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Two weeks ago, Merissa got an invite to return to her school and participate in the homecoming activities, as a cheerleader from the past. As luck would have it, her mom had a previous commitment to travel to her parents home out of town for the night and would only be back later in the day on Saturday. She insisted that I attend and get pictures.

Around 5 pm this past Wednesday, I am sitting on main floor watching TV and Merissa comes down the stairs wearing her old uniform. Clearly she had grown in the last 5 years, since graduation. Not just her bust, but her ass has plumped up and back, and good lord, she was hot.

She called the head coach, who was the assistant when she was there and they had a uniform from that era that she felt would fit, so I drove her over to the coaches house to get it, after she changed into a pair of jean cutoff shorts.

On the drive over, Merissa asked me about her time as a cheerleader and if I had thought about our current affair in those times. I told her I had on more than one occasion had thought I’d hope to see her camel toe when she’d be flying. She blushed a bit and then reached down to the crotch of her shorts and pulled them aside and showed me her pussy. She then said, “just that little admission, has done this,” as she shoved two fingers into her pussy and pulled them out and started to direct them to her face, and then switched and brought them to my lips and stuck them in my mouth, as I used my tongue to lick them, as they slid in and out of my mouth.

As we pulled into the apartment complex for the coach, I saw an empty space with large trucks on either side and pulled into it. Merissa unbuckled the seatbelt, and opened the door, but before she could exit, I grabbed her jean shorts by a belt loop and pulled her back into her seat, and as she turned to say something, I grabbed her by her throat, and pulled her to me. Once she was close enough, I leaned in to give her a kiss, and was greeted with an open mouth and wild and crazy tongue. I also slid a hand up her loose top and grabbed a handful of her firm tit and massaged it, while we kissed.

It was then that my phone rang, and I saw it was her mother/my wife and I answered on the third ring. She was home and wondering where we were and I told her, I was helping Merissa get a uniform for the homecoming on Friday. While I was conversing with her mother, Merissa went into the apartment and then returned with the uniform.

When we got home, Merissa went to her room while I started to make dinner and made small talk with her mom. After a few minutes, Merissa came down the stairs and was wearing the better fitting uniform. My god. This one was perfect for her current figure. She was a bombshell. About this time, her mom got a phone call from her parents, who were having an issue with something only she could help them with, so she got up and went to the door.

Merissa gave me a peck on the cheek, started towards the stairs and then flipped up her skirt, to flash me her pussy, as she was not wearing any underwear. I started to walk towards the steps, when her mom suddenly walked back in and said it was a false alarm and they were fine.

After a while Merissa said she was going out, and as soon as she left, my wife grabs me by the hand and says, “I am horny as hell and need your cock, before she gets back.” We quickly went to our room, closed the door and I stripped and laid down on the bed. Merissa’s mom jumped into the shower as I laid there and stroked my cock. During this, I had thought I heard the front door, but ignored it. Shortly after this my wife comes out of the shower and jumps on the bed. we made out for a few minutes and as I moved a little to her pussy, I noted the door move. From the lack of attention my wife paid to it she must not have noticed it, and I kept her facing away from it the rest of our time in the sack.

As I said, I laid down and her mom, who also loves me to eat her pussy, sat on my face and took my cock in her hands, as I began to eat her pussy. I leaned my head especially far back at least twice and could see Merissa looking through the door as I ate her mom, and at this time, he mom had leaned down and engulfed my cock in her mouth.

Merissa’s mom is a good cock sucker, not as enthusiastic as her daughter, but still very good. at this time I was hard as a rock, and her mom was clearly close to cuming so I stuck a finger in both her pussy and her ass, which sent her over the edge.

As soon as she started to come down from that, but not all the way recovered I lifted her up, slid her forward and she had my cock, and directed it right into her wet pussy. She started riding me, and I had placed my hand on her pussy, so in addition to stroking her pussy with my cock, I was also stimulating her large clit. She was so wet, my cock had a white froth on it, some of which I grabbed with my thumb and then slid my thumb into her sweet ass, as I did so my wife squealed and I heard Merissa lightly gasp. Her mom did not appear to hear her.

After a few more minutes of fucking like this my wife turned and said, “if you want 1xbet yeni giriş to fuck me in the ass, today is a great day.” She slid forward and in so doing, had access to our toy drawer which includes lube, which she now had in her hands. I got on my knees behind her and pulled her so I thought Merissa would have a really good shot of me entering her moms ass.

I then took the bottle of lube and I had her mom do the same technique, of tensing her ass and then relaxing it, and as she did the latter I had placed some lube on her little starfish, that was promptly sucked into her ass, I also lubed my cock, and then told her mom, I was going to switch it up. I stood up, and then facing away from her body, but with a straight shot into her ass, I directed my cockhead to her ass. As I did I looked Merissa in the eye and winked and blew her a kiss. I told her mom to play with her pussy, as I slid my cock all the way into her shitter. when I was balls deep, I grabbed her hips and really started slowly, deliberately pulling back and out of her ass. Once the head of my cock was right at the ring, I stopped, flexed my pelvic muscles, making my cock twitch and then drove it right back into her.

I fucked her like this for a minute or so, and then I looked up, and saw Merissa through the door, and she had one of her tits out and her hand down her pants and was really going to town. I decided to get her attention, so I slapped her mom’s pussy, which made her scream and cum, and Merissa looked up, just in time to hear me tell her mom, “I am going to dump a ton of cum in your ass!” and with that, I pushed as far and deep as I could into my wife and cum as hard as I could.

When I looked up, the door was closed again and I assume Merissa had gone to her room or outside. I found out about 20 minutes later, after cleaning up and her ceremoniously returning via the garage.

Thursday I worked from home and Merissa, all day long was teasing me, and insisted there be no reprieve for my cock. I was hard most of the day and only got done about 60 percent of what I needed to.

Friday morning arrived and at about 7 her mom came in woke me up, with a kiss and a notice that when she came back on Sunday, I needed to be ready for some sack time. She grabbed my cock through the sheets and as she stood up, while still holding my cock, reminded me I had go to the game and get some photos of her daughter, Merissa performing on the sidelines. Merissa left the house about 20 minutes later and then texted me, I needed to be home by 5 so I could take her to the stadium.

Promptly at 430 I pulled into the drive and saw Merissa was home, as her car was in the street. I walked in and she was sitting in our family room, in the sectional, naked as the day she was born. It is still very light out at that time of day and we don’t have window coverings. I walked in and she sat there smiling. When I got to where she was sitting, she said, “I really need to cum before I go to this game and hoping you would accommodate me, knowing after the game I am all yours.”

I smiled back at her and said, “you know I will, as I love to lick that hot little pussy of yours with those great big lips and clit.” With that I dropped to my knees and as I did, Merissa spread her legs and I dove right in. I licked her for about 30 seconds and then abruptly stopped. The look on her face was “what the actual fuck did you stop for?” I told her, “if you want me to continue this, I need you to tell me your thoughts about what you saw the other day and I want details.”

I went back to licking her juicy pussy while she told me the various things that she thought of that day including how lucky she thought her mom was. How much she wished it was her getting her pussy licked and then fucked, and ultimately even her ass, instead of her mom. She thought about how nice it would feel having my cock sliding in and out of her mouth while I was licking her. How she had missed my cock in both her ass and pussy for the last 3 weeks.

While she was replaying the other afternoon in her head, I was licking, nibbling and sucking on her pussy lips, and clit as well as licking the inside of her juicy pussy. As I could tell she was escalating, I focussed on her engorged clit, as well as slid two fingers into her. As I did so, she started to cum, and cum hard, and even harder when I slid my fingers so deep I was hitting her spot above her cervix, which sends her into deep, deep orgasm. I continued to lick her juices and her pussy, as she came down and it took all I had to not drop my pants and fuck her right then and there.

Merissa had a robe on the couch, and put it on. As I stood up, she offered me her hand, and I grabbed it and pulled her up and into me. She noticed how hard I was and told me she would more than take care of that later tonight and to think about it as I watched her cheer tonight. I then grabbed her robe tie, and pulled her to me, and with no shades or coverings on the windows, at 5 pm in the summer/fall I embraced her and kissed her full on the lips. As I did she opened her mouth and took my tongue into her 1xbet giriş mouth as we kissed like that for a good two-three minutes.

When we broke the kiss, she bounded up the stair and about 30 minutes later came bouncing down them. she had her uniform on and her hair up in ponytails. She looked so hot and she knew I Ioved her ponytails.

On the way to the stadium, we chatted a bit, and at one point, Merissa turned to me and said, “pull into this complex and find a parking spot.” I made a sharp turn and in short order found a spot in somewhat seclusion, but not entirely. As I placed the truck in park, Merissa unbuckled and slid over and onto my lap, straddling me. “I want you to know, I am super horny and can’t wait until the entire game is over to bounce out of there, so we are leaving at half-time. You need to get a bunch of photos to send to my mom, and we can google the final score later to tell her, when she calls tomorrow.” I was totally fine with this, but was a little distracted, by the heat emanating from her crotch, onto mine. Which Merissa must have been tuned into, as she said, “did you hear a word I said, or is my hot pussy distracting you, because I can tell you, thoughts of what will occur tonight are making me hot down there.”

“Well yea, honey, what did you think was going to happen when you are wearing a fantasy outfit for you, with your hair in pony tails?”

With that, she kinda smiled and leaned in and we made out in that parking lot like two teenagers for a good 10 minutes, with our hands roaming over one another and groping each other for most of that time. Finally, she broke the kiss and said, “I hope I don’t have a wet spot on my spanx@, now.”

We arrived at the stadium and she ran down to her class mates and the game started about 5 minutes later. During the course of the 1st half, I took so many pictures it isn’t even funny. The hard part was to make sure I got plenty of Merissa, but not overly focus on her, and certainly not focused on her crotch as she flew, did splits or “the Scorpion.”

Her mom, my wife called about 2 minutes prior to half time and I was still talking to her when Merissa bound up the stair, leaned in and before she could say anything, I showed her my phone, which showed who I was talking to. She took the phone and talked to her mom briefly and closed by saying she had to go to bathroom, before second half started, and winked at me as she handed the phone back. Then she was gone. I finished my conversation with her mom and started up the stairs to the main level, and was met by Merissa who had a sly smile on her face when she said, “let’s go home and have some fun, shall we?”

We jumped in the car and as we were about to exit the parking lot, Merissa propped her right leg up against the door and I nearly crashed as she had removed her spanx@, leaving her bare. And by “bare,” I mean at some point in the last 3+ hours she had cleaned her very short bush to nothing. When I saw that, and combined with dumb ass stopping in front of us, for no reason, I almost rear-ended him.

We finally got out of the lot, and all the way home, Merissa was playing with her pussy, making it wetter by the second. About a minute before getting into the driveway, she stuck her fingers into her pussy one last time, and brought them to my lips. I stuck out my tongue, as she slid them past it and into my waiting mouth, which sucked her juices from her fingers and licked them as she slowly pulled them from my mouth, as we pulled into the driveway, then the garage.

As she tried to get out of car, in the garage, I again pulled her onto my lap and we again made out in a very passionate manner, with tongues intertwining in each others mouth, and hands wondering all over one another. Finally, I grabbed her by the nape of her neck and pulled her back, and said, “much as I want to fuck you here in the garage, I really want you on your bed, in this outfit and to eat your gorgeous pussy, before we fuck for the first time in the next few days, while your mom is gone. We need to make up for lack of sex recently.”

We exited the car and Merissa went upstairs immediately, I went to my room and got a viagra and then started upstairs. As I looked up the stairs, there was Merissa, sitting at the top, with her uniform still on, skirt hiked up a bit and her legs spread, with one on the wall, and the other on the hand rail. She looked amazingly hot as she said, “come on up here and eat my waiting, wet pussy daddy.”

I took my time ascending the stairs and as I got closer, I could not help looking at her in awe. She is 23 years old and has a totally firm young woman’s body that she keeps that way by working out. She has very nice muscles in her thighs and calves and a washboard abdominal area. Her tits are nice and firm, and have the tiniest and most sensitive nipples. “Where did you go,” she asked?

“I took some Viagra™ because I have a feeling since it has been awhile, we are going to need my cock to work more than once in the next few hours,” Don’t you?

“Well it has been more than a few days since I have had your daddy 1xbet güvenilirmi cock in any of my favorite places for any extended length of time.”

And on that note, I grabbed her hand and assisted her in getting up and she pulled me towards her room and I eagerly followed. Once in her room, as she jumped a little, I assisted in lifting her to her bed. She fell back onto the mattress and in so doing her gorgeous legs spread open showing her awesome cleanly shaved pussy. I instructed her to start playing with her pussy, as I got undressed, which she dutiful did, while I stripped.

When I was done, I crawled onto her bed, and re-arranged her so she was now, instead of nearly hanging off the side, she was fully on laying lengthwise on bed. She bent her knees and pulled her knees out a little and her little pussy spread open like a flower. A flower that was weeping juices. She was still in her uniform, save for the spanx, so she still had her little socks on and tennis shoes.

I kissed and bit and suckled my way up her luscious legs until I got to her fat lipped pussy, which was very wet by now, and I slid the underside of my tongue from the top of her clit to her taint and then to the bottom of her ass. While doing so, I was enjoying the musky/sweat sweaty smell of her body. I pushed her legs back a bit further, thus opening her pussy just a bit more. I was at her asshole and started licking around it as well as darting my tongue into it now and then.

While I was doing this, I was using one of my hands to occasionally rub her clit. Merissa would squirm when I did that, clearly wanting more activity on it. But she was moaning so loud as I licked her little puckered ass, I spent a good 5 minutes or better there, playing and enticing her. I just love watching it flare open and close as she gets turned on by it and her pelvic floor muscles contract.

I was starting to feel the early effects of the Viagra™, head-ache and feeling flushed in the face. I stopped playing with her tight little asshole and as I moved towards her really wet pussy, I lightly bit her taint, to let her know where I was going. Once over that threshold, my tongue dove deeply into the inner folds of her pussy and into the vaginal canal, as I licked around the inside of her, while I continued to occasionally flick her now much more swollen clit.

She was squirming quite a bit and that only exacerbated the movement I was using in her pussy with my tongue. Finally, she moaned out loud, “please Jack, fucking get to my clit, I want to cum so bad!”

I lifted my face from her and teasingly said, “what I couldn’t hear you?”

Merissa then said, “I want to cum so bad, can you please, please, please get to my clit and make me cum?”

“Well that is what I was heading for when you interrupted me.” I smiled and while diving back into her crotch I again drug the underside of my tongue the length of her pussy, starting at her swollen clit, At the bottom of her pussy, I then started working up one side then the other of her large labia. At the same time I was doing this I slid two fingers into her pussy, and went deep enough I could touch the area above her cervic. As soon as I hit that, Merissa started to cum and as she did, I flicked the head of her clit and sent her to another level or orgasm, I kept up both activities and she had an extended orgasm and there was a ton of pussy fluid.

“That feels fucking amazing daddy and I want you in my mouth.”

I lifted my pelvis and spun around and straddled her head, as she grabbed my cock and slid the swollen head into her hot mouth, I slid a finger lubed with her pussy juice right into her little ass. Now I was licking/flicking/nibbling/sucking on her slit, while two fingers were stimulating her cervical spot and one was in her ass.

She was taking my cock to the back of her throat on each pass and gagging on about every third one. I then felt her slide her own fingers into my ass. Which she knows I love. She then started massaging my prostate by kind of squeezing it between those two fingers and her thumb on my taint. Combine this with the Viagra™ and I was hard as a rock. I really wanted to cum in her mouth and I also really wanted to fuck her hot little pussy.

Luckily Merissa made that decision for me when she pulled my cock from her mouth and asked, “do you wanna fuck me in my uniform now dad?”

I pulled myself away from her sopping wet pussy, and as I started to sit back on my knees, my cock went forward and as it did so Merissa arched her neck, such that my cock went deeper into her throat than it ever has. I almost lost it right then.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and as I turned and slid in between her legs, I started kissing her on her luscious full lips and sucking her tongue into my mouth. As we kissed she was squirming, as my cock was right at the edge of her pussy, we could both feel the heat of the other, and on one of these squirms, I pushed forward just enough, the head of my cock penetrated into her hot pussy. Just the head was inside her vaginal canal and I could feel the heat emanating into my cock. It was at this point, Merissa hooked her legs behind my ass, and squeezed, driving my cock into her pussy, deep enough that I hit the area above her cervix with the head of my cock, and she arched her back and came on my cock, as it was buried in her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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