m Amy Hart. Doesn’t this hotel have a lovely swimming pool? And no silly rules about not being topless so I can have my firm large breasts jutting out of my slender body. I do love showing off my body and making men feel sexy. I saw you staring at me and I hope you noticed when I wriggled my upper body so that my tits wobbled. And there isn’t much on the backside either is there? Just a string up my bottom crack so I turned over and wriggled again so that you could have a good look at my naked bottom.

I see that you have an enormous erection nearly bursting out of your swimming trunks and did you know that the tip of your cock is peeping out of the top of your waistband? It looks so sexy. Could I ask you a favour? Stand up and turn round. Oh how wonderful! What a super bottom! Sorry I just could not resist fondling it and feeling it. I do wish I could get you to take your trunks off and let me have a really good feel. My husband will go wild with lust when he sees you. We are both totally bisexual and often when a handsome young man like you fucks me he sits and wanks then fucks them afterwards. He really loves bottoms.

He’s not here at the moment. He is resting. He has a tremendously resilient cock that gets hard again two minutes after he has come and he does a tremendous amount of fucking. We had Dolores – you know the rather pale blonde in reception – in our room yesterday evening. She was very shy but after a bit we got her clothes off her and Bob – that’s my husband – fucked her five times. Then we took turns spanking her. We both love spanking nice sexy bottoms. Then Bob buggered her while she sucked my pussy. She wasn’t very good at it so I caned her. Caning sexy young bottoms is such fun. If you are ever shy or modest or disobedient I shall cane you. Anyway she was in a bit of a state when she left and I was totally unsatisfied so I went out naked into the corridor and dragged the liftman in and raped him.

If you really are shy I’ll sit beside you and put a towel over our laps and let’s put our arms round each other. Then you can feel a tit and pretend that you are rubbing suncream into it. That’s right have a really good grope. I do love having my tits rubbed. I shall put my hand into your trunks and rub your cock. It really is very stiff and large and it feels really good. I love cock. I love looking at cocks and I really love them in my cunt and up my bottom but I like holding them and rubbing them. I love sucking cocks too it is so lovely having a big meaty male pole in your mouth. Do you like sucking cock? Go on rub my tit and feel it and press it. Now move your hand down into my bikini panties and – go on I told you not to be shy- and rub my pussy. That is really great, now push a finger into my cunt and Escort bayan rub. Two fingers. Don’t stop rubbing my tits with your other hand.

Your cock feels really beautiful. Do you wank a lot? How many times a day? Really? I can just imagine you in your chair with your trousers and pants rolled down to your ankles rubbing your cock to get sexual pleasure. Go on keep those fingers up my cunt OOOOH I am suffering a cunt attack!

Don’t you know about cunt attacks? They are rather like heart attacks your cunt takes over your whole body and you are desperate for cock. I don’t care if people are watching. Reach into my bag and find the packet of condoms and get one on fast Now I’m lying down on the Lilo with my bikini panties off totally naked and my legs apart and please Peter fuck me really hard quick I am desperate. Put the towel over our middles if you are still shy but fuck me. OH LOVELY that was what I need a great hard thick male pole in me that is so wonderful. Push in and out and split me in half that feels so good..It’s all your fault Peter gazing at your big hard cock in those trunks left me bursting with lust and your groping brought on a really serious cunt attack. Now push harder right up.Who cares if people are watching I need fucking so much GO ON DEEPER HARDER FASTER that’s right push in and out it feels so lovely oh Peter I am enjoying it so much are you enjoying my cunt? Am I tight moist and soft for you? May I rub your lovely tight young bottom while you fuck me? It feels so lovely…. Oh Peter I’m coming that feels so much better I/m shivering all over and all my muscles are in spasm can you fell my cunt muscles tightening round your cock OOOOH YOU ARE COMING TOO I can feel your cock starting to spunk go on shoot all that lovely creamy spunk out of your big hairy balls that was quite perfect Peter I feel so much better now.

I’ll pull the rubber off you and put it into this little plastic bag that I always carry for used condoms. Now let’s go to our room. No don’t bother with your trunks. We will go totally naked never mind if people are watching they are probably just feeling jealous that we had such a lovely fuck and the reception staff will probably enjoy looking at your lovely cock and my pussy. Just walk and let them watch if they want.

We are in room 502 it is a sort of suite who cares if there are other people in the lift looking at us your cock is beginning to get hard again and I want to feel your bottom. Just display yourself dear it is so nice being totally naked in public isn’t it?

Here we are. Bob this is Peter, Peter this is my husband Bob. Peter has given me such a lovely fuck and he is so handsome and has such a nice bottom I brought him here to meet you. Don’t be shy Peter Bob wants to hug you and kiss you and feel your bottom. Now I will put my hand between you and hold your cocks together so that Bob can give you a cock wank rubbing his cock up and down yours. Here’s my mobile. I Bayan Escort will take some nice pictures. We have a blog where we post details of our activities with pictures.

Peter we have a tradition men must be totally humiliated and abused so I am going to take this big vibrator that we call Goliath and slowly push it up your bottom while I take more pictures. Can you feel it sliding into you? I put some lube on it so it shouldn’t be too bad. It has a flange at the base so it should fit fit comfortably inside you resting on the rim of your arsehole. Now I will switch it on so it throbs inside you getting your hole ready for fucking.

Now you two break up and Peter kneel between my husband’s legs and rub this gel on his cock. It is sensitising cream that makes the nerves far more sensitive just rub it into his cock while I take some more pictures. Now sit back and rub some gel into your own cock so that I can have dreams of you wanking yourself when I look at the pictures.

Now for the difficult bit. Bob wants to spank you so can you get over his lap – no the other way he is righthanded and display your bottom and its hole in a totally indecent way? Good that is not bad. Now Bob and I will rub the sensitising cream into those two lovely globes of yours so that the nerves in the bottom are totally receptive to lovely sexy pain and it will also prevent you from getting too red or bruised so that when it is my turn I have a lovely white bottom to spank. There. Can you feel our hands rubbing the cream in and your bottom being caressed? I am taking a few more photos of your naked bottom goodness Bob Derek and Jack and Tom and Bill and Ed will go totally wild when they see this perfect young bum with the vibrator in it.

Now the pain starts I’m afraid. Move just a little further up so that your cock is touching my husband’s cock – that’s right – and I will hold your big erect cock against my husband’s cock and rub you against his while he spanks you. Right Bob I think he’s ready let fly ….

Goodness Peter you are taking it very well. Bob and I are both very expert spankers and you are hardly even screaming yet. Bob I think he’s really enjoying it the pain and the total humiliation. Do you like my hand on your cock rubbing it against my husband’s cock? You are very hard and it is lovely to feel you. I have lots of lovely pictures of you being spanked. Is the vibrator still throbbing hard in your bottom?

I think that that’s enough Bob time for the next stage. Peter get up between my husband’s knees and start sucking his cock. That’s right into your mouth and suck hard. Isn’t that fun? A large male pole in your mouth to suck and pleasure, I always enjoy it so much. Get him really hard although he was fairly hard already he really enjoyed spanking you though not as much as I will. Now put a rubber on his cock it is always good manners to put the rubber on the man who is going to fuck you.Rub lots of lubricant Escort over it to make it easier for him to fuck you. Now bend over the sofa and make sure that your bottom is fully displayed while I take more pictures before I take the vibrator out.

Have you been fucked much? Once or twice at school? Bob he is practically a virgin take it easy at first we want to break him in not break him. Peter now my husband is going to push his cock into you slowly and gently. It will be a bit uncomfortable at first but you will soon get used to it. Slowly Bob I know you are burning with lust for his tender white bottom but slowly. There Peter not too bad is it? I shall wank your cock while my husband fucks you and you are beautifully hard. I won’t let you come but use my silky hand and fingertips to keep you just on the edge. Bob I think he’s enjoying it you can start fucking him. Peter my husband is going to start giving you a real thorough fucking. I shall rub your lovely stiff cock, fuck away Bob give it to him good and hard …

Enjoying it Peter? A big strong cock thrusting up your bottom totally violating your body in its most secret place? You enjoyed being spanked I could tell.

Bob wants to come now Peter and squirt spunk in your arsehole. No you can’t come I am using my soft hand and expert fingertips to keep you just on the edge. Squirt away Bob and have a lovely come inside him!

Now Peter it is good manners to take the condom off the man who has fucked you and then clean his cock. I always do. That’s right. Rub it clean of his spunk so that he can start getting hard again.

No you can’t come! I know you have a massive stiff erection but I don’t care. Now over my lap I want a go at that lovely white firm bottom. Position yourself nicely so that that stiff cock pushes into my thigh. I warn you that I spank like a demon out of hell and I love hearing men screeching in pain …

Oh Bob I am enjoying thus his bottom is such fun are you taking lots of snaps? And he is really enjoying the sexy pain as my hand remorselessly meets his quivering flesh to cause more intense agony. Feel his cock. Hard is he? Good. I am so wet and horny again right roll off me and stand up. Your cock is just as lovely as always, now I shall lie on my back totally naked and indecently displayed. Are you enjoying looking at my naked pussy? Bob get hold of his cock and rub the tip along your wife’s cuntlips, fuck in again Peter while Bob takes more photos and push hard and fast that is good oh that feels so much better I got so horny when I spanked you I thought I was going to have a another cunt attack. Fuck in and enjoy yourself I am enjoying every second of it Bob I am having such a good fuck didn’t I do well to find him? Yes spank his bottom while he fucks me it makes him push in even harder and deeper and makes it so much more fun for me ….go on ..;. fuck hard ….

Well Peter that was a fantastic session. I hope you didn’t mind Bob fucking you again? He has really developed a passion for your bottom. But when you come back you must take your revenge and spank both of us and fuck Bob, I know he will really enjoy that. Perhaps you could describe the next session on Literotica?

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