Hitchhikers paradise

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Hitchhikers paradiseIn my early 20’s I decided to hitch hike across the US from New York down to Florida then across to California. My friends told me I would be mugged or murdered before I got to Texas but I’d done a bit of research I and thought I was pretty safe, however on one ride I got a lot more than i’d bargained for and more than I could have hoped for. I was hitchhiking just outside of Jackson in the pounding June sun praying I got picked up before my brain juices started evaporating when a beat up old camper van pulled up beside me. When you’re hitchhiking beat up old camper vans are pretty standard fare, 4 wheels that work and a driver with some interesting road conversation, but this van had one very obvious unusual feature, both the occupants were topless. In the passenger seat closest to me sat a guy in his late 50’s with short, slightly receding black hair and a 50 something’s hairy chest and beer belly, in the drivers seat sat a lady I assumed was his wife, grey hair tied in a pony tail, bright blue eyes and a hippy pendant, her tits must have driven guys wild in the 70’s and her body looked pretty great despite, or maybe because of, the beginnings a gut and slightly wrinkled, sagging breasts., “ I’d let you in but there’s a dress code” said the manI took off my top, grinning, and moved towards the van“that’s not a bad start” said the man “but you need to keep going”, and he pushed open the passenger door revealing his bare flanks.I had to pause for a moment at this, there was a steady flow of traffic joining the interstate and up til right then the thought of stripping naked in full view of a busy road hadn’t crossed my mind, but I had started warming to my new friends and I took my time taking off the rest of my clothes enjoying the thought of 50 strangers in passing cars watching me get naked.“Alright, climb on in” said the man, sounding surprised though not displeased.The man, who introduced himself and his wife as John and Mary, scooted over into the middle passenger seat and I sat myself beside him, the cabin wasn’t spacious but there was enough room to sit comfortably without encroaching on each others space.“So, do you travel like this a lot” I asked, making a first light attempt at conversation “What, you mean naked?” said Mary, laughing, “we’re nudists, we never do anything with clothes on that can be done without. We find life is just a lot better naked, it’s not usually a sexual thing”I found it hard to disagree with this sentiment so I sat back and looked out the window, enjoying the sense of freedom I got from being naked in a place that would normally require clothes. After a few minutes of driving on the interstate Mary turned off onto the backroads“ There’s often bad traffic on the next section of road so we find it’s best to leave the beaten track for a little while” she explainedThere didn’t seem to be much sign of heavy traffic to me but I was happy to trust our driver. The backroads were a lot more bendy than the interstate and a certain amount of shoulder rubbing between the passengers became inevitable, however after a few bends I noticed that John seemed to slide over towards me on left hand turns a little more than he slid away from me on right hand turns, and was it my imagination or was Mary taking left hand turns more aggressively than right hand turns causing John to slide even more towards me than away from me?After a few miles it became obvious that they had something in mind, John and me now sat with legs flanks and shoulders pressed against each other and Jon made no attempt to move back fully onto his own seat which was half unoccupied by now. At this point I decided to tease them. If I wanted to show I wasn’t interested I had room to shuffle away from John but I sat still in my seat with my legs slightly spaced and letting the tension build. I kept watching out of the corner of my eye as John and Mary tried to interpret my mixed signals. It was only after Mary started looking directly at the road and John started fidgeting slightly that I broke into a grin and gently placed my hand on his slightly moist thigh and made eye contact with him. Instantly I saw bursa escort the blood rushing to his cock until he had a semi.“And I thought you said this wasn’t sexual” I said still grinning at John“ Well it depends on the passenger I guess” replied John, still looking a little sheepish even as I slid my hand under his belly towards his hardening dick.At this Mary visibly relaxed and smiled at me, blue eyes and bronzed breasts shining, giving me permission to engage her husband.“So” I said “how bi are you John?”“pretty much as bi as they come I reckon” he said, looking straight back at me now“You mind if I test that?”, in my experience curious guys will often give and receive blow jobs and even anal but if you want to find out if someone truly likes men you need to kiss them.With this in mind I cupped my hand behind his head and pulled him slightly closer. He didn’t flinch and carried on looking straight at me with his big brown eyes and slight smile. We kissed for what felt like a long time, I felt my dick start to grow at the same time as I felt his dick start to throb in my left hand and he pressed our faces together to better facilitate ramming tongue down each others throat, after a minute he swung his leg over me so his hairy, sweaty (this being july in Florida everyone was sweating freely) stout bellied body rubbed against my toned, firm one and left me ready to cum on the spot even before we started rubbing our cocks together. Eventually we managed to separate ourselves without either of us finishing embarrassingly early, much to Mary’s delight “wowee looks like you boys won’t be needing any of my help for the moment, why don’t you go through to the back there and get better acquainted”Me and John glanced at each other, slightly embarrassed at becoming so passionate so quickly, before I nodded at him to lead the way.“Are you sure honey? What about.. you know..”asked John“Oh i’m pretty sure we’ll be fine on that front.. go on through”“Ok, if you’re sure, we’ll give you a blow by blow” said John and climbed between the driver and passenger seats to the living area of the camper van. I followed suit pausing for a quick kiss with Mary before meeting John for an upright kiss and grope. This went on for some time before I found myself with my cock in his ample ass in the doggystyle position kissing his back and neck and lips. “Ok now he’s fucking me good” he squealed as I stood up and put a thumb in his ass while I continued fucking him from behind.“Yeah?” called Mary from the front “yeah that’s it fuck him good i’m watching you in the mirror”I was considering adding my other thumb when I heard a new voice chime in. “oh wow daddy, you take that dick”The van quickly became silent and I turned around to where the voice had come from. Above the drivers cabin there was a small sleeping alcove and in it lay a goergous naked 20 something girl.“Mary you said.. Jess i’m sorry, please” said John“Jessica I thought you had gone up there with a sleeping pill not two hours ago, normally we can’t wake you for another 6 hours even if we want to..”I watched all this in shock, as Jessica ignored her parents and swung down to the floor and walked over to me.“Hi, i’m Jess” she said holding out her right hand for a handshake, As my right hand was still partially in her dad’s asshole I held out my left to greet her but she swatted it away and held out again for my right. Slowly I pulled out my right thumb out and tentatively extended my hand.“honey.. you don’t need to” whispered John“we’re sorry, you shouldn’t have seen this” said Mary“I learned a lot when I was away at college, let me show you” she saidJess moved as if to shake my hand then grabbed it and stuck the thumb that had just been in her dad’s ass into her mouth.Against my hip I felt John’s whole body tense up and in the rearview mirror I saw Mary’s jaw drop open. Jessica still looked back at me with lust filled eyes, and so, like any good pervert, I invited Jess round to my front where her father remained in position on his knees, neither objecting nor consenting to the situation. Jess held my gaze as she stepped round and swung one leg over her dads ass and sat down bursa escort bayan until her pussy was on his tail bone, then slid all the way down his spine until she had spread herself full length, her pussy resting between his shoulder blades and her mouth open at her dad’s asshole gazing up sat me. Underneath my hand I felt John shiver and smiled to think at Mary’s reaction as I took Jess up on her offer and shoved my cock back in his ass to wet it before entering into Jessica’s hungry mouth. Jess sucked on me hungrily while gyrating her pussy around John’s back in pleasure and I heard Mary make an a****l grunt like she’d been punched in the gut and slow the van down. “You ok up there Mary?” I saidIt took a couple more grunts before she managed to say “I’m not totally sure what’s going on back there but I think I’m gonna need to pull in somewhere quiet to take it all in” she saidAs Mary looked for a good spot I resumed fucking her husband in the ass, occasionally switching to her daughter’s mouth. “You like that daddy?” said Jess, as John let out an involuntary groan of pleasure.“Yeah? What do you like better, my pussy grinding on your back or his dick in your ass”, again John could only moan “Hmm? How bout now” she said and jammed two fingers in John’s ass around my cock. Another, louder moan.“Mmm you like that better, I can tell” said Jess, “Ok, well i’d like to change it up a little” she said, and pivoted round till her pelvis lay on John’s tailbone and her face lay against his shoulder, half kissing and half biting his neck. I responded by switching from John’s ass to Jess’s pussy and then back again. The campervan sped up as Mary quickened her search for a stopping place, still open mouthed in shock, eyes tracking back and forth between the road and the rear view mirror.At first Jess made a big deal out of rubbing her small tits and toned stomach against John’s back everytime I fucked her, but by the time Mary had found a deserted spot to pull in to, Jessica was looking back at me with a half expectant, half bored stare.“That would be a start” she said, “but how come only he gets anal, I need a good assfucking too”Mary stalled the van even as she pulled into a spot in a deserted parking lot and stood up looking embarrassed and flustered as I pressed Jess down firmly against her father and squeezed my cock into her ass.“Don’t mind me guys, I’m just going to sit up here for a little bit” said Mary, stepping through to the living quarters and for the first time revealing her entire body, with them both naked it was easy to see that she was Jess’s mother. Mary was the same height, with slightly bigger hips and tits than her daughter, though her curves had started to sag and wrinkle a little where Jessica’s were still smooth and tight. I guess I’ve become jaded towards college age girls over the last few years but I found myself even more attracted to Mary than I was Jess. I gave her a smile as I fucked her daughter’s ass while Jess rubbed up and down against her dad.“Why don’t you come over and give me a hand” I said, after a little while“I have a better idea” said Jess “Why don’t we split into guys and girls for a little bit, come and sit over here mom” she said, tapping the faded cover of the window seat by her head.Mary moved as if in a trance, still not sure if she was dreaming, to where Jess directed as I switched to fucking John again, holding his head down by the nape of his neck so he could only guess at what was going on through hearing, though Jess and Mary soon became quite vocal .The next 30 minutes went by in a hot, sweaty, sticky blur, with everyone fucking everyone until the camper van was like a sauna. I hardly noticed or cared whether it was John’s cock in my ass, or mouth, or one of the strap ons the girls had found somewhere; whether my dick happened to be in a moist wet male hole or a moist wet female hole. John and Mary were tentative at first around Jess but quickly forgot themselves as Jess was an extremely energetic and proficient lover and clearly didn’t much care about whether she happened to be fucking a perfect stranger or her own flesh and blood.The next scene I remember escort bursa with any clarity is lying down against Laura with her strap on in my ass and John moving to get in position above me with a slight smile on his face as if daring me to complain, then, gently, sliding his rock hard cock into my already stuffed ass. I couldn’t believe how full I felt! If you’ve ever tried anal you’ll know how it is with one phallic object in your ass. (and if you haven’t then what the fuck have you been waiting for?! Go do it now and then continue reading) Now imagine doubling that experience while those responsible look into each other’s eyes like i’m fulfilling one of their craziest fantasies and their daughter slowly masturbates on the couch while staring straight at you. I found myself rolling my head back and moaning one long loud moan and staring against the cheap interior of the camper van as I felt John slowly pulsate against my body, his strokes getting longer and harder as he pulled his cock further and further out of my ass and slamming it back in until only the tip was left in on the outward motion and he was pounding me as hard as he could. While this was happening I could only gasp and stare at the wall, in too much pain to encourage them; enjoying it far too much to stop them. This scene seemed to go on for an eternity but it was probably only ten minutes, it ended rather abruptly when Mary froze as she saw what Jess, who had got bored of waiting and had went rummaging through the boxes stacked up in the camper van’s one tiny cupboard, was holding. As me and John looked over to see what Mary had seen I felt one of those quivers go through Johns body that I had learned to mean someone had done something shocking“Daddy, is this yours?”In two hands Jess was holding the largest strap-on dildo I’d ever seen in real life.“Um..n.no.. not really” said John“I’ts, eh, something we were working up to” said Mary“Well”, said Jess “let’s see if we can make today the day”Using copious amounts of the lube that had appeared with the first strap-ons Jess began to work up to it by stuffing first two, then three,, then four fingers into John’s assAt this new development I was, happily, no longer the centre of sexual tension, and both Mary’s strap on and John’s semi hard cock lay forgotten against my body as John collapsed on top of me like I was just an oddly shaped sofa. As Jess moved from fingers to her whole fist I felt again how hot the van had become, I felt trickles of sweat formed by the touch between John’s chest and my own run down between my pecs to join other rivulets formed by the press of our bellies and I felt a similar stream tickle my back as it ran down between Mary’s breasts, and despite only having known these people a matter of hours I felt closer to them than almost any i’d known my whole life. John however, was clearly oblivious to these sentiments, preoccupied as he was by the medium sized fist sliding in and out of his ass and anticipating the even bigger intrusion still to come. Mary, for her part, showed how she felt with her hands that continuously stroked my flanks and sides but I could sense her anticipation as her daughter prepared to take her husband further than he’d ever been before. By the time he felt ready he was lying dead weight against me while I spread open his ass cheeks. There was a moment of anticipation as John looked over my shoulder into Mary’s eyes and I looked over John’s shoulder into Jess’s as, with a slightly malevolent grin, she forced her way slowly into Johns ass. I watched as John’s mouth opened as if to object but all he could manage was a small yelp as the head, and then the top of the giant shaft, slid inside him. Just as John had dealt with me before, Jess slowly increased the depths of her thrusts over the course of ten minutes until she was penetrating further than I would ever have thought possible, as John rested his head down on my shoulder moaning softly and Mary looked on in awe.It took a while for me to extricate myself from the sweaty yet joyful pile of bodies in the back of the van but soon enough I was standing on the side of some desert highway (naked of course) waving them goodbye. By some crazy luck I had only walked a couple of miles down the road dressed in nothing but my backpack before another car full of crazies stopped to pick me up… but that’s another story.

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