Hot Shower Ch. 05

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I slid the card into the door impatiently, ready to be inside the four walls of my hotel room. I pushed the door open, and strode confidently inside, turning to welcome the two of you in. I looked briefly into your eyes and smiling, turned to look at Erin. Tall, blonde, in excellent shape thanks to her almost fanatical exercise schedule, Erin looked incredible in the short, black dress.

She moved towards me, before I ever had a chance to think. She pushed her fingers into my short brown hair, pulling me closer to her, until her mouth met mine for a long, very thorough kiss. Her tongue darted into my mouth, rubbing lightly against mine, before she withdrew and slowly sucked my tongue into her mouth. Tasting it like it was the finest chocolate. She moaned against my mouth, sending shivers down my body.

She moved her hands up to slowly unbutton my shirt, pushing it off my shoulders, and letting it slide down my arms until the French cuffs caught at my wrist. I tried to move my hands to pull them free, but she refused me the freedom, instead, pulling my hands together behind me, leaving me completely helpless as she opened the front closure on my bra letting my titties fall free. Small but perky, I’ve always been envious of women with more substantial cleavage, but as she moved her mouth from side to side, kissing her way around each nipple, biting the undersides, then slowly pressing her flat tongue across the nipple in a slow, sultry lick, I was envious of no other woman.

She sucked one nipple into her mouth, pulling it deeper with each consecutive pulse of her mouth. I whimpered in my frustration. While enjoying this assault on my body, I felt helpless, I wanted to touch her as well. I wanted to lock my hands into her long blonde hair as she moved to the other nipple, treating it with the same worshipful attention.

I opened my eyes and scanned the room to find you standing, leaning against the wall, enjoying the show. I pleaded to you with my eyes, to help me, to free me from the confines of my shirt so I could better participate. You shook your head at me, smiling at my frustration at being so completely out of control.

Looking up at me now, Erin followed my gaze over to you, and she let my nipple pop out of her mouth long enough to say, “You don’t mind watching for a bit, do you? I’d really like her all to myself first.”

You shook your head no, you didn’t mind and smiled at me. You were torturing me even more. You knew how desperately I wanted you to fuck me. You knew how much I wanted your dick deep inside my pussy. I could feel the emptiness there now, and I growled low in my throat at what I assumed was a disappointment to the way I had envisioned this evening’s plans.

“Why don’t you be a dear, and sit over in that chair, you should have a perfect view from there,” she pointed to the big, soft recliner that was closest to the bed. “And you, I promise you won’t be disappointed,” she said to me as she again returned to teasing my titties, rubbing, biting, nibbling, sucking, licking, never stopping in one place for long, casino şirketleri I was frantic now in my arousal.

She pushed me back against the bed, I felt my knees hit the edge, and with no use of my hands to help break my fall, I fell hard, and bounced a bit as I hit. Erin followed me quickly, sliding her hands up my legs until she reached the hem of my skirt. She started to simply push it up to my waist, but thought better of it. She slid the zipper that now rested on my hip quickly down until she had enough room to pull the skirt completely off.

“Well, aren’t you a brave girl, going to a dinner like that with no panties. I bet that was your idea wasn’t it?” she asked of you as she slid her hands all the way from my knees to my hips.

“Absolutely,” you answer.

“Good choice, I bet you thought about bending her over that table and fucking her ’till she screamed all night long.”

“It crossed my mind.”

“I bet you were hard just sitting next to her, weren’t you?”

“Especially after her little private show she gave me during the presentation.”

“Oh really, tell me about that.”

“When the lights went down and the speaker stepped to the microphone, I turned my chair so I was sitting closer to her, she had her hand underneath her skirt, covered by her napkin, at least at first, as she rubbed her clit.”

“Tell me how she did it, tell me what she likes, how she likes to make herself cum,” Erin demands as she turns back to me, licking my thighs, pushing them farther apart as I lie helpless on the bed before her.

“Well, she would dip her fingers into her pussy, getting them nice and wet,” as you tell her this, Erin drops her head and sends her tongue deep into my pussy, swirling and pulsing in quick little strokes.

“Then she moves up to her clit, where she makes wide circles around it, barely even touching it, teasing herself.” At this, Erin does the same with her tongue, making wide circles around my clit. I’m beyond frustrated now, and I chase her mouth with my hips, wanting the contact I crave.

“She slowly tightens the circles, until she’s rubbing slowly around her clit with her fingers, touching it lightly at all times. She usually starts breathing a little harder at this point too.” Erin mimics your words, tightening the circles ever so slowly, until she actually makes contact with my clit, running her tongue in tight little circles around and around. As predicted, my breath is coming in short pants now as my entire body tightens up, pushing my ass off the bed, wanting more of her touch.

“Then, just as she’s really getting close to cumming, she moves back down and dips her fingers back into her pussy, getting them really wet and sticky again.” As instructed, Erin moves her nimble little tongue away from my clit and back down to my pussy and the river of juice that is now flowing out of it. She slides her tongue in and laps at the juices spilling out, slurping them up. She never stills her tongue, always licking, lapping or swirling it inside of me so that I never know what sensation casino firmaları to expect next.

“After she has her fingers covered in her juice, she will try to slyly taste them herself. She really likes the way she tastes.” Erin moved up my body, and leaning down, pressing her body into mine, she again attacks my mouth in a ravenous kiss. I taste my familiar sweet, sticky juice on her tongue, and in her mouth.

“Then she moves back to her clit, no teasing this time, she’s usually far too impatient for much teasing. She feels a deep need to cum quickly now, a hunger for that release. She rubs her fingers across her clit hard and fast.” Again, Erin’s tongue found my clit and she succeeded in following your instructions very effectively. Her quick little tongue darted in and out of her mouth as she assaulted my clit, harder, faster. My ass pushed up off the bed with the help of my trapped hands behind me. My body tensed as I felt the orgasm building hard and fast inside of me.

“She’s really close, I think you should suck her clit hard now, maybe bite it right when she starts to cum.” Following instructions perfectly, Erin sucks hard on my clit, pressing her face hard against my pussy, pulling almost painfully on my clit as the spasms start deep inside my pussy. My body starts to shake, and my breath now is coming in short, hard pants as stars explode in my head. Then, just as I think I can’t find any more pleasure, she bites down lightly on my clit, and the orgasm that followed made the first feel like just an opening act. I screamed as my body bucked up off the bed, my head thrashed from side to side.

As I slowly slid back to reality, I look up to see Erin, finally taking off her black bra, letting her sweet little titties spring into view. She bent over to slide her thong quickly down her legs and she crawled up to join me on the bed. She ran her fingers across my face and kissed me softly.

Pulling herself up onto her hands and knees, Erin moved to straddle my hips. She lowered one nipple lightly to my lips, dragging it across my mouth, teasing me yet again. I finally manage to catch it, and pull it gently into my mouth enjoying the feel of her soft skin against me almost as much as I enjoy her sigh of contentment as it escapes her.

Sitting up so that she pulls away from me, Erin looks over at you, “I’m going to need your help now. I don’t want to give her the freedom of undoing her hands just yet, but I think you should fuck her hard from behind while she’s bent over the bed licking my pussy.”

I shiver in reaction to her words, and I watch you, eager to join us now. I watch you quickly shed the clothes I’d so admired on you earlier. You pull me to the edge of the bed, and turn me over so that my bound hands now lay across my ass that is now pointing directly up at you. You gently rub your hand over my ass, sliding down to the crease where my ass meets my thigh, you tease me a little before you grab my arms tight behind my back. You pull me up so that I am now standing in front of you, pressed hard against your body. I güvenilir casino feel your dick press into my ass and I push back against you, desperate now to feel you inside of me.

“Do you want me to fuck you now?”

A sound that is more sob than sigh escapes my throat as I nod my head, a small “Yes, please,” escapes my lips as I revel in the sensations I have wanted all night.

You push me back down to the edge of the bed and slide me over so that my face rests gently in Erin’s pussy, my shoulders resting on her thighs. I inhale the musky scent of her arousal, and look into her eyes as I lick very slowly along her slit. I slide my tongue into her pussy, just as I feel you push the head of your dick into my slick, hot pussy. I contract my muscles, trying to pull you farther inside of me, desperate for that full feeling I get whenever you are inside of me.

Since you seem content to take things slow, that’s how I proceed as I lick more and more of Erin’s pussy. Pushing into her folds to taste the juice that has seeped out of her, I then rub my tongue up to her clit and matching every stroke you make, I flatten my tongue and lick her.

I knew Erin was very close, she was very wet and excited from watching you slowly fuck me. As you sped your thrusts into me, I sped my tongue as it strummed across her clit. She pushed her hands into my hair, holding me tight against her as I flicked my tongue quickly across her clit as she relinquished herself to the orgasm that swept through her body.

Between her orgasm beneath my tongue, and the feel of your big dick in my pussy, I could not control the orgasm that hit me hard. I turned my face to lay my head on her thigh as I screamed my release. You never stopped pounding your dick into me, in fact, you sped the pace, pushing harder and faster into me. I could feel another orgasm begin to stir inside of me, and I wanted Erin to cum again too, so I turned my head again, and began flitting my tongue against her very sensitive clit faster than I had before. I moved quickly, trying to mimic the action of her tongue on me earlier. Just as I could no longer suppress the orgasm that was building ever stronger inside my body, she pushed her ass up off the bed, pressing her pussy against me again as she screamed her orgasm. I pushed my hips back against you as much as I could and enjoyed the feeling of my pussy as it clutched in orgasm around your dick. You grab my hips in your hands and pull them hard against you as I feel you cum deep inside of me. You growl through bared teeth as I feel more and more cum splash inside of me. You push me forward onto the bed, then collapse beside me.

After a minute or two, I giggle just a little. “Umm, would either of you mind undoing my hands, I can’t really feel them anymore.” I feel your hands carefully remove the tight cuffs from my hands, and I pull my cold and tingly arms up close to me, trying to get the feeling back into them. I drifted off to sleep with one hand across Erin’s belly, with the feel of your leg thrown across my hips. There was a smile on my lips, I had finally gotten what I had been wanting so badly all night. “Fuck you,” I whispered, nearly asleep.

“Give me a minute, I will again,” I hear you laugh from behind me. And then I close my eyes one last time and let sleep take over.

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