Hmmm… Their First Encounter

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They arranged to meet in the bar. He was to arrive first, book in and pay for the hotel, buy some drinks – double gin and tonics – and wait for her to arrive.

They had selected the hotel together, in town, not too expensive but nice enough so that it felt special. They hadn’t decided whether both of them would stay overnight; having not met before they had agreed to keep options open. The plan was that he would have an alternative place to go and that she could stay alone if they decided.

No breakfast arrangements made. No dinner; keep their options open. No expectations, respect each other. No disappointments – deal with the outcome good or bad. Promises had been exchanged. No comeback. A contract of sorts, in messaging form. That’s what they agreed.

They had exchanged photographs for the first time. Rather, photographs by which they could actually identify each other. They promised not to try too hard when choosing them. A natural pose, chest or shoulders upwards, slight smile. In a short exchange they had both decided that they liked what they saw, so yes, they would meet.

He would know who to look for when she arrived, likewise she, and a handsome man, he had joked, sitting by himself with two gins in front of him would help in that regard. No flowers in buttonholes necessary. The awkward moment when one party walked on by would be avoided.

He found a table in view of the door but set back enough for some privacy. The bar was busy, as would be expected on a late Saturday afternoon in the run up to Christmas. He had been lucky to find a free place. Standing would have felt awkward. He had arrived early, checked in, visited the room, leaving his bag and the wine – her choice, red, two bottles. He had stood near the bar initially, an early gin to steady his nerves, spotted the table in the area he had chosen and sat to wait, drinks ordered and paid for.

He played with his glass and adjusted his pose. Resting back looking confident or forward and thoughtful? Would it matter in the end, first impressions and all that? He checked his watch, he checked it again. He looked around at the others; what were they thinking of him? A man on his own, waiting for his wife? On a first date? But they didn’t care; he was invisible to them. They acted as camouflage, they had chosen the location well. His nervous thoughts continued, he checked his watch again.

She was a few minutes late. He saw her at the door, hesitating and looking through the now crowded bar. He straightened himself up, his hand slightly raised to attract her attention. She missed him at first as she walked forward scanning the room. A look of acknowledgement when she saw him; relief that he was here, reciprocated in him. Both hearts pounding, an adventure into the unknown.

He stood to welcome her; a light embrace, a kiss on the cheek – a wife, a friend, a sister, who could know? Signalling for her to sit, warm smiles exchanged, she removed her coat and lay down her small overnight bag. Nothing conspicuous, no obvious illicit intent. Their liaison lost in the crowd.

“Hi, everything okay?” he asked as if this was usual.

“Yes,” her nervousness evident, “Doubles?”

She raised her glass to her lips, slightly grimacing at the bitterness. She smiled, relaxing, glancing down at his glass.

“Your first?” Looking at him directly, playfully accusing.

“No!” he smiled, “I’ve had one already! Yours?”

She sipped again shaking her head, – what do you think? – ice now broken. They smiled at each other.


They were content; nervousness being replaced by excitement.

Quick glances around. No-one is caring but they lean into each other; talk should be soft.

“So, what’s your story?”

“Staying with a friend. She’ll cover if need be.”

“Ah, so this is a regular thing, then?” he teased.

“No,” she said blushing, “for her, yes, not for me,” she looked up to his eyes confirming the truth, “NO!”


“By luck, didn’t need one. She’s gone to her Aunt in Dublin, youngest has taken off to visit her sister, son thinks I’m out my brother. I’ll message him later saying I’m staying over, if it comes to that.”

“What if he brings it up later in conversation?”

“He’s eighteen, there never is any conversation!”

They turned to their drinks once more. He studied her face. Pretty, he thought. Nice eyes, a twinkle. Perhaps inquisitive or maybe just playful, maybe he was being too hopeful thinking that. A few lines appearing, experience women at war izle not age. The signs of laughter and of good times, not bad. Her hair was as she had described. Shoulder length, neat. A light cover of lipstick. Subtle make up. Not one to show off. Perhaps shy in reality. He ended his thoughts.

She looked back at him, a moment of silence. Young for his age, not youthful, not old. Happy eyes. Who needs hair anyway? Imperfect teeth but a friendly smile.

“Another drink?”

“Yes, well I mean…yes, please, I think I need…”

“Me too! I like this but…so yeah, more drinks,” he gestured to a bartender, two more. She notice his nervousness, noting hers.

She reached into her handbag and pulled out an envelope. As agreed, half of the cost of the hotel and drinks. They would not be in each other’s pockets, no favours, no returns. ‘Fair and square’, no guilt, no regrets. She laughed as she handed it over.

“Sshh”, she whispered, “Top secret! Don’t tell.”


The drinks arrived, cash exchanged. They chinked their glasses. Gin beginning to relax, ‘cheers to Mrs Scott and Mr Smith’.

They talked, they laughed. Whispered questions, a playful game ‘what’s their story?’ They looked around. Wonderful people came and went. People looking at them, wondering? Probably not. Time passed.

“Him! What do you think he’s up to?” looking across at a couple.

“Eh, Nothing. What?”

“His hands are everywhere!


“Well, that’s not right! “Look!”

“Really? And you are…(here)…and I am…? What are we up too?”

“Yep”, gin kicking in. “His hands are everywhere.”

“Really? Chill, not our business. Lucky man though, she’s gorgeous!”

“Will we go up?”

“No, not yet, this is quite… well…no…yes we should stick to what we agreed.”

They went up to their room.

Their room was on the top floor, fantastic views across the rooftops to the North of the city. They stood at the window for a while, red wine in their hands, lights switched off so they could see into the darkness outside. They pointed out landmarks, the places they’d been; “The Botanics” down there, just a dark pool just now but a favourite space; “You should be able to see my house across there” nodding north. They agreed that they both loved Edinburgh. Almost everything they could need.

They turned to each other.

“Shall we?” he asked.

“Well it’s what we’re here for,” she replied.

He put the lights on low and went to close the curtains across the full height window.

“No leave them open,” she requested. “No-one can see us up here, and it’s nice to see the lights outside.”

They stood facing each other. He outstretched his arms and placed them on her shoulders, moving in a little closer. They studied each other; faces, eyes, features. He moved his hands down across the tops of her arms, squeezing gently, feeling their softness through her sleeves. Slow, very slow movements. Taking everything in.

He passed his hand up around her neck, brushing her hair to one side. Closer. She put her arms around him, holding tight across his shoulders, pressing in against his chest. A light caress, exploring, timidly, hands moving across his back. His hands fell to her hips. Shapely, curves, womanly, her evidence that she is a mother. He pulled her tighter, hands cautiously moved around to her bottom.

“It’s okay,” she said, “I feel good about this.”

He pressed forward, firming his touch. She moved her hand round, pulling him in against her. They stood, her head on his shoulders, his on her neck. Close. The scent of each other; getting to know one another. The smell of her hair, the softness around her ears. Gently exploring. She moved her hands across his back and up to his shoulders. Firm, sensual.

They broke their embrace taking a quick drink of wine, still nervous. They smiled and moved back. A seriousness intent about their movements. He placed his hands around her and undid the zip of her dress. She raised her arms and he pulled from up from her hips. Slowly, revealing her body, her stockings, her knickers; quick glances downwards to take it all in, then back to her eyes, up past her breasts, held firmly in place, pushed up by her bra. He let the dress fall to the floor behind her.

She shook her hair straight. She now stood in front him, exposed. She reached forward and undid his shirt buttons one by one, pulling upwards. She passed her arms wong winchester izle back around bring him close again. Her breasts pushing against his chest. She drew a finger across his back, his hips shot forward as his spine arched violently in response.

“Ah, a bit sensitive to touch there. Bad sunburn when I was eighteen. I’ve reacted that way ever since.”

“Hmmm..” she considered, “that’s useful to know, that might come in handy at some point.” she giggled to herself.

He undid his belt, she took over, unbuttoning and sliding his trousers down over his thighs. He stepped out and kicked them to the side. In a necessary but unglamorous move, he removed his socks. Naked now apart from his underwear.

Their hands explored each other, smoothing across naked skin. Shoulders and hips, the small of their backs, their necks, their sides. She brushed her hand across his rough head, recently clippered. He felt the small mole in the middle of her back, slightly raised. He unclipped her bra and she shook herself free, stepped back and stood for him to look. He looked. The breasts he had imagined now seen at last.

“Well?” she raised her eyebrows, “what do you think?” although no words were spoken.

He looked. She pulled back her shoulders in a feeling of pride, stretching her breasts upwards as best as she could. He looked. She reached out and raised up his hands, placing one on each breast. He could feel both their softness and firmness at the same time. The softness of her skin, the firmness of her flesh. He brushed gently on her nipples, his thumbs exploring the folds below.

They leaned into each other again, her naked breasts now pressing against his chest. Warmth between them. He kissed her lightly on her lips. She kissed him back. A first moment between them, their passion aroused. They broke off. Perhaps some guilt.

“Shall we continue?” he asked.

She nodded but gestured to their wine glasses. Some nerves appearing. They both took a few gulps, the initial sourness of the wine now dissipated. They stood in front of each other once more.

They took in the details of each other. They were not perfect specimens, they were of their age, they agreed without comment. Her years of motherhood; his simply of life. Did they meet each other’s expectations? Perhaps they simply did not care. There was a beauty between them. He moved forward, placing his hands on her hips, moving one around to her tummy.

He focussed on her eyes, unblinking and moved his hand down inside her knickers. She stood firmly. He could feel her wetness, she was really aroused. He placed a finger on the edge then slipped it in. It was met with the tiniest of responses. A small judder, she relaxed to help him. She was cool, eye contact held. He pulled his hand up, raising it up between them, his finger glistening, the chemical triggers setting off in his body and mind.

He raised her hand and placed it on his chest. His heart was bounding. ‘Instant adrenaline, fight or flight?’, a primeval response that he couldn’t resist.

She slipped her knickers down, he took off his boxers. His erection now full, she looked down.

“I’m sorry about that!” he blushed.

“Don’t be, I would have been concerned if I didn’t have that effect on you!”

She slid her hand under to hold his balls, the other on his erection. Holding then stroking gently. Her fingers squeezing him firmly, exploring. She moved her hand up and down, sliding across the tip, rubbing her fingers around.

“You can’t do that too much,” he pleaded, “Not yet.”

She released him.

They moved forward to each other, another embrace. His erection pressing against her at the base of her tummy where her suspender belt sat. Their hands explored each other again, more fingers this time. Her bottom, held open, then squeezed. Her fingers to his mouth, passion rising, sweat perspiring; their sweet smells mingling. Their faces met, lips pressed together, firmer this time. Learning, discovering each other. Their tongues touched. Electrifying.

Two teenagers at heart, kissing for the first time, thinking now only if each other. No guilt; they had agreed. No intent of infidelity, no feelings of disloyalty. Exploring each other, hands, lips, tongues, smell. The little noises of pleasure. The breathing. Nervous shaking as they found new places. Excitement. Inquiring.

She gestured towards the bed and moved across brushing a top cover away; she lay down. He stood yakamoz s 245 izle looking, her body changed from when standing. She looked even more beautiful to him, the dim lighting casting shadows, silhouetting features. Her tummy flattened, her breasts relaxing out. She brushed her hair out with a sweep of her hand, revealing her neck, her ears, the most sensitive parts; the colours in her hair together combining to the dark brown she had described. The paleness of her skin, her pinkish nipples, still youthful. In the low light, the colours of her eyes, sparkled but deeply.

She studied him; his slim legs and hips, his chest, preened out in a show. His smile, his eyes, light scattering. They liked what they saw, someone different, someone new. No guilt; they had agreed. No intent of infidelity, no feelings of disloyalty.

He placed one knee on the edge of the bed to balance and stretched forward running his hand up her stockinged leg. Smooth, low dernier, satin soft. The exposed white flesh at the top, equally silky, polished soft. He unclipped a stocking, drawing it down, raising her leg. His eyes focussed on hers, un-breaking contact. He unclipped the other then undid the belt. She lay there un-moving whilst he took her in, now fully exposed but feeling no vulnerability. She knew she was safe.

He moved up beside her, she raised her arms up. He leaned across to caress her breasts, rubbing his palms across her nipples, teasing them to react. Hovering just above them, the gentleness of touches. He firmed his grip, she pressed back, arching upwards. He explored her responses circling his hands around, using his fingers; he wanted to know her. He leaned up to kiss her, she turned towards him to accept. Mouths and tongues resuming from where they had left off.

He dropped a hand down between her legs. She moved her hips in response drawing her knees higher and opening for him. His fingers explored, up and down between her legs. Parting her lips, a finger inserted, withdrawn. She passed her hand down to guide his, pressing a finger in to where she needed it most; a bit of instruction and why not? She pressed him hard, signalling to him what she liked. He pushed against her harder, another finger lower parting her open. She pressed back to leave him to it; he was doing well, keep going.

He felt her moisture, her silkiness inside, the sweet smell of sex filling the room. He could feel her rhythm build, her breathing getting harder. Her breasts were now flushed, nipples hard, he leaned in with his mouth to kiss them. A groan. Involuntary movements, her head pressing to the side, she closed her eyes and let herself get lost in the moment; safe in his hands.

Her sensations built, the inner tingling increasing. Deep within her lower tummy, her loins, her pelvis; the unexplainable area that was just simply there, no definable point, just a feeling which reached up to her mind. Subconsciously. She was getting close, a few seconds more. She felt his presence all over her although his touch was just in one place. She was lost to his efforts. Her body tensed, her orgasm rushing through her. Lights in her eyes, a buzzing noise, both imagined inside. Waves of euphoria from deep down inside, reaching out through her body. The feeling of release, another rush, the best drug ever. Over and over, she held him in tight. Helpless. The intensity passed, she relaxed towards him ‘thank you’, no words.

She reached down her hand to hold him, a clear intent ‘your turn’. She gripped him, expertly stroking. Light touches then firm. He was excited, he had no resistance to her, he knew it wouldn’t take long. She instinctively understood this and slowed. Stopping now and then when she felt him tense. She looked for his signals, a biting of his lip, a tremble; what was his trigger. She pulled her mouth close up to his ear.

“Cum now.” she whispered.

His legs tensed. The familiar feeling shooting up though his legs. His cum pumping out, over her hand, up to his stomach, to his chest. A violent explosion. His face red with relief. She raised her hand to turn his face towards her. A deep kiss between them.

The messiness of sex all over him, he grabbed some tissues, an act that had to be done. She sat up and removed the bedcovers, climbing underneath. Their arrangement complete. He pulled himself closer to her, rising up to ask his question.

“Can I stay?”

“Yes, I’d like that.” she smiled.

He lay down beside her, she turned on her side, now facing away, neck straightened to allow him in close. He placed an arm around hers, pulling her in across her breasts. His chest pressing against her back, their legs bent in together. They lay still, listening to each other. Their heartbeats, their breathing. The relaxation and contentment; the closeness, a growing confidence inside, their bodies melding together as one. No guilt.

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