Hot Tub Playtime

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I’ve had a long day at work. I tell you I want to get naked in a hot tub and I want you to join me. I tell you what time to meet me. I get there and you haven’t arrived yet, so I go ahead and take off my clothes. I get into the warm water, letting the cares of the day float away. I turn the hot tub jets on high and begin enjoying the water beating against my body.

I’m relaxing with my eyes closed, pinching my own nipples, imagining your mouth on them. I hear someone come in behind me. I assume it is you, so I don’t open my eyes. I hear who I think is you taking off your clothes and getting into the water. Then I feel strong masculine hands pushing my hands away and taking over rubbing and pinching my nipples. I moan in pleasure, but still don’t open my eyes. Then I’m shocked when I hear an unfamiliar voice saying how nice my nipples are and how he wants to suck them. I open my eyes in surprise, and see another man standing in front of me. His hands are gripping my nipples tightly, and his enormous cock is hanging down in my face. He tells me that you decided to surprise me by sending him to play, but that you will be here later. I relax again, pleased at the fine specimen you found to share me.

He continues to rub and pinch my nipples, until he pulls me up so my breasts are out of the casino şirketleri water. He starts sucking on them, using his teeth to bite and stretch them, which makes me cry out in delight. When he does this, I reach over and grab his divine cock, stroking it gently. My touch causes it to start growing, which puts a huge smile on my face.

I am enjoying my special visitor when I hear someone else come in behind us. I don’t even turn and look to see if it is you. I don’t really care who it is as long as the person is here to please me. I hear the new company unzipping and unsnapping clothes and it hits me that I’m going to be taken advantage of by someone else. When the new person comes into view, I see that it is not you, but another friend you have called over to play with me. He climbs into the hot tub, and after watching the first friend for just a moment, begins mimicking his every move. I am in heaven with two mouths on my breasts, and I instinctively reach up and begin rubbing the second cock. It is already hard and ready for my firm grasp.

As I’m enjoying my two new friends, I hear another person enter. It is you. In a very excited voice, you ask if I’m enjoying my surprise. I only groan which lets you know I am thoroughly enjoying getting pleasure from two men. My excitement grows casino firmaları when I realize that you are taking your clothes off and getting into the water as well. Within seconds, I see you get into the water. You move between my legs and start rubbing my clit, which is wet from my juices as well as the water. You are immediately hard from everything you see so you start stroking your own cock. I let you do it, and move my legs apart to give you better access to what you want so badly. As you kneel in front of me in the water, you begin to slide two fingers into my cunt. Our first friend puts his hand under the water and takes over rubbing my clit. I arch my back to allow you both to touch me as you wish.

The same friend then directs me to get out of the water because he wants to eat me. I willingly obey. You move to the side and take over his previous job of sucking on and pinching my nipples while he eats my dripping pussy. The second friend stands on the edge of the hot tub, pushing his rock hard cock into my mouth. He uses my hair to balance himself and starts fucking my face. I move my one empty hand and begin stroking your cock. Again, I am in heaven with three men servicing me. You know my best orgasms happen when I have a cock in my mouth and a mouth on my clit, so you sit back to güvenilir casino watch me twitch and squirm until I cum. At the sight of this, the 2 friends grin at each other and decide to switch places. I eagerly suck the second cock just as I did the first. I cum again, my body convulsing as the three of you continue to handle my body in a way that I so enjoy.

When my orgasm finishes, I can tell that you are about to cum just by my stroking. I tell you that you can only watch now. You may stroke yourself, but you may not touch me and you may not cum. Soon both friends are ready to fill me. The man between my legs stands and pushes his gigantic cock into my pussy. I now have a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy, one of my favorite positions. I moan with delight as two strangers use two of my holes for their pleasure. You are still sitting on the side, stroking your cock. All too soon, the cock in my pussy begins throbbing. He empties his load deep in my pussy with a loud sigh. Following soon after is the cock in my mouth, spurting his sperm down my throat. I open my mouth to show you what has been given to me, and then I swallow every drop.

I can tell that the sight of this makes you ready to cum. I tell you that you can have me now that I have been used by both of them. I tell you to put your cock in my pussy until you fill me as well. It doesn’t take you long to fill me with your hot cum. The four of us, worn out, slide down into the hot tub again. I start stroking my two new friends as you watch, getting ready for round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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