His Problem Solved Ch. 01

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This story contains explicit descriptions of various sexual acts between a man and wife. If you are underage, or if it illegal for you to read such material, please exit now.


Note… If you are expecting instant gratification in the form of wall to wall kinky sex from the start, you will be disappointed. This is an accounting of a man and wife who are exposed to some new things in an effort to help him overcome his inability to achieve orgasm. You may find some of the doctor’s techniques disgusting and perverted, then again, maybe not.

If you are offended by stories containing piss play (including ingestion), oral/anal play (including ingestion of feces), anal dilation and penetration of the urethra by devices, then this story is not for you. If you continue on, rest assured that it is all fiction, well, maybe part of it and the characters are not intended to portray any person, living or deceased.


Just what I needed, another evening of frustration!

One would think that the ability to fuck for hours would be a blessing, especially at my age, but now it has reached the point of being a curse. While most men that are nearing the age of sixty are concerned with erectile dysfunction, my problem might be described as orgasm dysfunction.

We have been married for almost forty years and while our sex life has had its trials, I have always been able to rise to the occasion. For the last couple of years, I have noticed that it was taking me longer and longer to build up to a climax and this evening was another example of not being able to have an orgasm at all. In fact, it had been almost six months since the last one.

I have tried my best to convince my wife that it has nothing to do with her, but I know that it is bothering her. She has never been bashful or shy in the bedroom and this evening was a good example.

After a really nice meal at our favorite restaurant, no alcohol by the way, and not a few peeks down her loose-fitting top and some fondling under the table, we went home to a relaxing evening of sensual foreplay. We pleasured each other orally for quite a while, with her spending longer than usual between my legs, licking and sucking my balls and sliding my cock deep in her throat.

We had intercourse in more positions than I can remember, resulting in several great orgasms for her, but none for me. Several times I could feel it building up inside me, but long before I could cum, the feeling would die back. After over an hour of constant stimulation, it became rather painfully obvious that I was not going to get there so we finally quit and just rested side by side for a while.

With that glimpse into the background, this story actually begins with our conversation, with her suggesting again that I go and visit HER doctor about it. I had been to my own, and he had checked everything that he could and found nothing wrong. My prostate was fine, my blood work was normal, he even checked my testosterone level and it was normal.

I had never been to a female doctor, but since I was to the point that I was ready to try anything, I told her to go ahead and make an appointment.

By the time the hour rolled around, I was a nervous wreck and actually tired of my wife kidding me about it and telling me to “man up”. As corny as it sounds nowadays, we were both virgins when we got married and I had never had ANY sexual contact with another woman and I sincerely hoped that she wouldn’t have to examine my private parts.

In actuality, I never even had to remove any of my clothes… but she did spend a long time asking pointed and explicit questions. I was more than a little mystified as to why she wanted us to relate, in detail, what all we did when we had sex and her questioning caused me to have difficulty concealing my arousal.

In the end, it was her recommendation that we see a specialist in the field of sexual dysfunction and would refer us if we liked. We agreed and she emphasized that we would both need to go. The appointment was set for the following Monday morning. That weekend we had sex twice with the same result, no orgasm for me. I even tried my best masturbation techniques in the shower, but no joy there either.

There has to be some humor in this somewhere, Pam and Jim, two retired senior citizens, on their way to a sex clinic.

Neither of us had any idea what to expect the doctor we had been referred to was also a female and I hoped that she was not some sweet, young thing. Not to worry, Dr. Williams was a middle-aged lady and quite professional in her appearance and demeanor.

Our meeting was in her private office, rather than in some sterile exam room and we both felt comfortable with her from the beginning. We spent the better part of an hour relating to the doctor the background and reason for our appointment, then me explaining the steps I had taken with my regular doctor and the results of the tests he had performed. She also questioned basmane escort both of us about our likes and dislikes in the area of sex, and at her request, we again described in detail the things we did with, and for each other.

Once all the cards were on the table, the doctor then advised us that if we wished to continue, that her method included both psychological and physiological therapy and that while at times it would be directed at one or the other of us, that both of us would need to be present each time.

We knew that it wouldn’t be cheap, but the money wasn’t an obstacle, so we agreed to continue. The next appointment was for ten the following morning and we were advised to allow for a minimum of two hours each time.

We met again in her office and she explained more of what she intended to do. I admit that there was some doubt in my mind when she told us that we would probably find that some of the things she asked of us would seem rather strange at the time, but that she would not intentionally embarrass either of us.

We both nodded in the affirmative, so she continued. Pam had a shocked look on her face and I probably did as well when Dr. Williams said that there would be times when one or both of us would need to be naked in her presence and that while she would not actually have sex with either of us, she would have to have physical contact as she demonstrated various techniques. She also said that we would be having contact with each other as we learned to apply her teachings.

I am sure that she was accustomed to the reaction we displayed, so she stood and told us that if we wished to continue, that she felt sure that she could help us, and that she would leave us alone for a few minutes to discuss it.

After a few seconds of silence while we looked at each other, I asked Pam what she thought and she said that she wasn’t completely sure how she felt but was willing if I was. I said that I wasn’t exactly sure what I thought either, and then she reached over and rubbed my hard cock and said, “Well, I think part of you wants to go ahead so let’s do it.”

We both sat in silence lost in our private thoughts, until Dr. Williams returned and asked if we had reached a decision. I don’t know if I was trembling with fear or excitement as I told her that we would like to proceed but that we would probably find some things a little difficult.

The doctor again re-assured us that she would not do anything with the intent to embarrass either of us and that we were free to call a halt anytime things became too much for either of us to deal with.

With another nod of heads, Dr. Williams rose and asked us to follow her. She opened a door inside her office to reveal another large room that contained an odd mix of furniture. One side resembled a very comfortable living room with an overstuffed couch and matching recliners, end tables, a coffee table, lamps and two large ottomans, all resting on plush carpet. The other half of the room had a tile floor and was fitted out like a doctor’s examination room, or perhaps more like an operating room.

In the center of the area was a larger version of the typical exam table, only more comfortable looking, with overhead lights that were moveable. Filling the wall was a row of cabinets and a countertop with a sink and two other doors, one labeled as a restroom, the other not labeled.

We followed her through the unmarked door and found ourselves in a smaller room with a pair of side chairs, a long table, and a metal clothes rack like you would see in a clothing store. Hanging on the rack were several white terrycloth robes and some empty hangers.

Dr. Williams explained, “This is the changing room. Each time you visit, you will need to come in here first and remove all of your clothing and put on one of the robes. When you have done that, just go into the other room and have a seat on the couch and I will be in to begin the days session.

With that she turned to leave, saying, “I will leave you to get ready and join you in the other room in a few minutes.”

We had seen each other dressing and undressing millions of times, but now it was somehow different, somehow a little intimidating. I was naked and in my robe in time to watch my wife remove her bra and then her panties. While her breasts have sagged a little with age, they are still beautiful and the sight of them swinging free and her full bush of pubic hair caused my cock to thicken and grow.

The robes were thick and plush and came to mid-thigh so nothing was exposed but just the thought of her naked underneath in a strange setting and knowing that eventually we were both going to reveal ourselves to the doctor served only to arouse me even more as we sat on the couch.

After about ten minutes Dr. Williams came into the room, making sure that we noticed her slide and old-fashioned bolt latch on the door, ensuring that no one could barge in on us. She had also changed bayındır escort clothes, now wearing basic hospital “greens”.

She took a seat in one of the recliners facing us on the couch and said, “Today I am going to perform a physical examination on both of you… I don’t expect to find any problems but hopefully this will help you to be able to relax around me and with each other.”

Then she stood and extended her hand toward me and I rose and followed her across the room to the exam table. When we reached it, she turned to Pam who was still seated and said, “I would like for you to join us, each time I do something like this, or demonstrate a technique I want you to be at each other’s side.”

When she had joined us, the doctor had me remove my robe and hand it to Pam and then have a seat on the end of the table with my legs hanging off. Then she had me lay back and I heard her moving some mechanical devices around. When I raised my head and looked I saw that she was moving some stirrups into position at the end of the table. I knew that my wife had been through this many times, but this was a first for me.

Once they were in position, she asked me to scoot down until my ass was hanging off of the table a little and then helped me put my feet into the stirrups. When they were in place, she looped some Velcro strips around my feet to keep them secure then swiveled them open, leaving me completely exposed.

By now I was so nervous that my cock had shrunk to nothing but a two inch worm, but the evidence of my previous state was apparent as Pam told me later that precum was dripping out of my foreskin.

The doctor began her examination by lightly rubbing her hands over my shoulders, then my neck and down to my chest. Neither Pam nor my doctor had ever paid any attention to my nipples but Dr. Williams certainly did, first brushing over them lightly with the palms of her hands, then circling each one with a fingertip. We had never considered my nipples as an erogenous zone but her fingertips circling and then a fingernail softly scratching the very tip caused them to harden and stand up and resulted in some delightful sensations.

Her hands then moved down over my belly, stopping at one point to allow a finger to rub around my navel then be inserted with some force and my mind registered that as another point of interest.

Although I couldn’t see it, I knew that my cock was no longer completely flaccid and just as the doctor reached my pubic hair Pam took my hand in hers and gave it a little squeeze of re-assurance.

Then Dr. Williams left my side and walked to the end of the table and stood between my splayed legs. I gave a little start as she closed her hand gently around my cock and asked, “I notice that your foreskin is quite long, does it cause you any problems or pain if it is retracted when you have an erection?” Then quickly she added, “Many women find a foreskin sexy and quite erotic.”

I told her that I had never had any problems in that area and always tried to make sure that I was clean under it and made sure that it was retracted when we engaged in sex. She chuckled softly and remarked, “That’s fine, but in retracting it beforehand you are missing out on a lot.”

I had always pulled it back as soon as my cock was hard because my father told me that it was the proper thing to do and now a little more information was added to the file in my head. I was wondering what Pam’s thoughts were as she watched another woman between my legs and touching me for the first time.

While the doctor did not actually masturbate me, I could feel my cock swelling as she gently squeezed it and within what seemed like only seconds I was completely erect. I had decided to just lay my head back and close my eyes and go with it, but I did sense Pam moving farther down until I felt her pressing against my leg.

The soft manipulation of my cock continued and since she had not retracted my foreskin, I assumed that she was taking note of whether the head remained covered or not. I knew from experience that it did remain covered with enough skin left to bunch up at the end, giving the appearance of an erect nipple.

I just had to raise up and look, though, when I felt my foreskin being pulled on and I saw that the doctor was pinching it between the thumb and forefinger of her other hand and stretching it up. I also noticed that Pam was bent over and watching intently. Then she released my foreskin and as it settled down, still covering the head, a large dollop of precum leaked out and ran down.

“Playing with his foreskin is a very good way of increasing his level of arousal, later I will show you some methods that he will like very much.” The doctor remarked to my wife and I saw her nod her head.

Then I watched as she took the two fingers and started sliding my foreskin down, exposing the head a little at a time. By the time it was fully retracted behind the head, the precum bayraklı escort that had collected in there had run down and onto her fingers. Next I felt the pad of her finger as she rubbed it over that little bit of skin right under the head and listened as she explained that it was also quite sensitive, especially if it is gently pinched and tugged on.

I was proud when my cock remained erect and pointing up at her even after she released her hold, at least I didn’t have a need for Viagra. As she stepped back and pulled up a short stool, she asked my wife to move around where she was. Since I could no longer see what she was doing, I laid my head back down, then I felt her take my balls in her hand.

At first, it was as if she was weighing them because I felt them lifted up then lowered back down, then I felt her take the right one in her fingers, feeling all around it and pulling it away from my body a little. Then the other received the same treatment before being released and then the comment, “Very nice, no problems here.”

I tensed up as I felt her finger touch my ballsack in the middle and begin to slowly follow the little seam that guys have until it left my sack and started down over that patch of skin between there and my asshole. Since my legs were spread wide, that part of me was also open to view.

The finger never stopped it’s slow descent until it reached a part of me that no other person (except my doctor) had touched in my adult life. I clinched up even more when I felt her fingertip come to rest right on my tight hole and rub all around it. Then she asked Pam if she had ever played there and she answered that she never had.

As she stood up, Dr. Williams said to her, “Before we are finished, you will find out that there are many loving and erotic things you can do there as well.”

My feet were then released from the stirrups and I felt a little sheepish as I got off of the table and slipped back into my robe when I realized that my cock was still dripping precum. Then the doctor looked at Pam and patted the table, indicating that it was her turn. I guess women are used to the procedure as she climbed up and assumed the position with practiced ease.

As Dr. Williams swiveled the stirrups apart I could only stare in appreciation. I had seen Pam naked for almost forty years and had lain between her legs countless time, but never had I had a view such as this! With her legs spread wide, the lips of her pussy were visible, even through the dense forest of pubic hair and so was her little rosebud, a place that I had never looked upon with interest and certainly never ventured to.

Her exam was pretty much a duplicate of mine and I was curious about my wife’s thoughts as her breasts and nipples were stimulated, not by a person of the opposite sex but of the same sex. As uncomfortable as I was during my session, it would have been much greater if another man had done those things to me. By the time the doctor’s hands moved from there to her belly, her nipples were as hard as I have ever seen them, though, so I knew that she had enjoyed it.

When Dr. Williams dragged up the stool and sat down between her legs, I moved around as Pam had done. The doctor’s fingers began smoothing and spreading her pubic hair to either side of her pussy lips and when her outer lips were uncovered she put her thumbs on them and spread them open revealing her small inner lips. She continued gently but firmly spreading them apart until she gaped open slightly and her clit hood pulled back, baring its occupant to our gaze.

In my whole life, I had never really looked closely at her pussy. My tongue was familiar with it, but not my eyes. Then the doctor moved one hand up and around and slid two fingers down her pussy then scissored them open in an upside-down V to re-expose everything.

Then she touched the tip of her index finger against Pam’s sensitive clit and I heard her take in a sharp breath. I watched intently as the fingertip moved down slightly and the very end of the fingernail came to rest on a tiny little hole that I realized must be her urethra, although I had never actually seen it. I wondered if it was as sensitive as the opening in my cock.

As her finger moved farther, rubbing lightly over the inner lips, Pam’s state of arousal became evident as her juices began to leak out and run down. Pam gasped again when the finger made contact with her little asshole and began rubbing her juices on it as had been done to me. This was definitely something that we were going to have to investigate farther.

Dr. Williams then stood and helped Pam from the table and said, “I believe that is enough for today, when you have finished dressing, please join me in my office.”

We dressed in silence, preferring to wait to have any discussion about our experiences, and were soon seated in front of her.

She began by saying, “I cannot detect any arousal problems with either of you, and since you have indicated that Pam is able to reach orgasm, I am going to focus most of my attention toward you, Jim, and see if we can’t get things working properly again.”

“Hopefully, this won’t take more than one or two more visits, so if ten o’clock is satisfactory, then plan on being back at that time tomorrow and possibly Thursday as well.”

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