Holly chapter two

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Holly chapter twoAs you are already aware for the past two years I have been sleeping (silly expression if you are sleeping with someone you love the last thing you do is sleep) with my Mom who took my virginity two years ago and we have been lovers since. Over the two years she taught me to enjoy being Lesbian a lot of the tricks and techniques to use with your girl friend more importantly how to find that special person who enjoys the same pleasures you do.Mom is Lesbian and has a life long lover I know her as Auntie Chris she knows I’m gay but doesn’t know we share my Mom’s love and also her bed. Over the last twelve months Mom and Chris have taken me to several clubs which are LGBT and have spent a night with a girl who picked me up in a gay club I didn’t know until later it had been arranged by Auntie Chris and my Mom.The girl was Annabelle I would say in her late thirties as the three of us sat chatting and having drinks she came over introduced herself and stopped chatting to us. Mom and Chris went to dance it was obvious to all the way Mom and Chris danced and kissed their hands were all over each other. Eventually Annabelle suggested having a dance whilst we danced she asked it I was with Mom and Chris I told her she was my Mom and Aunt the way she held me I could tell I would be sharing her bed tonight she asked if I had ever been with a boy I answered no I told her Mom had taken my virginity all she said was ‘wow’ after we returned to the table I had to go the Ladies room when I came back Mom and Chris had left she said Mom had left me a message ‘don’t forget the cat food in the morning’ Annabelle looked as if to ask about the little pussies but didn’t (Mom had passed the message Annabelle was OK to go home with when we went out to clubs (Mom employed a coded message to let me know it was safe the rules were no message don’t go) Annabelle place was a modern flat, neat well furnished the bedroom was feminine has we walked in she took my coat and we kissed I felt her hand on my breast and using the other lifted my skirt rubbing her bahis siteleri hand against my panties I was in heaven as she rubbed my clitoris. My breathing changed as I reached my orgasm I wanted to cry out but Annabelle’s lips were pressed to mine.We undressed each other whilst we kissed blouse, bra skirt and finally panties. We walked naked into her bedroom I lay on the bed Annabelle sat astride my head using my tongue I licked her vagina as I licked her juices flowed over my face and into my mouth she moved taking my hardened nipple into her mouth sucked on my breast I pressed her head to my breast almost as if I was breast feeding her. Kissing my flat stomach her tongue lingered on my breast and belly button I was in heaven eventually she kissed my shaven vagina sliding her tongue into my wet vagina she tasted my juices When I’m with a girl I just explode and the juices flow I felt Annabelle lick and suck at my vagina finally burying her face in my wet vagina I cried out my legs snapped shut locking her head between my thighs I floated on a sea of intense passion I was lost at that moment I was her slave she could do whatever she wanted to me this wasn’t love it was pure sex and I loved every minute.We drifted off to sleep Annabelle held me in her arms one hand resting on my breast. When I awoke I couldn’t think where I was I looked at Annabelle I felt confused this was all wrong I shouldn’t be here I loved Mom and sleeping with Annabelle I had betrayed her I know Auntie Chris and I are both Mom’s lovers I understand that but this was casual sex not love it was all wrong I quickly gathered my clothes from the hall I left a note I knew I wouldn’t see Annabelle again.Has I let myself out I heard Annabelle’s voice ‘Holly when you find that special person hold her tight and never let her go you are not meant for the clubs there is one girl for you all you need is to find her I think you know who she is. You are special and meant to love and be loved hold on to that thought and never loose it’.Has I walked home I hadn’t thought of my first canlı bahis siteleri love Millie for two years the last I saw she was pressed against the cycle sheds kissing Andrew Wilkes his hand inside her blouse and the other up her skirt. When I went to school on the Monday Millie and Andrew have vanished no one said a word they had been removed from the school.Mom asked how I got on I told her the truth I enjoyed the sex but I felt guilty about the casual sex and how I felt dirty because I had betrayed her she put her arms around me kissing my fore head ‘Holly you didn’t betray me I know what gay clubs are I wanted you to know what they are like if you never go in one again I will be happy. Find the girl of your dreams and make each other happy that’s all I ask’. come on lets go to bed Mom took my hand and led me upstairs as we kissed she undressed me lying beside me my nipple into her mouth I felt her hand slide of my flat stomach and finally reaching my vagina rubbed my clitoris I felt a shudder and my legs jerked trapping my Mom hands between my legs has I reached my orgasm my mom then took the lips of my vagina in her mouth nibbling and sucking my juices I reached a second orgasm I tried to shout but no words came I was lost in a intense feeling of lust and passion I no longer felt dirty or guilty this was pure love Mom raised her head she had a mouth full of my vaginal juice which she tricked into my mouth over my breasts and finally my stomach she reached for her strapon lying on top of me slid the penis deep into my vagina as we made love I had only once felt a penis inside me that was when Mom took my virginity I was out of this world she used my juices to slid in and out all to soon I cried out ‘yes yes yes I cumming’ at that moment I just exploded the feelings of pleasure went on and on I can’t describe the intense feeling of love I felt that morning making love to Mom.We changed places I took Mom’s nipple into my mouth gently squeezing her breast as I sucked on her nipple she pressed my head to her breast I knew she canlı bahis would be smiling she always enjoyed me sucking on her breast ‘pity there is no milk I would love to feed you again’ I kissed her stomach licking her belly button and finally her shaven vagina using my fingers I eased apart the lips of her vagina sliding my tongue in the opening she rolled on the ‘yes yes yes more please’ I pushed my face into the opening and rubbed my face over her vagina she finally exploded where all her virginal juice came from I licked and sucked the beautiful liquid I raised my head Mom pulled me towards her licking my face and tasting her virginal juice. we lay together bodies entwined totally spent we kissed and touched the morning passed to quickly.A week later I left for Liverpool University to study Veterinary Medicine I had always wanted to be a vet. I came home at weekends and Holidays and yes I still shared Mom’s bed and her body our love making is always great giving the other what they want and need. I got involved with the university LGBT group and tried when I had time to help girls who away from Home for the first time were unsure of their sexuality many never realized they were Lesbian and no I never dated any of the girls I like to think I helped. My experiences with Mom helped me and allowed me to help less fortunate girls come to terms with being gay and I hope I kept many from the never ending club circuit.I wrote to all my old school friends asking if they knew Millie and what happened to her but it always drew a blank I felt as if fate was hiding something leading me on but never giving me the answer. There must be someone who knows what happened to Millie. I became a girl with a mission to find my missing love Millie finally there was one lead someone thought they had seen Millie at Lancaster university the lead was slight but I had to try.I wrote to Lancaster University asking if they had a Millie Baldwin has a student the reply came back sorry but we are unable to release such information as I’m sure you will appreciate is confidential.I even went to Lancaster at the weekend’s to try to find her asking all the students I could find but no one knew her I finally came to the conclusion I was not meant to find her I felt as if I had been betrayed by fate.

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