Holly Ch. 01

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It was a Friday evening and my wife, Sue, had gone on a girls night out, which knowing her and the girls she was with was likely to end in a full on lesbian orgy. The phone rang and I answered to find that it was Mary an ex colleague with whom I had enjoyed many sexual encounters over the years.

My first thought was that she, like me, had found herself at a loose end this evening and was looking to renew our carnal relationship. For the past few years, Mary had been in a steady relationship and we had not seen that much of each other. Our last fling was a quickie at Mary’s 60th birthday party about six months previously. However, it soon became clear that the situation was much more complicated than that.

Mary had been speaking to another former colleague, Holly, who at 65, was about five years older than Mary and ten years older than me. In the past when we all worked together Holly was married to our boss and although she was then a stunningly beautiful woman in her early thirties, she was off limits even to a horny young man like me. After a short while, Holly’s husband was promoted and they both moved away. I had seen her occasionally over the years and she was still a good looking woman, now long bursa escort divorced from the ex boss, but nothing had ever happened between us.

Apparently, Holly had just phoned Mary in floods of tears after an encounter with a female friend. It seems that the woman had unexpectedly grabbed hold of Holly and kissed her passionately. When Holly didn’t respond by welcoming her advances, she made a cruel dig to the effect that at Holly’s age she couldn’t afford to be too fussy as she wasn’t likely to get many better offers. Mary asked if I could talk to our friend and use my charm to persuade her that she was still a very attractive woman.

Being a kind hearted soul, and also sensing that I was likely to end in bed with a gorgeous woman I rang Holly. She was surprised but happy to hear from me and soon seemed more cheerful. I pointed out to her that although things had gone badly earlier, her friend, Debbie, obviously found her attractive even if she had a lousy seduction technique and coped badly with rejection. Holly confessed that she was conflicted about her sexuality and would be open to experimentation with another woman, but had been taken aback by Debbie’s crude approach. I said that I was sure that my bursa escort bayan wife, Sue, would be more than happy to oblige by initiating her into the pleasures of lesbianism if that was what she desired, in the meantime I was willing to offer her my services anytime.

“It’s a shame you live so far away”, said Holly.

“Two hours, if I left now I’d be there just after half ten,” I replied.

“Would you really come all this way, just for me?” she asked.

“I’ve fancied you for over thirty years, I’m not going to pass on a chance like this. Just say the word and I’ll be there for you.”

“Yes please,” she said.

Five minutes later I leapt into the car, typed her postcode into the satnav and headed down the road. There wasn’t much traffic on the road and just under two hours later I pulled up outside the address she had given me. As I walked towards the door, I wondered whether she would still be as keen as she had been earlier. However, before I could ring the bell, the door opened and there stood Holly. She looked stunning in a short, strappy black chemise nightdress and sheer black stockings. “Thank you for coming,” she said, pulling me forward into a passionate kiss.

As we kissed, escort bursa I ran my fingers through the neatly cut bob of silvery grey hair which framed her pretty face and gazed into her deep brown eyes which stared lustfully back. I slid my hands down the sides of her petite body and under the hem of her silky nightdress. She spread her legs to give me access and I slid two of my fingers into her warm wet hole.

“That feels so good,” she said, breaking the kiss, “please fuck me right here and now.”

We slid to the floor and I quickly slipped off my trousers before thrusting my rock hard cock straight into her dripping wet hole.

She gasped as I pushed my full length inside her before pulling most of the way out then ramming into her again. As I settled into a rhythm of good hard fucking, I released her tits from the top of her nightdress and began sucking and pinching her hard aroused nipples. Holly writhed and moaned, digging her nails into my back as I pounded her willing body. I felt her body go into spasm and a gush of warm liquid coated my cock as she orgasmed for the first time.

“Oh god, this is great!” she exclaimed, “I do love a good hard fuck.”

By this time I was getting close to my climax and I increased the pace causing her to come again just before I buried myself in her one last time and shot a load of cum deep inside her body and we collapsed into an exhausted heap.

To be continued

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