Hooked for one week in Vegas/ Day one-first guy!

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Hooked for one week in Vegas/ Day one-first guy!Vegas: Night one.Went to Vegas to visit a friend who was a high end escourt… long story short, I wanted to try it, just to say I did it. She itroduced me to a young sexy guy who was at a convetntion for business…Young good looking guy, brought me to the very nice hotel room, was being nice and kissing me and shoving his tongue down my throat and I could taste his warm spit. (which I loved) Before I knew it he grabbed my hair bent me over and started eating out my ass, sliding his tongue from my pussy lips, to my clit and back down to my little ass hole. He told me to lay down on my stomach and spread my arms and legs…I thought OK… next he tied my hands and feet to the bed post and grabbed my waist and lifted it up fingering me and eating me out making me moan and scream… I could tell that he liked the noises I was making because the louder I screamed the faster he went. After that he stopped for a minuet, I thought maybe he is going to UN-tie me? Nope I was wrong he blind folded me and force fully pushed his thick piece of sausage inside antalya escort me with out any warning… thrusting in and out of me I didn’t know what to think of all of it. But I was getting paid $5,000 that night so I thought what the hell. After he fucked me for a bit he UN-tied me but kept me blind folded and I felt something cold on my body and it smelt good… When he let me have a peek on what he was doing to me, I saw that he rubbed whip cream and chocolate all over my tits, stomach, and pussy. I was really starting to like how kinky this guy was, He said “your so sexy I just had to see if the chocolate and whip cream tasted as good off of you as it does on?” He licked my body from head to toe. After that I was all sticky so he walked me over to the shower and re-tied my hands behind my back and made the water very hott and bent me over and started fucking my tight very wet and very warm little pussy. I am a person who loves control so this was new for me having someone control my every move… (I secretly wanted him to keep on doing it)He fucks me for a while in the shower escort antalya then takes me out and bends me over the dresser where there is a large mirror hanging and gets his belt and starts to spank me and I don’t mean a pity spank or a tap,nope this man was full on spanking me he could see that it was pissing me off which is exactly what he wanted… “He said you’ve been a bad little slut and I had to punish you… but now I am going to un-tie you and let you get back at me for punishing you” I was thinking yes when he UN-ties me I am going to get back at him…. MY TURN!! So I threw him on the bed tied his arms and legs, and curled each and every one of my fingers around his balls and I squeezed VERY HARD until he was stating to moan BC he was in pain , I said ” No no you are my bitch and you need to stay quiet, I went to the bathroom grabbed a small hand towel and shoved it in his mouth, I went back to grabbing his balls, then I lifted them and started licking and I bit one, yep that’s right I bit one! Then I grabbed his nicely thick cock and wrapped my lips around it and started antalya escort bayan sucking I was getting so turned on by it that not only was my pussy dripping wet but I had so much saliva in my mouth I didn’t know what to do with it… I crawled up to his face removed the towel from his mouth, licked his neck and whispered, do you want to taste me? he said yes, I said grabbing his balls tell me baby do you want to tatse me… all I heard was YES!!!. He said ” now bring that fucking sexy pussy over here and sit on me, so I sat on his face, his tongue felt so good moving from my clit to my pussy, I couldn’t help enjoying it so much that I began to ride it fast and hard just like I’d ride his dick, I was grinding so hard that he said he couldn’t breathe, I said ” Not my problem” I worked my way back down because my little kitty wanted his cock so bad. I started riding him and want I wanted to feel his hands on me and my body so I UN-tied him and he just went crazy on me, fucking me so hard and so long he never stopped, I came 7 times… He was like the energizer bunny he would cum, make me lick it up and go again! We hard core fucked all night and all Morning. When I left and was getting paid he gave me $7,000, instead of $5,000. I looked at him and thought I’d fuck you any time for free!!!!! -Until Next time… remember.. All week!!!

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