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Honey Blonde CuckoldMy Fiance and I have been with each other since college. We were both twenty-two years old at the time, enrolled in a communications class. I used to think about how amazing it would be to go out with a beautiful yet shy girl like that. I didn’t know her name at the time, I just knew her as the honey blonde in the front of the class. She was fairly demure, yet incredibly smart, fun, and so incredibly cute. I got to know her better when we were in the same group project, Alicia was her name, but she went by Allie. We exchanged numbers and dated soon after the semester had ended. She was about 5’ 4” slender with pronounced hips and thighs, b-cup breasts. Big beautiful brown eyes with pale ivory skin complemented with a cute and slight overbite. She had an adorable dimpled smile with gleaming pearly white teeth and plump pink lips that I would give anything to kiss. You could tell she was a book worm that didn’t get a lot of sun, I would remind her of that all the time, to which she would scuff at. Despite being shy, I would find out Allie had more history than I did relationship wise. It was a bit of a surprise to say the least. Allie was my third girlfriend, I was her eighth boyfriend. She would always correct me however because she didn’t really count the 3 first ones, saying she wasn’t really connecting in a relationship sense and she was young. However, I suspected it was because she didn’t sleep with them. I was sorta the jealous type because my first girlfriend had cheated on me. Then my second gf I had stupidly driven away because I had suspected and accused her of cheating. Within a few months she was dating the guy I had suspected she was cheating on me with. With Allie I wanted to do things right. Trusting Allie was easy.However I was always tormented with this feeling. Something I started feeling after my first two relationships had failed. The idea of my significant other being pleasured by another man, was a secret kink that I had. I would secretly watch cuckold porn on my own. Just the idea of a manly guy, specifically a black guy pleasuring my girlfriend, drove me crazy. Both of my former relationships ended with my girlfriends leaving me and going out with a black guy. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence or that all girls secretly are into that. I knew that it wasn’t like a universal truth that black guys have bigger penises and made better lovers, but I couldn’t help but think it anyway. I wasn’t racist, but I definitely felt like I was wrongly stereotyping when I would see a big black guy talking to Allie, and immediately thought that he was flirting with her. I guess painful memories do strange things to people.Within four years of our relationship, I felt I could trust Allie enough to tell her my kink. She looked at me with concern in her big dark innocent eyes. Especially when I told her what initiated those sexual feelings. It was definitely not the reaction I had expected. She immediately suggested that I should maybe see a ther****t. “I’m sorta worried,” she said, “I don’t think this is a healthy way to process that kind of trauma. A ther****t might be able to help you.” I tried to assure her that what I felt was normal (more or less) and that there were other men and even women who derived pleasure from this kink. “I just want you to know that I would never betray you, I love you.” She reassured. I was thankful to her at the time, but I couldn’t help but to feel disappointed. Two years had passed after that and we were just like any other couple… well almost. We hadn’t tried out with anything cuckold related, but we did get into other things that got us excited. For those two years after the talk we had, we decided that it was best for us to go to sex therapy together. Ever since then, we couldn’t be happier. The ther****t had shared Allie’s concern about the difficulty and danger of cuckoldry as a lifestyle. They both seemed to agree that it’s a bad idea and that maybe we should move away from. However, with sex therapy we started exploring ourselves, with toys, fantasies, locations, positions. It felt great. We even got engaged in that time. Allie also discovered how much she enjoyed having sex outside. She did have limits to this however. It couldn’t be in a crowded place that made her paranoid. For good reason as well. She got a job as a high school math teacher, and the idea of getting caught, well, you need only imagine that as a news story.“What would you say to the idea of moving?” She asked one morning.“Well, I would ASK if you got a new job.” I answered.“Well, not yet.”“Why move?” I asked.“It’s just, I want a change of scenery.”“Is there something wrong?” I asked.“Sorta, but it’s not a big thing. It’s just… ” She looked for the words to say and sighed.“What?”“It’s kind of embarrassing.” She admitted.“I won’t judge you, honey.”“I just don’t like the school I’m in.”“Well, that’s not that embarrassing.”“It’s the students and teachers.” “What about them?”“They all hit on me and what’s worse is that now that female teachers look at me like it’s my fault. Everything is just so weird now.”“Did anyone touch you in a creepy way?”“No, but I’m not gonna wait for that to happen.” She says as she’s answering a phone call. I thought about where we would move to. Most of my work is done at home, authoring articles to various news sites and designing websites independently. “Ok, thank you so much, have a good one!” I heard Allie say as she hung up.“What do you think about Tampa Bay?”It wasn’t too bad, the weather was nice, it was a beautiful city. Only bad part was that our apartment was a little pricey, but Allie’s pay was pretty good. I would say we made a wise decision moving here. One thing struck me a little bit however. From the first time I took a cab alone to wander the city. The cab driver, an amable gentleman twice my age it seemed, asked if it was ok for him to smoke weed. I was a shocked, from that moment I knew this was a different kind of city. I told him it was ok. I made small talk, I asked various questions about the city, I told him about my fiance Allie. He asked if we were swingers. That took me back, people here seemed to be a little more forward. I told him no, and why he asked. According to him there seemed to be a fairly numerous swinger community here in Tampa Bay. He himself use to be a swinger with his now ex-wife. According to him, it wasn’t the swinging that separated them. They just weren’t meant to be, the swinging merely prolonged the inevitable divorce. My curiosity peaked a bit. Perhaps this city might open Allie to be a little more adventurous, specifically concerning a certain fantasy. I asked the cab driver all of a sudden a few websites that might get me started with the swinging thing. He looked at me with raised brows and a devious gaze. I took note of the websites on my phone. He dropped me off at a fast food restaurant, I paid and waited for an uber to take me home. A slight embarrassment crept in me for asking a stranger about sex dating sites, I didn’t take the risk of him knowing where I lived. Upon looking into it, seems like there was quite a few people available for swinging. My focus was all in finding a bull. I don’t know why, Allie would pass without question. But part of me always saw a possibility. I feel like she just didn’t want to feel like she was being used and she seemed super concerned bahis firmaları about the possibility of hurting me. She had mentioned once that she researched what cuckolding was about. She did not like what she saw. “Those guys are going through some real trauma, some of them even want to be verbally humiliated. I don’t even want to think of you like that, lets just change the subject.” I would try to assure her that I wasn’t that extreme when it came to my kink. “I just wanna see you get pleasured really well.” She chewed on her lip and shook her head, “You pleasure me.” However our lovemaking started to become more like maintenance now. Even though we’ve been trying new things, new kinks, after two years of sex renaissance, it was unfortunately starting to dip down. Getting our new place wasn’t really helping much, surprisingly. I think it was just something we had to ride out… Or maybe I could at least try to get us into something else.Scanned through the dating websites making accounts and finding black gentlemen that felt like a right fit. I didn’t know whether or not Allie was into black guys, but I knew at least she thought a handsome man whether he was black, white, or any other ethnicity was still a handsome man to her eyes. I typically started a message with, “Bot?” A bot is a fake spam account basically. Surprisingly there was quite a few legitimate responses from real guys. I explained to some of them the situation. That I had a fiance, that she wasn’t into this, but that I was hoping that there would be someone that could help me perhaps get a foot in the door. Most of the response were fairly unsupportive, understandably. Most guys were telling me that I was being selfish and that I need to just stop trying to force things. I felt sorta discouraged, they were right. The few guys that didn’t say anything to that effect were telling me that I should dump Allie and “get ya self a real hoe to cuck ya.” Maybe I should give up on this. There was only 2 bulls that responded to my situation pleasantly. Carter and Blaise was their names. Carter was a pretty good guy from the way we communicated. He seemed to be a handsome guy and a good fit. He was a black man, of course. Height: 6 feet 3 inches” read his profile, “37 years old, single, African-American, Tampa Bay.” The “about me” on his profile read that he was about 9 inches in penis length. That got my heart pumping. Just the thought that Allie… it wouldn’t happen of course, but the idea of maybe one day it could take place made me shiver in excitement. Blaise was a little older at 45 years of age, single, African-American, Miami, a little further away but Allie did mention wanting to go on vacation to Miami one day.Allie got settled in her new position at work just as summer was arriving. She had been working as an assistant shadowing another teacher’s class. Next school year that teacher would be retiring and Allie would be taking her place. Allie was so excited and I was happy for her. Typically she would be busy making a curriculum and studying up on various projects to have the students do. “This summer we really should be having fun,” Allie told me, ”Mrs. Lopez actually gave me her curriculum. I need to inspect a little, but from what I see, I’m really curious about its impact, Mrs. Lopez was really loved and respected. I could definitely learn a lot from her.” Allie, despite the stresses of teaching, didn’t seem too affected by the new environment or position. I always admired her stamina and resilience. Even as I stared at her sitting in our dinning area, she seems to be happily at work wearing an old shirt that might have been mine, I think. She had her laptop, books and papers splayed out over the table. It was around 6pm or so. She looked at me with her big brown eyes, and smiled a dimpled smile. I walked over to her and sat next to her, rested my chin with my palm and watched her work. “What?” She looked at me, our eyes locked closely, another smile was about to crack on her face until she looked back at her laptop screen and sighed away the smile in a playful annoyance. I sat there watching her type and read until it seemed like she forgot I was there. I woke up to a whisper, her whisper. Fingers running through my hair. I fell asleep at the dining room table. I rubbed my eyes completely confused. I looked out the window it seemed to be dark out. It was almost 9:30pm. The lights in our apartment were on and Allie was standing over me. She bent over and whispered in my ear, “Let me take you out.” She said. I raised my head off the table and saw she was dressed to go out, in jean shorts and a teal spaghetti strap. “Is that cool?” She said with a smile. “Yeah, let me shower and get dressed.” We parked at the very top of a parking garage in a pretty busy part of town. Despite that the parking garage was fairly empty. “Where are we going?” I asked. “Oh, on a little trip.” She responded with a telling smile. From her bag she took out a lighter and a joint. “Where the hell did you get weed??” I asked incredulously. She shrugged casually. “No, like, seriously is that weed?” I asked. “Yes, it’s really weed.” She sighed for a moment, “don’t get mad at me, I just wanted us to have a good time.” “Where’d you get it?” I asked again this time with curiosity. “Does it really matter?” She responded with annoyance, “Uh yes.” She then told me about Mrs. Lopez giving it to her. Telling her it was the reason why she was such a good teacher. Allie giggled as she was telling me, amused by the strangeness of the situation. “I mean she might be right, ya know.” Before I could respond Allie lit the joint and smoked. She passed it to me and looked at it and looked at her, she mouthed the words “please” with a playfully sad face. I smoked it and let it sink in. I hadn’t smoked since college so this was going to be interesting to say the least. I don’t know how long we were in the car, but we talked a lot about various things I can’t remember now, I think something about our future together. I think she mentioned something about her already looking into planning the wedding. Occasionally I remembered see her touching her arms and legs sensually, she put her seat back and laid there dazed and spaced out. I looked into her eyes and chuckled a little, her eyes were like saucers. I don’t remember too much of what happened, but we were in a bar at some point, we had a few drinks I think and then we were dancing, I think she started dancing with another guy, and I think she might have kissed another guy. Then all of a sudden we were walking on a sidewalk with a group of completely different people, guys and girls. There was a festival going on with various lights and people performing. We were laughing and having a good time. I started coming to at that point and looked at the time. It close to 3 am. The crowds started to diffuse and we went our separate ways with the group of people we were with. I didn’t realize until then that the group seemed like fairly young college k**s. As I walking away looking for the uber I had hit up, I turned around to see 30 feet away Allie looked like she was getting a number from one of the guys in the group. I looked away pretending I didn’t notice. Our uber arrived and Allie and I went in. It didn’t take long before it seemed like we arrived home. I kept telling myself to remember where our car was kaçak iddaa at the parking garage, I thought about how expensive the toll would be, but it didn’t really phase me all that much. Allie started grabbing my penis once we got inside our apartment. She kissed me and looked at me in the eyes intensely. I was sitting on the couch with just my pants down and Allie was already completely naked. She teased my dick with her lips, kissing it lovingly. I was feeling sort of soft so to speak so she started nuzzling her face at my crotch. She took deep breaths through her nose seeming to relish my scent. She sucked on my testicles while she was touching herself. I woke up the next morning with Allie on top of me on the couch, still naked.We discussed and debated about that night for a week. I knew I saw her kissing another guy and Allie, by the end of the week, had started to come to terms with the fact that maybe she did. She showed me a text saying, “Hey, I’m free this Sat. Let’s hang.” I pestered her about whether or not she found that guy attractive. She said she didn’t remember and that even if she did she wouldn’t do anything. I was in all kinds of out of wack. On one side I was jealous, but on the other, I was so excited by the fact that my fiance was kissing another guy. I jerked off on it so much. I was thinking about maybe I could get her into cuckolding. I confronted her about what I was feeling, and she responded with confusion and inner conflict. She asked me about my feelings and why I felt them. We decided to talk. We sat down at our couch and exchanged what was on our minds. She felt really worried about how she acted on that day we went all out. She really just wanted a good time, but she got caught up with a different vibe than what she was used to that excited her. “What was exciting?” I asked. She didn’t know how to respond. Her eyes looked to me with pleading concern, as if I was supposed to help her figure herself out. She liked having fun, but she felt like she needed to measure herself. “Ok…” I said, I thought to myself, I should just say it, “ so I was thinking about maybe… perhaps you need to go on a date, with someone else.” She broke eye contact. “But, I love you.” She responded, “and I felt really shitty that I did that stuff I did and you reacted like really hurt. I could tell you were really jealous.” I thought about what she said, it doesn’t really feel like she was rejecting the idea. She seemed different. All the other times I would bring up my kink she would instantly want to change topics. “Maybe just one date” I told her ”with a guy, no expectation.” She thought about it. “What if you get jealous?” She asked. “If I do then we don’t have to go through with it.” She chewed on her lip in apprehension. “Ok, just one date,” she said finally ”but no more than that.” At that my heart fluttered.We agreed that I would be the one to pick the date, so long as he wasn’t a weirdo or gross, she would agree to it. Immediately I looked over to the swinger websites I had a profile on. I sent a message to Carter a bull I had messaged before. “Hey, I was wonder if you were interested in going on a date with my fiance?” He replied an hour later, “Alright, lemme in on the details.” I explained to him, Allie was totally just doing this as a favor for me. That she just allowed one date and that’s it. “Sounds like she don’t wanna seem like she be wantin somethin extra!” I agreed, something was telling me that she seemed a little more open than she was letting on, she was just worried about making me jealous, but to be honest so was I. I feel like this could get her to open up or completely close off to the idea, which ever one it would turn out to be, both possibilities worried me. We ubered over to meet Carter. I thought to myself that this was so crazy. I was in business casual wear. Allie was next to me looking fairly casual herself. Wearing faded jean capris and a white shoulderless blouse. Allie insisted that I be with her on the date and that it would be in the day time. I thought about what might happen the whole way there, I had to keep cool. We were supposed to meet at 3pm it was just past 2 and we had already arrived at the bar. We actually planned the date some ways away from the city to lower the chance of being recognized. Allie ordered a beer as did I and we sat down at a dark booth in some corner. We didn’t really talk much. We were both really nervous. Occasionally we would talk about something job related and then go quiet. 2:55pm Carter enters the bar. I saw him and immediately I felt embarrassed. I realized that this guy already knows that I’m into this weird kink. He raises a hand from across the bar to say hi. With a great smile he walks over to shake my hand. I stand and offer him to sit next to Allie, just like he had request ahead of time. I sit at the opposite end while he hugs Allie and gives her a polite kiss on the cheek. He sits himself we exchange formal greetings. I think about what else to say, and Carter goes off and starts talking to Allie. “What’s your full name again?” He asks. “Alicia.” She responds. “Oh wow, Alee-see-ah haha that beautiful, baby.” For the next hour it was Carter’s show. Never once did he make us feel awkward or uncomfortable. For better or worse he had us. We found ourselves ordering a few more drinks, not too much, we were very measured and careful, lesson learned from a past experience, shall we say. I took a moment to check out Carter, he was a pretty fit guy. He wasn’t too enormous and muscular but he was very toned. His hands were large and veiny, his arms were sinewy and substantially bulked up. His skin was a dark brown with a fully shaved head, shining. He was wearing a black shirt that tightly fit is body and dark jeans, also his scent was particularly pleasant yet manly. We talked about our lives together, our plans for the future. I looked at the time, it was already 7pm, jeez we’ve been talking for 4 hours. It certainly did not feel like 4 hours, Carter’s charisma had quite the effect. And yet I still held caution for some reason. I noticed there were certain moments where Allie would touch his arm or his hand in a friendly gesture of exciting discussion. Carter would at times ask for a high five or give a friendly “aww” and a hug. Allie was beginning to move closer to Carter and at times would be staring at him without any notice that I was right across the table. More and more people began to fill the bar and Carter noticed I was looking around with some slight worry. “Ay y’all there’s this one place,” Carter began, “it’s the bomb, it’s a restaurant, my cousin’s husband owns it. My treat.” Allie looked at me and shrugged, I shrugged back as to say agree. “Yeah, that sounds awesome.” She responded. Before we knew it, we’re both in Carter’s car. Carter talked about his travels to europe and all kinds of other places he discussed various landmarks and cuisines. He seemed to be a very well cultured guy, as did the restaurant that we arrived at. There we talked even more. Now I was becoming anxious. This was supposed to be a 2 hour date no more, no less. We eat an incredible meal that I was barely able to stomach down because of how nervous I was. Then Carter offered us drive home. I was reluctant to take the offer but I know how rude and awkward it would be not accept. “Sure.” At that Allie looked at kaçak bahis me with surprise in her eyes. We got back into Carter’s car for hopefully the last time, to drive home. “Hey,” Allie told Carter “I was wondering if you were into this.” Out of Allie’s bag she pulls out a joint. Carter laughs in excitement, “Yeah! Now that’s what I’m talkin ‘bout!” We arrive at our apartment parks the car. Allie lights up the joint in the car and we all take a hit. Carter takes a second hit and we let the weed sink in. We start talking about various random things. We laugh a little and we think about strange things. Allie takes it step further and asks Carter very personal questions. How many sexual partners he’s had and all kinds of things, “have you ever been in love?” Allie asks sitting in the passenger seat while I’m sitting in the back. “Yeah, girl. Once… upon a time. You?” “Uh yeah, dummy. That guy!” She responds pointing to me. Carter cracks up laughing, “She called my nigga, ‘that guy!” Allie laughs as well and I can’t help but chuckle too. “Fo real y’all love each other though?” Carter asks. “Yes, we’re engaged.” Allie affirms. “Yeah?” Carter persist facing Allie. “Definitely.” Allie responds back. “Like how much y’all love each other?” Carter keeps at it, moving closer and looking Allie squinting as if challenging her. “Like a lot.” Allie responds moving closer and squinting back in a mocking manner while holding back a smile. “Thas good.” Carter moves in and kisses Allie. Allie kisses him back, their lips rhythmically lapping each other. Slow and romantic Carter puts his arm around my fiance and a hand on the side of her face, gently brushing her hair out of the way and caressing her cheek. Carter backs off, “You still love ya boy?” Allie looks over at me “Do you love me?” She asks me with a concerned tone. I nod. She leans closer to me and kisses me a loving and heartful kiss. “I love you babe,” She whispers in my ear, “I love you so much, ok?” She looks at me with a slight shame in her eyes as she retracts back to her seat. She kisses Carter and straddles on top of him in the passenger side seat. The wet sound of kisses and moans fill the car. Allie stops to open the drive side door, silently Carter understood. Allie exited from her passenger side door. We’re walking over to our apartment. Carter holding Allie’s hand leading her on as I follow them. Allie looks for the keys to the apartment door as Carter kisses her neck from behind. The door opens and I realize that I don’t think I can handle this. A shirt falls to the carpet then a blouse, then a bra. Carter’s jeans hit the floor with a heavy thud of his belt. Black capris peel off of thick white thighs and slender legs. By the couch they stand embracing each other exchanging sexual kisses. I sat in a dark corning sitting on a chair, until I can’t take it and I rush to the bathroom and I shiver from head to toe. I feel so wrong about this. I keep the lights off in the bathroom. My hands feel cold and I think I might have a panic attack. Maybe I should just stay here till it’s over. I start thinking about what they could be doing to each other. All I hear is the sound of wet kisses and moans. I start getting hard in spite of myself. I unzip my pants and I stroke myself. I feel harder than I’ve ever been. I take a peak, it looks like they’re laying down on the couch, I can’t get a good view. I walk out some and see black legs and thighs. Then I see my beautiful fiance’s face, she’s nursing on a long black dick. She nuzzles on his large testicals as his long black dick stiffly presses on her soft plump cheek. Her perky white breasts resting on a firm black torso. Allie lets out a quiet moan with wincing pleasure written on her face. Carter is pleasuring her pussy with his mouth. With closed eyes, her mouth opens with a soft moan as she meditates on the pleasure. I sit down on a chair and stroke myself, shaking with excitement and disbelief. My sweet and loving fiance, I feel a sweet aching jealous lust based in my stomach. She take his dick in her mouth again and pleasures him, her pink lips working his shaft lovingly. Black hands caress her ass and thighs, he gives slight thrusts up into her mouth for a moment. She lifts her head up and his slick wet dick falls from her lips; a single string of spit connects lips and shaft then breaks. Allie stands up clumsy in a dazed sex-high. Carter sits up, she kneels on the carpet to pleasure him with her mouth some more. He grabs the back of her head with both hands holding her honey blonde hair out of the way and bobbing her mouth up and down his shaft. Allie gags slightly and stops for a moment. Carter brings Allie’s face closer to his and he kisses her with a longing tongue. Carter invites her to lay on the couch. She smiles a dimpled smile up at him. I can feel her excitement, my heart is pounding. She lays on her side facing me, she looks at me for a brief moment and quickly looks away, a sense of shame creeps into her face. Carter teases his black dick on her ass and inner thighs. I stop masturbating to stop myself from cumming; I’m so close. I then realize he should be wearing a condom, fuck. I’m frozen, I don’t say anything. Carter gently slides his dick in Allie’s labias. Allie remains still with eyes closed, with one leg relaxed and the other being held up by Carter at the thigh. For minutes Carter gently teases his thick dick into Allie’s soft pussy. Allie wincing every moment it move in deeper, centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch. Carter moves in with steady patience. Carter’s thrust get faster and faster, a creamy noise fills the room as Allie’s moans follow. Carter gives her a true lovemaking. After a good while Carter gives Allie his full length and thrusts incessantly with wet a slapping of thighs. Allie moans and groans, she breathes deep rapid breaths. A buildup of pent up pleasure escalates in her face, her mouth gapes open and her eyebrows furrowed, she holds her breath… (Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.) “Oh fuck!” she whispers, “AHHHH AHH HHUHH AHH!!” She cries out a thunderous orgasm. She shakes with a quivering moan. Carter, drenched in sweat, thrusts faster as he brings himself into an orgasm and pulls out his large black member and spurts thick ropes of cum over Allie’s ass, thighs, and one rope hitting right at her chin. I cum onto my knuckles, like I’ve never cum before. As the orgasm subsides a rush of hurt follows. I feel regret and yet I don’t. Carter takes his own underwear and wipes off the cum on Allie. He drops it on my lap, that took me by surprise and I had no idea how to react. It smells very potent and I feel it wetly stick to my lap. I shove it off to the ground. Carter then puts his clothes on leaving only his underwear and walks out of the apartment, wordlessly.“So… you ok?” Allie asks carefully the next morning at the dining table“I think I’m good.” I respond.“I, uhh… I had fun.” Allie adds, knowing not what to say.“Yeah, I saw.”“What’d you think?”“I thought it was… good.”“Good?”“Yeah, it looked like he did a pretty good job… yeah.” I finish awkwardly. Allie looks at me with eyes still like I remembered, with concern.“He looked better… than me. And bigger.” I add.“Oh, no babe. It’s different, totally, completely different.” “I don’t know.” At that, Allie looks away and her eyes start welling up with tears, but she don’t cry, she sniffles a little, but she doesn’t cry. Carter’s underwear stayed on the same spot on the carpet for over a week until Allie threw it away. Dry white stains were left on the carpet. Neither me nor Allie bothered to clean it off.

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