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hot momSo lets start off with the basics, shall we. i am highly attracted to my friends mom Jennifer. She is 45, kinda large, bog sexy love handles, a gorgeous phat ass, and lush, big breasts. lets cut the pleasantries and get straight to my story.I was over at my friends house one day. we were hanging out watching TV. His mom just walked in with a carton of ice cream, and was picking the remiaining morsales out of the bottom with her finger. She sat down in the computer chair, and logged into her account. “oh dammit,” she said about 3 minutes later. It seemed that some of the ice cream had fallen from her finger ad landed on the top of her busom. ” crap, now i have to change my shirt, ugh.” She got up, and left the room, and entered her room across the hallway, and shut the door. I have never been attracted to her in anyway until that day. She was stuborn, political, a bit big around the love handles like i mentioned before. And she was toataly anti-sex offender. She hated c***d m*****er with a passion. But when she returned form changing, she had changed her whole wardrobe. We were going into town with her later in the day, and it seemed she had changed for that ahead of time. She wore a demun mini skirt, that was clenching her bottom like a magnet. And a grey tank top, with no bra, for obvious reasons, That pushed her boobs up, and her nipples were poking on out. I started at her as she ytped on the computer, her boobs bouncing lightly.The time came for us to head into town. We pilled into the truck and headed in. I watched her breats in the reive view mirror from the backseat. they were mezmorizing. While in the store, she broke off from me and my buddy, and said, “you guys can get ice pendik escort cream or whatever, ill pay for it.” so with that we began searching for a treat. But i needed to see his moms boobs again, so i told him i had to use the facillities (bathroom). he understood, and i ran off down the isles, searching for his mother. i finnaly found her in the womans section, looking t maxi pads, and tampons. The idea of her booty rubbing up against a maxi kinda made my dick hard. afraid she would see me, i backed off and went back to my friend.-two hours laterI had decided to spend the night at his house that night. Hoping to get a glimpse of his mom in her nighty, or maybe something better then that. We chilled out for about an hour, then his mom got up and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She was in their for about another hour, then i heard the door open, and shut, “goodnight guys, don’t play games all night.” We were playing halo like mother fuckers on crack. Funnest, game, ever by the way.So about 4 hours later, after a Halo 3 jam session, my friend decided to go to sleep. he settled into his bed, and i continued to watch TV, even after he was snoring.About 45 minutes later i had to p*o. So i got up silently, turned the volume on the tube down, and walked silently to the bathroom. I opened the door, crept inside, shut the door behind me, turned on the lights, and i was good. I walked quickly over to the toilet, pulled my shorts down and sat.While on the potty, i examined my surroundings. i saw piles of my friends dirty clothes, and a small pile of his moms dirty clothes. On top of the pile was her mini skirt from before. I leaned over as far as i could, and kağıthane escort grabbed it up. as i lifted it, a pair of blue and white panties fell out. they were big, but very sexy. I lifted them to my nose, and gave then a little whiff for fun, but they smelled like pussy! I dropped then, picked them up, and smelled again, ahhhhhhhh, sweet pussy, and a little piss and sweat mixed in.I decided to take it a bit further. i finished up pooing, got up, flushed, and pulled my pants up. i then grabbed the panties again, and took them into my mouth. My taste buds exploded as the taste of hearty mature pussy, and cottony fabric mixed in my mouth. I ran my tongue over the crotch time and time again, till the flavor was completely gone. Then i spat them out, and thought about what i had just done. I had just tasted Jennifer’s mature 45 year old pussy, and for her weight, her puss tasted great.then it happened. I heard her door open, and the bathroom knob turn. Me flushing must have awoken his mom! out of peer fear and adrenaline. i jumped into the shower, and closed the curtain to conceal my body from her. She opened the door, and quickly tuned the light down, (they had a dimmer). She looked around, as if to find the source of the noise, but nothing was there for her to see. She then walked over the the toilet, grabbed her panties from up inside her nighty, and pulled them down, she lifted the toilet seat, squatted, and a few seconds later, i could hear her pee swishing on the toilet below her. after she just sat, with her eyes closed.She sat with her eyes closed for about 5 minutes, and i wondered if she was alright. Then, she maltepe escort snored lightly. She was asleep. on the potty! i carefully maneuvered out of the shower, and stood next to her. I pinched her ear, and nothing happened. I pocked her face, nothing. Then i shook her violently, still, nothing. My horny teenage mind instantly came into effect. I mover over, and squatted between her legs, and spread them open. I had a clear look at her half trimmed bush, still wet from the pee she took. I nudged a finger in, and poked her pussy a little. She moved not a bit. Hmmmm. I got bolder. I touched were her clit was jetting out (it is a very large clitoris). She sighed a little, but nothing more then that. I then began running my finger in and out of her pussy, like a well oiled machine. i couldn’t even fathom what i was doing. With my other hand, i ran it up her dress, till i found her left breast. I caressed her nipple, and felt it grow in my hand. I was fingering, and massaging my best friends boobs and pussy!Then she moved, and her eyes opened a little. “is that you Ron?” i stopped dead. Oh my god! was she awake, or sleep talking? I toned my voice down a bit, “huh, yeah Jen, just given you a little attention.” I had no fuckin idea who Ron was, so i decided to run with it. “oh Ron, yes baby yes, make Jenny come like you used to, before we were married.” then i figured it out, Ron was her ex-husband, My friends Dad. Then i saw her eyes open a little more, and i panicked, i took my hands off her body, and jumped back into the shower, and closed the curtain, but peeked out with my left eye. she did indeed wake from her sleep, and she looked around hoping to find her Ex in the room, but he wasn’t of coarse. she yawned, then spoke to herself, “oh well, just a dream. I need a cock, i need a man who can touch me like him.” She got up, flushed the toilet, opened the door, and walked out. i waited a solid ten before exiting the shower. Oh my god, that was crazy, and at that moment, i got an idea, a sexy, naughty, evil idea.

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