Hot Tub And Hash Ch. 02

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Hot and sticky, you decide to grab a shower, leaving behind the sweaty bodies on the floor still dozing. You slip on the first robe you can reach and pad off, bare footed to the bathroom pulling the door to but not bothering to lock it. Turning the shower on, you hang your robe on the door and are just about to take a pee when the door opens and in walks Judy. For some reason you don’t want her to see you pee so you climb into the oversize bath tub testing the water as you do, the warm powerful jets bringing you slowly back to life and invigorating your senses.

You watch as Judy slowly, almost teasingly slips her robe off her shoulders and hangs it with yours. You get to appreciate for the first time just how well she has looked after her body. Her back is smooth and toned, her slim waist narrows and then widens again at her hips, flowing to form a taught and firm backside. She turns smiles and lifts a toned leg over the bath edge allowing you the view of the freshly shaved mound and smooth neat lips of her pussy. As she stands in the bath opposite you, you take in the soft swell of her belly and the gentle heave of her breasts as she looks back, admiring your own shapely form. You look good and you feel it!

You move back slightly to let her get wet and then move in again to share the jets of water cascading down over you both. Close enough now that your breasts lean against each others, you feel the taught buds of her nipples pressing into your flesh and yours into hers – the feeling is incredible as she cups your tits in her hands and pulls the two of you together. You reach behind and clasping her buttocks, pull her tighter to you, feeling the heat build up between your legs as she pushes her knee between yours. She takes the shower gel and pours some into your hand and her own, and you start to soap each other up. Her hands glide over your body leaving a trail of lather and you return the favour, your two bodies tingling with a renewed height of sexual passion.

As you stand under the water rinsing off you realise you still need to pee.

“I need to pee, do you mind?”

“Go casino şirketleri right ahead” replies Judy stepping back slightly, “Charles and I always do it in the shower”.

You open your legs apart slightly and as Judy holds your hands, you relax and star to pee.

“Feel good doesn’t it?” says Judy, looking into your eyes

“Mmm” is all you reply as you feel the warm stream run down your legs and away as the shower washes it off you.

As you pee, Judy, still looking at you, kneels down in front of you, forcing your feet slightly more apart with her knees and leans back sitting on her heels with her hands behind her.

“This feels even better” she moans as you don’t stop, still under the cascade of the shower your stream of pee now aiming straight onto her belly, her thighs and away between her legs. She leans closer and the last trickles splash against her breasts and down her cleavage. You never would have thought it but standing in the shower peeing while a beautiful woman lies underneath you has just been one of the most erotic things you’ve ever done. You finish and you realise how turned on you’ve become as Judy kneels up, pulls you to her with her fingers digging into your bum and kisses you on your puffy moist lips. You hold on to her head and can barely stand as her tongue gently traces its way along your pussy, dipping in on every return stroke savouring your flavour.

Trailing her tongue up your belly, she stands slowly, her tongue working its way between your now tender and sensitive breasts, teasing each nipple one by one. She kisses your neck, your throat and then your mouth – passionately! You can taste just how turned on you are by her tongue.

She puts her hands on your shoulders and gently pushes you down into the tub – you know what’s coming but you’re far too aroused to think twice about it. You lay on the floor of the tub knees up and feet slightly apart.

With the shower beating down on you only your head out of its blast you look up at Judy. You look up at her tits, heavy and inviting from this angle, down casino firmaları her waist to her hips and the smooth “V” between her legs. You can see her lips as suddenly they part and a thick torrent of pee jets out into the air and down onto your own body. You feel it splash against your belly and thighs; it pulses against the mound beneath your small tuft of hair and against the lips of your very sex itself. The moment takes you, your heart pounds and the tingle inside your groin turns into a shudder, flowing through your body and into your brain as you orgasm for the second time in the space of an hour.

Lying there for a moment you reach up for Judy’s hands and sit up, your face on a level with her middle. Following her earlier lead, you reach out, pull her nearer and kiss her swollen lips, the sticky sweet taste of her excitement mingled with the slight hint of saltiness from her pee. You stand together under the hot jets of the shower feeling relaxed and comfortable yet still incredibly turned on and hungry for more.

You kiss Judy on the cheek, climb out of the shower and too hot, wrap a towel loosely round yourself as the door opens and I walk in. you look at Judy, smile as she winks and turn to me;

“Enjoy yourself, I’m off to get a drink” you say as you peel off my robe, and hugging me, kiss me deep and lovingly!

The door closes and I look at Judy wondering if she is going to stay or leave.

She offers me her hand and I climb cautiously into the shower. She pulls me under the water and soaping her hands, proceeds to wash me from top to bottom. I admire her body as she does so and wonder what happened before I got there. I close my eyes and lean back against the wall as she lathers up between my legs kneeling in front of me. Her hands slide easily around my shaved balls, between my cheeks and along the length of my cock. I look down as she opens her mouth and takes my now semi hard cock into her mouth, caressing my smooth balls as she swirls saliva around my cock, tonguing its end.

I reach down and cup her tits in my hands, feeling them bob slightly güvenilir casino as her mouth runs up and down my dick and he hand wanders back between my legs and along the crack of my backside.

She slides her hand over the tight opening of my ass, pausing to tease its entrance with a finger.

I tense slightly.

“Relax” she says.


Again she touches the puckered opening and I relax as she gently eases her finger inside. She stops, then pushes further. I feel her go past the first knuckle, then the second until one finger is all the way in my ass.

“You like that huh?”

“Mmm” is all I need say

Gently sliding her finger in and out of me, Judy squashes her breasts firmly against my erection, dipping her head to lick of the pre-cum that her fingering has caused to leak.

Holding herself tightly to me she starts moving her chest up and down, her milky breasts working up and down my cock, its head oozing wetness as each time it appears from her cleavage and she reaches to lap it up.

Coming back from the kitchen you open the door and unnoticed, stand there watching!

As the pleasure of Judy’s finger in my ass and my cock being worked by her tits starts to build up inside me I feel the beginnings of an orgasm starting somewhere deep within me. I desperately don’t want to cum again so soon as I want to be able to enjoy the rest of the night and especially watching you and Judy again – this time joining in!

As I try to pull away from her, Judy senses this and has other ideas;

She works her finger harder, squeezes herself tighter to me and looking straight at me, says;

“I peed on your wife – and she came while I did it!”

Peering through the door, you opened your mouth in shock at what she said, but you soon relaxed as you saw my body shudder and tense up as my orgasm overtook me.

The first squirt of cum hit Judy under the chin as she watched my ‘cum face’, then as she looked down I came again and again into her face as she tried to open her mouth enough to catch it all. In the end she gave up, rubbing herself over my cock; my cum on her tits and face as she licked and sucked at my still pulsing cock.

Quietly and without being seen, you slipped out of the room in search of something to soothe the ache between your own legs…

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